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Rita Rossweisse
Rita Rossweisse Profile.jpg
1st March
16 (Feb 29 2012)[1]

21 (2016)

22 (2017)
Female Sign (Small).png Female
  • S Rank Valkyrie
Voice Actors
shourei小N[2] (Shourei Xiao N)
八武崎 碧[3] (Aoi Yūki)

She is an adjutant of the Immortal Blades. Diligent in her duties to be the ultimate maid, Rita will learn anything that might better fulfill her master's wishes from clearing enemies on the battlefield to playing video games.


Rita is an attractive woman with fair skin and reddish pink eyes. She has short, honey blonde hair covering her left eye and a beauty mark underneath her right eye. She has an appealing and curvenous figure. She usually wears her maid uniform and claims cutting her hair short in order to be easier when doing housework. When going out, she is shown to be quite stylish with various clothing.


Rita is a mysterious woman whose past is still unknown to anyone. Normally she has a calm demeanor with a very polite dialogue, even when mocking somebody. She could clean and decorate everything in a perfect and magnificent way, shown when she tied Tesla with a perfect knot that Himeko was hesitated when untying it and even spayed perfume on the red-hair scientist. She seems to be very like to tease Dr. Tesla very much, making her to scared from Rita, even calling her "pervert woman". In battle and while doing mission, she is a cold, calculated, dangerous hitwoman who wasn't hesitated when killing someone when they failed to make a compromise. Beside all of that, Rita is generally kind, warm and caring about other people. She would do a lot of thing to make others feel as comfort as possible, like asking whether foods they choose or feed them in a most humble way.


Chapter 8: Battle of Schicksal (pre v2.6 update)[]

Rita makes her first appearance in Chapter 8.

When Otto was at the Helheim laboratory to prepare the release of reawakened Sirin in K-423's body, he sent Rita to assist Fu Hua who had just arrived at headquarters. Fu Hua expressed surprise at how Rita was not with Durandal like she always is. Rita mentioned as much as she wanted to be by Durandal's side, she had no choice because it was an order from Otto.

Himeko and Tesla encountered Rita when they were at the 3rd Terminal to perform combat missions. Tesla's red mecha was instantly destroyed by her. Fu Hua soon arrived and told them to surrender. When Rita was just about to deal a fatal blow, Fu Hua stopped her. Rita then agreed to temporarily detain them in Schicksal jail.

Chapter 9[]

Fu Hua had overheard from Otto on how Theresa and the others were fighting against Sirin in K-423's body and tried to leave, but Rita stopped her and told her not to interfere with Otto's plans. Fu Hua realized Rita was stalling the battle and Otto's real intentions and both parties were about to start fighting seriously.

Durandal stopped their fight before it escalated and then told Rita to let Fu Hua go as she understood the concept of fighting for the ones she wanted to protect. Rita then asked Durandal why she let Fu Hua go because she could die if she went there, and Durandal said that it was Fu Hua's own choice.


  • Roßweiße is derived from the second part of the opera "Der Ring des Nibelungen", "Die Walküre", the last of the nine daughters of Odin.
  • She is of British nationality (Manchester).
  • She is the daughter of a florist.


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