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This template displays items similarly to the way they are displayed in-game.


  • Name - Unnamed parameter 1. Name of the item. Case sensitive.
  • rarity - Rarity of the item. Anywhere from 1 to 5. If the item is a fragment, state "fragment."
  • level - If the item is a stigmata or weapon, specify its level here.
  • quantity - If the item is a material, specify the quantity if necessary.
  • size - Size of the template. Please remove the px suffix before entering.
  • frame - Color of the frame. Green, Blue, or Purple. Optional parameter that overrides rarity if needed, i.e. when rarity = none.
  • upgradeable - If the item is upgradeable, it will include the additional gray star. Aliased to upgradable as well. Can either be yes or proto.
  • height - if the size of the item inside the frame is too large, specify the image's height. See Watermelon item below.
  • desc - if for some reason the hover text needs to be different than then name of the item. See Watermelon item below.
{{Item|Watermelon|rarity = 3|height = 70|quantity = 1|desc = Tasty Juicy Melon!}}


Frame (Purple).png
Crystals (Icon).png
Frame (Blue).png
Charlemagne (M) (Icon).png
3star (Upgradable).png
Stigmata Middle.png
Frame (Green).png
USP45 (1) (Icon).png
1star (Upgradable).png
Frame (Blue).png
Tasty Juicy Melon!