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  • character - Name of character. Make sure to capitalize the name.
  • rank - Base rank of valkyrie when obtained. Can be B, A, or S.
  • type - Type of valkyrie: psychic, mecha, or creature.
  • obtain - How or where to obtain.
{{Battlesuit Page
| character = Himeko
| rank = S
| type = psychic
| obtain = Standard Supply<br>Himeko Expansion Supply<br>80 [[Blood Rose Fragment]]
| characteristics = Melee attack, burst damage<br>
Gain SP by dodging and attacking in regular status<br>
Ultimate Skill offers an overwhelming power of annihilation
| main = Fire Ignite Break Charge
| info = In the Xuanyuan storyline chapter, a cursed her spirit enters Murata Himeko's body, creating the Psychic type Blood Rose battlesuit.<br>
Blood Rose's attacks add additional combo hits based on how much she charges her attack. When fully charged, her ignore interrupt stat will be increased.<br>
Blood Rose's evasion skill is called [[#Evasion|Blood Movement]], which allows Himeko to unleash a fully charged attack upon performing an ultimate evasion. The attacker whose attack was evaded will also explode, dealing fire damage to all nearby enemies.<br>
In the team leader position, Himeko can use the [[#Leader|Blood Waltz]] skill, which increases the whole team's charged attack damage. When the battlesuit types of all 3 characters are different, all damage will also be increased.<br>
After activating her [[#Ultimate|Blood Order]] ultimate skill, Blood Rose will continuously burn her own HP, but can initiate charged attacks that deal fire damage. During the skill's duration, she will also have reduced damage received, as well as stun, paralysis, and freeze immunity.
| formation1 = Lightning Empress
| reason1 = '''QTE - Sakura Vortex'''<br>
Charged attack lifts enemy into the air, triggering Lightning Empress's QTE.<br>
Psychic type character, enjoys the effects of the Leader Skill.
| formation2 = Valkyrie Chariot
| reason2 = '''Void Explosion'''<br>
Deals AOE damage with Chariot's ultimate skill by attracting enemies<br>
Psychic type character, enjoys the effects of the Leader Skill.
| beginnerWeapon = Crimson Queen
| beginnerTop = Shigure Kira
| beginnerMiddle = Shigure Kira
| beginnerBottom = Shigure Kira
| advancedWeapon = Blood Dance
| advancedTop = Planck
| advancedMiddle = Shakespeare
| advancedBottom = Fuxi
| leader = Blood Waltz
| leaderEffect = '''Team receives bonus if leader.'''<br>
Blood Waltz: Increases damage of whole team's charged attacks by 12%.
| leader2 = Blood Waltz
| leader2effect = Increases damage of whole team's charged attacks by <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X''%'''</span>. Increases whole team's damage by <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X''%'''</span> if all characters on the team are of different types.
| special = Blood Step
| specialEffect = '''Attack with a horizontal slash while evading an enemy attack.'''<br>
'''Evade and Slash:''' Tap the Attack button while evading to unleash a spinning slash, dealing physical damage equal to 200% of ATK. Cooldown: 5 sec.<br>
After the spinning slash, tap the attack button the moment the character flashes to directly unleash a charged attack.<br>
'''Sprint Attack:''' Tap the Attack button while sprinting
| special1 = Switch Skill - Downward Step
| special1effect = Triggers Vertical Cleave upon entering the battle, dealing physical damage equal to <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X''%'''</span>+50% of ATK.
| special2 = Rotary Step
| special2effect = Evade and Slash has a <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X''%'''</span> chance of igniting enemy for 4 sec, dealing <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X'''''</span> fire damage every 0.5 sec.
| special3 = QTE - Flame Step
| special3effect = Triggers QTE and enters the battle when enemy is stunned. Triggers a powerful Vertical Cleave, dealing physical damage equal to 250%+<span style="color:#006b84">'''''X''%'''</span> of ATK and <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X'''''</span> AOE fire damage.
| passive = Passive Skill
| passiveEffect = '''Character receives boosts from passive skills automatically.'''
| passive1 = Burning Blood
| passive1effect = Attacking ignited enemies with normal attacks or with Blood Order active deals <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X'''''</span> bonus fire damage.
| passive2 = Refuge Blood
| passive2effect = When HP is below 66%, all damage is increased by <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X''%'''</span>, physical damage taken is reduced by <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X''%'''</span>, and Ignore Interrupt is increased.
| passive3 = Purifier Blood
| passive3effect = When HP is below 50%, decreases elemental damage taken by <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X''%'''</span> and durations of most negative effects and increases the duration of ignite by <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X''%'''</span>.
| passive3unlock = SSS
| ultimate = Blood Order
| ultimateEffect = '''Triggers Blood Order, consuming HP constantly. Can be turned off.'''<br>
'''Scorching Flames:''' Unleashes charged attacks instantly, dealing fire damage. Consumes 30 SP to activate. Deals AOE fire damage equal to 200% of ATK and ignites enemies for 6 sec.<br>
'''Purify:''' Decreases damage taken by 40%. Immune to stun, paralyze, and freeze, and cancel 1 enemy attack when Blood Order is triggered.
| ult1 = Blood Burst
| ult1effect = Increases Attack Speed by <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X''%'''</span> and Movement Speed by <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X''%'''</span> when Blood Order is active.
| ult2 = Round Dance
| ult2effect = When Blood Order is active, mashing the Attack button during Vertical Cleave increases the number of strikes up to <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X'''''</span> times and the physical and fire damage of each Vertical Cleave strike by <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X''%'''</span> of ATK.
| ult3 = Blood Curse
| ult3effect = When Blood Order is active and HP is below 50%, Critical Rate is increased by <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X''%'''</span> and fire damage by <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X''%'''</span>.
| ult3unlock = SS
| evasion = Blood Movement
| evasionEffect = '''Dodges sideways to evade enemy attacks.'''<br>
'''Crimson Charge:''' Unleashes a Charged Combo instantly after an Ultimate Evasion.<br>
'''Macropyre:''' Causes an explosion surrounding the attacker, dealing fire damage equal to 200% of ATK. Cooldown: 15 sec.
| eva1 = Blood Concerto
| eva1effect = Decreases cooldown of Macropyre by <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X''%'''</span> sec.
| eva2 = Blood Aria
| eva2effect = Generates a fire ring when Macropyre is triggered, dealing <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X'''''</span> fire damage every 0.3 sec. The fire ring lasts for <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X'''''</span> sec.
| eva3 = Blood Serenade
| eva3effect = Macropyre ignites enemy, dealing <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X'''''</span> fire damage every 0.5 sec for <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X'''''</span> sec.
| eva3unlock = SS
| basic = Charge - Blood Heavy Sword
| basicEffect = '''Basic Attack: A direct attack is an uncharged 3-hit combo. Attacks become more powerful after charging.'''<br>
'''Charged Combo:''' Attacks with a vertical cleave after the 3-hit combo is over, during which time, Ignore Interrupt is increased.<br>
'''Basic Attack:''' Deals physical damage equal to 150%+180%+220% of ATK<br>
'''Charged Attack:''' Deals physical damage equal to 250%+160%+200% of ATK
| basic1 = Flame Explosion
| basic1effect = The every charged attack strike deals an additional <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X'''''</span> fire damage.
| basic2 = Blood Echo
| basic2effect = Taking damage during charged attacks or when Blood Order is active will ignite the enemy attacker, dealing <span style="color:#006b84">'''''X'''''</span> fire damage every 0.5 sec for 4 sec.