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Seele Vollerei
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October 18
Female Sign (Small).png Female
Known Relatives
Voice Actors
唐雅菁 (Yajing Tang)
中原 麻衣[1] (Mai Nakahara)


Seele has a short and slim build similar to Bronya’s with short black hair fading to blue cut in a bob and deep blue eyes.


Although undergoing much more growth after the events in the Sea of Quanta, Seele is still a rather timid young girl. She, however, has grown to adopt a strong enough will to protect others and do the right thing, even if the task of doing so, may daunt her. Seele is incredibly kind and compassionate, choosing means that sympathized over outright violence against her opponents, which is a far cry from her alter ego, "Seele."


Seele was born in the Republic of Estonia. In early life, she lost both her parents and was then raised in Cocolia Orphanage alongside some other orphans, including Bronya and Sin Mal. Seele had the least potential to be chosen for Cocolia's experiment. However, after finding out about the X-10 Trials, she revealed her true stigma to Cocolia at the last minute, allowing her to take Bronya's place in the experiment. Seele's left the laboratory in the Deep Sea and rushed to the orphanage in order to be able to see Bronya again. In the end, she only had time to pass my hair accessories to Bronya. She did this in order to protect Bronya, but, after it ended in failure and her disappearance into the Sea of Quanta, ultimately leads to Bronya participating in the experiment in hopes of finding her. Seele, at the quantum level, didn't want Bronya to disappear with herself in this way, so she gave the power of "Rebuild" to Bronya in the form of a Remodeled Bunny 19c and returned it to the real world. She continued to stay for the moment awaiting the fulfillment of the agreement in the sea of quantum.


Lone Observer[]

For a long period of time after the Violet Sea Story chapter, Seele was trapped alone in the closed space of the Sea of Quanta. In order to confirm her existence, and also to hope for herself, Seele began to write a diary, and recorded in a blue-appearance book, buckled with a butterfly-shaped locker, to record the things she had experienced.

Chapter 11: Until the end of Sea of Quanta[]

The "Serpent" appeared in Chapter 11 and Seele was rescued, "he" promised to send Seele back to the real world, with the condition is to find the Herrscher Core of Reason and lift the barrier between reality and Sea of Quanta. Seele knew that she was used by the "Serpent", but in order to leave the Sea of Quanta, Seele was willing to be used.


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