Honkai Impact 3 Wiki


Ver 5.0.0[]

Update Content[]

  1. Herrscher Descends: Herrscher of Flamescion

July 8, Ver 4.9.0[]

Update Content[]

1. New Collab Battlesuit: Prinzessin der Verurteilung!

May 27, Ver 4.8.0[]

Update Content[]

1. New Battlesuit: Starchasm Nyx

April 22, Ver 4.7.0[]

Update Content[]

1. New Battlesuit: Haxxor Bunny

March 4, 2021 Ver 4.6.0[]

Update Content[]

1. Herrscher Descends: Herrscher of Sentience

◆She is the master of sentience and a nightmare to all... She will reverse all creations! Fu Hua's S-rank Herrscher battlesuit [Herrscher of Sentience] debuts! Switch between a sword, spear, and chain blades seamlessly, stop time with illusive space, and disrupt enemy mobs with combo slashes!

  • You can obtain the new battlesuit in the following way:

Herrscher of Sentience Expansion Supply is available from 12:00, MAR 5 to 12:00, MAR 26. Herrscher of Sentience enjoys an increased drop rate.

2. ELF: Water's Edge

◆Formless water joins everything and flows everywhere. Her circle freezes and drowns! New Ice support ELF Water's Edge is combat-ready!

3. Spring Event: [Once Upon a Time in Shenzhou]

◆Legends say deep down the southern tropics lies an uncharted island that is the home to the mysterious Nian and the even more mysterious Phoenix the Celestial... St. Freya sets sail for a southern island to celebrate the coming of spring!

◆Participate in a series of spring activities to get Starlit Astrologos's outfit Herald of Spring, an S-rank battlesuit option, and the brand-new Taixuan bridge theme!

4. Anniversary Event: [3rd-Anniversary Feast]

◆Participate in anniversary activities to obtain anniversary-exclusive stigma, Supply Card options, and material giftboxes!

◆Log in during Anniversary Feast to claim 20 Supply Cards for free!

5. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal

◆New Weapons: Domain of Sentience, Keys of Oblivion, Fenghuang Down, Fenghuang Pinions.

◆New Stigma Sets: Shattered Swords, Columbus.

About the stigma set Columbus:

  • Columbus (T, M, B) has the same stats and skills as the collab-exclusive Columbus (T, M, B). Their pieces can be mixed and matched to complete the set. [Columbus (T, M, B)] will enter Equipment Supply in the future.
  • Due to the limitations of the album, obtaining Columbus (T, M, B) during v4.6 will not unlock it in the album (it will be unlocked in a future version). We thank you for your understanding and patience!

Game Adjustments & Optimizations[]


The following data are at max skill level:


1. Fixed an issue where her Throw animation could be skipped abnormally.

2. Fixed an issue where she was still vulnerable at times when Throwing.

Blueberry Blitz

1. Fixed an issue where you could not cast her Ultimate immediately after switching to her.

2. Fixed an issue where the Rime Trauma of enemies could not be built up normally when she was equipping Monet (B).

Azure Empyrea

Fixed an issue where her fists were not displayed normally on the equipment screen when she was in outfit Cerulean Court.

Hawk of the Fog

1. Updated her voices in outfit Onyx Simurgh.

2. Fixed an issue where she was still vulnerable at times when casting Ultimate.

Bright Knight: Excelsis

Optimized the camera angle when she is Throwing in burst mode.

◆Other Battlesuits

Fixed the glitched jumping animation of some battlesuits.


Fire Spirit Type-I, Fire Spirit Type-II, Ruinous Sakura, Thermal Cutter, Fafnir Flame, Jingwei's Wings

Fixed an issue where the above weapons could not build up the Ignite Trauma of Legatus: Ice.


Siegfried Kaslana

Fixed an issue where its skills did not apply to Throws.

Jin Shengtan, Theresa: Summer Holic

Adjusted where the circles and entities summoned by the battlesuits equipping the above stigmata appear. Now they appear on the spot.



Fixed an issue where some weapon skills with the ignition effect could not build up its Ignite Trauma.


Fixed an issue where some enemies could not be attacked when appearing.


Superstring Dimension

1. The main enemy floors of [Bloodbane: Intensive] now limit shield regeneration to once.

2. In [Bloodbane: Perilous], the Ignore Interrupt and attack frequency of Sahā: Assaka will be decreased after its shield has been broken.

3. In [Bloodbane: Fringe], the bonus DMG an enemy takes after it has been hit 10 times will be increased.

◆Beginner Abyss

Dirac Sea will be replaced by Q-Singularis in Beginner Abyss. The game will compensate Captains based on their tier after the last round of Dirac Sea is finalized.

◆Co-op Raids

Adjusted the execution time window of QTEs in co-op stages to the same as that of solo stages so they no longer interrupt Ultimate animations.


Witch's Corridor

1. Replaced the purchasable S-rank battlesuit fragments with those of Knight Moonbeam, Argent Knight: Artemis, and Goushinnso Memento. They are purchased with Pure Witch Orbs.

2. Replaced the purchasable S-rank ELF parts with those of Book of Fuxi and Tesla ZERO. They are purchased with Pure ELF Orbs.

War Treasury

Listed Celestial Hymn fragments. A fragment costs Ancient Legacy x8. 6 purchases weekly.

Exchange Shop

Listed weapon Genome Reaper and stigma set Caravaggio (T, M, B). They appear randomly.

◆Shop System

Optimized the prompt that appears when purchasing locked items.

Dorm Supply

1. Added S-rank battlesuits Herrscher of Reason, Argent Knight: Artemis, Molotov Cherry and A-rank battlesuits Swallowtail Phantasm, Blueberry Blitz to Dorm Supply.

2. Dorm Supply Privilege Card is listed in the Mall for 1280 B-Chips for a limited time. After purchasing, you receive Dorm Supply Card x5 immediately and the privilege of pulling Dorm Supply for free once per day for 25 days. The free pulls do not stack.

  • Please note that the free pulls bestowed by Dorm Supply Privilege Card do not contribute to Spring Spend Bonuses.

Bounty Marks

1. Stigma set Dirac (T, M, B) has been made forgeable.

2. During v4.6, you can still obtain Bounty Silvers from Event Bounties. The expiration date of Bounty Silvers from previous versions has been extended to a date before the end of v4.6.


◆Bridge Themes

1. Introduced the bridge theme system. You can set the themes and music of your bridge freely.

  • Taixuan Steps and Arc City become available after the v4.6 update. Taixuan Steps is given by an event for free and Arc City is purchased with 2580 B-Chips. Purchasing Arc City during its launch period gives 1580 Crystals for free.

◆Battle Pass System Updated

1. Streamlined the theme reward milestones and Bravo Pts. After the current theme [Blooming Rosemary] ends, the next BP season will not feature new theme reward milestones nor Bravo Pts entirely. The rewards of BP Level and Elite Works will be increased.

2. The Elite Works token of the next theme is Fiery Crystallum. You can obtain Fiery Crystallum by gaining BP Levels. Fallen Crystallum will become unobtainable. From v4.6 to v4.9, you can spend Fiery Crystallum to purchase items in Elite Works.

3. Updated Elite Works Vintage. During this BP season, all weapons and stigmata that have been listed in Elite Works from v4.2 to v4.5 will return. They are purchased with Fallen Crystallum.

4. Herrscher of the Void Souls have joined the rewards. From v4.6 to v4.9, gain BP Levels, unlock BP tiers, and shop in Elite Works to obtain them.

5. Adjusted the obtainment of BP Level and Battle Pts so you receive more rewards for completing BP missions.

6. Optimized the BP interface layout so you can view the BP Level reward milestones of the 3 BP tiers at the same time.

  • Please refer to the articles in blue that are published earlier for more details regarding BP changes.

◆Battlesuit Rank-Up System Adjusted

1. Adjusted the rank-up system of battlesuits. Increased the number of Star Levels between S-rank and SS-rank but decreased the number of fragments/souls required by each Star Level so the total fragment/souls consumption of fully ranking up a battlesuit remains the same.

2. Adjusted the rank-up-to-unlock-skills process. Adjusted the effects of reaching the next Star Level when ranking up a battlesuit from S to SS and from SS to SSS. After the adjustments, you can unlock or upgrade a new skill at least with every Star-up.

3. The battlesuit rank-up interface will be redesigned to help Captains view the bonuses of higher ranks.

  • Please refer to the articles in blue that are published earlier for more details regarding rank-up changes.

◆Expansion Supply System Adjusted

1. Implemented the [Alternative Mode]. You can switch between the Classic Mode (the current mode) and the Alternative Mode when pulling Expansion Supply and EXPA Select anytime.

2. When the base battlesuit or fragments/souls of an A-rank battlesuit that has been fully ranked up (to SSS) is offered, they will be converted to Battlesuit Shards at a fixed rate in Alternative Mode.

3. Some secondary drop items including EXP Chips and HOMI Chests will be converted to Battlesuit Shards at a fixed rate.

  • The Alternative Mode is expected to replace the Classic Mode (where excessive items are not converted to Battlesuit Shards) in a future version, making it the default mode.

4. During v4.6, spend [Battlesuit Shards] in [Supply Shop] to purchase Vermilion Knight: Eclipse Rank-up Stamps, Knight Moonbeam Rank-up Stamps, Selune's Elegy Parts, Water's Edge Parts, and more.

  • The catalog of Supply Shop is updated in every version.


Added [Collab Weapon] and [Collab Stigma] tabs to Weapon and Stigma Collections to showcase the collab equipment obtained from this collaboration. Please note that unobtained collab equipment will not appear in-game.

  • Collab equipment does not contribute to your collection rating.

◆Starter's Event Adjusted

1. Added time-limited bonuses for beginners. Log in 7 days during v4.6 to claim S-rank battlesuit Herrscher of the Void! Moreover, you can unlock and purchase a super value bundle in Starter's Event that contains 4★ pistols Jingwei's Wings and equipment upgrade materials after claiming her.

2. Listed [Training Giveback] for purchase. After beginners reach Lv.20, they can unlock and purchase [Training Giveback] in [Starter's Event], which gives 880 Crystals immediately and possibly Dorm Supply Card, Honkai Cube, Training Giveback Option as they level up. Training Giveback Option allows you to choose one from Swallowtail Phantasm Fragments, Night Squire Fragments, and Valkyrie Gloria Fragments.


Herrscher of Sentience can move into the Dorm. Added relevant interactions and events.


◆Added the interactive animations and voices of Herrscher of Sentience.


1. The UP Bonus stat has been merged into the base stats of battlesuits. The UP+35% icon on the battlesuit selection interface has been removed.

  • Please note that the UP Bonus stat comes from the now obsolete Base system. Due to decimals being rounded on the stats interface, displayed stats may vary after the adjustment. Please refer to the Sum column for the actual stats.

Bug Fixes & Adjustments[]

1. Fixed an issue where tapping the bubble to take a screenshot on the bridge screen may trigger errors.

2. Fixed an issue where the red dot indicator on the Story Chapter XIII interface was displayed abnormally.

3. Fixed an issue where the mail indicator on the bridge screen was displayed abnormally.

January 21, 2021 Ver 4.5.0[]

Update Content[]

1. New Collab Battlesuit: Blazing Hope

◆Asuka's SP battlesuit [Blazing Hope] is a BIO melee Physical DMG dealer battlesuits that can deal massive DMG with Charged ATK by building up Field Energy. Her Ultimate boosts her DMG output and its Finisher summons a gigantic lance to strike down at enemies for lethal AOE Physical DMG!

  • You can unlock her in the following ways:

◆Play the collab event [New Century] from 10:00, JAN 22 to 04:00, FEB 21 (GMT+8) to unlock her and rank her up to S for free.

◆You are guaranteed to receive Asuka's SP battlesuit [Blazing Hope] in 25 [Blazing Hope Supply] drops! This Supply is available from 12:00, JAN 22 to 12:00, FEB 21 (GMT+8). Reach drop count milestones to unlock bonus [Blazing Hope Fragments], aggregating [Blazing Hope Fragment] x100 for 100 drops!

2. Main Collab Event: [New Century]

◆The awakened otherworld traveler. The invading unidentified creature. The berserk colossal mech. The wheels began turning when a girl named Mei set foot in [Nagazora]. Apostles bearing the name of Angels are approaching. Can the girls engulfed by the war stay true to their hearts?

◆Participate in the event from JAN 22 to 04:00, FEB 21 (GMT+8) to obtain [Blazing Hope Fragment] x100, outfit [Auburn Sync PS], stigma [Misato (T)], and Crystals for free!

3. Story Chapter XXII: [Me and Myself]

◆Fear, wrath, despair... What will their choices be once the truth is no longer a secret?

◆Story Chapter XXII is coming in mid-FEB! Explore the chapter to earn event stigma set options and Crystals!

4. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenals

◆New weapons: [Lance of Longinus], [Dark Star], [Path to Acheron: Kindred]

◆New stigma sets: [Children], [Detective of the Fog]

5. FOCA/EXPA Select and Crystal spending bonuses will be available at Spring Festival! Stay tuned!

Game Adjustments & Optimizations[]


The below stats are at max skill level:

◆Dea Anchora

1. Fixed an issue where [Anchora Forge]'s animation could be skipped after casting Ultimate [Voidstar Anchor].

2. Fixed an issue where her avatar did not fit in frames.

◆Herrscher of Thunder

Fixed an issue where some of her VFX were glitched in co-op stages.

◆Lightning Empress

Fixed an issue where tapping the stigma button when browsing her outfit [Scorching Golden Thunder] made her hair accessory glitch.

◆Darkbolt Jonin

Fixed an issue where the buffs of Switch skills did not apply to her QTE.

◆Knight Moonbeam

Fixed an issue where she was not hidden in story dialogs.

◆Swallowtail Phantasm

1. Increased the Veil restored by Basic ATK [Serene Reaper] from 16 to 22 at Lv.1.

2. Increased the SP restored by Special ATK [Sublime Current] from 4 to 7 at Lv.1.

3. Increased the Veil restored by QTE [Soul Taker] from 100 to 180 at Lv.1.

4. Increased the Veil restored by Evasion [Quantum Form] from 60 to 100 at Lv.1. Shortened the CD of Plane Warp by 6s instead of 3s at Lv.1.

5. Increased the SP regen rate of Evasion [Traceless Shift] from 0.25 to 0.4 at Lv.1.

6. Increased the Veil restored by Ultimate [Shade of Folly] from 60 to 140 at Lv.1.

  • The above adjustments only apply to Lv.1 skills. The effects of max level skills remain unchanged.

7. Adjusted the unlocking level of QTE [Soul Taker] to Lv.1.

◆Valkyrie Chariot

Adjusted the unlocking level of QTE [Super Gravity] to Lv.1.

◆Void Drifter

Fixed an issue where her weapon was revealed/concealed incorrectly under certain circumstances.

◆Battle Storm

Fixed her glitched movements.

◆Luna Kindred

Fixed the typo in Charged ATK [Axe of the Fallen]'s description.


Adjusted the usage of [Shield] and [Barrier] in battlesuit, weapon, and stigma descriptions to define their application. This adjustment only applies to texts and their actual performances remain unchanged. Please refer to the official announcement for details.



Fixed an issue where the skills of certain battlesuits could not hit it.


1. Fixed an issue where the skills of certain battlesuits could not hit it.

2. Fixed an issue its type was not displayed as MECH.


Fixed an issue where its movements glitched under rare circumstances.

◆Couatl: Revenant

1. Fixed an issue where it could not revert to Quantum state under certain circumstances.

2. Fixed an issue where the VFX of Collapsed Points would glitch if a battlesuit picked up its Collapsed Point, was switched out to her teammate, who then picked up its Collapsed Point, and she was switched back.

◆Flute Guardian, Spear Guardian

Shortened their knocked back distance.

◆Dark Jixuanyuan

Fixed an issue where the attacks of certain battlesuits could not hit her from the sides when she was not riding.


1. Fixed an issue where certain enemies were targeted before appearing.

2. Increased the weight of certain Dark Valkyrie and humanoid bosses so they cannot be pushed out of your attack range as easily.



Decreased the general difficulty of Q-Gateway: Warriors.

◆Superstring Dimension

1. Fixed an issue where the estimated finalization rewards could be displayed incorrectly.

2. Added [Thunderbane: Singular] whose weather increases DMG taken by 40% when Paralyzed and for another 4s after recovery. This area features PSY enemies.

3. Added [Bloodlust: Singular] whose weather increases Total DMG for 15s after defeating an enemy, which stacks up to 8 times and the duration of stacks do not affect one another. This area features MECH and BIO enemies.

4. Added stages that feature PSY enemies to [Bloodbane: Fringe], [Bloodbane: Perilous], and [Bloodbane: Intensive].

5. Added a stage that primarily features Tonatiuh to [Purgatory: Perilous].

6. Added a stage that primarily features Dark Jixuanyuan to [Nemesis: Perilous].

7. Increased the HP restored by HP Packs in Nemesis areas.

8. Adjusted the locations of dropped SP Packs after finishing the first floor of all Perilous stages.

◆Bounty Tasks

The event that rewards Bounty Silvers for completing Bounty Tasks to purchase Ghosts in Bounty Shop is prolonged to v4.5.


1. PRI-ARM [Path to Acheron: Kindred] can now be forged.

2. Weapon [Ranger's Cross] and stigma set [Tesla Band] can now be forged.

3. Adjusted the forging limit of stigma [Theresa: Origins] to 3 pieces.


◆Story Stages

1. Fixed the glitched stage selection screens of Chapter XVIII and Chapter XIX.

2. Fixed the glitched hair and outfit of [Danzai Spectramancer] in Chapter XIX.

◆Battlesuit Trials

The [Challenges] stages in [Stellar Mythos] have been moved to [Battlesuit Trials] to be permanently available. This change does not affect their availability and your progress. You can still play them in [Battlesuit Trials] for rewards if you have not completed them in v4.4.


◆Witch's Corridor

1. Replaced the purchasable S-rank battlesuit fragments with those of [Dimension Breaker], [Black Nucleus], and [Blood Rose]. They are purchased with [Pure Witch Orbs].

2. Replaced the purchasable S-rank ELF parts with those of [Book of Fuxi] and [Bella]. They are purchased with [Pure ELF Orbs].

3. Adjusted the daily purchase limit of all items to 99.

◆Asterite Shop

1. Decreased the required access level from Lv.30 to Lv.20.

2. Adjusted the daily purchase limit of Time Structure, AE Imaginon, Normal Crystal Core, Phase Shifter, and Twin Sakura Will to 99.

