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Schicksal is one of the two main organizations that fight against the Honkai in the Current Era. As of the 21st century, their territory consists of nearly the entirety of Eurasia.

Known Members[]




Schicksal's date of founding is unknown, but it had existed long enough in the year 1470 to have had 225 Overseers by that year, making it the oldest anti-Honkai organization of the Current Era. The organization's influence spread rapidly due to the Honkai surge following the fall of Rome. Schicksal gained control over several European kingdoms by promising protection from the Honkai plague while masquerading as a religious organization.

Due to the immense power and authority that was bestowed upon the leaders of Schicksal, they soon became corrupted by their own ambition and greed. A great eastern crusade was set in motion, with its purpose being to bring more lands under Schicksal's dominion. The priority given to this crusade over the plagued people of Europe set the stage for Schicksal's fall from popularity. The crusade itself progressed smoothly until the Battle of Kipchak Steppe occurred in the year 1475.

The invading Schicksal forces were met by the main army of the Ming that hailed from Shenzhou. At first, both sides were evenly matched, until the Schicksal soldiers began using Honkai-powered weapons. The Ming army was unequipped to deal with these weapons, and victory seemed certain for Schicksal until the appearance of the legendary Immortal Celestial of Shenzhou. The immortal effortlessly held back the Schicksal army, and none of their weapons could harm her. In an act of desperation, Schicksal deployed their strongest Valkyrie, Kallen Kaslana, armed with the Oath of Judah, to counter the immortal. However Kallen was swiftly overpowered, and the sight shattered the morale of the Schicksal army.

A defeat of such caliber forced the Schicksal forces to retreat back to Europe. In an effort to recover from the heavy losses sustained during the crusade, Schicksal began unrestricted sales of ‘indulgences’, which they claimed would ‘absolve buyers of their mortal sins’. In reality, it was merely another form of tax. This would cause the already festering dissatisfaction towards Schicksal to increase exponentially.


Schicksal has many labs responsible for researching and creating weapons powered by Honkai energy. The following are the known labs of Schicksal.

Babylon Labs[]

Formerly one of Schicksal's leading research centers, destroyed in the 2nd Honkai War by Sirin. It was located in Siberia, and housed 322 researchers. The lab had three separate divisions: the Advanced Systems Division, the Weapons Division and the Energy Division.

St. 1504 Labs[]

St. 7308 Labs[]

This is Schicksal's main weapon development lab.


The Pantheon series of weapons are weapons designed by Schicksal using the properties of various Honkai Beasts[citation needed] and Soulium.

Honorary mentions:

Other Weapons[]

The following weapons were not known to be produced by any specific lab or person, nor do they belong to any series. They are still creations of Schicksal.





Schicksal is the earliest established organization in the New Era to fight the Honkai and is hostile towards the Anti-Entropy organization. Its current leader is Otto Apocalypse who inherited the Overlord status from his father.


Schicksal was founded in the 7th century, originating from Western Europe (Probably Germany) and has its branches across the world. It now has control over most parts of Europe, Africa and Asia. At its initial stage of establishment, the foundation of the organization relied on the framework of religion and implemented centralized management. After hundreds of years of development, the organization's religious overtones have been drastically reduced, but the leader of Schicksal is still known as the "Archbishop".

The organization initially explored, collected and analyzed the artifacts of the relics by exploiting the remnants of the previous civilization that had been previously destroyed and used them to counter the Honkai. However, after Otto Apocalypse was appointed Archbishop of Schicksal, Fuxi accelerated the research on collapsing energy and biotechnology under the leadership of Otto, which greatly enhanced the combat effectiveness of Schicksal against Honkai. In particular, following the defeat of the Second Herrscher in 2000, Schicksal developed a system of artificial holy marks based on the results of studies on the remains of the Second Herrscher recovered, greatly increasing the Valkyrie's utilization of Honkai energy, Valkyrie's fighting strength once again greatly improved. These marks were called Artificial Stigmata.

Also, 6 months before the events of Chapter 1 of the game, Schicksal finally succeeded in developing the Time Fracture system.

