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Shigure Kira/3-star

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Dorm Chibi

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Background Information
Region Western Europe       Height 162cm
Alignment Lawful Good       Weight 47kg
Expertise Idols (?) Valkyrie       Birthplace Idol's Secret
Stigma Memory Clip 1
Shigure Kira never expected to become a Valkyrie. She thought that she was taking part in a talent training show and was extremely surprised to run into the dance virtuoso Salome. Kira didn't know why the famous Salome also signed up for the show given the latter's massive popularity. Unwilling to look bad in front of Salome, Kira did her best and completed many grueling trials.
Stigma Memory Clip 2
"Congrats. You're now a Schicksal Valkyrie," the training camp supervisor patted Kira on her shoulder and left.
"Schicksal Valkyrie?" Kira was shocked. She stole a glimpse of Salome just to make sure.
"The talent training show was already over when you arrived. This was another event. Didn't you know this?" Salome joked.
"WHAT?! You should have told me about this earlier!"
Stigma Memory Clip 3
Despite becoming a Schicksal Valkyrie, Kira refused to give up her celebrity dreams. Kira would often sneak into a training cabin after a day of tiring Valkyrie routines to keep her dance grooves honed and ready. She did not expect to run into Salome again.
"Aww... don't look so surprsied. I'm gonna be your instructor, starting today."
Stigma Memory Clip 4
Of all the Valkyries, Kira respected Cecilia the most. Cecilia is gifted, powerful, gentle, kind, and patient with the Valkyrie trainees. She taught the young warriors many combat techniques that proved useful in the field.
But Siegfried of House Kaslana stole Cecilia away from them. Kira quickly became a suspected source of many negative rumors regarding Siegfried, such as the one where he "smacked every Valkyrie on the [CENSORED]".
Stigma Memory Clip 5
Many Valkyries were curious about the weapon know as the Abyss Flower. Kira, who regarded herself as Cecilia's top fan, was no exception. Kira finally gathered enough courage to ask Cecilia to show her the most powerful Valkyrie weapon in existence. She got her wish. She also had Cecilia take a picture of her holding the Abyss Flower.