3. Decreased the required access level of Mithril Shop from Lv.20 to Lv.9. Adjusted the unlock level of some items.

◆War Treasury

1. Listed [Lightning Empress] for Ancient Willpower x1120.

◆Shop System

Optimized the display of shops to make browsing more intuitive.


◆Equipment Recommendation System Iterated

1. Captains of Lv.80 or higher can sort and filter weapons and stigmata by DMG and Support when changing them.

2. Added the equipment recommended for Arena and Abyss to the recommended equipment screen of battlesuits.

◆Starter System Overhaul

After the v4.5 update, all newly joined Captains can access the revamped Starter system for a more streamlined raising experience.

The revamped Starter system contains many Starter's Events that can help new Captains learn the basics and obtain more resources for a head start.

  • Starter's Events only last 60 days after opening up to a new Captain! Please be mindful of the time if you wish to obtain every reward!

◆Valkyrie Muster for Starters

After the v4.5 update, Captains who signed up in v4.4 and still have [Valkyrie Muster] active can complete bonus [Valkyrie Muster] missions for rewards. While [Valkyrie Muster] lasts, accrue 150 Duty to claim 150 Crystals daily, aggregating 1500 Crystals over a 10-day period.

◆Hard & Supreme Story Stages Streamlined

After the v4.5 update, all Hard and Supreme Story stages that do not support Expedition have been deleted from the Story system and the ones that do are moved to the new Expedition system. You can still obtain their drops through Expedition in Dorm.

If you signed up before v4.5 and have not claimed all first-time clearing and challenge objective rewards of the affected stages, you can still obtain unclaimed rewards by clearing the stages in Expedition after the v4.5 update.

The reissuance rules are as follows:

1. Challenge objective Crystals: Fully reissues the Crystals rewarded by uncompleted challenge objectives.

2. First-time clearing materials: Fully reissues the materials rewarded by clearing uncompleted stages for the first time.

3. First-time clearing Stamina: Fully reissues the Stamina spent on clearing completed stages for the first time.

4. Total challenge stars rewards: Fully reissues the locked and unclaimed total challenge stars rewards.


The weapons, stigmata, outfits, and emblems pertinent to this collab do not count towards your collection achievements.

◆Remote Login

After the v4.5 update, Captains can force a logged-in account to log out and then log in on another device.


◆Added the interactive animations and voice clips of [Dea Anchora].

Other Adjustment

◆[S-Rank Valkyrie Option] For Starters

Captains that signed up after the v4.5 update will obtain [S-Rank Valkyrie Option] from Starter's Event. The 3-day login event that originally offered it will be closed.

Bug Fixes & Adjustments[]

◆Fixed an issue where choosing materials manually to enhance stigmata could trigger errors.

◆Optimized the phrasing of some cutscene captions.

December 17, 2020 Ver. 4.4.0[]

Update Contents[]

1. New Battlesuit: Dea Anchora

◆Durandal's S-rank battlesuit [Dea Anchora] debuts! She is a BIO melee battlesuit that can dish out insane Fire DMG by combining hand-to-hand combat and lance fighting! Activate [Astral Harness] form to greatly enhance her DMG output, allowing her to cast multi-hit Ultimates successively for devastating DMG!

2. New Featured Event: [Stellar Mythos]

◆A rumor began spreading through Valkyries in a silent night. A rumor that seems to touch a long-buried secret...

◆Play the battlesuit event [Stellar Mythos] after the version update until 04:00, JAN 1, 2021 to earn Danzai Spectramancer's new outfit [Orochi Cuirass] and Crystals!

3. Special Christmas Event: [Starlit Night Rumble]

◆Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way~ Carols and snowflakes are dancing in the winds as Christmas approaches.

◆The special Christmas event will see everyone in late December! Play to earn the exclusive stigma set [Encompassing Beauty]!

4. Story Chapter XXI: [Wings of Reawakening]

◆The familiar presence has faded from her. What remains is a strange animosity. To where will these wings of reawakening bring them?

◆Story Chapter XXI will be released in late December! Explore the chapter to earn 4★ stigma [Fu Hua: Onyx Simurgh (B)] and Focused Supply Card!

5. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal

◆New Weapons: [Sagittarius Astra], [Starlance Prime], [Endothermic Lance VF], and more.

◆New Stigmata: [Shakespeare: Adrift (T, M, B)] and more.

Game Adjustments & Optimizations[]


The data below are at max skill level:

◆Danzai Spectramancer

Fixed an issue where the VFX of Combo ATK's 2nd sequence could be missing in co-op activities.

◆Fallen Rosemary

Optimized the presentation of outfit [Deepwood Thyme] by remaking the VFX of Linnorm and Trickster.

◆All Rita Battlesuits

Optimized their stuttering in combat.

◆Herrscher of Reason

Fixed an issue where her weapon was not concealed in dialog scenes.

◆Herrscher of the Void

1. Fixed an issue where the weapon passive of [Domain of the Void] could not be triggered under certain circumstances. Fixed an issue where she generated Implosion Core upon activating Herrscher Form.

2. Optimized her (including outfits [Parasol Kaiserin] and [Frigid Empress]) stuttering in combat.

◆Bright Knight: Excelsis

1. Fixed an issue where her hit animation would play after casting Ultimate if she was hit before casting Ultimate.

2. Fixed an issue where outfit [Emerald of Alfheim]'s gem did not glow and her model clipped during bridge interactions.

◆Darkbolt Jonin

Fixed an issue where switching battlesuits and tapping the weapon active at the same time would trigger the DMG boost effect of the weapon passive when [Domain of Sanction] was equipped.

◆Shadow Knight

Edited her QTE description.

◆All Himeko, Durandal, Fu Hua Battlesuits

Fixed an issue where they could recover from stun by evading.

◆All Battlesuits

Fixed an issue where stigma affixes that increase max SP affected initial SP.


◆Husk - Nihilius

Fixed an issue where it gained Paralyze Immunity for 10s upon entry. Updated its resistances in its description.

◆Couatl: Revenant

1. Fixed an issue where it could skip the transformation.

2. Fixed an issue where it could be knocked airborne by [Azure Empyrea] when it was in Superposed state.

3. Fixed an issue where a Collapsed Point detonated by [Azure Empyrea]'s evasion could interrupt its attack.

4. Fixed an issue where a Collapsed Point could be picked up by entities summoned by battlesuits (such as Project Bunny).

5. Fixed an issue where the QTEs of battlesuits capable of dealing Fire DMG could not be triggered by ELF [Book of Fuxi]'s Ultimate directed against it.

6. Fixed an issue where it could not be hit when knocked airborne by removing the animation of it being knocked airborne and shortened the distance of it being knocked back.


◆Superstring Dimension

1. Increased the HP of [PSY: Crab] in [Frosthelm: Perilous].

2. Decreased the HP of enemy [Bright Knight: Excelsis] in [Purgatory: Perilous].

3. Increased the HP of [Couatl: Revenant] in [Quantum: Perilous].

4. Added [Inferno: Intensive] which consists of PSY enemies that take 50% less Ice DMG and 50% more Fire DMG.

5. Added [Inferno: Perilous] which consists of [Herrscher of the Rimestar] that takes 50% less Ice DMG and 50% more Fire DMG.

6. Added Ignited weather where enemies take 40% more DMG when ignited and for another 4s after recovering from ignition.

◆Bounty Marks

1. Added the materials for forging stigmata [Shakespeare (T, M, B)] to drops.

2. Added more enemies. The list is as follows:

Event SS-rank Bounty: Benares, Beast of Yang - Huodou

Event S-rank Bounty: Fu Hua, Legatus

Event A-rank Bounty: Crimson Web

3. Optimized the display of Bounty Marks to make viewing and purchasing tasks easier.

4. Added the function of salvaging prints. You can now salvage the prints of equipment spirits and ghosts.

5. Added Shared Bounty. After joining a team that shares the same task with you as a member, you can choose to consume the shared task to obtain leader-level rewards. Shared Bounty is an experimental feature in v4.4.

◆Memorial Arena

1. Optimized the skill description of Bosses to make their strengths and weaknesses more accessible.

2. Added boss [Herrscher of the Rimestar].


Optimized the display of Entente rating. Upon reaching certain Score levels, correspondent rewards and ratings will be unlocked.


Valkyrie Muster which began in v4.3 will be prolonged to late v4.4.


1. PRI-ARM [Sagittarius Astra] can now be forged.

2. Weapon [Endothermic Lance VF] and stigmata [Shakespeare (T, M, B)] can now be forged.

3. Added the display of equipment forging progress to help Captains decide on what materials to collect.

4. Added the function to filter equipment tags. You can now quick-search for what you need to forge based on tags.


◆Battlesuit Trials

The [Stress Test] stages in [Fervent Tempo Δ]'s event [Fervent Tide] have been moved to [Battlesuit Trials] to remain permanently available. This change does not affect their availability and your progress. You can still play them in [Battlesuit Trials] for rewards.


◆Witch's Corridor

1. Replaced the purchasable S-rank battlesuit fragments with those of [Lightning Empress], [Shadow Knight], and [Sixth Serenade]. They are purchased with [Pure Witch Orbs].

2. Replaced the purchasable S-rank ELF parts with those of [Selune's Elegy] and [Bella]. They are purchased with [Pure ELF Orbs].

◆Exchange Shop

1. Added purchasable stigma set [Wilde (T, M, B)].

2. Added purchasable weapon [Aphrodite].


1. Added number indicators to the purchase interface of battlesuit fragments, ELF parts, and Augment Cores. The numbers of those owned and until next rank are now visible.

2. Changed the names of the bundles below:

[Slot Special Bundle] is renamed [ELF Skill Bundle (L)].

[Slot Unlock Bundle] is renamed [ELF Skill Bundle (S)].



1. Optimized the mailbox layout to fit more mails on one screen.

2. Added the functions of sorting, filtering, and quick-deleting mails to make organizing mails easier.

◆Equipment & Items

1. Added a slider to make consuming and selling items easier.

2. Optimized the process of selecting materials to enhance equipment. You can now choose the materials to be consumed.

3. Optimized the display of overflowing items by marking them as [Maxed] and overflowing pieces of equipment by marking them as [Inventory full].

4. Optimized how overflowing items are processed so the obtainment of other items will not be affected by one overflowing item.


1. Added the display of locked ELFs' parts' sources.

2. Optimized the reminders that appear when materials are insufficient for ELF skill upgrades to remind Captains to replenish materials.


Added red dot indicators to remind Captains to collect Expedition and Errand rewards.


1. Optimized the loading screen to display messages that are more relevant to Captains' current level.

2. Optimized the display of equipment, expedition, inventory, discovery, achievement, and other screens when they are blank.

3. Integrated Coin sources on the Coin Grabber screen.

4. Optimized the collection rating screen to help Captains find groups with collectible rewards instantly.

5. Optimized some blinking indicators in Starter's Guide.

6. Optimized the display of activities' level requirements on the ATTACK screen.

7. Optimized the trigger mechanism of red dot and "NEW" indicators to make them more context-sensitive.


◆[Dea Anchora] can move into the Dorm. Added her interactions and events.


◆Added the interactive animations of [Fervent Tempo Δ].

Bug Fixes & Optimizations[]

◆Fixed an issue where [Herrscher of Reason] could mis-exit battle form after casting Ultimate or QTE in Open World [Schicksal HQ].

◆Fixed an issue where certain battlesuits could permanently leave enemies stuck in Time Fracture when their Ultimate Evasion triggered upon enemy entry induced Time Fracture.

◆Fixed an issue where [Argent Knight] in outfit [Vow of Roses] had glitched arms when running in Open Worlds.

◆Fixed an issue where [Rozaliya Olenyeva] was misplaced on the bridge after she had switched to outfit [Fervent Tempo Δ] in Twin Mode.

◆Fixed an issue where the model of [Surtr Muspellsverd] glitched when it was equipped by [Blood Rose] in outfit [Rosy Passion].

◆Fixed an issue where the bridge could be missing under certain circumstances.

◆Fixed an issue where [Fervent Tempo Δ] gained 200 less PINK Juice when she was switched out at the instant of Ultimate Evasion.

◆Fixed an issue where [Starlit Astrologos] in outfit [Orchid's Night] had a misplaced fan when jumping in Open Worlds.

◆Fixed an issue where the active of [Hekate's Gloom] could make enemies face incorrect directions.

◆Fixed an issue where switching ELFs on the Bounty Mark screen could lead to incorrect touch feedback.

◆Fixed an issue where [Yamabuki Armor]'s laser VFX could glitch in Story 20-11.

October 29th, 2020 Ver. 4.3.0[]

Update Contents[]

1. Molotov Cherry's Augment Core: Fervent Tempo Δ

◆S-rank battlesuit [Molotov Cherry]'s Augment Core [Fervent Tempo Δ] debuts! [Fervent Tempo Δ] is a sustained PSY melee damage dealer whose Charged ATK or Ultimate induces [Fervent Mode] that enables her to deal massive Physical DMG with dual-wielded 2-handed weapons.

◆During v4.3, rank up Molotov Cherry's Augment Core to 3★ to unlock her exclusive combat raiment [Fervent Tempo Δ]. Its unlocking threshold will be restored to 4★ in the following versions.

◆You can also earn Molotov Cherry's Augment Core's boost material [Fervent Core] by playing serverwide events or Story Chapter XX.

◆How to Obtain Molotov Cherry

1. After the version update on OCT 29 to 04:00, DEC 17, log in to participate in wishing event [Carnival Feast]. Wish on the first day to choose one from [Molotov Cherry], [Fervent Core] x160, and Ancient Willpower x600 and claim it on the next day!

2. The Equipment Supply for Molotov Cherry's Augment Core is available from 12:00, OCT 30 to 12:00, NOV 20.

2. New Serverwide Event: Honkai Quest

To find her missing sister, the Adventurer stepped into her own epic tale. Serverwide event [Honkai Quest] unfolds!

Play the version event to earn Swallowtail Phantasm's new outfit, [Fervent Core], Ancient Willpower, and Crystals! Log in for a number of days during the carnival period to claim FREE material option!

3. ELF: Tesla ZERO

◆S-rank ELF [Tesla ZERO] deals Physical DMG and provides team Physical DMG buff when a Valkyrie with the Burst tag is in the team.

◆[Tesla ZERO] enters ELF Supply from 12:00, NOV 2 to 12:00, NOV 20. Supply drops cost [ELF Supply Cards] and [Tesla ZERO] is guaranteed in 100 drops!

  • You can also obtain [Tesla ZERO Parts] from total Supply spend bonuses or purchases costing [Pure ELF Orbs]. Please follow our announcements for details~

4. Story Chapter XX: Immortal Phoenix

Following the trails of Fu Hua, Kiana and Bronya have arrived at Mount Taixuan, but the fog of conspiracy has already shrouded the mountain...

◆New Story Chapter XX [Immortal Phoenix] released! Below is the unlocking schedule:

Story stage 20-1~20-6: Opens at 10:00, NOV 19

Story stage 20-7~20-10: Opens at 10:00, NOV 26

Story stage 20-11~20-13: Opens at 10:00, DEC 3

◆Story Chapter XX's challenge event is only available during v4.3. Play the full event to earn [Fervent Cores], event set 4★ stigma [Fu Hua: Empyrean (M)], and Focused Supply Cards!

5. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenals

◆New weapons: [Sleeper's Dream] & [Domain of Revelation]

◆New stigma set: Pen of Critic set: [Dickens (T, M, B)]

Game Adjustments & Optimizations[]


The data below are at max skill level:

◆Fallen Rosemary

Skill [God Hunter]: Increased the Team Elemental DMG buff of skill [Gorging Spirits] from 20% to 35%.

◆Herrscher of Thunder

Fixed an issue where attacking after Ultimate Evasion did not inflict Collapse on QUA-type enemies.

◆Stygian Nymph

Fixed an issue where switching her out as Veliona would trigger the entry voice of Saule.

◆Herrscher of the Void

Fixed an issue where she did not gain temporary invulnerability upon resurrection after the entire team had fallen.

◆Darkbolt Jonin

Fixed an issue where irregular input during the first sequence of Ultimate would cause the animations of the second sequence to glitch.

◆Molotov Cherry

1. Fixed an issue where the bonus effects of her QTE [KATYUSHA HAMMA] could not be triggered if Blueberry Blitz did not learn the skill [Equipment Enhancement].

(*QTE bonus effects: Pull-in effect is greatly enhanced, granting Ignore Interrupt and Total DMG buffs. QTE switch-in with Blueberry Blitz exit.)

2. Edited the skill description of skill [YOU'RE TRAPPED!] to ""Ultimate Evasion immobilizes nearby enemies.""

3. Fixed an issue where the second hit of Basic ATK was too far forward in position.

◆Blueberry Blitz

Edited the skill description of Ultimate [Counterstrike] to define the length of Time Fracture triggered by Ultimate to be 1.6s.

◆Molotov Cherry & Blueberry Blitz

Shortened hitstun time.

◆Drive Kometa

Fixed an issue where the ""no interruption when the shield is shattered by Physical DMG"" effect of her passive skill could not be triggered properly.

◆All Bronya Battlesuits (Excluding Herrscher of Reason)

1. Optimized the distance-based DMG reduction of rapid fire weapons as follows:

Enemies under 10 meters away from her take full DMG;

Enemies that are 10~22 meters away from her take 6.7% less DMG per meter apart;

Enemies over 22 meters away from her take the least DMG.

2. The charge level of an attack lasts 1.5s when attacking with rapid fire weapons.

◆All Fu Hua Battlesuits

Fixed an issue where hiding their fists triggered errors in story dialogs.

◆All Himeko Battlesuits

Fixed an issue where her weapons were not hidden properly in cutscenes.

◆Divine Prayer & Molotov Cherry

Fixed an issue where the ""auto-switch to self or teammate before death and heal self or teammate"" effect did not work.

◆All Battlesuits Added or Augmented between v3.2 and v4.2

Optimized their (including Swallowtail Phantasm, Herrscher of Reason, Twilight Paladin) stuttering in combat.


◆Mechas & Zombies

1. Disabled their invincibility state during shield restoration.

2. Adjusted the CD time of some attacks.

◆MHT-3 Pax

Removed the DMG reduction from its body parts in all activities.

◆All Elite Enemies

Optimized the visual effects of breaking their shields.


