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Rozaliya Olenyeva
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Known Relatives
  • Comedian
  • Vodka Girl
Voice Actors
多多poi[1] (Duoduo Poi)
古賀 葵[2] (Aoi Koga)
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Rozaliya has flamingo pink hair and thick eyebrows of the same color. Her big, cyan eyes are highlighted by a pink eyeliner. Her oval pupils are white in the middle and have neon pink borders. She has a "cute little fang".

As a side effect of fusing with a Honkai Beast, Rozaliya has a spiral, white-pink horn on the right side of her head and a long, mostly white tail. At the end of her tail is a pink gripper with 3 fingers, which she can use to carry her weapon or perform specialized attacks during battles.

Her rose inspired clothes are mostly white with varying shades of pink. She wears a hairpiece with two star-like decorations on the left side of her head. A ribbon is pinned just below her horn.

Rozaliya shares her height with Liliya Olenyeva and Seele Vollerei however, just like Liliya's, her horn adds a bit to her height.

Different outfits may change the appearance of her horn and the gripper, questioning their validity.


Rozaliya is an outspoken and showmen-like person, she's usually more competitive and positive than Liliya.


  • Rozaliya Olenyeva had a wish since she was a child, and she got a strong force to protect her weak and sickly sister. After accepting the "treatment" of the magic doctor, she had a horn and tail, and finally - she had enough strength to protect Liliya.
    • Rozaliya and Liliya are now famous (self-proclaimed) star group "Vodka Girls", but only once in the Cocolia Orphanage. Regarding the future performance schedule and development plan, the parties are ambiguous, while the other party said that the sisters are happy.
    • Rozaliya said that the name "Molotov Cherry" originated from a mixed drink, but she never drank it, so she didn't know what it was. It must be as sweet and delicious as the cherry on the birthday cake that can be eaten once a year. Rozaliya rubbed the saliva that was about to flow down and began to complain for one hundred times why Liliya had to celebrate her birthday so that she can eat more cakes.


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