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Siegfried Kaslana
Stigmata • Siegfried Kaslana (Stigmata)
Siegfried Kaslana
Siegfried Kaslana (Stigmata) (T).png
19 (in 1991)[1]

28 (in 2000)

45 (in 2017)
Male Sign (Small).png Male
Known Relatives
  • Schicksal Knight (formerly)
  • Ziggy
  • The Lonely Hero
Voice Actors
彭博[2] (Peng Bo)
関 智一[3] (Tomokazu Seki)
  • Chapter V
  • Chapter XXVIII

Siegfried Kaslana, aka "Ziggy", is the father of Kiana Kaslana and is currently wanted by Schicksal. He was a former Schicksal Knight and a descendant of House Kaslana.


Typical of a male Kaslana, Siegfried is a large, tall, and muscled man, with a square jaw and messy, long white hair held in a ponytail and cerulean eyes. Ever since he became a Schicksal Knight, Siegfried dons a heavy duty, inner-yellow and navy tailcoat with a wooly neckrest, armored shoulder pads and fingerless brown gloves. Under the coat, he wears a murky green, partially zipped up vest and brown trousers with knee high black boots. Around his waist is a brown belt holding a pouch to his right and another black and white pouch belt wrapped around his torso. After the HoV awakening in 2010, Siegfried lost his left arm and had it bandaged as a stump.

Prior to his runaway attempt, Siegfried wore a white dress shirt and gray suspenders with knee high white socks, and his hair was shorter. He also had a jade-colored bowtie and brown dress shoes. When he ran away, he had ecru running shoes and a sky blue jacket. After that, he grew bigger, his hair grew longer till it had to be tied in a ponytail, and he switched his shoes out for open-toed footwear.

With his ICHOR expressed, Siegfried takes on a more menacing appearance, with black and dark blue honkai carapace enveloping his right side from the neck down and deep purple veins tracing throughout it. He grows a long tail and his left eye becomes reptilian with an orange pupil as honkai carapace protrude outwards like a horn.


Siegfried is typically a very easy-going guy, but with the years of hardships and too many goodbyes, he became more determined to protect those he cherished. Ziggy has always been a very hard-headed person, who, with his mind and heart set to something, it would be difficult to shake his resolve or prevent him from getting back on his feet. He is relentless in his pursuit of his view on the Kaslana Oath, which slightly differs as he holds himself accountable for those he loved before the general public, and believed in protecting these beautiful sides of the world. Siegfried has also been against self-sacrifice but grown to respect it as a choice as he knew he would do the same if he got the chance. Siegfried always puts his heart first before his mind, where he would quarrel with orders that he disagreed with, making it incredibly difficult for the Schicksal Overseer to control him. Aside from this more serious attitude, Siegfried is also noted to be a flirt and endearing enough that he would often spoil his daughter when he gets the chance. He is also a die-hard mecha fanboy, who would geek out when he sees anything related to “Arahato.”


As a child, Siegfried was a fan of Arahato, often watching the Ninja Mech on TV in his early years. At the age of 15, he ran away from home in Schicksal, spending the next 4 years traveling around the world and acting as a wannabe ninja. He originally believed he had escaped his Schicksal home due to his "ninja expertise" but it was revealed that his mother had convinced Otto to abate his anger and recall the Schicksal forces who were in pursuit of Siegfried.

In 1991, after defeating a stray Chariot, Siegfried catches a falling Cecilia Schariac who was falling from the sky, after her skirmish with Welt Yang. In his apartment, Siegfried took care of Cecilia and when she woke, he offered to send her back to Schicksal HQ. Eventually, though, the two got sidetracked when Cecilia expressed awe at the new scenery, as she hadn't been out of the base often. This prompts, Siegfried to delay their destination, in order to take Cecilia around the new town. Their travels together made Siegfried fall for her and vice versa, but inevitably, their date was interrupted by Anti-Entropy who were on Cecilia's tail and Schicksal.

After Cecilia hadn't returned from the arcade, Siegfried rushed his way into a narrow alley, where he was interrupted by Welt Yang at gunpoint. Mistaking Welt as a Schicksal agent, Siegfried charged him, but was easily stopped by the Star of Eden. Welt warned him that his organs might rupture if he tries to stand up, however as much as to his surprise, Siegfried did and managed to get up, even though nearly killing him. Recovering from the surprise, Welt then delivers a punch to Siegfried's abdomen, rendering him unconscious. Later on, Cecilia found him barely in the alley, mumbling that he still needs to beat her in the arcade. Cecilia replies that "he has already won" and leaves when Otto beckons her back.