◆Tutorial Stages

The tutorial stages of Bright Knight, Starlit Astrologos, Herrscher of Thunder, and Fallen Rosemary have been made permanent. You can access them by tapping the [Tap to Try] button on the battlesuit profile screen.


◆PRI-ARMs [Sleeper's Dream] and [Domain of Revelation] can now be forged.

◆Weapons [Void Blade] and [Ice Epiphyllum], stigmata sets [Higokumaru (T, M, B)] and [Thales (T, M, B)] can now be forged.

◆Added a button to switch between stigma transmuting methods. When a stigma has multiple transmuting methods, you can tap the button to quickly switch between those that are available.

◆Optimized the display of the state of owned equipment to better differentiate it from unowned equipment. Equipment that has reached its inventory limit will be marked as [Maxed].


◆Superstring Dimension

1. After the v4.3 update, all weather debuffs have been removed from [Superstring Dimension]'s Forbidden and Sinful tiers. Different Elemental weathers are now grouped together as the Elemental DMG weather.

2. Adjusted the enemy distribution in Frosthelm: Perilous and increased the HP of [Huodou] and [Benares].

3. Removed the in-circle defeat objective from Purgatory: Perilous.

4. Added stages to the Fringe, Intensive, and Perilous tiers of QUA Disturbance.

5. Added Counter weather that increases type countering effectiveness by 20%. Added stages to the Fringe, Intensive, and Perilous tiers of Counter.

◆Open World

1. Added new battlesuit fragments to the Adventure Task rewards in Sakura Samsara, Schicksal HQ, and A Post-Honkai Odyssey.

2. Added [Fervent Core] and [Spatial Lens] to the Adventure Task rewards.

◆Bounty Marks

1. Added the materials for forging weapons [Void Blade] and [Ice Epiphyllum], stigmata sets [Higokumaru (T, M, B)] and [Thales (T, M, B)] to drops.

2. Play any Bounty Mark to receive event token [Bounty Coins] during a time-limited event in v4.3. The weekly obtainment cap is 1000. Spend [Bounty Coins] in Task Shop to purchase Bounty Boost Chests during the event period.

3. Optimized the display of information on the Bounty Mark screen.

◆Story Stages & Expedition

Shadow Dash's Augment Core's boost material [Danzai Core] has been added to Story stage and Expedition drops. The stages are 10-6(H) and 4-2(S).


v4.3 features a time-limited event [Activity LITE]. During the event period, you can complete the stages of some activities with a single tap. Please follow announcements for details.

Battle Pass

◆[Elite Works] New Arrivals

Added the following items for purchase:

Weapons: Sleeping Beauty

Stigma Set: Eclipse Prophet set: Thales (T, M, B)

Material: Reset the purchase limit of Einstein's Torus.


◆Asterite Shop

1. Increased the weekly purchase limit of [Smelted Core] to 20.

2. Added [Fervent Core] for sale at 600 Asterite. 40 purchases weekly.

◆Witch's Corridor

1. Added [Selune's Elegy Part], [Tesla ZERO Part], and [Mind Stone] for sale. The items purchased with [Pure ELF Orbs] will rotate with version updates.

  • [Pure ELF Orbs] are obtained by converting the excess S-rank ELF parts produced by maxed star levels.

2. Replaced the purchasable S-rank battlesuit fragments with those of [Knight Moonbeam], [Celestial Hymn], and [Phoenix]. They are purchased with [Pure Witch Orbs].

3. Adjusted the shop access requirements. Now you can unlock Witch's Corridor by owning one of [Witch Orb], [Pure Witch Orb], or [Pure ELF Orb].

◆Battle Arsenal

1. Removed the v4.2-exclusive purchase option of [Shadow Dash Fragment].

2. Reset the version purchase limit of [Smelted Core].

◆Co-op Shop

Reset the version purchase limit of [Honkai Shard].

◆Task Shop

Reset the version purchase limit of [Time Swirl Pass].

◆Master's Shop

Updated shop contents.



Excluding [Valkyrie Gloria] and SP battlesuits, the fragments of all other A-rank battlesuits can now be requested.

◆Commissions & Armada Reward Pool

Added the fragments of Valkyrie Ranger, Divine Prayer, Shadow Dash, Valkyrie Bladestrike, Yamabuki Armor, Snowy Sniper, Valkyrie Pledge, and Sakuno Rondo.

◆Sim Battle

Updated contents.


◆Top-Up Bonuses

1. Optimized the bonuses of the No.1~No.10 tiers. If you reach a top-up milestone after the update, you can claim the new correspondent bonuses directly.

2. Added the No.11~No.12 tiers and their respective bonuses.

◆Login Emblem

Added the following 1200-day login rewards for Captains of Lv.80 or higher: Focused Supply Card x15 and Semper Fidelis.


1. Added the function to view player info and enemy info in the Lobby.

2. Streamlined the display of player info in the Lobby.


1. Optimized the display of bonus drops on the Featured Valkyries screen in events.

2. Optimized the display of the source of currencies when shopping.

3. Optimized a number of sections (e.g. Memorial Arena points) in Weekly Report.

4. Optimized the display of the view lineup function. When viewing the lineups of other Captains, the battlesuits and equipment you do not own will be marked as [Not Owned].

Bug Fixes & Optimizations[]

◆Fixed an issue where switching to a fallen Valkyrie when [Herrscher of Thunder] was casting the second sequence of Ultimate froze the game.

◆Fixed an issue where [Herrscher of Thunder]'s Ultimate caused the colors of certain environments to glitch.

◆Fixed an issue where [Azure Empyrea] could use certain weapon actives with insufficient SP when casting Ultimate.

◆Fixed an issue where [Darkbolt Jonin] could not cast QTE when landing after her QTE had been triggered by [Azure Empyrea]'s igniting enemies.

◆Fixed an issue where pausing when [Bright Knight] was casting Ultimate caused Ultimate animations to disappear.

◆Fixed an issue where [Valkyrie Gloria]'s Throw against Kumbhakarna did not restore Resolve.

◆Fixed an issue where stuttering could occur when [Danzai Spectramancer] was casting Combo ATK.

◆Fixed an issue where switching between Bounty Marks too rapidly in [Bounty Mark] caused you to enter a stage that you did not select.

◆Fixed an issue where deploying battlesuits equipped with [Theresa: Gluttony (T)] in co-op mode triggered errors.

◆Fixed an issue where errors could occur in Bounty Mark stage [A-rank Bounty: Seele Vollerei].

◆Fixed an issue where selecting 120 FPS as the combat FPS in [APHO] on the PC client caused some skill VFX to disappear.

◆Fixed an issue where decreasing the combat FPS from 120 FPS to 90 FPS in [Video] required saving twice to take effect.

◆Fixed an issue where the number of cinematics in [Collection] did not match the number of cinematics on your Captain profile.

◆Fixed an issue where defeating enemies did not unlock them in Enemy Album in [APHO].

◆Fixed an issue where tapping Stamina Replenishment in [Dorm] caused the screen to glitch.

◆Fixed an issue where accessing Co-op Team in portrait preview mode caused battlesuit models to overlap.

◆Fixed an issue when toggling Video options in settings caused the Bridge background to glitch on some devices.

◆Fixed an issue where the finalization of certain stages in co-op activity [Squad Snowwolf] triggered errors.

◆Restored some Japanese voices that were missing from cinematics.

September 15, 2020 Ver. 4.2.0[]

Update Contents[]

1. New Battlesuit: Fallen Rosemary

◆Rita's S-rank battlesuit [Fallen Rosemary]: QUA-type battlesuit that can boost team Elemental DMG while dealing high melee Lightning DMG. She can summon Disir to reinforce her abilities in battle by landing hits.

◆You can unlock her in the following ways:

- Purchase the battlesuit in [War Treasury] after the version update;

- [Fallen Rosemary] Expansion Supply and featured Expansion Equipment Supply are available from 12:00, SEP 16 to 12:00, OCT 2.

2. New Augment Core: [Danzai Spectramancer]

◆Shadow Dash Augmented: [Danzai Spectramancer]: MECH-type battlesuit that can create Bunshin Specters to attack and suppress shielded enemies with Ultimate, making her ideal for both offensive and supportive play!

◆You can unlock her in the following ways:

- Play Story Chapter XIX and other events in v4.2 to earn Augment Core material [Danzai Cores] or [Shadow Dash] fragments.

3. New Event: [Rosemary's Floriograph]

◆Battlesuit event [Rosemary's Floriograph] is available after the version update and until 04:00, OCT 8! Play to earn [Black Nucleus]'s new outfit [Fleurs du Mal], Ancient Willpower, and Ancient Legacy!

4. Story Chapter XIX: [Into Earth Does the Water Flow]

◆Is the seeping snowmelt a herald of victory or another ill omen?

◆Play Story Chapter XIX to earn event 4★ stigma [Mei Spectramancer (T)], Danzai Cores, and Focused Supply Card!

5. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal

◆New weapons: [Surtr Muspellsverd], [Shuhadaku of Uriel], [Iris of the Dreams]

◆New stigma sets: [Ana Schariac], [Irene Adler]

Game Adjustments & Optimizations[]


The following data are at max skill level:

◆Herrscher of Thunder

1. Fixed an issue where switching to a fallen Valkyrie immediately after she enters with Ultimate Finisher would freeze the game.

2. Fixed an issue where some of her Ultimate Finisher VFX were missing under certain circumstances.

◆Azure Empyrea & Valkyrie Gloria

Fixed an issue where some of their moves disrupted enemy behavior.

◆All Fu Hua Battlesuits

Adjusted the position of her comm device in story dialog to avoid blocking the third dialog choice.

◆Stygian Nymph

Fixed an issue where her back chains were clipping with her arms on the Valkyrie screen.

◆Argent Knight: Artemis

Fixed an issue where her dress would glitch in portrait display mode when wearing outfit [Maid of Celestia].

◆Luna Kindred

Fixed her glitched animations in portrait display mode.

◆Blood Rose

She can now use weapon skills during Ultimate.

◆Knight Moonbeam

Skill [Shock Resonance]: Edited its description to match its performance.

◆All Battlesuits

Adjusted the trigger condition of Time QTE: When triggering a global Time Fracture, even if no enemy is affected by it, the Time QTE of standby battlesuits can still be triggered normally.


1. Fixed an issue where Phoenix, Sixth Serenade, Herrscher of the Void, Gyakushinn Miko, Stygian Nymph, and Sakuno Rondo may leave glitched marks in the environment when applying marks to themselves.

2. Fixed some battlesuits that were missing skill tags. (e.g. Night Squire was missing the Heavy ATK tag)


◆Purgatory Fortress, Fang of Fire, Fang of Frost

1. Replaced their permanent Iron Body and Ignite Immunity with high Ignore Interrupt and Iron Body that is only effective during certain skills.

2. Fixed an issue where the Vulnerability debuff applied to them by maxed trauma could be overridden by other effects.

◆Immortal Blades: Saboteur, Immortal Blades - Guard

Removed their skill [Drain Grenade].

◆Screeching Hunter

Replaced its permanent Iron Body and Ignite Immunity with high Ignore Interrupt and Iron Body that is only effective during certain skills.

◆Dark Bronya

Removed the Time Lock effect caused by certain skills.


Optimized the combat experience when it assumes Fire Form.


1. Void Chela and Maelstrom enemies no longer block the movement of Valkyries after rising into the air with skills.

2. Fixed an issue where the names of Hail and Redlotus were exchanged in some stages.

3. Shrunk the radius of SP Packs dropped by enemies by 60%."


◆Abyss [Superstring Dimension]

1. Abyss [Superstring Dimension] is a new Abyss activity for Captains of Lv.81 and higher.

2. Abyss [Superstring Dimension] consists of 5 tiers: Forbidden, Sinful, Agony, Redlotus, and Nirvana. Sinful and Agony are each divided into 3 sub-tiers: I, II, III. Keep challenging to ascend to the higher tier.

3. In Abyss [Superstring Dimension], you gain a varying number of [Trophies] based on your in-group ranking when each cycle is finalized. Your tier in the next cycle is determined by the number of [Trophies] you have acquired in this cycle. Acquire a larger number of [Trophies] when each cycle is finalized to ascend to the higher tier.

  • For [Superstring Dimension] details, please refer to relevant announcements.

◆Entente: Beta Season

1. Entente is a new cross-version activity for Captains of Lv.70 or higher.

2. You will be assigned to either the Lv.70~80 group or the Lv.81+ group based on your level. By playing Abyss, Memorial Arena, Lockdown Zone, and other activities, you will earn Entente pts that can unlock premium milestone rewards!

  • For Entente: Beta Season details, please refer to relevant announcements.

◆Co-op Raids Optimized

1. Adjusted the weekly reset time of Co-op Raids from Friday to Monday.

2. Added the new [Tactical Training] activity. When Co-op Raids reset every Monday, Captains of Lv.70 or higher can choose to play [Standard Co-op Raids] or [Tactical Training].

3. Activating [Standard Co-op Raids] will lock you out of [Tactical Training] for this week and reset the progress of [Standard Co-op Raids] once. Activating [Tactical Training] will not lock you out of nor auto-reset the progress of [Standard Co-op Raids].

4. The rewards of playing [Tactical Training] include United Token, Harmony Strand, Spirit Jade, and Ether Fuel. Deploying the UP battlesuits of the day rewards additional Ether Fuel or random Ghosts.


◆Void Blade

Added the effect of ""wielder restores 2 SP per second during local Time Slow"" to its active.

◆Might of An-Utu

Optimized the animations of using its active to enable faster connection with other moves.


◆Dirac Sea

Fixed the incorrect DMG dealt by Thunder Drone.

◆Memorial Arena

Extended the finalization period of SS-rank Memorial Arena by 2s (this change does not affect your finalization score).

◆A Post-Honkai Odyssey

Optimized the color of Regulators dropped in Exploration Mode to match with characters.

◆Battlesuit Trials

The [Battlesuit Trials] stages in Herrscher of Thunder's event [Thunderous Sanction] have been moved to [Battlesuit Trials] to be available permanently. This change does not affect their availability and your progress. You can still play the stages in [Battlesuit Trials] for rewards if you have not cleared them in v4.1.

◆Stage Adjustments

During v4.2, the attempts of all Story stages that drop [Shadow Dash] Fragments are doubled.


◆You can now forge PRI-ARMs [Surtr Muspellsverd] and [Shuhadaku of Uriel].

◆You cannot tune [Might of An-Utu] if you already own [Shuhadaku of Uriel].

◆[Shuhadaku of Uriel] is still regarded as a Divine Key and enjoys relevant bonuses.


◆Added [Vermilion Knight], [Umbral Rose], [Stalker: Phantom Iron], and [Sündenjäger] to the Dorm system. Added the above battlesuits and their fragments to the Dorm Supply pool.

◆Added a switch to the Wishing Well that enables you to select between the current version or the previous version when wishing for stigmata. Added a second confirmation prompt when wishing for already owned stigmata."


◆Witch's Corridor

Replaced the purchasable S-rank battlesuit fragments with those of [Dimension Breaker], [Argent Knight], and [Molotov Cherry] (purchased with [Pure Witch Orbs]).

◆Exchange Shop

1. Added the option to purchase [Thales (T, M, B)]

2. Added the option to purchase weapon [Godslayer: Surtr].

3. You can refresh Exchange Shop manually 6 times a week starting 04:00, SEP 21. For detailed rules, please refer to Exchange Shop.

◆War Treasury

1. Added the option to purchase [Ancient Legacy], [Fallen Rosemary], and [Fallen Rosemary] Fragment.

2. Increased the weekly purchase limit of [Lightning Empress] Fragments. After unlocking [Lightning Empress], you can purchase additional [Lightning Empress] Fragment x3 weekly. After ranking up [Lightning Empress] to SS, you can purchase additional [Lightning Empress] Fragment x3 weekly. Additional fragments are sold for Ancient Willpower x14 each.

◆Logistics Terminal

Added the option to purchase [Prototype Suscitarin].

◆Rosemary Garden

Added the time-limited shop [Rosemary Garden] where you can purchase [Fallen Rosemary]'s recommended equipment [Irene Adler (T, M, B)] with Stigma Resonance and [Iris of the Dreams] with Weapon Resonance.

◆Shop Refresh Rules Optimized

Shops will display free refreshes first and paid refreshes only after using up free refreshes starting 04:00, SEP 21.


◆Introduced the BP theme system that groups 4 BP seasons into 1 BP theme. New theme [Blooming Rosemary] opens on SEP 21.

◆[Elite Works] Updates

Added the following items for purchase

[Weapon] Godslayer: Surtr

[Stigma] Phantom of the Fog set: Irene Adler (T, M, B)

[Fragment] Fallen Rosemary Fragment

[Material] The purchase limit of Einstein's Torus has been reset

  • For BP details, please refer to relevant announcements."


◆Testing Reroll Cast Function

1. Introduced the reroll cast function. You can now spend Wafer Stabilizer to lock 1 affix when rerolling.

2. You can earn Wafer Stabilizer by scoring Honor Rewards in Entente (Beta Season): Exalted.

3. This function is still in testing and we will continue to optimize it based on your feedback.

◆Stigma Transmute System

1. Introduced the stigma transmute system. You can now craft and transmute the stigmata you need in [Foundry].

2. Added the following transmutable stigmata:

Painter set: Monet (T, M, B), Arctic Explorer set: Robert Peary (T, M, B), Renaissance set: Michelangelo (T, M, B), Herrscher of Ice set: Ana Schariac (T, M, B).

3. You can obtain Monet (T, M, B), Robert Peary (T, M, B), and Michelangelo (T, M, B) by crafting and transmuting and Ana Schariac (T, M, B) only by transmuting.

([Ana Schariac (T, M, B)] can only be obtained by transmuting in v4.2 and will enter Supply pools after v4.3.)

4. When transmuting stigmata, you can spend 500 Mithril to pass down the affixes of the consumed stigmata. The stigma affix inheritance function is currently limited to the stigma transmute system.

  • For stigma transmute details, please refer to relevant announcements.

◆Bounty Mark System

1. Introduced event Bounty Marks that are divided into SS-rank, S-rank, A-rank, B-rank, and random.

2. Temporarily adjusted the ""Select UP Item"" mechanic during the event period. Event Bounty Marks drop Bounty Silvers that are for purchasing materials in Bounty Shop.

3. Event Bounty Marks and regular Bounty Mark share the weekly assist count.

◆Arena Weekly Report Optimized

Added a section dedicated to Abyss [Superstring Dimension].

