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Male Sign (Small).png Male
Original: Deceased (physically)
Sim: Active
  • Original:
  • Sim:
    • Resident of the Elysian Realm
  • Pioneer
  • Lady of The lake (by Arthur)
Voice Actors
櫻井孝宏[1] (Takahiro Sakurai)

Su (Japanese: スウ ) is the 7th Flame Chaser and a psychic MANTIS. As a Pioneer, he was in charge of Project Valuka and Project Regulator.


Opened Eyes

Su has extremely long, gray hair that goes beyond his waist and he have fuchsia eyes with green pupils, He often keeps his eyes closed. He wears a golden, ring-shaped earring on his left ear.



Before the Honkai happened in Fire Moth era, Su and Kevin were close friends. But as the Great Honkai broke out in Nagazora City, Kevin became mute. Four years later, Su became an excellent doctor, dedicated to eradicating "Honkai Diseases". During this time, his talents were discovered by the Fire Moth, and he received an invitation to join the Fire Moth. In a disaster that affected his city, he met Kevin again. At this time, Kevin was already an Fusion Warrior under the Fire Moth. Su also joined the Fire Moth in the footsteps of chasing his best friend in pursuit of a way to eliminate the Honkai.

At an unknown point in time after joining the Fire Moth, Su accepted the transformation and became a Fusion Warrior. At about the same time, the 8th Herrscher awakened. The 8th Herrscher uses the Internet to spread infected keywords, so that people who see the keywords fall into a deep sleep that cannot be awakened. The result is only death. Su passed the spiritual defense line woven by the Herrscher shortly before the Fire Moth defense line was broken, successfully trapped the 8th Herrscher. But the Fire Moth suffered heavy losses. SU's mentor also died in the process.

In the battle of the Final Herrscher, Su as a Fusion Warrior commanded the final battle by watching on the earth. After the Moonlight Throne was burned down, Su ordered everyone to sleep in the refuge. At the same time, he ran to report the good news about Kevin's survival to Dr. MEI, but Dr. MEI had already been infected with the Honkai disease and mentions that she can barely see SU's face. Su then accepts the "Operator" plan that MEI proposed while she was still alive, and entered the refuge with Kevin who had returned from the moon only to find MEI dead. During the 50000 years that Kevin was asleep, he has been observing the parallel worlds inside the 2nd God Key.


Second Key[]

In the Britannia 1500 years before the current timeline, dubbed by the people, "The Lady in the Lake", SU, and Kevin gathered together with a refuge under the Tamesis to discuss the progress of the "plan" with Hua. After confirming the failure of the "Project Ark" plan, Hua left to complete a mission, and Kevin said he would start the "Stigmata" Project. Su understands at this moment that Kevin has lost his emotions of compassion and blinded with only the determination to eliminate the Honkai, and that it was time to fulfill his responsibility as a "regulator".

Su baited Kevin to Seed of Sumeru to talk over Kevin's choices, however Kevin wanted to fight Su to show him that he was wrong. SU, after being defeated by Kevin, activated Project: Regulator to trap both in Sea of Quanta by dropping the Seed of Sumeru. In order to prevent him to continue the Project: Stigmata which is a Project which risks the death of many, however all the survivors will have a Stigmata, which is a chance to defeat the Honkai. Kevin stopped the fight as Su threw himself in front of the Judgement of Shamash, determined to do anything to stop Kevin, including giving up his life. Kevin froze the Judgement of Shamash and to keep Su alive, he threw Su out of Seed of Sumeru and drops to the Sea of Quanta as he tells Su to continue Project: Valuka.

After teaching a child who had awakened his Stigma how to use it, during an unknown year, Su imprisoned himself in Seed of Sumeru as an act of redemption.

The Second God Key fell into the hands of Schicksal in London, and Durandal was ordered to perform the task of entering the Second God Key. After being teleported by the God Key, Durandal met Su in Seed of Sumeru. Su then revealing his identity and experience, left his own plan for the Honkai to Durandal.

Su came to the high-dimensional space at the end of his life, and was called the "the conscious" by his will. In order to explore the truth of the universe above the Honkai, Su began to play chess with his will...


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