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Ragna Lothbrok (alt. Lodbrok) was an A-Rank Valkyrie and the mentor of Rita Rossweisse and Bianka Ataegina as well as the squad leader of Murata Himeko.


Ragna has long brown hair with pink tips, tied in a ponytail. She has dark fuchsia eyes and usually wears her Valkyrie uniform, with a notable exception being her maid outfit.



Ragna was killed in the operation to retrieve Kiana Kaslana (K-423) in 2010 when the Herrscher of the Void first awoke within Kiana.

Durandal Visual Novel[]

Ragna visited the orphanage where little Bianka lived and taught the kids gardening. Later, Murata Himeko arrived there to recruit for St. Freya, meeting with a resistance from angered Bianka, but Himeko told her that is she wants to honor Ragna and her ideals, she should take on the fight herself as a Valkyrie.

Manga Story[]

Ragna appeared in the bubble universe, created by Su to test Bianka, who is now known as Durandal, as Durandal's mentor.

Game Story[]

At an unknown point, Durandal visits Ragna's grave to pay her respects with a bouquet of cecilias.


  • Her weapon of choice was a greatsword called King Cobra.