(Starting 04:00, SEP 21.)

◆Suscitarin Optimized

1. Set the use sequence of Suscitarin. Suscitarin given by events will be used first.

2. You can now preview the outcome of reviving a Valkyrie.

◆Dorm Display Optimized

Added a Dorm Stats button that shows the bonuses applied to Divine Key and Dorm Squad.

◆Portrait Showcase Optimized

1. Added the zoom function.

2. Optimized the hide UI function to hide the entire UI.

◆Wardrobe Optimized

Added the switch function to show the entire outfit.

◆Enemy Album Optimized

Added new enemy entries and a [Background] section dedicated to the background info of enemies.

◆Bounty Equipment Crafting Optimized

You can now expend locked equipment when crafting Bounty equipment.

◆Open World Task Refresh Optimized

Added the second confirmation prompt for rare tasks. You will need to confirm twice to refresh when a rare task has appeared. No more missing rare tasks due to a fat finger!

◆Lv.80+ Breakthrough Missions Optimized

Added Abyss [Superstring Dimension] missions and rewards.

◆Battlesuit Lv. Maxed Prompt Optimized

Optimized the text to be more accurate.


◆[Fallen Rosemary] can move into the Dorm. Added relevant interactions and events.


◆Added the interactive animations and voice clips of [Fallen Rosemary]."

Bug Fixes & Optimizations[]

◆Fixed the incorrect display of weekly attempts for [Time Works].

◆Fixed an issue where unlocking and leveling up a new ELF may trigger errors.

◆Fixed the glitched behavior of [Aesir Heimdall].

◆Fixed the glitched arms of [Valkyrie Gloria] in outfit [Purrfect Holiday].

◆Fixed the incorrect display of stats on individual battlesuit stats screens.

◆Fixed an issue where certain Story Chapter III stages cannot calculate Elemental DMG correctly for the objective ""Deal 3000 DMG in a single Time Fracture.""

◆Fixed an issue where EM Shield may glitch when [Death Web] was ignited in Story Chapter XV [Scorching Trials] EX-7.

◆Fixed the stuttering when switching to [Herrscher of Thunder] on the Valkyrie screen.

◆Fixed an issue where accessing the portrait showcase via the Augment Core screen and switching to a non-augmented battlesuit before resuming may trigger errors.

◆Fixed an issue where viewing an outfit in the portrait showcase by tapping it in Mall may lead to it glitching.

◆Fixed an issue where switching battlesuits in portrait mode may lead to the battlesuit selection screen glitching.

◆Fixed the invalid Video toggling in settings.

◆Fixed an issue where exchanging Crystals for Stamina may trigger errors.

◆Fixed an issue where [Herrscher of Thunder] may not respond to inputs after she was frozen during Ultimate in [Squad Snowwolf] co-op stages.

◆Fixed the glitched grounds in [Schicksal HQ].

◆Fixed an issue where the screen could not properly function after Carole defeats enemies with QTE in [APHO].

◆Fixed an issue where switching characters after using Mei's Ultimate [Penelope's Spectral Spin] may disable the VFX of her Ultimate illusions in [APHO].

◆Fixed an issue where the force field shield of [Code I - The Mage] may reset incorrectly when Carol's QTE triggered after breaking the shield with Mei's Ultimate [Medea's Thunderwings] has ended in [APHO]."

◆Fixed the Japanese dubbing missing from certain Story and Chronicles cinematics.

August 6, 2020 Ver. 4.1.0[]

Update Contents[]

1. New Battlesuit: Herrscher of Thunder

◆Mei's S-rank battlesuit [Herrscher of Thunder]: A PSY-type melee damage dealer capable of dealing high, sustained Lightning DMG and providing SP support for PSY-type teammates. Her Ultimate summons a rideable dragon to deal both burst and sustained DMG.

※[Herrscher of Thunder] Expansion Supply and Expansion Equipment Supply for her recommended gear are available from 12:00, AUG 7 to 12:00, AUG 28.

2. ELF: Bella

◆"I'm Bella, your loyal partner. I'll remove any barrier for you." New S-rank ELF [Bella] joins the fray!

Apart from dealing high Lightning DMG, she can also inflict Lightning Vulnerability with her Ultimate!

※From 12:00, AUG 7 to 12:00, AUG 28, ELF [Bella] Supply is available! Take Supply drops with [ELF Supply Cards] and get her in 100 drops!

3. Summer Event: [Gemina Invasions] Deep Paradise Arc

◆Another outworld adventure of starlets Vodka Girls is the cause of countless worlds verging on destruction!? To bring peace back to the Sea of Quanta, Dr. Tesla embarks on another journey.

◆Summer event [Gemina Invasions] enters the Deep Paradise arc! Play to earn Molotov Cherry's new outfit [Coral Sunrise], event set stigma, and Honkai Shard!

4. Story Chapter XVIII: From Beds of Everlasting Snow

◆Coral Island, the epitome of civilization situated on the equator, is falling apart in the surging tides of Honkai energy. Mei and Durandal step into the unpredictable battle together as the first collaboration between the now allied Schicksal and World Serpent...

◆Story Chapter XVIII released! Explore to earn [Valkyrie Gloria]'s new outfit [Purrfect Holiday] and Focused Supply Card!

5. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal

◆New weapons: [Key of Castigation], [Domain of Sanction]

◆New stigma set: [Benares: Awakening]

Game Adjustments & Optimizations[]


The following data are at max skill level:

◆Starlit Astrologos

1. Fixed an issue where using QTE when she is in an outfit may revert her avatar to her default look.

2. Fixed an issue where using her Ultimate on standby may not be registered by the stage objective ""Unleash Ultimate 1 time.""

3. Fixed the glitched arm model of outfit [Orchid's Night].

4. Fixed an issue where the game may not respond to input after a battlesuit falls when her QTE is used on standby and she is auto-switched out.

◆Luna Kindred

Fixed the glitched VFX of her giant ax.

◆Bright Knight

1. Fixed an issue where the Heavy ATK effect of her Throw may not apply.

2. Fixed an issue where the story screen may glitch after using her Ultimate and triggering story scenes in [Chronicles].

◆All Durandal Battlesuits

Fixed an issue where the DMG bonuses granted by weapon skills upon use do not apply to all Durandal battlesuits.

◆Goushinnso Memento

Combo ATK [Instant Draw]: Added Rime Trauma build-up effect. Every hit of her Combo ATK now inflicts 1 Rime Trauma.

◆Darkbolt Jonin

Fixed an issue where certain inputs could interrupt her Ultimate animation.

◆Flame Sakitama

Fixed an issue where certain inputs may make her attack animations glitch after QTE entry.

◆Stygian Nymph

Skill [Mark of Judgment]: Edited its description to match its performance.

◆Swallowtail Phantasm

Skill [Particle Vibration] & [Scarlet Chain]: Edited their descriptions to match their performances.

◆Herrscher of Reason

1. Fixed an issue where Project Bunny is not concealed in story dialogues.

2. Fixed an issue where her model would glitch after she finishes story dialogues mid-Ultimate.

◆Herrscher of the Void

Skill [Honkai Mark]: Edited its description to match its performance.

◆Valkyrie Chariot

Fixed an issue where SFX may glitch after using her Ultimate.

◆Ritual Imayoh

Leader Skill [Starlight Blessing]: Increased its bonus stats to match its description.

◆Divine Prayer

Fixed an issue where the duration of her Ultimate was affected by different FPS settings.

◆Azure Empyrea

1. Ultimate [Emperyan Sunder]: Adjusted its effect from immobilizing enemies for the entire duration of Ultimate to immobilizing enemies at the start of Ultimate for 11s.

2. Edited the look of her soul icon.

◆Shadow Knight

Fixed an issue where her model may glitch after using Ultimate when in default outfit and with hidden fists.

◆Night Squire

Skill [Authority]: Edited its description to match its performance.

◆Argent Knight

1. Now she also inflicts 2 Rime Trauma whenever Hypothermia is applied.

2. Skill [Frost Prison]: Edited its description to match its performance.

◆Stalker: Phantom Iron

Added Paralyze Trauma build-up effect to certain skills: 1. QTE now paralyzes enemies for 3s and inflicts 10 Paralyze Trauma (Trauma charge rate: Medium); 2. Every hit of her Basic ATK inflicts 0.5 Paralyze Trauma when she is in Supercharged state.

◆Scarlet Fusion

Skill [Slash Accent]: Increased Paralyze proc rate to 100% and Trauma charge rate to Medium (10). CD: 8s.

◆Blood Rose

Fixed the glitched damage of Riposte.

◆Arctic Kriegsmesser

Skill [Polar Current]: Evasion CD shortening effect increased to 8s.

◆All Himeko Battlesuits

Shortened their hitstun time to allow them to evade the Throw of Boss Durandal.

  • This change does not apply to [Vermilion Knight] due to her already having a shortened hitstun time.


Increased the Impair strength of Sturmgeschütz and Ultimate from 35% to 50%. This effect does stack.

◆Blueberry Blitz

Skill [Emergency Evasion]: Now the CD of passive skill [Equipment Enhancement] always resets after using QTE.


◆Blood Embrace

Increased her Crit growth rate.


◆Honkai Vitalis

Fixed an issue where it cannot be pulled in by skills (such as Celestial Hymn's Ultimate).


◆Ruinous Sakura

Increased its active duration by 2s.


Fixed an issue where its active may be missing VFX or not dealing damage.

◆Labor of Olympus

Fixed its glitched model when it has reached 4★.

◆Book of Fuxi

Added Ignite Trauma build-up effect and edited relevant descriptions.


◆Thales (M)

Increased its effect duration by 2s.

◆Kiana: Void Drifter (T)

Increased its basic ATK.

◆Theresa: Gluttony (T)

Adjusted the effects of its skill [Gluttony] as follows: Increased pickup radius by 1 meter. Every second or attack grants 1 Charge stack. The target being hit after accruing 12 Charge stacks drops candy. Drop CD: 2s. 12 Charge stacks at battle start. Picking up candy induces Gluttony state that increases Total DMG by 16% for 5s for the team; Picking up another candy during Gluttony state increases Total DMG by another 8% (24% in total) and resets the duration.


◆Dirac Sea

1. Added weather Thorns: Enemies take 30% less melee Total DMG and 50% more ranged Total DMG in this weather.

2. Replaced the final Boss combination [Death Web]+[Gigant] of Dry weather with [Death Web]+[Flame Patrol - Supernova].

3. Replaced the final Boss combination [Rime Titan]+[Flame Patrol - Supernova]+[Baldr] of Darkmoon weather with [MR-06X Hephaestus].

4. Replaced the Boss [Dark Bronya] of Normal weather 2F, Lightning weather 3F, Storms weather 2F, QUA Disturbance weather 3F, and Shiden weather 3F with [Higokumaru].

5. Replaced the final Boss combination [Rime Titan]+[Flame Patrol - Supernova]+[Baldr] of Humid weather with [MR-06X Hephaestus].

6. Boss [Thunderer] has been removed from Humid weather.

◆Memorial Arena

1. Fixed an issue where Boss [Bright Knight] took no damage for a duration after she used Throw.

2. Fixed an issue where the screen may glitch when Rozaliya Olenyeva is hit by Boss [Bright Knight]'s Throw upon releasing Ultimate.

3. Optimized Memorial Arena's guide system. Tap the [Guide] button next to a Boss to be redirected to the corresponding guide page.

4. Season UP Bosses: Bright Knight, Heimdall, Jizo Mitama.

◆Battlesuit Trials The permanent [Stress Test] stages in Starlit Astrologos' event [The Day You Vanished with the Stars] have been moved to [Battlesuit Trials]. This change does not affect their availability and your progress. If you have not cleared these stages in v4.0, you can still play them in [Battlesuit Trials] for rewards.


1. PRI-ARM [Domain of Sanction] can now be forged.

2. The following forging options have been added to Bounty Marks:

Butterfly of Yuki Set: Nohime (T, M, B), Ruler of Sky Set: Kepler (T, M, B), Legendary Bladesmith Set: Nagamitsu (T, M, B), Vampire Prince Set: Dracula (T, M, B), Lonely Hero Set: Siegfried Kaslana (T, M, B), Gentle Herbalist Set: Shennong (T, M, B).

3. Added the [Source] button to the equipment info screen. Tap to view the source of the current equipment.


1. Upgraded the shop system by sorting and combining the original shop tabs. Now the shop system only comprises 4 tabs, namely Daily Shop, Activity Shop, Basic Currency, and Event Shop. The previous general tabs (e.g. Logistics Terminal, Battle Arsenal) are now grouped under the new general tabs as sub-tabs. The classification is as follows:

[Daily Shop]: Logistics Terminal, Exchange House, Witch's Corridor

[Activity Shop]: War Treasury, Battle Arsenal, Co-op Shop, Task Shop, Armada Terminal, Master's Shop

[Basic Currency]: Asterite Shop, Mithril Shop, Coins Shop, Supply Cards

[Event Shop]: Any shop pertaining to an event (e.g. Story event shops, Time Capsule)

2. Adjusted the refresh mechanic of Exchange House. Now Exchange House auto-refreshes once weekly and can be manually refreshed 6 times for free.

3. Optimized the display of items.

4. Optimized the purchasing process. Now an item info pop-up appears no matter what you are purchasing to brief you on its description, price, quota, quantity owned, and more.

5. Optimized how certain bundles are purchased and used.

◆Witch's Corridor

1. Added the option to purchase A-rank battlesuit [Valkyrie Gloria] Fragments.

2. Replaced the purchasable S-rank battlesuit fragments with those of [Lightning Empress], [Goushinnso Memento], and [Black Nucleus]. [Pure Witch Orbs] are required to purchase.

Battle Pass

New BP season [Everlasting Thunder] will begin on AUG 10!

[Elite Works] Updates

Added the following items for purchase:

Weapons: Thunder Kikaku, Aphrodite, Raikiri

Stigma Set: Renaissance set: Michelangelo (T, M, B)

Material: The purchase limit of Einstein's Torus has been reset

You can also purchase the equipment of the last version in Elite Works (excluding equipment exclusive to v4.0).


1. Adjusted the objectives of Valkyrie Muster missions.

2. Adjusted the overall rewards of Valkyrie Muster.


1. Adjusted the overall rewards of returnee login and returnee missions.

2. Optimized the visuals of the returnee login screen.

3. Updated the story dialogue played upon a returnee login. Captains who are returnees at the time of the version update are eligible.

4. Added Returnee Shop. Now offering value bundles including [Returnee Supply Option].


◆Enemy Album

1. Added the [Enemy Album] to the [Collection] screen in v4.1 to help you study the weaknesses of enemies.

2. The first update will include 20 enemies. We will continue to update [Enemy Album] as new versions roll in and one day it will cover every enemy.

◆Battlesuit Growth System

Added a material slider to the battlesuit EXP material selection screen. You can batch select EXP materials by dragging the slider.

◆Portrait Battlesuit Showcase

1. Added the portrait battlesuit showcase. You can enter this mode by tapping the [Portrait View] button on the Bridge or wardrobe screen to enjoy the beauty of your battlesuits from all angles.

2. The double interactive animations of [Stygian Nymph] in portrait mode require more optimizations so the implementation of these animations has been pushed back to versions later than v4.1.

◆Top-up Bonus

Added top-up bonus [Inventory Space +100]. After reaching Top-up Bonus Lv.10, your inventory space will auto-expand by 100 slots. Captains who have claimed the Lv.10 rewards before the v4.1 update are still eligible.


1. Optimized the visuals of the Supply overview screen.

2. Added the [Essentine] system to battlesuit Expansion Supply. When you continue to take Expansion Supply drops after receiving the featured UP S-rank battlesuit, a random number of [Essentine] will replace the secondary item of every drop.

3. Accrue a number of [Essentine] to auto-convert it to one fragment or soul of the featured S-rank battlesuit.

4. The [Essentine] count does carry over between rounds.

5. In every round of Expansion Supply, the numbers of Essentine offered by several drops after unlocking the [Essentine] system are multiplied by a certain figure. In other words, those drops will offer more Essentine! When the result of multiplying Essentine is not an integer, the number of Essentine you receive will be rounded up.

6. Adjusted the secondary items offered by Expansion Supply and Focused Supply drops. Replaced every secondary 2★ weapon with 1000 Mithril and secondary 2★ stigma with Normal Crystal Core x15. You can still obtain 2★ equipment in other ways (such as by clearing Story stages) after this adjustment takes effect.

◆Prototype Suscitarin

1. Added reviving item [Prototype Suscitarin]. It can be obtained from events for free. Use [Prototype Suscitarin] when failing a stage to revive knocked out Valkyries.

2. [Prototype Suscitarin] will first be tested in [Honkai Lab] and certain new event activities in v4.1.

Other Updates

1. Added a item slider to the [Stamina Replenishment - Items] screen. You can batch select Stamina items quickly by dragging the slider.

2. Optimized the notification of item returning to inform you of their numbers.

3. Optimized the info displayed on the recommended lineup screen.

4. Removed Star of Eden from the [Divine Key - Gene Limit] screen.


◆[Herrscher of Thunder] can move into the Dorm. Added relevant interactions and events.


◆Added the interactive animations and voice lines of [Herrscher of Thunder].

Bug Fixes & Optimizations[]

1. Fixed the glitched camera angle in 6-5 (S) and 6-6 (S) of Story Chapter [Babylon's Prisoner].

2. Fixed an issue where audio images would glitch after accessing [Album - Audio] and resuming the game in [APHO].

3. Fixed an issue where errors may be triggered if Carole was the only member alive in the battle against [Code XXI - World] in [APHO].

4. Fixed an issue where the colors of Valkyrie avatars did not match their types in [Activity Weekly Report].

5. Fixed the incorrectly displayed Valkyrie star levels of recommended lineups in [Activity Weekly Report].

6. Fixed the incorrectly displayed floor of [Q-Singularis] in [Activity Weekly Report].

7. Fixed an issue where background text may overlap when switching lobbies in [Chat].

8. Fixed an issue where text on the birthday screen may glitch after entering an unusual birth date on Channel servers.

9. Fixed the overlapping objective text field on the Prep screen of trial stages.

10. Fixed the Japanese dubbing missing from certain Story and Chronicles cinematics.

June 22, 2020 Ver. 4.0.0[]

New Contents[]

1. New battlesuit: Starlit Astrologos

◆New SP battlesuit [Starlit Astrologos]: A BIO-type Physical support who can use team-buffing QTE and Ultimate on standby. She has exceptional burst DMG and support capacity.

