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Hello, Captains.

We're still in the process of making fundamental changes to the battlesuits' skills template. However, all skill text should be displayed normally now, with only the associated icons missing.

We'll solve it shortly. Thank you for your patience.


Honkai Impact 3 Wiki


  • image - The image associated with the event.
  • customImage - If, for whatever reason, more than a single image is needed, use this parameter instead.
  • start - Start time for the event. Please include the hours.
  • end - End time for the event. Please include the hours.
  • rewards - Notable rewards for the event. Please use Template:Item or Template:Reward
  • synopsis - A short event synopsis.
  • synopsistitle - changes the "Synopsis" subheader to custom text.
  • co-op - If the event contains any kind of co-op activity, please mark this as yes.