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  • A-Rank Valkyrie

Shub-Niggurath, also known as "Daughter of Chaos" and "Black Goat of the Wood", is a A-Rank Valkyrie from Shicksal's South American branch known for her unnatural strength. She is a member of Squad Snow Wolf and appeared in the 2nd Eruption comic.


Shub was the former host of Sugar Molass aka Niggurath. Sugar Molass has the unknown ability to drag people into the Sea of Quanta, as seen by Shigure Kira, and appears an living parasite in Shub's body. She wields a red spear called "Murmuring Carnage", with its real function being a Honkai-powered electromagnetic lance-cannon hybrid.

She was seen to be brawling in one of Shicksal's training cabin with Cecilia Schariac and appears to have chemistry with Salome Jokanaan. Her name (for handle) often graced the KIA list, but always turned up very much alive afterwards. Rumors say she can't be killed. Shub is brash and impulsive, in contrast to Salome Jokanaan's subdued personality. Her easy-going attitude clashes with Salome's insistence to focus on the mission, rarely paying attention to it and instead goofing around.


2nd Eruption[]

2nd Eruption Comic

She first appears with Siegfried Kaslana and fellow Squad Snow Wolf member, Salome Jokanaan to fend off the Honkai beasts. At the G-2 Warehouse in the Babylon Labs, they were was a code red alert about a huge early 20th century warship above them. They decide to flee from the absurd amount of Honkai beasts, and Shub manages to witness Salome's death, who successfully tanked yet still died in the battlefield. Shub cries upon seeing her corpse. Afterwards, Shub was seen to be bandaged, and continues to train herself to the limit after deciding to avenge Salome's death. She later meets Cecilia and brawled, but lost. In the Southern Siberia Planes in February 17, with Kira, Cecilia, and Siegfried, they were seen fighting off various Honkai beasts. After Cecilia and Siegfried was taken to an imaginary dimension where they see Sirin as their daughter, there was another version of Shub as an normal civilian in a normalized universe and worked as an Puro-Programmer. Shub and Kira team up to take down Benares, but wasn't enough as they were still easily overpowered, more so to Kira, who attempted to use Abyss Flower but ended up corrupting her body upon contact. Theresa Apocalypse then arrives to protect Shub from one of Benares' EMPs with Oath of Judah. Entrusting the Divine Keys to Theresa to return to their original wielders, Kira traps Benares with her weapon's G-clef strings, but were easily broken by the draconic Honkai, enough to be distracted in her own arrogance and temporary target. Enraged, Benares turns into her dragon form that has instead tattered wings than it's flawless ones.

Finally distracted by Kira, Shub ultimately uses Murmuring Carnage's utterly disgusting ability to emit powerful vibrations that tear a target apart once she spears them and activates the EX-Frequency Vibro-Eviscerator, but not even she will come out unscathed from the indiscriminate vibrations. While using the attack on Benares' weak point, both the dragon and Shub-Niggurath slowly feel their bodies being torn apart, and Shub-Niggurath doesn't let go until both are mortally wounded. Despite Kira's pleas to back away, Shub keeps plunging the spear into the wyrm's weak spot after feeling Salome's presence in her attack, despite knowing full well that she'll die afterwards. Benares' core is shattered, and both the Honkai and Shub are mortally wounded, with the latter happy that she'll be reunited with Salome at last. On February 17, 2000, in the Southern Siberia Planes, was the death of Shub-Niggurath.


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