You can unlock her in the following ways:

◆[Starlit Astrologos] Expansion Supply [Starlit Astrologos Supply] is available from 12:00, JUN 24 to 12:00, JUL 10. Equipment Expansion Supply [Sage's Mentor Supply] that is recommended for her is available concurrently.

◆[Starlit Astrologos] Fragments will be available in Fragment Shop from 12:00, JUN 24. You can purchase them with [Blank Fragments].

◆[Starlit Astrologos] Fragments will be available in Asterite Shop and Battle Arsenal from 04:00, JUN 29. You can purchase them with Asterite or Gold Pin.

2. Battlesuit event: The Day You Vanished with the Stars

◆The caprice of fate led Captain back to Emberya and made the [Grand Seeress] a stranger...

◆[Starlit Astrologos] event [The Day You Vanished with the Stars] is available after the version update to 04:00, JUL 16. Participate to earn [Starlit Astrologos] Fragment x100, SP Supply Card, and Honkai Shard!

3. Story Chapter XVII: Thunders Over Nagazora

◆On that day, the firmament shattered and a thunderstorm arose from the gate. People fled, for lightning was to strike.

◆Story Chapter XVII will be released on 10:00, JUL 9. Participate to earn 4★ stigma [Mei: Striker Fulminata (M)] belonging to the event stigma set and Focused Supply Card!

4. Additions to the Hyperion arsenal

◆New weapons: [Zither's Lament], [Domain of the Void], [Twins of Eden]

◆New stigma set: [Shuijing (T, M, B)]

Game Adjustments & Optimizations[]


The following data are at max skill level:

◆Bright Knight

1. Fixed the choppy flow of connecting Counterstrike Throw in burst mode.

2. Fixed the glitched VFX after QTE entry.

3. Optimized the display of weapon models when she uses Throw against medium, large, and huge enemies.

4. Optimized her turning speed in post-Ultimate Turbojet state.

5. Fixed the stutter when she turned around on the Bridge.

6. Fixed an issue where the camera spun with the enemy when she was defending or retaliating.

◆Bright Knight, Yamabuki Armor & Dimension Breaker

Introduced Ultimate Retaliation. The above battlesuits will inflict Quantum Implosion on QUA enemies upon performing Ultimate Retaliation.

◆All Durandal battlesuits

Optimized the physics of her hair during movement.

◆Stygian Nymph

Fixed her glitched model when failing a stage.

◆Herrscher of Reason

Fixed an issue where her hover guns may be unresponsive when on USAGI Kinetik in Burst mode.

◆Valkyrie Chariot

Fixed the missing Project Bunny model after changing outfits.

◆Void Drifter

Fixed the irregular hitbox of Combo ATK in certain circumstances.

◆White Comet

Fixed the glitched VFX of invincibility when she was revived.

◆All Kiana & Kallen battlesuits

Optimized the homing capacity of their stealth killing.

◆Twilight Paladin

Fixed an issue where her QTE may be unresponsive in co-op.

◆Darkbolt Jonin

Fixed the incorrect skill screen background of SP skill [Jonin's Lantern].

◆All battlesuits

Fixed an issue where the SP costs of actives were displayed incorrectly in certain circumstances.


◆[Zorro (T, M, B)]

Fixed an issue where the 3-pc Z Chop bonus may not be proc'ed by Black Nucleus.

◆Event stigma set

1. Added the event stigma set system. The set bonus of the event stigma set that comprises over 3 pieces can be triggered by equipping 2 or 3 pieces of any different positions.

2. Added the [Event Stigma Set] tab to the Collection system. You can view new event stigma sets and collection rewards by accessing Collection > Stigma > [Event Stigma Set].



Fixed an issue where its QUA attack counted as multiple hits, allowing players to immediately inflict Collapsed on it by evading repeatedly.


Optimized her hit response so she can be knocked airborne when weakened by shield breaking.

◆Dark Bronya

Optimized her hit response so she can be knocked airborne when weakened by shield breaking.



1. Slightly decreased the HP of certain Titan and Doom enemies in Q-Singularis and Dirac Sea.

2. Optimized the build-up of Ultimate Evasion gauge in Q-Singularis. Now [Bright Knight], [Yamabuki Armor], and [Dimension Breaker] can build up the Ultimate Evasion gauge by performing Retaliation.

◆Dirac Sea

1. Decreased the HP of Boss Dark Bronya.

2. Replaced the Normal 4F Boss duo [Wendy]+[Ganesha] with [Wendy]+[Wendy].

3. Fixed an issue where using Interferrons may trigger errors.

4. Sped up the appearance of enemies.

A Post-Honkai Odyssey


1. Fixed the irregular damage multiplier of Carole's skill [Hippolyta's Crusade].

2. Fixed an issue where Mei may trigger errors by using [Medea's Thunderwings] when [Code XX - Judgment] was entering phase 2.

3. Fixed an issue where Carole's Leap Counter may trigger errors.


1. [Boss Challenge] stages that provide nightmare difficulty challenges are available from 04:00, JUN 29. Clearing [Boss Challenge] stages for the first time rewards Ancient Willpower and Asterite!

2. Optimized enemy pathing in Adventure Task [Chase]. Added the target lock function to improve the accuracy of player attacks.

3. Adjusted the opening schedule of [Ruins]. [Ruins] will be divided into 3 rounds in v4.0 and the specific schedule will be announced in future announcements.

4. Optimized the finalization algorithm of [Ruins]. You can now collect finalization rewards when [Ruins] is closed.

5. Optimized the info display of the [Ruins] portal. You can now find the status of [Ruins] at the portal.

6. Fixed the maps errors that may be triggered by switching characters in [Ruins].

7. Fixed the guiding line errors in [Acts of Joffrey].


1. Fixed an issue where players could not exit the skill screen after selecting ""Acquire [Krystalloid]"".

2. Fixed the character selection errors before finalization.

3. Fixed the persisting blurs.

4. Fixed an issue where scaffolds may not respawn.


◆Open World Exorcism Tasks

1. Fixed an issue where selecting [Resource Gathering] missions in [Sakura Samsara] and [Schicksal HQ] may trigger errors.

2. Added a new Adventure Task reward: [Starlit Astrologos Fragment]. This reward may appear when accepting Exorcism Tasks.

◆Memorial Arena

1. Repositioned the Training Mode portal. You can now find it on the Memorial Arena Boss display screen.

2. Added the [Select Difficulty] feature in Training Mode. You can now choose between 5 difficulties.

3. Removed the restrictions on battlesuits and equipment in Training Mode. You can now dispatch any owned battlesuit with any equipment, including those locked in Boss battles.

◆Bounty Marks

1. Adjusted the display of expired Bounty Marks team invites.

2. Fixed an issue where Bounty Marks team invites appeared to be expired in Chat.

◆Character Trials

[Stress Test] in Hymn of Excelsis is permanently available in [Character Trials] and your progress is fully retained. If you have not completed it in v3.9, you can still play it in [Character Trials] to acquire the remaining rewards.


◆PRI-ARM [Domain of the Void] can now be forged.

◆Added the auto-lock function for newly acquired equipment. You are now prompted to lock any piece of equipment that is acquired for the first time.

◆Optimized the purchase process of battlesuit and equipment boosting materials. Battlesuit and equipment boosting screens can now redirect you to corresponding material shops.


◆Witch's Corridor: Replaced the S-rank battlesuit fragment options with that of [Knight Moonbeam], [Shadow Knight], and [Molotov Cherry] (purchased with [Pure Witch Orbs]).

◆Fragment Shop: Begins to offer [Starlit Astrologos Fragment] from 12:00, JUN 24.

◆Asterite Shop: Begins to offer [Starlit Astrologos Fragment] from 04:00, JUN 29.

◆Battle Arsenal: Begins to offer [Starlit Astrologos Fragment] from 04:00, JUN 29.

◆Exchange Shop

1. New stigma offer: [Zorro (T, M, B)].

2. New weapon offer: [Blooded Saints].


Optimized the display of permanent bundles that auto-refresh.

Battle Pass

◆New BP season [Void Echo] becomes available at 04:00, JUN 29.

◆[Elite Works] Updates

Added the following item purchase options:

Weapons: Keys of the Void, Flint Sanada, Blood Embrace

Stigma Set: Accursed Shadows set: Gustav Klimt (T, M, B)

Material: The purchase limit of Einstein's Torus has been reset

You can also purchase the equipment of the last version in Elite Works (excluding equipment exclusive to v3.9).


◆Activity Weekly Report

Introduced the [Activity Weekly Report] feature. You can view your Memorial Arena/Abyss performance statistics as well as take weekly quizzes in [Weekly Report].

1. Activity Weekly Report portals: You can access Activity Weekly Report via Memorial Arena>>Arena Weekly Report, Abyss>>Guides>>Abyss Weekly Report, Daily Missions>>Weekly Quiz.

2. Weekly Quiz: [Honkai Weekly Trivia] will be relaunched as permanent activity [Weekly Quiz] on JUN 29. The rules and rewards remain unchanged. Added the [View Details] button to redirect players to a corresponding in-game segment when answering a question.

  • Please note that [Activity Weekly Report] will go live on JUL 6 but the opening time of [Honkai Weekly Trivia] remains JUN 29.


Added the indicator of Onigiri hitting storage limit to Dorm Errand.

◆Recommended Valkyries

Optimized the battlesuit recommendation system to display the recommended equipment and ELFs of recommended lineups.


1. Optimized the display of tags so relevant tags will appear next to the main skill icons on the skill overview screen.

2. Optimized how tags function on the battlesuit screen. You can now select tag icons to view their descriptions and the skill relevancy of the current battlesuit.

3. Added the showcase of equipment pertaining to the tags being displayed on the tag screen of Memorial Arena/Abyss.

◆Social Blacklist

Added the blacklist. Blacklist another Captain to mutually block your social interactions.

◆Birthday Bonus system

Added the Birthday Bonus system. Enter your birthday to receive our gifts on the special day!

◆Split download

Introduced the split download feature. Now the system will auto-split the entire package when updating to allow players to continue playing by only downloading the necessary resources. The remaining resources can be downloaded separately on the Download Resources screen.

Other Optimizations

◆Added the excess option material indicator. When the star level (including Augment level) of battlesuits and ELFs have been maxed, receiving relevant items (battlesuit fragments/souls, Augment Cores, ELF Parts) from options will trigger this indicator.

◆Redrew the Heavy ATK icon that appears in combat to align it with the one displayed on the battlesuit screen.

◆Added the feature to view the log of past dialogue.

Dorm ◆[Starlit Astrologos] can move into the Dorm! Added relevant interactions and events.

Bug Fixes & Optimizations[]

◆Fixed an issue where dispatching [Stygian Nymph] as leader and [Sixth Serenade] as support in BEFALL stage [Betrayer Nightmare 1] of [Material Event] may trigger errors.

◆Fixed the incorrect display of stages in [Material Event].

◆Fixed an issue where owned ELFs became locked when preparing for certain battles.

◆Fixed an issue where [SS Imaginon x30] could not be selected when opening a [4★ Stigma Option Chest].

◆Fixed the glitched skin color of Valkyries during the stage finalization of 14-4 (S) of Story Chapter XIV [Dispel the Darkness].

◆Fixed an issue where selecting avatars in Chat may not redirect you to their profiles.

◆Fixed an issue where returning from the lineups of other Captains may trigger errors.

May 13, 2020 Ver. 3.9.0[]

New Content[]

1. New Battlesuit: Bright Knight: Excelsis

◆ Durandal's S-rank battlesuit [Bright Knight: Excelsis]: A MECH-type melee DMG dealer who can [evade] and [defend]. Being attacked while defending procs [Retaliation] that nullifies incoming hits and returns DMG.

◆ You can obtain this new battlesuit in the following way: [Bright Knight: Excelsis] Expansion Supply will be available between 12:00, MAY 15 and 12:00, JUN 5. Expansion Equipment Supply for [Bright Knight: Excelsis] will also be available concurrently.

2. Battlesuit Event: Hymn of Excelsis

◆ [Hymn of Excelsis] is a battlesuit event tailored for [Bright Knight: Excelsis] that features story, tutorial, and challenge stages, enabling Captains to learn the lore and controls of [Bright Knight: Excelsis] in a more streamlined manner.

◆ Battlesuit event [Hymn of Excelsis] will be available from the version update on MAY 14 to 04:00, JUN 11!

3. Spring Event: Honkai Kingdoms: ZERO

◆ A posthumous edict has disrupted countless lives. Some fled, while some held fast; Some remained faithful, while some betrayed. What would their choices be when calamity befell them once more? Can the Captain, who traveled thousands of years to the past, bend the future of a war-torn world?

◆ Spring event [Honkai Kingdoms: ZERO] arriving at 10:00, MAY 28! Participate to earn [Divine Prayer]'s outfit [Frostmoon Bunny], Honkai Shard and Focused Supply Card!

4. Story Chapter XVI: Imminent Storm

◆ The Arc City incident did not put an end to Helios' search for Kiana. The latest traces led them back to Nagazora, where the 3rd Eruption broke out.

◆ Story Chapter XVI will be released! Explore to earn 4★ stigma [Kiana: ARC Prodigal (T)] and Focused Supply Card!

5. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal

◆ New weapons: [Hler's Serenity] & [Briareus EX]

◆ New stigma set: [Dante (T, M, B)]

※Ai-chan's Reminder: If the iOS version of your Apple device is iOS 12.0, you may experience crashes when the game is loading resources after updating to v3.9. Ai-chan strongly recommends updating your iPhone to iOS 13.0 or higher for a stable gaming experience! ><

Game Adjustments & Optimizations[]


The following data are at max skill level:

◆ Valkyrie Gloria

1. Skill [Eruptio Magnifica]: Throw Counter now restores her Resolve twice as fast in the Aura Ignis generated by her Ultimate.

2. Skill [Praefect Equites]: Changed its skill description into "boosts team Fire DMG by 28.5% and total Throw DMG by 16.0%" to align with its actual performance.

3. Skill [Impetus Gloria]: Changed its skill description into "at least 240 Resolve" to align with its actual effects.

4. Skill [Fiery Will]: Its duration has been extended to 30 seconds.

5. Adjusted the camera angle of her weapon selection screen.

◆ Azure Empyrea

1. Evasion [Taichi of Inertia]: Adjusted the floating animation of Evasion to ease control.

2. Ultimate [Empyrean Sunder]: Adjusted how the camera closes in after the Ultimate ends.

3. Ultimate Evasion timing window has been extended from 0.3s to 0.4s.

◆ Azure Empyrea & Phoenix

Added new VFX to their team skills.

◆ Night Squire

Fixed an issue where some inputs might cancel her Ultimate moves. Greatly improved the flow of evading, switching and attacking after Ultimate.

◆ Argent Knight

Fixed an issue where Ultimate incorrectly consumes an extra 15 SP.

◆ Sixth Serenade

Her passive skill [Raven Mark] now freezes enemies. Harvesting the 3rd stack of Raven Mark inflicts Freeze for 2s.

◆ Stygian Nymph

Optimized the hitbox of Charged ATK to make hitting airborne enemies easier.

◆ Knight Moonbeam

Optimized her hitbox to make hitting airborne and crouching enemies easier.

◆ Divine Prayer

Fixed an issue where Ultimate Evasion may trigger healing repeatedly.

◆ Blood Rose

Optimized the homing capability of the last sequence in burst mode and of Basic ATK.

◆ Arctic Kriegsmesser

The 3rd sequence of skill [Cold Edge] in Threshold mode now inflicts Freeze for 2s. CD: 8s.

◆ Molotov Cherry

Increased the max homing distance of the VODKA FINALE joint finisher.

◆ Blueberry Blitz

Passive skill [Equipment Enhancement]: Adjusted the Rime Trauma charge rate of her first Charged ATK/Ultimate after entry from medium to strong.

◆ Celestial Hymn

Fixed an issue where the VFX of the 3rd sequence of Basic ATK may be missing when she is wearing default or certain outfits.

◆ Twilight Paladin

QTE skill [Wolf's Hour] now has a shorter attack startup and activates Fervent state quicker.

◆ All Theresa Battlesuits

Greatly improved the flow of switching, evading and using Ultimate after weapon actives.

◆ Gyakushinn Miko

Optimized her hitbox to make hitting airborne enemies easier.

◆ Flame Sakitama

Skill [Firewind]: Her Combo Follow-up ATKs now apply Ignite to ignited enemies.

◆ Valkyrie Chariot

Passive skill [Particle Fusion]: Changed its description into "single shots and multi-shots of cannon-type weapons deal more Crit DMG" to align with its actual effects.

◆ Snowy Sniper, Valkyrie Chariot, Valkyrie Pledge

Optimized the register mechanism of their Ultimates so they will no longer be canceled by evasions upon release.


◆ Ruinous Sakura

1. Fixed an issue where the 2nd sequence of weapon active may be canceled out by some inputs. Greatly improved the flow of evading, switching, using Ultimate and attacking after the 2nd sequence of weapon active.

2. Optimized her hitbox to make hitting airborne enemies easier.

◆ Positron Blasters

Fixed an issue where switching immediately after using weapon active may lead to canceled attacks and other graphical glitches.

◆ Undine's Tale

Optimized the hitbox of its active to make hitting airborne enemies easier.

◆ Skadi of Thrymheim & Skadi Ondurgud

Optimized the hitbox of its active to make hitting airborne enemies easier.

◆ ARC Serratus

Increased its melee Crit DMG from 25% to 40%.

◆ Frozen Naraka

Fixed an issue where it did not charge the correct amount of Rime Trauma.

◆ Might of An-Utu

Fixed an issue where it may release its active indefinitely when the CD of its active was greatly reduced.

◆ All lances

1. Increased the Interrupt of Throw so it can interrupt a defending Heimdall.

2. Throw will no longer be proc'd when enemies out of the Throw Counter range are performing special moves.

◆ Schrodinger (T)

Fixed an issue where its effect may still occur when missile attacks did not hit enemies.

◆ Zorro (T)

Fixed an issue where Valkyries equipping it may experience repeated SP regen during Ultimate Evasion.

◆ Allan Poe (2-pc)

Changed its CD description from 2s into 3s to align with its actual effect.

◆ Jingwei (M)

Changed its skill description into "Fire DMG". Its actual effect remains unchanged.

◆ Planck (M)

Optimized its skill description. Its actual effect remains unchanged.


