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Raiden Mei
Birthday: April 13th
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Chinese VA: Jiang Jingju
Japanese VA: Miyuki Sawashiro
Katanas (Type).png  Katanas

Raiden Mei (Chinese: 雷电芽衣; Japanese: 雷電芽衣) is a playable character in Honkai Impact 3rd. The daughter of the prominant Raiden Ryoma, she has beautiful and demure looks. This, combined with her mastery of Bushido and Itto-ryo, make her a true incarnation of silk hiding steel. She attends St. Freya Academy alongside Kiana and Bronya. She normally does not use the tremendous power within her... except when dire circumstances bring it forth.


Raiden Mei Battlesuits
Crimson Impulse (Icon).png
Crimson Impulse
Valkyrie Bladestrike (Icon).png
Valkyrie Bladestrike
Striker Fulminata (Icon).png
Striker Fulminata
Shadow Dash (Icon).png
Shadow Dash
Danzai Spectramancer (Icon).png
Danzai Spectramancer
Lightning Empress (Icon).png
Lightning Empress
Herrscher of Thunder (Icon).png
Herrscher of Thunder


Crimson Impulse Valkyrie Bladestrike Shadow Dash Lightning Empress Herrscher of Thunder All Mei except HoT
Azure (Item).png
Gardenia (Item).png
Aeterna Purum (Item).png
Aeterna Purum
Blue Memories (Item).png
Blue Memories
Thunderbolt Drive (Item).png
Thunderbolt Drive
Hind of Noel (Item).png
Hind of Noel
Orochi Cuirass (Item).png
Orochi Cuirass
Soul Symphony (Item).png
Soul Symphony
Aqua Chime (Item).png
Aqua Chime
Eventide Phantom (Item).png
Eventide Phantom
Scorching Golden Thunder (Item).png
Scorching Golden Thunder
Ultramarine Octave (Item).png
Ultramarine Octave
Aqueous Springtide (Item).png
Aqueous Springtide
Rainy Springtide (Item).png
Rainy Springtide
Vast Ocean (Item).png
Vast Ocean


Mei is most easily recognized by her thigh-length black hair (depicted as indigo in game/artwork). She keeps half of it tied up in a ponytail and decorates it with pins or other ornaments. She is also the tallest of the Valkyries, standing several centimeters taller than even her instructor and superior captain, Murata Himeko. Due to her many years practicing and teaching swordsmanship, she has a toned build.


Perhaps in spite of the distance she received from others due to her position and powers, Mei is kind and caring. She is also an excellent student who studies diligently on her own as well as helping her classmates prepare. Her cooking skills are excellent as well, many fights have broken out over who gets a slice of her delicious cakes.

The content below this contains major spoilers. This is your only warning! Consider yourself warned, Captain!

3rd Herrscher

In contrast to to Mei's kind and caring nature, the 3rd Herrscher is haughty and somewhat arrogant. She looks down on normal humans and, like other Herrschers, has an instinctive hatred towards them and the world. In addition, despite her having Mei's memories, she firmly rejects them, claiming they are not her own, and has shown a personal disdain towards her, viewing her as being weak due to her kind nature.

Despite initial appearances, however, the 3rd Herrscher also a somewhat lonely side to her as a result of never being able to interact with others. Because of this, she grew interested in Kiana as she was the only one who could approach her, declaring only she has the right to kill her. In reality though, the 3rd Herrscher had plenty of opportunities to kill her but chose not to and she seems to actually enjoy her company but is too proud to admit it, making her somewhat of a tsundere. Over time, she also seems to have become more accepting of Mei.


  • Her old profile listed her age as 17 and her "three sizes" as 89 cm / 62 cm / 90 cm.
  • Her given name is made up of the kanji for "bud/sprout" and "clothing", while her surname means "lightning".


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