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Rita Rossweisse
Birthday: March 1st
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Chinese VA: Shourei Little N
Japanese VA: Aoi Yūki
Scythes (Type).png Scythes

Rita Rossweisse (Chinese: 丽塔·洛丝薇瑟; Japanese: リタ・ロスヴァイセ) is a playable character in Honkai Impact 3rd. She is an adjutant of the Immortal Blades. Diligent in her duties to be the ultimate maid, Rita will learn anything that might better fulfill her master's wishes from clearing enemies on the battlefield to playing video games.


Rita Rossweisse Battlesuits
Umbral Rose (Icon).png
Umbral Rose
Phantom Iron (Icon).png
Phantom Iron
Argent Knight - Artemis (Icon).png
Argent Knight: Artemis
Fallen Rosemary (Icon).png
Fallen Rosemary


Umbral Rose Phantom Iron Argent Knight Fallen Rosemary
Dame de Cœur (Item).png
Dame de Cœur
Dusky Murmurs (Item).png
Dusky Murmurs
Hanafuda Oyabun (Item).png
Hanafuda Oyabun
Victoria (Outfit) (Item).png
Victoria (Outfit)
Icy Sea Spray (Item).png
Icy Sea Spray
Maid of Celestia (Item).png
Maid of Celestia
Vow of Roses (Item).png
Vow of Roses
Deepwood Thyme (Item).png
Deepwood Thyme
Summer Night's Dream (Item).png
Summer Night's Dream


Rita is an attractive woman with fair skin and reddish pink eyes. She has short, honey blonde hair covering her left eye and a beauty mark underneath her right eye. She has an appealing and curvenous figure. She usually wears her maid uniform and claims cutting her hair short in order to be easier when doing housework. When going out, she is shown to be quite stylish with various clothings.

As Irene Adler, she has a very long hair.


Rita is a mysterious woman whose past is still unknown to anyone. Normally she has a calm demeanor with a very polite dialogue, even when mocking somebody. She could clean and decorate everything in a perfect and magnificent way, shown when she tied Tesla with a perfect knot that Himeko was hesitated when untying it and even spayed perfume on the red-hair scientist. She seems to be very like to tease Dr. Tesla very much, making her to scared from Rita, even calling her "pervert woman". In battle and while doing mission, she is a cold, calculated, dangerous hitwoman who wasn't hesitated when killing someone when they failed to make a compromise. Beside all of that, Rita is generally kind, warm and caring about other people. She would do a lot of thing to make others feel as comfort as possible, like asking whether foods they choose or feed them in a most humble way.

As Irene Adler, she has a noble, polite and ladylike personality. Very little has she shown any sign of aggressive emotions, instead she is erudite, smart, friendly, accompanied with the detectives[?] to solve the case.


  • Her old profile listed her age as 21 and her "three sizes" as 92 cm / 61 cm / 92 cm.


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