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Icon ATK CRT Rarity
Ruinous Sakura (6) (Icon).png 393 43 ★★★★★★
It was once a sacred katana held in the hands of a miko, until the demon of Honkai awakened within the crimson blade. Blood sakura fells as the red moon rose. Girls corrupted by the Honkai, streets devoured by flames, and petals stained with blood... Everything fell into eternal stillness in that raging inferno.
Weapon Skills
Bloodfyre Frenzy
[SP: 0][CD: 21s] Unleashes 2 slashes: the 1st slash deals 500% ATK of Fire DMG, during which the wielder is invincible, and gains a buff (buff effect: additionally deals 200% ATK of Fire DMG) for her 2nd slash, if she takes any hits, then the wielder gains immunity to the 1st hit taken within the next 5s; the 2nd hit deals 300% ATK of Fire DMG and ignites the target to further deal 65 Fire DMG per 0.5s for 5s, during which the wielder is invincible. If wielded by Flame Sakitama, enemies hit by 1st slash take 42.0% more Fire Dmg and 10% more Ice and Lightning DMG for 17s (does not stack with the effects of Combo Follow-up Attack).
Pyre of Gojinka
The wielder deals 45% more Fire DMG.
Fuel the Ruin
While unleashing Ultimate, the powers of the Demonblade boost the wielder's Total DMG by 10.0% for 15s, during which the wielder is also cursed by the Demonblade and loses 1% of her max HP per second (will not cause death). The 2nd hit of Bloodefrye Frenzy releases the powers of the Demonblade in the form of flames, and for every 1% of the wielder's HP loss, this hit additionally deals 80% ATK of Fire DMG (max stacks: 10). The wielder stops losing Hp after unleashing the 2nd hit.
Obtained From
Upgrade Ruinous Sakura
Added During
Version 3.7
Ruinous Sakura/6-star
Ruinous Sakura (6).png