Honkai Impact 3 Wiki

A set of shops that refreshes daily with different sections. A variety of rewards are available for different currencies, with some being time limited.

Aside from the Logistics Terminal, weapons, stigmata, and other specialized items are usually limited to one purchase each. Special situations are listed below the currency cost.

Special Tip! Some rare stigmata are available both standalone or in Sets from AI Chan's Signature shop. If you wish to purchase multiple, be sure to purchase the standalone stigmata before opening the Set that contains the stigmata.

Looking for removed shops? Check out the legacy page here!

💎Logistics Terminal💎
💫Armada Terminal💫
🌟Event Shop🌟
Elysian Shop
🧷Battle Arsenal🧷
🌙War Treasury🌙
Mirage Store
🗡Asterite Shop🗡
🍥Mithril Shop🍥
🧧Coins Shop🧧
👥Co-op Shop👥
🔗Exchange Shop🔗
🎓Master's Shop🎓
🔮Witch's Corridor🔮
🧩Fragment Shop🧩
🏡Dorm Shop🏡