Honkai Impact 3 Wiki
Origin: Scarlet Fusion Battlesuit
Scarlet Fusion Chibi.png
Background Info
Date of Birth June 11       Height 167cm
Gender Female       Weight 65kg
Organization Schicksal       Place of Birth Far East
Valkyrie Armor Story 1
This specialized Valkyrie battlesuit is based on an older version but furnished with a prototype Nexus System. Comes in 2 varieties: heavy version with full armor plating and the more agile lite version.
Valkyrie Armor Story 2
The lite battlesuit is already combat-ready on its own. But one most don the heavy version and get plugged in to a massive power source to unleash the full potential of the Nexus System.
When driven by a battleship-class power source, this battlesuit will deliver a power output equal to that of Emperor-class Honkai Beasts. Prolonged operations and usage, however, may overload the entire suit.
Valkyrie Armor Story 3
Designed to push the very limits, Nexus System is not furnished with any safety design feature. The Far East Branch therefore treated this system as a last resort only to be used in the most terrifying scenarios.
Nevertheless, Himeko Murata will not hesitate to don this battlesuit when facing tough enemies.