On the following day, Siegfried woke up to his room with Cecilia gone. Unable to bear their separation, Siegfried contacted Otto, pleading to him that he'll do anything to reunite with Cecilia once again. Otto orders him to best his Valkyries, with the intent that Siegfried would die. However, the Kaslana, with the aid of Theresa and Cecilia's other close companions who held back, turned each battle into a training session so that after two years, he and Cecilia were reunited. The two married and later had a daughter named Kiana Kaslana on December 7th, 1998.

After the Second Eruption of 2000, Siegfried goes rogue from Schicksal and seeks a way to rescue his daughter from Otto. When he infiltrated the labs during Theresa's diveration, Siegfried locates his real daughter amongst the clones and tries to leave. His daughter, however, takes pity on one clone that was conscious: K423. He eventually relents and takes them both out and was forced to take a plane to escape when Otto was on their tail. However, the plane is shot down and through the wreckage, he pulls his “daughter” out and flees. This is then revealed to him later that the one he retrieved was K423 and not his actual daughter, causing him to sink into depression. Though he gave Kiana everything, he wouldn’t acknowledge her as his real daughter, until in 2009 on her birthday, she had taken Shamash and tried to defend the people while he was exhausted. Because of this, he apologized for the years of neglect and bestowed K423 with her name, “Kiana Kaslana", making an oath together to protect the world and their loved ones.

In 2010, however, that brought an end to their family as the Herrscher of Void persona stirs in Kiana, costing Siegfried his arm before he could wield Shamash in its Zweihander form to suppress her. Unwillingly to kill her, but knowing his presence would stir deep memories from the HoV, he leaves her to wander alone.

In 2015, Siegfried reappears to Fu Hua in Singapore, to warn her of Cocolia’s true plans with the Gem of Serenity. Here, he reveals that he has been watching his daughter from afar, which gave him the judgment that he could trust Fu Hua, despite her being a Schicksal agent. Later on, around 2017, when Kevin Kaslana returned from the Sea of Quanta, Siegfried is tracked down by World Serpent at the New Mexico, AE Base and overpowered by their forces, with Jackal and Raven amongst them. Due to this, his current whereabouts are within World Serpent’s jurisdiction.

Second Eruption[]

On February 2, 2000, the Kaslana family was out for a photoshoot with Theresa helping. However, it wasn’t long before the 2nd Honkai war started, as the following day, had Siegfried fielded with Shub-Niggurath and Salome Jokanaan to assist Theresa at the Tower, after Patricia went missing from the investigation the previous night. At the time, the Will had sent 500 honkai beasts to distract the human forces so Sirin could absorb the honkai energy in the Tower to fuel her full awakening. While Siegfried and the two other Squad Snowwolf members fought the horde, Anti-Entropy (AE) was watching from afar. After a bit of discussion, Welt Yang descends to aid the Schicksal combatants before offering a temporary alliance to Siegfried. Siegfried, distrustful of AE, initially refuses, stating that the other organizations were deemed traitors. However, upon hearing Welt cite the Kaslana Oath and recognizing him to be someone familiar, Siegfried pushes his doubts aside and takes the risk of trusting AE that Sirin would be a far more dangerous threat.

After letting AE into the Tower, and getting the go-ahead from Otto, Siegfried follows Welt and Theresa out in a search party for Sirin, as the other had warped herself out of the Tower. The trio then come across a honkai chrysalis that quickly swallows up Theresa when she has her back turned to it. Ziggy immediately tries to save her but is stopped by Welt’s warning. Ziggy only brushes this aside and says that he would do anything, no matter the risk, to save his loved ones and that Welt can just wait there for him. However, the chrysalis had hardened and transformed into the Son of Darkness and Son of Dawn, who both attacked Ziggy, who brought up his hands to block them, but is now immobilized between them. Eventually, he accepts Welt’s help, who looks amused as he quickly decimates the twin honkai beasts. The two walk into the empty space left by the chrysalis before Welt is able to locate the spatial rift and reveal the imaginary space that Sirin had dragged Theresa to. Seeing Theresa wounded, Siegfried quickly reaches for and carries her out when Welt orders him to leave. While taking Theresa to safety, Siegfried shouts back for Welt to keep ahold of himself as he’ll return when he can.

It was not until after the Welt vs Sirin battle and Otto’s interference, that Siegfried could make it back. He returns in time to stop the disguised Otto from killing Welt. However, Otto then used Fenghuang Down’s mimicry to steal one of Siegfried’s Judgment of Shamash pistols, firing it through his side. Yet despite his severe wound and Welt’s insistence to leave him to his fate, Siegfried refuses, because he saw running away as a cowardly act, especially if he were to leave someone behind to die. It is here that he says that he never liked the concept of self-sacrifice, insisting that people didn’t have to die for others’ happiness. Irritated, Otto relents because Siegfried is one of his best fighters and would be needed for his plans, thus taking his leave.

