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Let's go hunting for treasures in [Summer Treasure Hunt]!

Time to seek out the grand treasures! Participate to win 3000 Crystals, Focused Supply Card x10, and 800 Crystals!

Summer Treasure Hunt


Round 1 After the version update ~ 12:00, AUG 13
Round 2 10:00, AUG 14 ~ 12:00, AUG 21

Captains must be Lv.20 or higher to participate.

  • Complete missions on the [Gemina Invasions] event page to obtain Treasure Charts (for Round 1) and The Deep Atlases (for Round 2).
  • Spend a token of the current round to explore any prize once.
    • Once the exploration period ends, all Captains who have explored a prize will auto-enter a lottery to win the corresponding explored prize.
  • You can only win the same prize once, but you can win different prizes simultaneously.
    • The more you explore, the higher your chance of winning.
    • The two rounds each consumes a unique token, so use them wisely!
  • Regardless of winning, you can claim 10 Crystals Crystals (Small).png for every exploration you make during the prize claiming period.
  • Round 1: Exploration: After the version update ~ 12:00, AUG 13 (GMT+8);
    • Prize Claiming: 12:00, AUG 13 ~ 12:00, AUG 27 (GMT+8).
  • Round 2: Exploration: 10:00, AUG 14 ~ 12:00, AUG 21 (GMT+8);
    • Prize Claiming: 12:00, AUG 21 ~ 12:00, AUG 27 (GMT+8).
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