Organizational Structure[]

The Branch Families of Schicksal[]

The Schariac Family[]

The family who are responsible for the role of the “Priestess”, which mainly consisted of women. The Schariac family had excellent abilities to control Honkai energy. Famous members from the Schariac lineage is Cecilia Schariac.

The Kaslana Family[]

The family who administers the role of the “Knight”, the Kaslana family were born with great Honkai adaptability and excellent combat abilities. Patriarchs are usually the most powerful members of the Kaslana family tree. Famous members of the Kaslana descent are Siegfried Kaslana and Kiana Kaslana.

The Apocalypse Family[]

The Apocalypse family is the one that administers the “Bishop” role, however the Apocalypse bloodline may govern the Schicksal Organization but has no power or rite to fight the Honkai unlike the other branch families. Famous members from the Apocalypse lineage is Otto Apocalypse.

Valkyrie System[]

The valkyries were originally organized by Schicksal's most powerful fighters in the frontline of battlefield against their battle against the Honkai, responsible for the elimination or capture of zombies, disintegrating beasts and other missions. Whenever a Honkai reaction occurs, a great deal of Honkai Energy is released, and ordinary people are rapidly taken over by the Honkai energy and become zombies.

However, some people have degrees of resistance, and thus are able to fight with the Honkai. Because women are far more adaptable to disintegrate Honkai energy than males, these fighters are predominantly teenage girls called "Valkyrie". Kallen Kaslana is one of the best representatives of an early Valkyrie.

The Valkyrie were classified in ranks. S-Ranks, A-Ranks and B-Ranks are the most excellent fighters among the rest, but they are extremely rare to find. Cecilia Schariac, Reanna Brigantia, Durandal, Rita Rossweisse, and Wendy are among the best examples of S to B-Rank Valkyrie.

Schicksal Locations[]

North American branch[]

The predecessor of Anti-Entropy was the North American branch of Schicksal. Later, on November 1955, senior scientific researchers from the North American branch deviated from Schicksal and Anti-Entropy was established. However, after the 2nd Honkai War in 2000, Anti-Entropy cut ties with Schicksal after they know Otto was only continuing the war just for the quest of reviving his childhood friend, and became their own organization.

Far East branch[]

Far East branch is a special branch where Otto agreed to give it to Theresa after the end of the 2nd Honkai War.

Theresa built a special sanctuary on the island for victims of Honkai testing, also seving as a school that teaches students to wield and master their Honkai power. When they graduate, they will officially becomes Valkyrie. This school is named Saint Freya Academy.

Siberia branch: Babylon Labs[]

Introduced in version 1.6, Babylon Lab located in Siberia with very huge snowfield. This is also the location where the 2nd Honkai War starts in February 1st, 2000, once Sirin became the Herrscher of the Void.

Schicksal HQ[]

Introduced in version 2.3, it have a Airport Command Room, Outer Airport and Industrial Center.

Strategic Command[]

Can be seen in chapter 42 of 2nd Honkai War, responsible for strategic deterrence and global strike, also provides a host of capabilities to support the other combatant commands.

Airport Command[]

Circle texts inside Command Room:


North Africa branch: Vimur Lab[]

Vimur Lab is a lab to test run the 2nd God Key in North Africa in a deserted city. In Chapter 15, this is the branch where Durandal kept Kiana Kaslana under her supervision under Otto's orders.

Myrkheim Lab[]

The Myrkheim Laboratory is a research base directly under Schicksal’s headquarters. Although the scale is far inferior to the Helheim Laboratory or the giant manufacturing plant, the team and unique research direction it employs have successfully broke certain technological bottlenecks for Schicksal. Because of this, Myrkheim’s existence must be kept highly confidential.

The lab is known for successfully built the Bright Knight - Excelsis Armor for Durandal uses.


  • The entire North America branch of Schicksal was bought by Nancy Thomas Alva Edison. In 1955, Edison was in charge of the Branch due to the fact that she was a genius - both in innovation and entrepreneurship - and the sponsor of the branch.
  • The history of the entire history of Schicksal is inspired by the Medieval Crusades that actually happened in real history. The Honkai in the story represented the fear of mankind of technological advancement. The Honkai were beasts sent down by the ‘Honkai God’ to destroy the human civilization when they rose too high.