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Characters • Raiden MeiRaiden Mei (APHO) (Story)
Stigmata • Mei's BirthdayMei: BrideMei: DemonMei: Office LadyMei: PerformanceMei: WrathMei Diva

Previously Third Herrscher, the current "Schicksal" captain of the 3rd squad.

While traveling around the world to clear out the residual Honkai, Mei is waiting for the reunion with the important one.


Raiden Mei in action

Speed-type melee character, using sword as a weapon, fast attack speed, high number of combos, and strong air combat performance.

— Ingame description

A character using sword which give exceed attack speed as well as strong air combat performance. However, this make her lack of Shield Break Damage.

Always deal Lightning Damage which can ignore Physical Damage Reduction.

Unknown Sword[]

Unknown Sword

A sword with traditional patterns, however the blade of this sword have black/red color.

Seems to be lightweight sword that gives Mei very fast attack speed.

Talent Module A[]

Above is the common attack module, which contains the related skills of basic attack, joint attack and air combat enhancement.

Joint attacks have a higher number of attacks, which can quickly increase the number of consecutive attacks.

Air combat enhancement can greatly increase the output ability of the character in the air.

PHO Mei Normal Attack.png Talent Module A
PHO Mei Normal Attack.png Basic Attack

Ground Basic Attack is a four-line slash, causing 80% + 80% + 60% + 60% + 80% + 120% ATK of Lightning Damage, knocking enemies (50% Damage against wall collision).
Air Basic Attack is four consecutive cuts + uppercut, causing 80% + 80% + 70% + 70% + 60% * 6 ATK of Lightning Damage and uppercut the target.
Gain a 10% All Damage buff when attacking enemy from behind, last for 6 seconds.

PHO Mei Normal Attack 1.png Achilles' Blessing - β Micro-Core Colonization

Increases All Damage while in the air, +4% All Damage/s, maximum 80%, and hit the ground automatically removes the bonus.

PHO Mei Normal Attack 2.png Achilles' Heel

When knocking down an enemy in the air, enter a Domineering state for 6s and restore an additional 200 Kinetic Power.

PHO Joint Attack 1.png Joint Attack

When using (Name can be customized) to trigger Joint Attack
(Name can be customized) stand behind the enemy and inflicts 100% Physical Damage. Mei moving close to the enemy, and the two sides simultaneously slash the enemy, causing 55%*2 Physical Damage + 20%*12 ATK of Lightning Damage. Finally, Mei cuts and causes 150% ATK of Lightning Damage, knock the enemy.
Can tap Attack button to gain an additional attack.

When using Carol to trigger Joint Attack
Carol knock the enemy and causes 200% Physical Damage; Mei launches a spin combo in front of the enemy, causing 30%*6 ATK of Lightning Damage, and then uppercut the enemy and cause 100% + 60%*4 ATK of Lightning Damage.
Can tap Attack button to gain an additional attack.

PHO Joint Attack 2.png Joint Attack Enhancement

Evade during Ground Attack does not interrupt move.

Talent Module B[]

On the left is the special attack module, which includes special attacks, QTE attacks, and related skills to strengthen the character with high evaluation.

Under high evaluation, both herself and other characters can gain the ability to increase the number of combos and improve the team's output ability.

PHO Mei Special Attack.png Talent Module B
PHO Mei Special Attack.png Special Attack

Can launch attacks on the ground, inflicting 100% ATK of Lightning Damage and knock enemy airborne.
A flash attack can be launched in the air, causing 250% ATK of Lightning Damage and passing behind the enemy.
Flash attacks requires 100KP. The Kinetic Power can be recovered by hit enemies or idle.
The maximum amount of Kinetic Power can be stored is 300.

PHO Mei Special Attack 1.png Icarus' Fortitude - γ Micro-Core Colonization

When landing, the Kinetic Power will automatically return to 200 points, not exceeding the limit.

PHO Mei Special Attack 2.png Icarus' Ascension

When the Stylish Rank is above S, Mei gets a 0.06% All Damage each combos, with a maximum of 200 combos.
When the combo count get interrupted, this skill can prevent the interruption, the whole team takes effect, and the cooling time is 50s.

PHO Mei Special Attack 3.png Icarus' The Sun - γ Micro-Core Colonization

When the Stylish Rank is above S, other characters can also get a 0.06% All Damage each combos, with a maximum of 200 combos.

PHO Mei Special Attack 4.png Icarus' Sublime

When the Stylish Rank is SS, increase combo limit to 230.
When Stylish Rank is SSS, increase combo limit to 260.