Despite his wound, Siegfried is able to carry Welt back to the Tower, where Einstein treated them both and let them rest. However, several days later, after the meteors sent by Sirin, Siegfried is agitated, blaming himself for not being able to help Welt sooner against Sirin, which would have prevented the grievous losses worldwide. This will later fuel him to eagerly accept the new task of cooperating with AE to find a way to stop Sirin, after the 2nd Herrscher called for Welt to meet her on the moon. Siegfried was chosen because AE needed a person with innate honkai resistance that would allow them to enter the ruins of the Palace of Selene to extract data relating to the Selene, a very dangerous anti-honkai weapon used against the Final Herrscher during the Previous Era, and Siegfried was already on good terms with them. Arriving at the Yellowstone AE base, Siegfried soon discovers that the Arahato mech was real, entering fan mode as he asked Welt for an autograph, upon finding out that AE had made the anime, manga, and games around the series. Later, though, Siegfried is weeping internally, as he was forced to choose between leaving Welt on the Moon, thus escaping with the data - which Welt advised as the safest option for humanity - or taking a risk and driving Arahato to aid Welt against Sirin. This choice pains him greatly, unable to even ask Cecilia for advice on it as he was ashamed of what he had to do. However, Cecilia comforts him via text messages, to tell him she had faith that he would make the right choice, and if he ever felt the burden of the choice was too much, she would be there to share it with him.

On the commute to the Moon, Welt and Siegfried talked, realizing their similarities, like running away from home, and their differences, like Siegfried enjoying more modern stuff compared to Welt’s antique tastes. Roughly two days later, they land on the Moon, and Siegfried goes off to collect the soulium from the Palace of Selene’s ruins while Welt leads Benares and Sirin away. He successfully manages to buy Siegfried an hour of time for his extraction, through the use of the Star of Eden’s zeroth and the event horizons of black holes that dilates time. Faced with his dreaded choice, Siegfried has a conversation with his younger self, who insists on him to take Arahato to fight Sirin. However, this is the first time that Siegfried starts reasoning with his emotions and firmly turns his back on his younger self as he started to respect Welt’s choice of self-sacrifice and knew that this was the best way to protect humanity, thus leaving the Moon as Welt remarks that Siegfried had made the right choice.

Arriving back on Earth, two days later, Siegfried hands the case holding the soulium data to Tesla as he looks away from her tears. Walking into the Yellowstone base, Siegfried hears of the new crises with the three Seraphim Princes and attempts to make haste back to the Schicksal HQ so he could help. Einstein, though, stops him, revealing that she had uncovered some data in the soulium that could only be unlocked by the genetic key held by Kaslanas. Siegfried agrees to help after Einstein gets the approval from Otto, not wanting Welt’s sacrifice to go in vain. Here, the genetic key opens a data file relating to the Final Herrscher’s battle on the Moon in the Previous Era. After watching the file play out the first time, Siegfried felt pulled towards one of the moon fighters and asked Einstein to replay a part for him after she got the Selene data. Approaching the peculiar moon fighter, Siegfried is greeted suddenly by Kevin Kaslana, who acts out of turn from the replay and unlocks his genetic memory. This prompted Siegfried to temporarily go berserk in the lab, with his ICHOR expressed, knocking Einstein aside and creating a giant icicle in the middle of the scientist’s lab.

