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  • usage - Typically the first part of the description. Outlines what the item is for.
  • description - Fluff text, often featured in gray under the usage text. Not required.
  • price - If the item can be sold, list the price. Theoretically, no item can be sold for more than one type of price.
    • {{Currency}} template should be used to display the sell price.
  • itemType - Items are categorized by their type. Please include one at all times, if possible.
    • enhance = Enhancement material
    • fragment = Valkyrie, Stigmata, or Weapon Fragment
    • upgrade = Upgrade material
    • stamina = Stamina restoring item
    • grants = Grants other items
    • ticket = Supply ticket
    • EXP = EXP boosting item
    • currency = Currency. Can be any kind.
    • resale = Resale item. Specifically meant to be sold.
    • food = Food used in open world content.
    • crafting = Crafting materials used in open world content.
    • miscellaneous = Uncategorized or miscellaneous item.
    • keychain = Keychains for the in-game AiPhone.
  • rarity - Rarity of the item. Any number from 1 to 5, or fragment if a fragment with no rarity.
  • event - If an item is an event exclusive, mark yes.


  • obtain - How to obtain the item. Use <br> to create line breaks.
  • notes - Any additional notes that may not be contained in game.
{{Item Page
| usage = Can exchange for rare items in the shop.
| description = An imaginon developed by Anti-Entropy (AE) for investigating physics theories. The competition came up with another version with bad coloring. AE is always cool.
| rarity = 4
| price = {{currency|Asterite|81}}
| itemType = currency