◆ Dirac Sea

1. Decreased the HP and ATK of 3F Boss [Hellmaru].

2. Decreased the HP of 4F Bosses [Gigant], [Death Web] and [Tonatiuh].

◆ Q-Singularis

Decreased the HP of 20F Bosses [Frost Emperor], [Rime Titan], [Gigant], [Benares] (Fire Form) and [Jo-Ninja].

◆ Chronicles

[Everlasting Memory] story stage [Blessing] now drops 2★ lance [Lance].

◆ Story Stages

Story stages and Expeditions now drop [Valkyrie Gloria] Fragments.

The Story stages include 11-4(H), 6-1(H), 8-3(S) and 14-4(S).


1. PRI-ARM [Briareus EX] can now be forged.

2. Weapon [Lucia], stigmata [Rita: Kitten Fun (T)], [Stan: Kitten Fun (M)] and [Durandal: Kitten Fun (B)] can now be forged.

3. Added a [Quick Select] function. Captains of Lv.70 or higher can select 20 weapons/stigmata of low value (any Lv.1 equipment whose rarity is 3★ or under and not event-exclusive is considered low value) at once on the weapon/stigma salvage screen to batch salvage. If duplicates exist, then the one with the highest rarity and level will be auto-saved.

4. Optimized the display of resource data in the top right area of the Foundry.

5. Optimized the description of equipment forge availability in the Foundry.

6. Fixed an issue where the numbers of used materials are displayed incorrectly when choosing materials.

7. Fixed an issue where tapping equipped stigmata in the stigma forging bar redirected Captains to the weapon tab.


◆ Open World

1. Adjusted the refreshing rules of adventure tasks in Sakura Samsara and Schicksal HQ. The first available task in every cycle now has a chance to be other than [Resource Gathering].

2. The rewards of Mecha Defense and gathering prior to the update are obtained by playing [Honkai Weekly Trivia] weekly in v3.9.

◆ A Post-Honkai Odyssey

1. Changed the highest floor count of APHO Ruins from 27F to 23F on MAY 18. Clearing 20F now yields all rewards.

2. Changed the checkpoint floors to 4F, 8F, 11F, 14F, 17F and 20F. The numbers of [Relic Keys] rewarded by different floors after clearing checkpoint floors remain unchanged.

3. Added new unlockable Talent Slots that can be upgraded with Krystallum and Regulators. Adjusted the buffs of Talent Slots.

4. Optimized the dialogue screen. Now the question is displayed along with its answers.

5. Added the function to replay base dialogues. Captains can now replay past dialogues that took place in the base by accessing [Base - Collection].


◆ Witch's Corridor

Purchasable S-rank battlesuit fragments are replaced with that of [Dimension Breaker], [Argent Knight] and [Blood Rose] (purchased with [Pure Witch Orbs]).

◆ Bundles

Added the feature of selecting rewards. The contents of certain bundles are divided between [Basic Contents] and [Optional Contents]. When purchasing these bundles, you can select an item from [Optional Contents] to be given with [Basic Contents].

Battle Pass

New BP season [Sublime Saga] will arrive at MAY 18.

[Elite Works] Update

Elite Works is now offering the following equipment and materials:

[Weapons] Skoll and Hati, Void Blade, PSY - Bows of Hel

[Stigma] Night Vigilante Set: Zorro (T, M, B)

[Material] The purchase limit of Einstein's Torus has been reset.

You can also purchase non-version-exclusive equipment from v3.8 in Elite Works.



1. Added the [PRI-ARM Preview] and [Go Forge] buttons on the info screen of PRI-able weapons.

2. When a PRI-able weapon has not reached the max level (Lv.50), tap the [PRI-ARM Preview] button to preview its PRI-ARM stats. When a PRI-able weapon has reached the max level and Captain has reached Lv.81 or higher, tap the [PRI-ARM Preview] button to access the Foundry.

◆ Co-op Raids

Optimized Co-op Level. Now high-level Captains can accept the invites of low-level Captains to play low-level Co-op stages in Assist mode.

◆ Preset Lineup

1. Added the [View] and [Copy] functions. Captains can now view and copy the preset lineups of others from World, Armada and Private Chat.

2. Added the [Share] function. Now Captains can share their preset lineups to World, Armada and Private Chat.

3. Optimized the preset lineup config system to include ELFs.

4. The activation state of ELF team skills can now be viewed.

◆ Stamina Exchange

Optimized the [Stamina Replenishment] system. A new Stamina Replenishment screen that integrates the 3 Stamina sources that are Dorm, Stamina items and Crystal purchase will appear when Captains wish to replenish Stamina.

◆ Boss Info

Added the models, types, resistances and strategies of Bosses to their info screens.

◆ Tags

1. Adjusted tags generally and fixed incorrect tags.

2. Introduced "Fast ATK" and "Burst" tags and removed "Aerial" and "Slow" tags.

◆ Equipment

1. Optimized the display of equipment icons and tags on the equipment screen.

2. Adjusted the Suggested values of certain equipment.


◆ Certain stages now indicate bonus event drops. Optimized the display of bonus drops induced by deploying certain Valkyries.


◆ [Expansion Equipment Supply Card] has been incorporated into [Focused Supply Card] in v3.9. From now on, purchasing [Expansion Equipment Supply] drops costs [Focused Supply Cards]. Owned [Expansion Equipment Supply Cards] will be auto-replaced by the same number of [Focused Supply Cards] after the version update.

◆ In v3.9, Expansion Supply and EXPA Select will share the same [remaining drop counts before receiving the 100-drop guaranteed S-rank battlesuit]. Your [remaining drop counts before receiving the 100-drop guaranteed S-rank battlesuit] in Expansion Supply and EXPA Select will both be retained and the smaller one will be applied first.


◆ [Bright Knight: Excelsis] can now move into the Dorm! Added relevant intereactions and events.


◆ Added the interactive animations and voices of Durandal's [Bright Knight: Excelsis].

Bug Fixes & Optimizations[]

◆ Fixed an issue where the [Operation Flashpoint] screen was displayed incorrectly on certain bezel-less phones.

◆ Fixed an issue where the models of talking Valkyries may become semi-transparent.

◆ Fixed an issue where certain S+ Errands calculated ELF stats incorrectly.

◆ Fixed an issue where team invites for Adventure Tasks appeared expired.

◆ Fixed an issue where challenging floors higher than 20F in APHO [Ruins] may trigger errors.

◆ Fixed an issue where defeating Bosses with Mei's illusions in APHO may trigger errors.

◆ Fixed an issue where defeating The Hermit in APHO did not unlock it in Collection.

April 2, 2020 Ver. 3.8.0[]

New Content[]

1. New battlesuit: Valkyrie Gloria

◆ Durandal's A-rank battlesuit Valkyrie Gloria: A QUA-type battlesuit who excels at dealing Fire DMG at close quarters and controlling enemies with Throw Counters.

◆ You can unlock this battlesuit in the following ways:

The Expansion Supply and the Eos Gloria equipment Supply for Valkyrie Gloria will be available from 12:00, APR 3 to 12:00, APR 19.

2. New Open World: A Post-Honkai Odyssey

◆ In the 8th year following the end of Honkai, our world has gradually recovered from the catastrophe. The girls who have overcome long sufferings are on the brink of adulthood, yet they have not ceased fighting for the beautiful world they love.

◆ New Open World [A Post-Honkai Odyssey] available! Explore to earn 4★ 2-Handed Labor of Olympus, Focused Supply Cards, APHO Options (choose between Honkai Cube x1 and Einstein's Torus x70) and more!

3. Anniversary Event: Cybernet Havens

◆ The futuristic metropolis Cyberpolis has established a pure society, yet terrorists led by Snakes lurk in its every corner. The brave yet inexperienced haxxor Durandal assumes the mission at the tipping point: does she have what it takes to crush the insidious Snakes?

◆ Anniversary special event Cybernet Havens initialized! Explore to earn Night Squire's new outfit Spring Traveler, anniversary 4★ stigma Diva Bronya (M), Honkai Cube and more!

4. Story Chapter XV: The Prodigal Girl Returns

◆ The World Serpent has revealed its fangs and Schicksal has aimed its lance. The arrival of Schicksal's strongest Valkyrie announces the end remains uncertain.

◆ Story Chapter XV will be released at 10:00, APR 23! Play the limited time chapter event for 4★ lance Lucia, 3★ stigma Stan: Kitten Fun (M), Valkyrie Gloria Fragments and more!

5. Additions to the Hyperion arsenals

◆ New weapons: Skadi of Thrymheim, Eos Gloria, Labor of Olympus, Lucia

◆ New stigma set: Leeuwenhoek

Game Adjustments & Optimizations[]

Battlesuits The following data are at max skill level:

◆ Stygian Nymph

Increased the lower Interrupt capacity of Veliona's QTE to align with Saule.

◆ Darkbolt Jonin

Skill [Hungering Wraith]: Increased the Zakti regen of Rakshamaru's 1st sequence on hit from 8 to 12 per 0.1s.

◆ Striker Fulminata

Fixed an issue where her Combo ATK [Blade Flurry] may not follow up on enemies nearby when not in burst mode.

◆ Valkyrie Chariot

Updated the description of Ultimate [Grav Singularity]'s [Black Hole] effect to align with its actual performance: """"Significantly reduces Ignore Interrupt of pulled enemies and reduces their total DMG by 50%.""""

◆ All battlesuits

1. Increased the bonus DMG of Heavy ATK skills whose charge rate is Medium or Strong against shields from 30%/30% to 45%/60%. The bonus DMG of Heavy ATK skills whose charge rate is 30% against shields remains 30%.

2. Updated the description of active skills.


◆ Nebulous Duality

Adjusted the trigger condition of its passive skill [Yang]. Now [Azure Empyrea]'s Combo ATK [Yin-Yang Tempo] can trigger [Yang] as well.

◆ Nuada's Revenge

The wielder will no longer be blocked by enemy models when using its active skill [Champion of Danu].

◆ Azure Soaker

Adjusted the angle at which it is displayed on the weapon display screen.

◆ Beethoven (T, M, B), Tchaikovsky (T, M, B), Dirac (M)

Updated their skill descriptions to align with their actual performance.

◆ All stigmata

Adjusted the trigger conditions of affix skills [Kata Algorithm], [Kata Calibration] and [Kata Correction]: Their ATK boosting effects are effective when equipped by pistols and lance Valkyries.


The following data are at max skill level:

◆ Book of Fuxi

1. Fixed an issue where all enemies would be wrongly pulled into the AOE of her Ultimate [Flame Circle] if a Valkyrie was in its AOE upon its activation.

2. Skill [Free Will] gained a new effect of restoring 15 SP.

3. Adjusted the effect of skill [Sustention]: Her Basic ATK additionally restores 10 SP for the ELF on hit; CD: 2s.

◆ Selune's Elegy

Adjusted the effect of skill [Imprisonment]: ELF's Basic ATKs have a 10% chance of dealing 150% ATK of Ice DMG on hit; CD: 20s.

◆ Blood Embrace

Fixed an issue where unlocking the skill [Final Judgment] granted the effect of skill [Raging Wrath] and vice versa.


◆ Q-Singularis

1. Adjusted the HP gap between [Lava Emperor] and [Frost Emperor] when they appear as a boss duo.

2. Adjusted the boss duos of [Rime Titan] & [Flame Patrol - Sun Spots] (Soul Linked) + [Hierophant] & [Shadow Dancer] & [Jo-Ninja] (Soul Linked) and replaced [Flame Patrol - Sun Spots] with [Gigant].

3. Adjusted the boss roster of Beginner tier. [Death Web], [Storm EM] and [Frozen Hammerer] will no longer appear on the normal floors at Beginner tier.

◆ Dirac Sea

1. Replaced the 4F bosses [Death Web] and [Flame Patrol - Supernova] in weather [Endless Night] with [Death Web] and [Gigant].

2. Reduced the shield HP of boss [Dark Xuanyuan] in weathers [Storms] and [Eclipse].

3. Reduced the HP of all QUA-type enemies in weather [QUA Disturbance].

4. Replaced the 4F boss [Quantum Legion] in weather [QUA Disturbance] with [Tonatiuh].

◆ Story stages

Closed Frenzy Mode. Each [Frenzy Chip] returns 80 Mithril.


◆ Tonatiuh

Fixed the overlapping [Tonatiuh] model on the boss preview screen in Memorial Arena.

◆ Added visual effects to indicate Trauma build-up for enemies with Paralyze Trauma.

◆ Enemies with Ignite Trauma will no longer be completely immune to Ignite before Trauma is maxed.


◆ PRI-ARM [Skadi of Thrymheim] can now be forged.

◆ Weapon [Plasma Lance] and stigma set [Schrodinger: Tour] can now be forged.


◆ Open World

Sakura Samsara and Schicksal HQ will be adjusted as follows beginning from APR 6:

1. Introduced a new task type [Resource Gathering] that is completed by performing gathering a number of times in Open World. The first acceptable task is set to be of the [Resource Gathering] type.

2. Performing gathering now rewards [Higokumaru EXP], [Ai-chan EXP] and [Box of Parts]. The original activity rewards are provided by event missions in v3.8.

3. Closed Mecha Defense and Higokumaru's Matz Gatherer. The original activity rewards are provided by event missions in v3.8.


◆ Exchange Shop

1. Weapons [Hrungnir] and [Keys of the Void] can now be purchased.

2. Stigma set [Sirin: Ascendant] can now be purchased.

◆ Task Shop

You can now purchase [Time Swirl Pass] with [Time Structures].

◆ Witch's Corridor

1. Purchasable S-rank battlesuit fragments are replaced by that of [Lightning Empress], [Celestial Hymn] and [Sixth Serenade] (purchases require [Pure Witch Orbs])

2. You can exchange [Witch Orb] x1000 for 1800 Asterite in v3.8 for up to 99 times.

Battle Pass

◆ New BP season [Illusory Gallery] will be available from APR 6.

◆ [Elite Works] updates

The following equipment and material purchase options have been added to Elite Works:

[Weapons] Skadi Ondurgud, Blood Dance, Super-☆ Sonata

[Stigma] Painter Set: Monet (T, M, B)

[Material] The purchase limit of Einstein's Torus has been reset

※ You can also purchase the last season's equipment (excluding v3.7 exclusives) in Elite Works.


◆ Foundry

1. Optimized the classification and display of forgeable equipment.

2. Optimized the multistep forge redirection of Bounty Mark equipment.

3. Added the feature to mark equipment as favorite. Favorite equipment is always displayed at the forefront on a tab.

4. Replaced the Mithril required to forge some equipment with [Honkai Pieces] of equal value.

◆ Bounty Marks

1. Added a button that leads to UP equipment drop details.

2. Added the feature to quick purchase tasks and a portal that leads to the Salvaging Prints system on the main screen.

3. Optimized the display of current UP target drops.

◆ Co-op Raids

1. Introduced the new [Theater] partition. The stages under each Raid theme have been divided into Theaters that normally comprise 2~3 stages. You must complete the Theater containing the prerequisite stages to unlock the following stages. Completing a Theater for the first time yields [Theater completion rewards] accordingly (the total volume of stage drops and [Theater completion rewards] remains the same as that before the adjustments).

2. Optimized the rules of matchmaking. You are now matched into teams that have made similar progress based on your overall Theater progress.

3. Added the feature for Team Leaders to skip the results screen and immediately enter the next stage with their team after a Co-op stage ends.

4. Optimized the sorting of friends eligible for co-op play. Friends who are online are displayed at the top of the list.

5. Optimized the Co-op main screen.

◆ Armada

1. Added the feature to personalize Armada recruitment messages. You can now send personalized recruitment invitations in Chat.

2. Optimized Armada recruitment procedures. You can now turn on [Armada Recruitment Notice] and [Inactive Member Notice] on the member list screen to recruit members timely for an active Armada.

3. Optimized the layout of Armada message board, member list and contact information.


1. Added the display of ELF skills on the team select screen. If a chosen ELFs possesses skills that have good synergy with the current battlesuit lineup, the skills will be visible on the team select screen.

2. Optimized the layout of ELF star-up screen.

◆ Daily Duty

The [Frenzy Chip] x4 rewarded by 60 Daily Duty is replaced by Mithril x320.

◆ Dorm

Optimized the rules of Quick Dispatch in Errands.


◆ [Valkyrie Gloria] can now move into the Dorm. Her interactions and events have also been added.


◆ Added the interaction animations and voice clips of [Azure Empyrea].


◆ New Captains can only participate in event [Valkyrie Muster] once starting from v3.8.

◆ Attention: If you have participated in [Valkyrie Muster] before v3.5, you may still participate in [Valkyrie Muster] in v3.8. You will not be able to participate in the future [Valkyrie Muster].


◆ The four [Flashpoint Action: Supreme] achievement missions on the [Flashpoint Action] event screen in v3.7 are replaced with permanent [Flashpoint Action] stage challenge achievements.

※This achievement mission can only be completed once. If you have already completed it in v3.7, it will no longer be available in subsequent versions.

Bug Fixes & Optimizations[]

◆ Fixed an issue where placing furniture [XMas Jack-in-the-Box] in Dorm may trigger errors.

◆ Fixed an issue where error pop-ups may appear when entering the main screen after booting the game.

◆ Fixed the missing in-stage status mark descriptions of some bosses.

◆ Updated the name and description of weapon [Titan's Fists] when it reaches 5★.

◆ Fixed an issue where boss [Deathly Doom] may trigger errors by summoning zombies in Memorial Arena.

◆ Fixed the animation glitches of NPC Bronya in [Operation: Striker] Raid stages."

February 13, 2020 Ver. 3.7.0[]

New Content[]

1. New battlesuit: Azure Empyrea

◆ Fu Hua's S-rank battlesuit [Azure Empyrea]: A PSY battlesuit with versatile moves triggered by different ATK combinations who can increase the team's Elemental DMG immensely and offer powerful crowd control with her Ultimate.

◆ [Azure Empyrea] Expansion Supply will be available between 12:00, FEB 14 and 12:00, MAR 6. Expansion Equipment Supply that offers recommended equipment will also be available concurrently.                      

2. Spring event: Empyrean Legends

◆ To track down the Nian beast, the Celestial and Book of Fuxi visit the ancient Shenzhou village of Xanadu for traces. What secrets do the intriguing characters that they encounter harbor?