PHO Mei Special Attack 5.png QTE Attack - Thunderbolt

The enemy is triggered by a heavy blow, launching a countless number of dash slashes, causing 35% * 7 + 150% ATK of Lightning Damage.
Restores 100 Kinetic Power.

PHO Mei Special Attack 6.png Icarus' Scattered Feather - β Micro-Core Colonization

During the QTE attack, you can continuously hit the attack key to increase the number of attack segments.
In the last stage of the attack, total damage deal = number of segments * 1.2% All Damage, and the maximum damage is 300.

PHO Mei Special Attack 7.png Icarus' Melting Wax

QTE Attacks can also be triggered when the enemy is ignited.

Talent Module C[]

Below is the Evade / Jump module, which contains the skills related to Active Evasion and Passive Evasion Counterattack, Ultimate Jump and Jump Counterattack.

Passive Evasion and Ultimate Jump Counterattacks can increase the chance of enemies entering a paralyzed and Thunderlock state, and create output space for the team.

PHO Evade Jump.png Talent Module C
PHO Evade Jump.png Evade / Jump

Can dodge on the ground / air. If Active Evasion is triggered, the whole team will recover 3 EP and 50 Kinetic Power at the same time.
You can jump on the ground. You can jump up to two steps. If you trigger a Ultimate Jump, the whole team will recover 3% health and 50 Kinetic Power at the same time.

PHO Evade 1.png Evasion Counterattack

After trigger Passive Evasion, you can launch a counterattack. Press attack button to counter attack enemy, Mei then retract the sword and cause 200% + 80% * 4 ATK of Lightning Damage.

PHO Evade 3.png Counterattack

After sucessfully perform ground counterattack, Joint Attacks will be prompted for a short duration.

PHO Mei Evade Core.png Atalanta' Hunting - β Micro-Core Colonization

After the Active Evasion is triggered, a surrounding electric ball is generated around herself, which add paralyze accumulation for surrounding enemies. The duration is 8s, and can be refreshed again.

PHO Jump 3.png Jump Enhancement

At the end of the Ultimate Jump counterattack, lock the enemy with a Thunderlock, making it impossible to move for 6s.

PHO Jump 1.png Jump Back

After jump at the enemy launching invulnerable attack, player can launch a counterattack, causing 400% + 50% * 6 ATK of Lightning Damage.

PHO Jump 2.png Perfect Counterattack

When pressing the counterattack button perfectly (by pressing when the moving circle overlap the button), counterattack move gain 200% more All Damage

Talent Module D[]

On the right is the Ultimate Module, which contains two Ultimate skills and Paralysis / Thunderlock status.

At the end of Shadow Dance, a mirrored clone is summoned, which can cause lots of damage to enemies.

Thunderwing can stack a large number of combos and control the enemy in a short time.

PHO Mei Ultimate 1.png Talent Module D
PHO Mei Ultimate 1.png Penelope' Shadow Dance

Consume 100 EP, jump into the air to summon 4 avatars, and the avatars launch into enemy and then disappear, and then launch a final strike at the enemy, causing 100%*4+480% ATK of Lightning Damage.

Afterwards, a mirror is summoned. The mirror will copy all of character actions, dealing 70% damage of character attacks.

PHO Mei Ultimate 2.png Medea' Thunderwings

Consume 50 EP, summon a thunderbird to fly to the enemy, causing 10%*50 ATK of Lightning Damage to the enemy and cast Thunderlock status, making it inoperable, duration 3s, cd 15s.

PHO Mei Ultimate 2 Upgrade 1.png Medea' Thunderclap

Thunderlock status caused by Thunderwings is increased to 6s.

PHO Mei Ultimate 2 Upgrade 2.png Medea' Malice

For every 50 combos, Thunderwings ATK of Lightning Damage is increased by 1.6% (cap at 300 combos)

PHO Mei Ultimate 3.png Penelope' Consistent

All attacks can accumulate the enemy's paralysis accumulation slot.

PHO Mei Ultimate 3 Upgrade 1.png Medea' Magic

When the enemy in the Thunderlock state releases the Thunderlock state, a thunder explosion will occur, causing lightning damage to nearby enemies.
Thunder explosion damage and range are affected by enemy size (small enemy: 400%, large enemy: 800%)

PHO Mei Ultimate 3 Upgrade 2.png Medea' Sick Coat

Entire team increase All Damage by 40% against Paralyzed or Thunderlocked enemy.