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Theresa Apocalypse
Birthday: March 28th
Height: 145 cm
Weight: 38 kg
Chinese VA: Ling Hua
Japanese VA: Yukari Tamura
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Theresa Apocalypse (Chinese: 德丽莎·阿波卡利斯; Japanese: テレサ・アポカリプス) is a playable character in Honkai Impact 3rd. She is the principal of St. Freya Academy and the World's Cutest Valkyrie (in her words).


Theresa Apocalypse Battlesuits
Valkyrie Pledge (Icon).png
Valkyrie Pledge
Sakuno Rondo (Icon).png
Sakuno Rondo
Luna Kindred (Icon).png
Luna Kindred
Violet Executer (Icon).png
Violet Executer
Twilight Paladin (Icon).png
Twilight Paladin
Celestial Hymn (Icon).png
Celestial Hymn
Starlit Astrologos (Icon).png
Starlit Astrologos


Valkyrie Pledge Sakuno Rondo Luna Kindred Violet Executer Celestial Hymn Starlit Astrologos All Theresa (except CH, LK & SA)
Campus Detective (Item).png
Campus Detective
Ouranon's Forgiveness (Item).png
Ouranon's Forgiveness
Pledge (Item).png
Shallow Sunset (Item).png
Shallow Sunset
Sugar Haw Child (Item).png
Sugar Haw Child
Lilac of the Valley (Item).png
Lilac of the Valley
Magical Teriri (Item).png
Magical Teriri
Rosy Bridesmaid (Item).png
Rosy Bridesmaid
Blood Knight - Moonlight (Item).png
Blood Knight - Moonlight
Verdant Sky (Item).png
Verdant Sky
Wonderland Trek (Item).png
Wonderland Trek
Empyrean Psalms (Item).png
Empyrean Psalms
Grand Sage (Item).png
Grand Sage
Heat of Trifolium (Item).png
Heat of Trifolium
Starry Night (Item).png
Starry Night
Herald of Spring (Item).png
Herald of Spring
Orchid's Night (Item).png
Orchid's Night
Morning Sunshine (Item).png
Morning Sunshine


With the claim of "World's Cutest Valkyrie", Theresa does live up to her self professed title. She is the shortest of the main characters and has the build of an average 12 year old girl. Her choice of clothing is generally cute and frilly to match, though she keeps her waist-length white hair in a more mature low side ponytail most of the time. She will change her hairstyle to double buns or pigtails sometimes, with decorative hair ornaments to match her outfit.


While she does have a somewhat mature personality, she does display a fondness for child-like things (sweets, HOMU) and many of her battle phrases involve her calling herself cute or insulting the enemy. Despite her occasional immaturity, she is a very capable principal of St. Freya Academy and will do anything to ensure her student's safety.


  • Her old profile listed her age as Secret (Appears 12) and her "three sizes" as 70 cm / 58 cm / 73 cm.


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