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What is a Stigmata?[]

Colloquially known as a Witch Mark, or Cursed Mark, it is a design that forms on the skin as a visual indicator that this human has mutated to allow for honkai adaptability.

The First bearers of the Experiment were called Mantis warriors. Their kin inherited the natural stigmata through training and honkai acclimation.

In Dr MEI's Seed of Humanity project, the genome for the current era has the potential for anyone to develop a natural stigmata.

Types of Stigmata[]

There're currently 3 known types of Stigmata: Artificial Stigmata, Natural Stigmata, and True Stigmata.

Artificial stigmata

Developed by Schicksal, these imperfect stigmata are made through DNA sampling and artificial DNA of a compatible bloodline infused with Honkai energy. This sample is then injected via spinal tap to the candidate.

This method does allow for a higher honkai energy adaptability, however it shortens the life of the candidate significantly and also has a higher risk of cascade as time continues.

All Schicksal Valkyries have Artificial Stigmata implants. In the event if they activate a Natural Stigmata, the Artificial implant will assimilate and have no negative effect.

Natural Stigmata

Developed by Professor MEI during the previous era. This procedure allowed the bloodline to begin metamorphasis upon activation of the user. Activation was done through unwavering determination to survive. The original successful candidates were reclassified as Mantis agents. Their descendants carry a genetic Stigmata marker that can be activated based on their individual ability.

The Natural Stigmata found so far are

Kaslana - Wings of Oath (Juramentus)

Schariac - Sacrificial Blossom (Amarantus)

Xuanyuan - Destined King (Regulus)

Yae - Soul Whisperer (Mactatus)

True Stigmata

These stigmatas are the ones blessed upon chosen humans who will become a Herrscher. They originate from the Honkai God and indicate that this human is a perfect fusion of Honkai and Human life. They also indicate that the host is capable of forming Herrscher core.

A True Stigmata acts like a visual marker but can cause pain and emotional instability at high concentrations of Honkai energy. These stigmata can be inhereted through a consensual agreement or "crowning" where a new host becomes the Sovereign of the Herrscher core.

The currently observed hosts who have manifested the True stigmata are

Reason - Welt Joyce, Welt Yang (Joachim), Welt Joyce's clone, Bronya Zaychik

Void- Sirin, K-423

Conquest- Sirin, Bella (Bernares), Mei,K-423

Desire - Wendy

Ice - Ana (Herrscher of Ice)

Devourer - Owl (Herrscher of Star)

Serenity - Sirin, Seele, Lin, K-423

Destruction - Herrscher of Destruction

Corruption - Rin/Higokumaru* (influenced by the Inari Yaejinja)

Stigmata Traits[]

Stigmata have a higher rate of developing on females than males. This is in concurrence with Honkai radiation adaptability.

With a stigmata, it indicates this human has a much higher radiation adaptability than normal humans. This makes them capable of incredible feats. However, if the human undergoes prolonged exposure and not enough recovery, the adaptability turns against the host and causes a cascade.

A stigmata can also lose control as a result from an Impact, eruption or aftershock. At the loss of control, the host acts in primal rage akin to honkai beasts. The current successful method of containment requires rapid decrease in thermal energy "freezing" the particles stopping the imminent cascade.

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