Honkai Impact 3 Wiki
For example, see RPC-6626 (Memorial Arena)


  • image - The screenshot name uploaded of the enemy. Because screenshots can range from .jpg to .png, please include the file extension when specifying.
  • type - The enemy's type. If none is specified, defaults to None Type.
  • database - The database image for the enemy. Only the enemy name is required such as Benares or Heimdall. Follows the naming convention: [name] (Enemy) (Icon).png
  • family - The family the enemy belongs to. The largest categorizing archetype such as Honkai Beast, Zombie, Mecha, or Boss.
  • class - The class of enemy. A smaller subcategory of enemies such as Emperor, Archer, or Titan. Not required and will default to N/A.
  • quote - If there is a description of the enemy provided in-game, fill it in here. Otherwise, see intro below.
  • intro - If no description is provided in-game, please provide a sufficient introduction of the enemy here.


{{Enemy Intro
| image = Dark Jixuanyuan (Enemy).jpg
| type = PSY
| database = Dark Jixuanyuan
| family = Boss
| quote = A monster of Chinese legends. Further analysis by Schicksal identified it as a unique class of Dead Silence type Zombies. The two massive horns on its head should serve as a warning to Valkyries. This is no common adversary.