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Umbral Rose Chibi.png
Background Information
Date of Birth: March 1
Height: 168cm
Gender: Female
Weight: 56kg
Organization: Schicksal
Birthplace: Europe
Battlesuit Details
Rita Rossweisse is a cunning and skilled warrior and trusted adjutant of Durandal, Captain of the Immortal Blades, the most powerful Valkyrie Squad of Schicksal. Despite being one of the best S-rank Valkyries of Schicksal, Rita seems... unbelievably polite.
Battlesuit Details
In fact, her politeness borders on absolute servility to the point that people forget that she's an S-rank Valkyrie. The most amazing thing is that her service-first attitude feels extremely genuine, and can only be the product of very good education and personal elegance. Perhaps she's a member of the nobility? Unfortunately, the Valkyrie Archives do not reveal anything of note about Rita.
Battlesuit Details
Rita seldom talks about her past. In fact, she does not talk about herself. Many curious people tried to unearth more about her, but Rita kept her secrets hidden very well. No one managed to find out anything. Perhaps only Durandal and fellow Valkyries of the Immortal Blades would know anything about Rita.

Affection Fluff[]

♥♡♡♡ The Umbral Rose wants to serve tea.
♥♥♡♡ The Umbral Rose wants to serve tea.
♥♥♥♡ The Umbral Rose wants to serve dinner.
♥♥♥♥ The Umbral Rose wonders if you want breakfast in bed.


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