Super EXP Chip

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Super EXP Chip.png
Grants 7500 battlesuit or ELF EXP.
A rare learning chip that simulates realistic Honkai battles to forge the user into a master combatant. However, without a strong heart, the user can be corrupted by the atrocity of the battlefield.
Obtained From
Mithril Shop (Lv. 50 or higher required)
Valkyries' Training Camp
Story 4-16 (H)
Story 5-1 (H)
Story 5-3 (H)
Story 6-5 (H)
Story S3-6 (S)
Story S3-14 (S)
Story 4-4 (S)
Story S4-11 (S)
Story 6-1 (S)
Story 6-5 (S)
Sale Price Rarity
2000 Coins (Small).png

Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png

This item was formerly divided into "Super BIO-Chip", "Super MECH-Chip", and "Super PSY-Chip".