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Stan is an antagonist of London Holiday. It is a cat, a Honkai Beast and a member of World Serpent and Schicksal.


Stan is a siamese cat with dark pink eyes, light gray fur all over his body with dark gray fur and a smaller amount of dark pink fur as well covering its tail, ears, paws and face. Stan used to wear a black and dark pink collar on its neck which, when lighted, allowed it to transform into its Honkai Beast form.

Honkai Beast

In its Honkai Beast Form, Stan is bigger in size than its cat form along with a more mechanic look, and has bigger dark pink claws along with eyes seeming like they come from a game screen.


Stan has an arrogant personality, not allowing anybody to pet it and having pride in its past and its abilities whenever it fights while getting mad and making excuses on something else whenever he doesn't manage to end a fight, unless when it comes to an enemy being far stronger than it, in which it reacts with fear trying to save itself acting cute and innocent.

Stan also tends to be gloomy whenever it doesn't feel like it obtained a reward worth of its efforts or anything that can't placate his bad mood.


When Stan was a kitten, it was adopted by an unknown person who trained and befriended it. But when Stan saw its master die as it was growing up, Stan traveled through the world and learned to respect those stronger than it. After Stan met Jackal during its trip, it decided to join her and went through harsh training including Honkai experiments, to be able to defeat others around it and obtain power.

Afterwards, Stan was seen in a British Museum by an unknown man who tried to pet it, but it got annoyed, slapped the man and got away from him.

London Holiday[]

Stan is first introduced entering a British Museum with Rita Rossweisse barely noticing it. Stan then suddenly transforms into its Honkai Beast form thanks to its collar, attacks Rita and slightly manages to hurt her. Stan, surprised to see Rita dodge its attack, gets curious about her battlesuit as it smells Honkai in her.

After Rita joins in the fight using her battlesuit "Argent Knight Artemis", Stan fires a beam from its tail which causes an explosion from the museum, but as the fight continues, Stan unconsciously transforms back to its cat form due to its collar and goes away.

Later on in a secret passage in Glastonbury Tor, as Rita gets trapped away from Catherine and a supposed Susannah because of a wall, Stan starts an ambush and meets Rita to fight her once again in its Honkai Beast form.

During the fight, Stan receives a message from Jackal informing it that they failed their mission and must retreat at once. Stan gets mad once again about its fight getting ruined, but runs away from Rita nonetheless to follow Jackal's order. On its way, Stan notices Durandal going into the passage, and as Stan gets ready to attack her, it gets slapped away by Durandal and gets hit on a wall.

As its collar breaks, Stan comes back to its cat form and suddenly gets scared from Durandal's strength due to its instincts telling it that it was about to die. Thus, Stan decides to act cute by showing its belly, in which it is answered by a belly rub from Durandal, which shames Stan despite Durandal wanting to protect it. Soon, as Durandal gets through the trap by destroying the wall and meeting Rita and Otto Apocalypse who turned out to be taking the look of Susannah for the plan, Stan gets scared by Rita's wish to punish and kill it before getting angry at her attitude. Stan further gets angered along with Durandal when Otto calls it a "poor little kitty" and a "poorly engineered beast". Despite those reactions, Stan still gets adopted by Durandal, who was allowed to bring it to HQ.

Afterwards, Stan is seen resting in Durandal and Rita's garden and playing with Durandal.


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