About forty-five minutes later, Siegfried regains control and apologizes profusely to Einstein, who dismisses it as she explains what had happened to him. She tells him that the Kaslanas had genes of the honkai beast, Parvati, which after the unlocking, had been expressed in Siegfried, dulling his senses towards heat and lowering his body temperature. She then gives him three vials of ICHOR activators, which would let him fully express those genes for some time, but advises him to use it wisely as overuse can easily lead to cascade, which will turn him into a honkai beast. Siegfried thanks the scientist as he returns to Schicksal HQ. Upon arriving, Amber informs him that he has about two hours since Otto had issued a war council to take matters up to Sirin, and that Cecilia had already been recalled. Siegfried takes this time to visit Kiana in their family residence, but hallucinates seeing his Parvati genes activate, rushing out of the room before Kiana could see him. Later, Siegfried is the head of the N-1 formation, with 250 european branch valkyries, including Niggurath, that sweep in from Northern Siberia to locate Sirin. Immediately, the formation runs into Benares in her humanoid form. Siegfried lures Benares away from his formation as he uses one of his ICHOR activators, crippling Benares wings when he unleashes the full might of Shamash. However, he is soon removed from the battlefield as Sirin uses Fenghuang Down to drag him to a dream world when she portals his body off the field. In the dream world, Siegfried is leading a happy life several years after the 2nd Honkai War “ended.” As the Honkai disappeared completely, Schicksal no longer had a purpose anymore, so Otto unironically repurposed it as MiHoYo. Many Schicksal agents, including Siegfried in this dream world work at the game company, with Siegfried being the unironic lead designer of Guns Girls Z, who just pitched his “new” idea, Honkai Impact 3rd. Siegfried then celebrates Kiana’s nth birthday with Cecilia and Theresa. However, after Theresa leaves, Sirin arrives at the front porch, having been sent into the dream world out of her frustration at their happiness. As Siegfried is confused who she was and before Sirin could kill him, Cecilia steps in and chides him for forgetting about “their daughter’s” existence. Siegfried then believes that Sirin is his second daughter who he had sent to boarding school and feels horrible, trying to make it up to her, while Sirin is still trying to register what was happening. Later, Siegfried is returning home from work when he stops by a convenience store. Finding an Arahato chocolate bar, he is startled into reality when Welt comes to see him, telling him to wake up as the war is still ongoing. Siegfried, however, fails to wake up, as he re-enters the dream world, shaking off the encounter. The next day, Cecilia drags Siegfried out with Sirin to go shopping, and while the two enter a fashion store, Siegfried rests outside where he is greeted by Welt again. This encounter creates a “gas explosion” in the mall, which startles him back into the dream world. Later on that night, after Benares fell into the lake in the real world, Sirin impales Siegfried with a lance, blaming him for her servant’s death as he had crippled Benares prior. Before she could finish him off in the dream world, Cecilia drags him away, causing Sirin to realize that Cecilia had known the world was fake from the very beginning. Welt then arrives to save both Cecilia and Siegfried, healing the latter’s wounds before ordering the two to leave when the exit manifested while he distracted Sirin.

In the real world, Siegfried wakes to Theresa shaking him and Cecilia and is quickly reunited with his Shamash. After the Selene engine in Arahato fails with Sirin waking up, Siegfried, Cecilia, and Theresa advance on her. Sirin, though, then traps both Siegfried and Cecilia in her Infinity Corridor boxes, where she will deal with them later, leaving her in a solo confrontation with Theresa. In the Infinity Corridor, Siegfried is trying to find a way out, to the point that he shoots at the floors of the realm - and nearly kills himself when the bullet circulates back around the warped space. This is when his genetic memory allows Kevin to speak with him through quantum entanglement, explaining the properties of the Infinity Corridor and advising him to take another vial of ICHOR activator to deal a devastating blow to his box that was actually inside Sirin. Siegfried does this, using the quantum tunnels to project his attacks to the exterior of the box holding him, which sets it on fire. In a panic, Sirin throws Siegfried's box out and he emerges, fully berserk as Kevin takes over his mind with anti-honkai, genetic suggestions. The berserk Siegfried relentlessly pursues Sirin, activating Shamash’s full potential 6 times in the three minutes. However, Shamash’ honkai reserves are getting low and it shuts down. In triumph, Sirin summons her legion of honkai to attack Siegfried, but the other starts eating the beasts. This replenishes Shamash’ energy reserves and allows Siegfried to ground Sirin, ripping the Gem of Serenity and Cecilia’s Infinity Box out. Despite being berserk, Siegfried still deeply cherished his love for Cecilia which was his main anchor for him to retain his sanity, as noted by Kevin.

However, in Sirin’s dying moments, her core cascades and overpower Siegfried, knocking him out. Believing the cascade to be unpreventable, Kevin leaves, allowing Siegfried to wake when Cecilia heals him with Abyss Flower, after the Arahato mech (commanded by Welt’s will) arrives and shields them. The fractured Core of Reason then falls towards Siegfried, allowing Welt to explain the final plan to him. In order to stop the cascade, Siegfried would have to unleash Shamash’ 0th on Sirin’s core, but first, they needed a way to navigate the sea of honkai and locate the core. Cecilia tells him she had a way, and, unbeknownst to him, sacrifices her body full of holy blood to cleanse the honkai around the area. Seeing his chance, Siegfried charges Shamash up with the Core of Reason, which allows Shamash to exceed its max recorded potential by 300%, firmly putting a stop to Sirin's out of control core. With the battle won, Siegfried is greeted by Cecilia one last time as she bids him farewell, leaving her Abyss Flower behind to protect him from Otto’s incoming missiles. In the aftermath, Siegfried returns Welt’s core to AE, explaining that he still sensed the sovereign in the core, but turns down Einstein’s offer to join AE as Otto still had Kiana. In an effort to fulfill Cecilia’s last request to him, Siegfried returns to rescue his daughter, determined to not lose anyone else.



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  1. Second Eruption Chapter 12 states that Siegfried was 19 years old in 1991, therefore he was born around 1972.
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