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HOMU Flip and Win

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{{Event Intro
| customImage =[[File:Seele - Shopping (M).png|300px]]
| start = 11/28/2019 10:00 AM
| end = 12/19/2019 3:59 AM
| rewards = {{Item|Seele - Shopping (M)|rarity=3|level=1|upgradeable=yes}}{{Item|HOMU's Prize Option|rarity=4|quantity=1}}{{Item|Asterite|rarity=4}}{{Item|AE Imaginon|rarity=4}}{{Item|SS Imaginon|rarity=4}}
| synopsis = HOMU Flip and Win <nowiki>|</nowiki> Play to win Seele stigma!

Shop till you drop! HOMU Shopping Street is celebrating this year's shopping season! A fabulous array of items and a fun minigame awaits... Captains, come play HOMU Flip and Win with Seele!

'''Duration:''' NOV 29, 12:00 ~ DEC 13, 04:00
* '''Captains must be Lv.20 or higher to participate.'''
* Complete specified [HOMU Shopping Street] missions to earn coupons!
** Use coupons to play [HOMU Flip and Win] and win 3★ stigma {{\}}[[Seele: Shopping (M)]]], HOMU's Legend Proof {{Small|HOMU's Legend Proof}}, Asterite {{Asterite}} and more!

==HOMU Flip and Win==
* [HOMU Flip and Win] will be available in 2 phases:
** 1st phase: From NOV 29, 12:00 to DEC 6, 04:00, the reward is 3★ stigma [Seele: Shopping (M)].
** 2nd phase: From DEC 6, 04:00 to DEC 13, 04:00, the reward is HOMU Prize Option (use to choose one from the following: HOMU's Legend Proof x6, [Seele: Shopping (M)])
* Each board consists of 9 tiles. Tap a tile to flip it. Each flip costs 1 coupon.
* Flip a pair of identical tiles in succession to clear them and claim corresponding prizes.
* Flips no longer cost coupons after 20 flips in one phase.

==HOMU Shopping Street==
Complete 2 Story stages daily to claim 4 coupons. Up to 20 coupons can be claimed in this way in one phase of [HOMU Flip and Win].
* 1st phase login reward: 4 coupons
* 2nd phase login reward: 4 coupons


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