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Rozaliya Olenyeva
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 149cm
Weight: Top secret
Chinese VA: Xinlei Shi
Japanese VA: Aoi Koga
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Rozaliya Olenyeva (Chinese: 萝莎莉娅·阿琳; Japanese: ロザリア・アリーン) is a playable character in Honkai Impact 3rd. She grew up in the same orphanage as Bronya and Seele, along with her sister, Liliya. Due to an accident, her body has been modified. Though she is often chided for being obnoxiously loud and rambunctious, many have noted that her mature side shines through when she looks after her sister.


Rozaliya Olenyeva Battlesuits
Molotov Cherry (Icon).png
Molotov Cherry
Fervent Tempo Δ (Icon).png
Fervent Tempo Δ


Molotov Cherry
Coral Sunrise (Item).png
Coral Sunrise
Gothic Rozamary (Item).png
Gothic Rozamary
Violet Dreamscape (Item).png
Violet Dreamscape


Rozaliya has flamingo pink hair and thick eyebrows of the same color. Her big, cyan eyes are highlighted by a pink eyeliner. Her oval pupils are white in the middle and have neon pink borders. She has a "cute little fang".

As a side effect of fusing with a Honkai Beast, Rozaliya has a spiral, white-pink horn on the right side of her head and a long, mostly white tail. At the end of her tail is a pink gripper with 3 fingers, which she can use to carry her weapon or perform specialized attacks during battles.

Her rose inspired clothes are mostly white with varying shades of pink. She wears a hairpiece with two star-like decorations on the left side of her head. A ribbon is pinned just below her horn.

Rozaliya shares her height with Liliya Olenyeva and Seele Vollerei however, just like Liliya's, her horn adds a bit to her height.

Different outfits may change the appearance of her horn and the gripper, questioning their validity.


Compared to base Rozaliya, Delta's general color palette is a mix of pink, blue, black, and white - reflecting the fusion with Liliya. She has an extra blue horn and stripes of mint blue hair. Her tail looks more mechanical and her irises seem almost violet.


Outspoken and somewhat showmen-like, she's usually more competitive and positive than Liliya.


  • Her old profile listed her age as 12 to 14 and her "three sizes" as 72 cm / 53 cm / 75 cm.


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