◆ Play spring event [Empyrean Legends] to earn Darkbolt Jonin's Qipao outfit [Peach Sanctuary], stigma [Seele: Doubled Bliss (T)], Honkai Shard and more!

3. ELF: Book of Fuxi

◆ S-rank ELF [Book of Fuxi]: Buffs team Elemental DMG. Ultimate immobilizes enemies and deals Fire DMG.

◆ ELF [Book of Fuxi] Supply will be available between 12:00, FEB 14 and 12:00, MAR 6. A drop costs [ELF Supply Card] x1 and ELF [Book of Fuxi] is guaranteed in 100 drops!

4. Additions to the Hyperion arsenals

◆ New weapons: [Nebulous Duality], [Ruinous Sakura] and [Tranquil Rhapsody]

◆ New stigma set: [Fu Hua: Margrave]

Game Adjustments & Optimizations[]


The following data are at max skill level:

◆ Darkbolt Jonin

1. Extended the duration of Darkbolt Mark to 30s.

2. Skill [Biting Ember]: Extended the duration of Total DMG Multiplier applied by [Darkbolt Pursuit] to 30s.

3. When Basic ATKs hit, the Zakti recovered by the 3rd and 4th sequences is increased to 60 and 70 respectively.

4. The Zakti recovered by [Jonin Finisher] on hit is increased to 60.

5. Skill [Raksha's Rage]: The DMG Multipliers of the 1st (Demon Fox) and 2nd (Samsara of Death) sequences are increased to 600% and 7x120%+7x180% ATK of AOE Lightning DMG respectively.

6. Skill [Naraka Finisher]: Extra SP recovered on hit is increased to 1.4.

7. Skill [Darkbolt Pursuit]: Increased the range of casted kunai.

8. Fixed the glitched texture of her default weapon.

9. Fixed an issue where her turning is too slow or stutters on the Bridge and Co-op Prep screen.

10. Fixed an issue where her weapon disappeared when changing equipment.

◆ Molotov Cherry

When [Blueberry Blitz] is in the team, the Spice accrued by the 3rd and 4th sequence of her Basic ATKs (excluding Joint) is reduced by 5% and 10% respectively.

◆ Molotov Cherry & Blueberry Blitz

Fixed an issue where tapping the weapon skill button after taking a hit made her use Basic ATKs instead of weapon skills.

◆ Vermilion Knight

1. When her battlesuit rank reaches SSS, her [ATK Growth] stat is increased to 5.

2. The DMG dealt by the 1st sequence of her QTE [Solar Impact]  is increased to 700% ATK of Fire DMG.

◆ Sixth Serenade

Optimized her facial expression when unleashing Ultimate.

◆ Stygian Nymph

1. Adjusted the timing of combat HUD reappearing when using Ultimate as Veliona to switch into Saule. Buttons now reappear after energy consumption upon Ultimate usage.

2. Fixed her glitched model on the Co-op results screen.

◆ Swallowtail Phantasm

Fixed the misplaced butterfly accessories of outfit [Papilio Lily] during movement.

◆ All Battlesuits

1. Adjusted the number of tags for battlesuits. Now only the primary tags which are no more than 3 for each battlesuit are displayed.

2. Optimized the sorting and filtering screen of battlesuits. Added new sorting options.

3. Added 6 tags: [Weaken], [Impair], [Aerial], [Slow], [Time] and [Pull].


◆ Dirac Sea

1. Added a new enemy type [Lightning Patrol] that has 50% Lightning Resistance. The type comprises [Lightning Patrol - Tornado], [Lightning Patrol - Roaring Nimbus], [Lightning Patrol - Polar Halo], [Lightning Patrol - Eye of the Storm].

2. Added a new enemy type [Flame Patrol] that has 50% Fire Resistance and receives 25% bonus Ice DMG. The type comprises [Flame Patrol - Sun Spots], [Flame Patrol - Supernova].

3. Added new weather [Chaos]: Amplifies type-countering by 20%, limits enemy types to PSY and BIO, changes the 4th floor boss to [Assaka].

4. Added new weather [Evernight]: Amplifies type-countering by 20%, limits enemy types to MECH and BIO, changes the 4th floor bosses to [Death Web] and [Flame Patrol - Supernova].

5. Added new weather [Tundra]: Enemies have 50% Ice Resistance but receive 30% bonus Fire DMG in this weather. Changes the 4th floor boss to [Argent Knight].

6. Added new weather [Shiden]: Enemies have 50% Lightning Resistance but receive 30% bonus Physical DMG in this weather. Changes the 4th floor boss to [Jizo Mitama].

7. Added new weather [Red Mist]: Enemies have 50% Physical Resistance but receive 30% bonus Lightning DMG in this weather. Changes the 4th floor boss to [Parvati].

8. Fixed an issue where the high DEF of some enemies rendered DMG Reduction dysfunctional (including Storm EM, Frozen Hammerer, Nocturnal, Thor Titan, Frost Cavalier, Frost Emperor).

9. Greatly reduced the appearance rate of Ice enemies in weathers other than [Cold].

10. Replaced the boss duo of [Rime Titan] and [Eldjotnar] on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors with [Rime Titan] and [Flame Patrol - Supernova].

11. Replaced the boss duo of [Eldjotnar] and [Hellfire Mecha] on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors with [Flame Patrol - Sun Spots] and [Flame Patrol - Supernova].

12. Replaced the boss [Benares] in [Dry] weather with [Death Web] and [Flame Patrol - Supernova].

13. Replaced the boss [RPC-6626] in [Wet] weather with [Flame Patrol - Supernova] and [Aesir Baldr].

14. Replaced the boss [RPC-6626] in [Darkmoon] weather with [Rime Titan], [Flame Patrol - Supernova] and [Aesir Baldr].

15. Aligned the powers of the boss [Herrscher of the Void] in [Fog] and [Saturnine] weathers with the boss [Herrscher of the Void] in Memorial Arena.

16. Aligned the powers of the boss [Dark Jixuanyuan] in [Storms] and [Eclipse] weathers with the boss [Dark Jixuanyuan] in Memorial Arena. Reduced the shield HP of boss [Dark Jixuanyuan] in Dirac Sea.

17. Reduced the HP of [Subzero Cavalier].

◆ Q-Singularis

1. Reduced the Ice Resistance of boss [Benares].

2. Aligned the powers of the boss [Dark Jixuanyuan] with the boss [Dark Jixuanyuan] in Memorial Arena. Reduced the shield HP of boss [Dark Jixuanyuan] in Dirac Sea.

3. Added a new boss duo of [Lava Emperor] and [Frost Emperor]. [Frost Emperor] only appears after [Lava Emperor] has been defeated.

4. Added a new boss duo of [Rime Titan] + [Flame Patrol - Sun Spots] (Soul Linked), [Hierophant] + [Shadow Dancer] + [Jo-Ninja] (Soul Linked). [Hierophant] + [Shadow Dancer] + [Jo-Ninja] only appear after [Rime Titan] and [Flame Patrol - Sun Spots] have been defeated.

5. Added new bosses [Parvati] and [Tonatiuh].

6. Added new enemy [Death Web] on standard floors.

7. Adjusted the enemy placement on the 16th and 19th floors. Now the16th floor is occupied by [Soul Link] enemies and the 19th floor is occupied by [Elite Mobs] enemies. Reduced the HP of enemies on the 19th floor.

8. Removed Konungr, Frost Emperor and Lava Emperor from [Soul Link] and [Elite Mobs] enemy groups.

9. Extended the duration of Abyss skill effects to 12s.

◆ Memorial Arena: Exalted

Added Kallen, Hellmaru, HOMU Emperor and Tonatiuh as bosses.

◆ Drift World

1. The drops of Simple stages have been adjusted to Gold Pin x6 and Advanced Skill Material x1~2.

2. The drops of Hard 1 stages have been adjusted to Gold Pin x10 and Advanced Skill Material x2~3.

3. Adjusted the reset requirements of stages that drop Advanced Skill Materials. Captains can now use [Planeroid] x6 to reset stage attempts.

4. Closed the stages that drop GP Talengems and Basic Talengems.

◆ Open World: Sakura Samsara

Optimized ambient brightness when assassinating from behind and discovering hidden events.


1. PRI-ARMs [Ruinous Sakura] and [Tranquil Rhapsody] can now be forged.

2. [Tranquil Rhapsody] can be reversed once in v3.7 only. A reversion returns the base weapon (5★ Lv.50 pistols) used to forge [Tranquil Rhapsody] and other materials (excluding Coins) used to forge, upgrade and level-up [Tranquil Rhapsody].

3. Fu Hua: Knight (M), Picasso (B) and Zhangheng (M) can now be crafted with SS Imaginons. Picasso (B) Fragments and Zhangheng (M) Fragments can still be used to craft corresponding stigmata in v3.7.

Attention: After the version update, salvaging [Fu Hua: Knight (M)] returns 1000 Normal Crystal Cores.

4. Picasso (B) and Zhangheng (M) cannot be crafted with their fragments after the v3.8 update. Every Picasso (B) Fragment returns SS Imaginon x1.2 (the sum is rounded up to nearest whole number) and every Zhangheng (M) Fragment returns AE Imaginon x1. New Semester Picasso Fragment Chest and Summer Military Box will no longer be available in Asterite Shop.


◆ Benares

Fixed an issue where her model clipped with other enemies.

◆ Aesir Baldr & Hephaestus

Shortened the min moving distance of their thrusting skills.


◆ Open World

1. Aligned the Adventure Level in Sakura Samsara and Schicksal HQ. The initial level is the higher of the two.

2. Streamlined the process of obtaining Adventure EXP. Now Adventure EXP is rewarded upon the completion of an Adventure Task.

3. Urgent Missions are replaced by [Familiar's Requests] that are triggered by the leveling up of Open World Familiars (Higokumaru and Ai-chan). Familiar's Requests share the same numbers, contents, difficulties and rewards with Urgent Missions.

4. Adjusted how cycle finalization rewards are calculated. [Weekly Rating] and [Task Finalization] rewards have been merged into [Weekly Finalization] rewards that are issued on every Monday. [Task Rating] rewards are replaced by [Round Finalization] rewards that are issued after every task round ends.

5. Closed the task rating system in Schicksal HQ. [Round Finalization] rewards are no longer affected by task ratings.

6. Adjusted the rewards of [Round Finalization]. Gyakushinn Miko Soul and Luna Kindred Soul are now replaced by Battlesuit Soul Option that allows Captains to choose from Ritual Imayoh Soul, Sündenjäger Soul, Arctic Kriegsmesser Soul, Luna Kindred Soul or Gyakushinn Miko Soul.

7. Exorcism tasks that rewarded [Enigmanon: Parts] now reward [Blood Embrace Parts] instead.

8. Optimized how Familiars gain EXP. Familiars auto-gain EXP upon every round finalization.

◆ Co-op (Excluding Ashura Raids)

1. Adjusted the difficulty of Co-op stages. Difficulties are now decided by Captain Level so Captains no longer need to select the difficulty.

2. Adjusted the rules of Co-op stage progress reset. Now Co-op stage progress resets every Friday for free.

3. Adjusted the mission completion rewards and stage drops of Co-op activities to match their difficulties and costs.

4. Added a new [Balance Mode] that grants greater stats buffs and DMG bonuses but is limited to certain stages.

5. Closed [Time Base] Co-op stages temporarily.

6. Removed Weekly missions that required clearing an entire Co-op Raid once to complete.

◆ Flashpoint Action

1. Captains now receive bonus rewards when completing stages on Supreme difficulty for the first time. The bonus rewards are temporarily available along with Flashpoint Action in v3.7 and become permanently available in v3.8. Captains who have not completed the stages in v3.7 can still obtain the bonus rewards in future versions.

2. Increased the overall difficulty of stages.

◆ Story Stages & Expeditions

The limited-time event of Story Chapter XIV has ended. Captains now receive more [RSC Cache Type-II] and no event EXP when playing Story Chapter XIV stages.


The v3.6 event of extracting weapons [Ranger's Cross] and [Devourer] has ended and the weapon extraction pods have expired.

======Divine Keys======

1. Added the feature to extend the duration of Gene Limit activation by spending more Harmony Strands.

2. Closed the Gene Limit reset feature. Captains can switch between any boosting skill of the same Divine Key during Gene Limit activation.

3. Adjusted the material types and quantities required to upgrade Divine Keys (the total costs remain unchanged).

======Battle Pass======

New BP season [Hour of Judgment] becomes available on FEB 17.

◆ [Elite Works] Updates

Added the following weapon and material purchase options:

[Weapon] Oath of Judah (exclusive to v3.7), Tranquil Arias (exclusive to v3.7), Keys of the Void, Hand of Tyr, Cinder Hawk

[Stigma] Honkai Queen set: Sirin: Ascendant (T, M, B), Transcend Renaissance set: Shakespeare (T, M, B)

[Material] The purchase limit of Einstein's Torus has been reset

Captains can also purchase the equipment of the last version in Elite Works (excluding equipment exclusive to v3.6).

◆ Captains receive additional [Mind Stone] x10 when unlocking Paladin BP in a new season.


◆ War Treasury

Captains can purchase [Shadow Knight Fragments] with [Ancient Willpowers] in v3.7 temporarily. Each [Shadow Knight Fragment] costs [Ancient Willpower] x14 and can be purchased 12 times per week. [Shadow Knight Fragments] will no longer be purchasable in War Treasury after the v3.8 update.

◆ Asterite Shop

1. Increased the monthly purchase limit of Mind Stones to 80.

3. Increased the daily purchase limit of Advance Skill Materials to 99.

3. Added an option of purchasing [Picasso (B) Fragment] x5 with SS Imaginon x6 in v3.7 only.

4. Added an option of purchasing [Zhangheng (M) Fragment] x5 with AE Imaginon x5 in v3.7 only.

5. Added an option of purchasing [Battlesuit Soul Option] x3 with [Aesir Core]/[Red Magatama] x1 plus Asterite x600 in v3.7 only.

◆ Armada Terminal

Replaced the purchasable [Mysterion: Jingwei's Wings] and [Oneiron: Blood Embrace] with [Jingwei's Wings Parts] and [Blood Embrace Parts].

◆ Co-op Shop

1. Adjusted the price of [Time Seal Box] x1 to [United Token] x140. The purchase limit remains unchanged.

2. Added an option of purchasing [Mind Stone] with [Spirit Jade]. Max 4 purchases monthly.

3. Added an option of purchasing [Harmony Strand] with Mithril. Max 20 purchases daily.

4. Added an option of purchasing [United Token] with [Soulium]. Max 20 purchases daily.

◆ Witch's Corridor

1. Replaced the purchasable S-rank battlesuit fragments with [Knight Moonbeam Fragment], [Argent Knight Fragment] and [Phoenix Fragment] (purchased with [Pure Witch Orbs]).

2. Removed the Asterite purchase option that was temporarily available in v3.7.

◆ BP Stores

1. Added the option to purchase [Mind Stones].

2. Adjusted the contents of [ELF Gacha] and reduced its price to [Honor Chip] x50.

◆ Task Shop

Removed the option of purchasing [Time Swirl Pass] with [Time Structure].


◆ Material Adjustments

A number of materials are estimated to be streamlined in v3.7 and v3.8. Obsolete materials return replacement materials upon expiration.

After materials have been streamlined, the ways of obtaining and spending relevant materials as well as the contents of bundles and Supplies that offer relevant materials will also be adjusted accordingly.

*The affected materials and the specific adjustments are as follows:

Original Materials After the v3.7 streamlining Original Materials After the v3.7 streamlining
Advanced MECH-Chip ADV EXP Chip x1 Dimension Ring Soulium x3
Advanced BIO-Chip Shamash Ember
Advanced PSY-Chip Guren Soulsteel Soulium x1
Super MECH-Chip Super EXP Chip x1 Basic Skill Material Mithril x160
Super BIO-Chip Basic Talengem Advanced Skill Material x0.5 + Asterite x100
Super PSY-Chip GP Talengem Advanced Skill Material x2 + Asterite x400
Ether Shard Soul Shard x1 Talengem-X Advanced Skill Material x1 + Asterite x200
Twin Ether Shard Twin Soul Shard x1 Glowing Jade United Token x40
Ether Crystal Soul Crystal x1 Grue Jade Spirit Jade x4
Twin Ether Crystal Twin Soul Crystal x1 Thunder Jade Spirit Jade x6
Quanta Bytz ADV EXP Chip x0.3 + Mithril x170 Umbral Jade Spirit Jade x6
ADV Quanta Bytz Super EXP Chip x1.5 + Mithril x850 Rare Crystal Core Normal Crystal Core x3
Original Materials v3.8 Expiration Return Original Materials v3.8 Expiration Return
Aesir Core SS Imaginon x0.75 + AE Imaginon x0.75 Sakura Resonance Higokumaru EXP x500
Red Magatama
Furni-Bitz 10 Coins Precision Logic Unit Ai-chan EXP x500

◆ ELFs

1. The skill and talent systems of ELF have been merged into the new skill tree system. New ELF skills are boosted by spending Advanced Skill Materials, Coins and Mind Stones.

2. ELFs are no longer limited by level caps when leveling up. ELFs can now be leveled up directly to the current max level with sufficient materials.

◆ Affix Refinement

1. Adjusted the materials required to reroll affixes. Now rerolling affixes only costs Normal Crystal Cores (every Rare Crystal Core returns Normal Crystal Core x3).

2. Added the [Reroll Again] feature. Tap to reroll affixes again.

3. Added the [Skip Animation] feature. Tap to skip the rerolling animation.

◆ Dorm

1. Crafting Dorm furniture now consumes Honkai Blocks instead of Furni-Bitz (every Furni-Bitz returns 10 Coins).

2. Added an option of purchasing Honkai Blocks x40 with 300 Furni-Bitz in v3.7 only. 50 purchases only.

◆ Adjusted the applicable range of [Boosters] (formerly [Open World Boosters]). [Boosters] can now be used in all Open World Exorcism tasks and Weekday Event stages, Co-op stages excluded.

◆ Weapons dropped in BEFALL stages can now be upgraded with common upgrade materials.

◆ Added a Divine Key switch in Memorial Arena and Abyss activities to quick access the Divine Key system.

◆ Optimized the display of materials return results.


◆ Added the feature to refresh the Errand list. The daily refresh limit increases along with Dorm Squad Level.

◆ Optimized the collection prompts for Dorm Bonuses and Dorm Squad boosting rewards. Now the collection prompts for Stamina and Coins bonuses are displayed separately.

