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Legacy Content
This page or section contains information on game elements that are no longer available, which has been retained for reference purposes.
Item Details
Super BIO-Chip
Super BIO-Chip
Super BIO-Chip
Provides 5000 character EXP. If used by creature-type characters, provides extra 2500 Character EXP.
As the side effect is overwhelming, for inferior Valkyries, implanting lessons offered by super chips is equal to committing suicide.
Item Sell Icon.png Sell Price: Coins (Small).png Coins ×2000

Super BIO-Chip is an item in Honkai Impact 3rd.


  • Logistics Terminal
  • Valkyries' Training Camp
  • Story 4-16 - Hard
  • Story S3-6 - Supreme
  • Story S3-14 - Supreme
  • Story 4-4 - Supreme
  • Story 4-11 - Supreme