Stigmata Infobox

Stigmata Infobox
Rarity: N/A
Obtained From


  • image - Only specify the name of the image. Do not include extensions or size.
  • rarity - Anywhere from 1 to 5. Only include the number.
  • upgradable - Yes if the item can be upgraded. Otherwise empty or no.
  • obtain - Specify how the stigmata can be obtained. Use <br> to create line breaks.


  • backHeight - Height of the background when a stigma is fully upgraded.
    • Changes to the template no longer require forced image sizing so this parameter is now deprecated.


{{Stigmata Infobox
| image = Charlemagne (M)
| rarity = 4
| obtain = Focused Supply<br>Mei's Birthday Event<br>
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