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Susannah Manatt
Female Sign (Small).png Female
  • B-Rank Valkyrie

Susannah Manatt is a B-Rank Valkyrie of Schicksal and a member of the Phosdjinns Squad.


Susannah has blonde hair and yellow eyes. In her battle suit, she wears a purple cloth over her black bra, black and gray gloves, two belts on her hips, a white skirt, a black thigh high and yellow shoes.

In her casual clothes, she wears a purple and white bear hoodie with a gray-pink shirt inside, a blue belt on her hips, black shorts and white shoes.


Susannah has a cheerful personality. She is determined and motivated, although a bit clumsy. She tries to never fail her squad and gets excited for her tasks. She always tries to keep motivated, and often pushes herself a bit too hard.


Not much is known about Susannah's past, but she was apparently hand picked to join the squad by Zofia and Matilla themselves.

Manga Story[]

London Holiday[]

The Phosdjinns Squad depart to Dubai due to a Honkai outbreak spotted in that location. Nervous about her first mission in the squad, she braces herself. Matilla and Zofia comfort her by reassuring her of her strength. Zofia also gives her a talisman and it cheers her up immensely. She's determined to live up to their expectations.

Suddenly, Durandal appears and kills the Honkai Beast in a single punch. Dumbfounded, the squad leaves since the mission was done for them.

Later on, Zofia informs Matilla that the Phosdjinns had received a mission from Schicksal. As Matilla excitedly calls for Susannah, Zofia reads the mission closer and tells her that the mission is only for Susannah. This leaves the squad confused.

Susannah arrives at Schicksal's headquarters, and after getting a physical exam, she is tasked by Amber to clean Otto Apocalypse's library for 10 days. Susannah was disappointed, but decided to do her best nonetheless. During these 10 days, Otto studied her mannerisms to create a soulium avatar based off of her. This was for his plan: to stop World Serpent from obtaining the Second Divine Key.

Second Key[]

Susannah is first introduced tired, on the ground after a physical training she tried to copy from Durandal. Susannah then asks Durandal to teach her about ways to become as strong as her, in which Susannah receives an answer about never copying others, discovering her skills and working hard for it herself.


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