◆ Optimized the visuals and layout of Dorm main screen.


◆ Warehouse

The battlesuit souls of Ritual Imayoh, Gyakushinn Miko, Wolf's Dawn, Sündenjäger, Arctic Kriegsmesser and Luna Kindred can now be requested.

◆ Commissions

Added Commissions that require submitting [Nanoceramic] to complete. Captains of Lv.81 or higher may encounter them when submitting the 4th or 8th Commission of the day.

Note: [Nanoceramic] Commissions only slightly reduces the appearance rate of [Twin Sakura Will] Commissions. The appearance rates of other types of Commissions are not affected.


Added the interactions and VO of Yae Sakura's [Darkbolt Jonin] battlesuit.


◆ [Dorm Equipment Supply] is now permanent. Weapon [Keys of the Void] as well as full stigmata sets including [Sirin: Ascendant], [Jin Shengtan], [Gustav Klimt] and [Monet] have joined [Dorm Equipment Supply].

◆ The battlesuits and battlesuit souls of [Herrscher of the Void], [Arctic Kriegsmesser] and [Luna Kindred] have joined [Dorm Supply].

◆ [Standard Equipment Supply] has been closed. Every Standard Equipment Supply Card (or Crystals of equivalent worth) spent in v3.5~3.6 returns 80 Crystals that will be issued by mail before FEB 28.

Bug Fixes & Optimizations[]

◆ Fixed an issue where receiving offline invitation messages upon login might trigger error messages.

◆ Fixed an issue where fighting as Vermilion Knight might trigger error messages.

◆ Fixed an issue where Dorm Equipment Supply Album refreshed improperly with an unstable connection.

December 26, 2019 - Ver. 3.6.0[]

New Content[]

1. New Battlesuit: Darkbolt Jonin

◆ Yae Sakura BIO SP battlesuit [Darkbolt Jonin] has a unique skill system that allows additional skills to be unlocked. She can deal lethal Lightning DMG with standard ATKs after using special skills.

◆ [Darkbolt Jonin Supply] and [Ninja Dancer Supply] (the equipment Supply for [Darkbolt Jonin]) are available from 12:00, DEC 27 to 12:00, JAN 17.

2. Winter Event: Sanka Saga

◆ Ninja [Kasumi] has come to the ancient town of Yae Machi for a covert mission. How will the tempest stirred by Ninja Arts be calmed?

◆ Winter event [Sanka Saga] available! Assist ninja [Kasumi] to defeat the Bosses of the Six Paths to earn Umbral Rose's new outfit [Hanafuda Oyabun] and [Darkbolt Jonin] fragments!

3. New Year Event: New Year Honkai Rumble

◆ Valkyries gather in HOMU World to celebrate Christmas and New Year! Join the countdown party and be showered with surprises from Valkyries!

◆ Christmas and New Year event [New Year Honkai Rumble] available! Play LTO exploration event to earn Crystals, Dorm Supply Card, [Einstein: XMas (M)], Honkai Shards and more!

4. Story Chapter XIV: Dispel the Darkness

◆ To save Arc City from the World Serpent's clutches, Kiana and Rita become unlikely allies, bringing the light of a new dawn to the crumbling city.

◆ Story Chapter XIV will be released at 10:00, JAN 16! Play Story Chapter XIV LTO exploration event to earn 4★ stigma [Raven's Moon (B)], Honkai Shard, AE Imaginon and more!

5. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal

◆ New weapons: [Nuada's Revenge], [Star Destroyer 19C-X]

◆ New stigmata set: [Ishikawa Goemon]

Game Adjustments & Optimization[]


◆ PRI-ARMs [Nuada's Revenge] and [Star Destroyer 19C-X] can now be forged.

◆ Increased the forging cap of PRI-ARMs. Now you can have up to 3 pieces of each PRI-ARM.

◆ Added a second confirmation prompt before forging PRI-ARMs.

◆ Added a safety reminder when forging PRI-ARMs. The reminder appears if a locked equipment is selected as PRI-ARM forging material. The forged PRI-ARM remains locked after the process is completed.

◆ Stigmata that required [Witness of Blacksun] to be forged now require [SS Imaginon]. They include Theresa: Gluttony (T), Mei: Wrath (M), Bronya: Sloth (B), Fu Hua: Pride (B).


The following data are at max skill level:

◆ Stygian Nymph

1. Fixed a bug where the DMG Reduction effect of skill [Avenging Erinyes] was only applied to Physical DMG.

2. Fixed a bug where the Total DMG Multiplier Buff gained by consuming SP when using Ultimate was not applied properly.

3. Fixed a bug where the DMG Multiplier of QTE skills did not match the description.

4. Fixed the glitched eyes of Veliona in combat.

5. Fixed a bug where Saule could not recover max Veilian Id if an enemy died when she was using Ultimate.

6. Fixed a bug where Saule's scythe may leave an afterimage when she was evading while charging.

7. Fixed a bug where Saule may repeat the 1st sequence of her Basic ATK.

8. Marked some of her skills as Heavy ATK on her skill screen.

9. Fixed the glitched visual effects in co-op mode.

◆ All Seele Battlesuits

1. Optimized the flow of evading after switch entry and using Ultimate.

2. Altered their stances on the battlesuit selection and results screen in co-op mode.

3. Optimized skill visuals to avoid obscuring the view.

◆ Herrscher of Reason

1. Fixed a bug where triggering Ultimate Evasion while using QTE skills may lead to her getting stuck in bike mode.

2. Fixed the glitched animations of jumping and moving on platforms in Open World.

3. Fixed the texture issue of the drill in Basic ATKs.

◆ Valkyrie Chariot: Fixed a bug where she could spam weapon skills after using a team skill during an evasion.

◆ All Bronya Battlesuits: Fixed a bug where she could not damage shields without charging.

◆ Hawk of the Fog

1. Fixed a bug where the trigger areas of her QTE skills were too small in co-op mode.

2. Altered the description of Ultimate [Raging Tiamat] to match the actual effect. The current description is ""Hold [ULT] during Kei: Tunneling Blossom or Ultimate Evasion to unleash Ultimate."

◆ Armada Commissions

1. Deleted Commissions that required [Witness of Blacksun], [Witness of Darkmoon], 1★ equipment, 2★ equipment, and added Commissions that require Honkai Pieces and Mithril.

2. Each [Armada Fuel] is replaced by [Ranger Creds] x5 in rewards.

◆ Armada Warehouses

Armada Fuel, Witness of Blacksun, Witness of Darkmoon can no longer be requested.

◆ Q-Singularis/Dirac Sea

Removed [Witness of Blacksun] and [Witness of Darkmoon] from Score Rewards and Finalization Rewards. [Witness of Blacksun] in Finalization Rewards is replaced by a specified amount of [Gold Pins] and Score Rewards now consist entirely of Mithril, Coins, [Gold Pins] and [Advanced Skill Materials].

◆ Story Stages & Expeditions

1. Story Stages and Expeditions now offer [Fog Chip], the boosting material for Valkyrie Accipiter's Augment Core.

2. Story Stages that offer [Valkyrie Accipiter] fragments no longer have doubled attempts.

3. Chapter XIII LTO event has ended. Captains can now claim more [RSC Cache] by playing Chapter XIII stages.

◆ Bounty Mark: [Pledge of Sakura] and [Star Destroyer 19C] can now be crafted.

◆ [Gameplay Lab] is scheduled for late DEC in v3.6. Please follow future announcements for more info.


A limited-time extraction event for [Ranger's Cross] and [Devourer] will be available in v3.6. Corresponding Extraction Pods will be issued to every Captain to help those who own the two weapons extract them.

======Divine Keys======

Added new Divine Key [Key of Binding]. Captains can tune [Oath of Judah] or [Pledge of Sakura] into [Key of Binding] and access [Dorm - Divine Keys - Key of Binding] to unlock its skills.

======Battle Pass======

◆ The new season of Battle Pass [Shiden One Flash] will be available on DEC 30.

◆ [Elite Works] Updates

The options to purchase the following equipment and materials have been added to Elite Works:

Weapons: Nuada's Grief, Genome Reaper, Fairy Sword Silven. Stigmata: Critic Set [Jin Shengtan (T, M, B)]. Materials: the purchase cap of Einstein's Torus has been reset. Captains can also purchase equipment made available in the last version (excluding equipment exclusive to v3.5) in Elite Works.


◆ Witch's Corridor

1. Added the option to purchase A-rank battlesuit [Swallowtail Phantasm] fragments.

2. The S-rank battlesuit fragments that can be purchased with [Pure Witch Orbs] are replaced by [Dimension Breaker], [Black Nucleus] and [Molotov Cherry].

3. The option to purchase Asterite x1800 with [Witch Orb] x1000 is temporarily available in v3.6. Max 99 purchases.

◆ Battle Arsenal: Added the options to purchase [Rare Crystal Core] and [Darkbolt Jonin Fragment].

◆ Armada Terminal: Added the option to purchase [Honkai Cube].

◆ Asterite Shop: Added the option to purchase [Darkbolt Jonin Fragment].

◆ Exchange Shop

1. Added the option to purchase stigmata set [Gustav Klimt (T, M, B)].

2. Added the options to purchase weapons [Tranquil Arias], [Super-☆ Sonata], [Skoll and Hati].


◆ Battlesuit Lineup Recommendation:

1. Popular battlesuit lineups are displayed on the team customization screen of Memorial Arena, Bounty Mark and certain stages on challenging difficulties for quick reference.

2. The Augment Core indicator and the activated outfit of battlesuits are displayed on the [View Lineup] screen of Memorial Arena, Q-Singularis and Dirac Sea.

◆ Material Adjustments

1. Witness of Blacksun & Witness of Darkmoon: The option to purchase [SS Imaginon] x2 with [Witness of Blacksun] x10 is temporarily available in v3.6. 50 purchases only. After the v3.7 update, each [Witness of Blacksun] returns [Rare Crystal Core] x2 and each [Witness of Darkmoon] returns Mithril x16.

2. Armada Fuel & Armada Fuel Tank: The option to purchase [Ranger Creds] x5 with each [Armada Fuel] is temporarily available in v3.6. After the v3.7 update, each [Armada Fuel] returns [Ranger Creds] x5 and each [Armada Fuel Tank] returns [Ranger Creds] x50. Captains will no longer be able to purchase [Armada Fuel Tank] with [Armada Fuel].

3. Standard Supply Card: Every game mode that rewarded [Standard Supply Card] now reward [Dorm Supply Card] instead. Each unused [Standard Supply Card] returns [Dorm Supply Card] x1.

◆ Planeroids

1. Fixed a bug where Captains could hold more [Planeroid] than the inventory limit. Now the inventory only holds [Planeroid] x50. If Captains held over [Planeroid] x50 before the v3.6 update, the excessive Planeroids are lost. If the number of [Planeroid] reaches the inventory limit, Captains will not auto-claim more Planeroids.

2. [Planeroids] are no longer issued via in-game mails. Instead, they are added directly to your inventory.

3. If a number of [Planeroid] has been consumed in one day and there are [Planeroids] remained from the day before, Captains can claim the [Planeroids] from the day before until the number of [Planeroids] reaches the inventory limit. (*In the new version, [Planeroids] that exceed the inventory limit are only stored for one day)

◆ Lobby

1. Team Invite (including Team Co-op, Bounty Mark and special Bounty Mark such as "Expulsion Mission") shared in Chat display an image of the BOSS. Tap the [Join Team] button in the bottom right of the invite to join instantly. If the invite has expired, it will be marked as "expired" and cannot be interacted with.

2. The number of unread messages in Armada, private chats and group chats are now displayed in the upper left of mini chat windows.

3. Added a button that combines the features of Emoji, Share and Red Packet in the chat window.

◆ Shop Bulk Purchasing

1. Added the feature of Buy in Bulk in Shops. Materials that can be purchased multiple times all support bulk purchasing.

2. Battlesuit fragments/souls and items whose prices change as more of them are purchased do not support this feature yet.

◆ Optimized the visuals of the battlesuits UP screen in every game mode and the visuals of Score Bonus on the stage results screen when using UP battlesuits in event stages.


1. Captains can now cancel ongoing Errands.

2. Optimized the display of the Errand candidate list.

3. Optimized the display of Errand levels and rewards.

4. Optimized the visual feedback of claiming Dorm bonuses.

5. The Expedition screen now displays remaining Stamina.

6. The "Switch" and furniture customization features on the main Dorm screen are temporarily unavailable.


Starting from DEC 30, the first Armada Boss limited-time event for v3.6 will be available. Participate to earn Ranger Creds, Advanced Skill materials and more. When Armada Total Score is high enough, every Armada member will receive bonus rewards!

※ The original Armada Boss mode will be temporarily unavailable from DEC 30 and throughout v3.6.


Stigmata [Ryunosuke Akutagawa] can now move in. Pertinent interactions and events have also been added.


◆ New Supply [Dorm Equipment Supply] is temporarily available. For 3 consecutive 4★ equipment drops, one is guaranteed to be NEW.

◆ [Dorm Supply] gains a bonus [first 25-drop guarantee]. After the bonus guarantee becomes available, If the remaining drop count before receiving a guaranteed item is below 25, the original guarantee will take effect. If the remaining drop count before receiving a guaranteed item is above 25, the bonus guarantee will take effect.

◆ [Standard Supply] has been shut down.

◆ Streamlined the procedures of using [Quick Wish] in Wishing Well and added a second confirmation prompt before wishing for a stigma.

Bug Fixes & Optimization[]

◆ Fixed a bug where certain furniture could not be properly rotated and concealed on the Dorm Screen.

◆ Fixed the incorrect description of Stage Effect in certain [Time Base] stages.

◆ Fixed the glitched display of [Stygian Nymph]'s type on the DMG Stats screen after completing a stage.

◆ Fixed a bug where the ATKs of [Valkyrie Accipiter] dealt DMG to the target being escorted in [Deep Archives] Herrscher Files 9F.

◆ All Battlesuits

Optimized the recommendation value of weapons and stigmata on the equipment screen to better represent their efficacy when equipped.

◆ Lightning Empress: Fixed a bug where the Paralyzing effect only worked once when the last sequence of multiple Ultimates hit the same enemy.

◆ Arctic Kriegsmesser: Fixed the glitched leg animations in Open World.

◆ Blood Rose: Altered her standby animation in outfit [Rosy Passion] on Bridge.

◆ Sakuno Rondo: Fixed her glitched hair color.

◆ Umbral Rose: Fixed the glitched visual effects when she is in outfit [Dusky Murmurs].

◆ All Augmented Battlesuits: Fixed a bug where skill attributes were not marked properly.

◆ Fixed a glitch that may happen to the camera when Stygian Nymph, Herrscher of Reason, Herrscher of the Void and Sixth Serenade were unleashing Ultimates.

◆ Fixed a bug where the Leader skills triggered by teams with characters of 3 different types could not be triggered properly.

◆ Optimized the stuttering in combat.


◆ Argent Knight

Reduced the Ignite Trauma gauge needed to Ignite BOSS Argent Knight in Memorial Arena: Exalted and Q-Singularis.

※ Attention: The above adjustments will come into effect after the Trauma Charging abilities of weapons [Oath of Fire], [Fire Angel], [Ranger's Cross] and [Devourer] are adjusted.

(In v3.6, only the Trauma Charges of Ignite and Paralysis are adjusted. Adjustments to other types of Trauma Charges are scheduled for v3.7.)

◆ Mexicatl: Umbreist (Memorial Arena BOSS)

1. Fixed a bug where Mexicatl: Umbreist would become immobile awhile before transforming into [Knight of Greed] and began running in circles if its transforming from [Wraith of Sloth] into [Knight of Greed] was interrupted.

2. Fixed a bug where Mexicatl: Umbreist could continue using skills when the game was paused during its transformation into [Wraith of Sloth] or teleportation.

3. Fixed a bug where the stigma affixes of [Recovers HP/SP when enemies are nearby] were not applied to Mexicatl: Umbreist.

4. If Mexicatl: Umbreist has not summoned any mob that it would when its HP falls below 50%, they will be summoned upon its death.

5. Reduced the HP of mobs summoned by C~S-rank bosses.

6. Fixed the glitched visual effects of Mexicatl: Umbreist's outer-sphere on the BOSS screen.

November 14, 2019 - Ver. 3.5.0[]

New Content[]

New Battlesuit [Stygian Nymph]

  • Seele's S-rank battlesuit [Stygian Nymph]: Switch between her two personas freely to stand triumphant in any situation!
    • Captains can obtain and unlock [Stygian Nymph] in the following ways:
  • From NOV 15, 12:00 to DEC 6, 12:00, [Stygian Nymph] and [Swallowtail Phantasm] will be available in Expansion Supply.
    • Expansion Equipment Supply for [Stygian Nymph] will also be available.

Event [Stygian Blooms]

  • The darkness inside Seele has distorted the space. The anomaly space has prisoned Valkyries and is pulling Seele into the mire of negativity...
  • Event [Stygian Blooms] available! Cleanse the darkness together to free Seele and win Blueberry Blitz's Halloween costume [Shelley's Beastliya] and Honkai Shard!

Augment Core: [Hawk of the Fog]

  • Valkyrie Accipiter's Augment Core activated! She excels in dealing DMG by charging in and out of enemy groups and suppressing shielded enemies.
  • Once Story Chapter XIII is released, Accipiter Augmented event will be available. Complete event missions to obtain Accipiter Augmented's boosting material [Fog Chip].

Story Chapter XIII ARC Nocturne released

  • On her hunt for Herrscher of the Void, Rita Rossweisse accidentally revealed a fraction of the World Serpent's device...
  • Story Chapter XIII will be released at 10:00, NOV 28! Play LTO exploration event to win Valkyrie Ranger's outfit, Honkai Shard, and Fog Chip!

Additions to the Hyperion arsenals

  • New weapon: [Path to Acheron]
  • New stigmata sets: [Allan Poe] & [Marco Polo]

Game Adjustments & Optimization[]

The data below are at max skill level:
Violet Executer's Augment Core [Twilight Paladin]

  • Fixed a bug where holding the ATK button after using a Basic ATK might not trigger a Charged ATK in Fervent State.
  • The 4th sequence in Fervent State is adjusted to dealing 180% + Hit Count (max 12) * 60% ATK of Physical DMG and can no longer knockback enemies.
  • Optimized the homing effect of the 4th sequence in normal state. Before the fourth sequence is used, the enemy currently being hit is locked as the target.
  • Fixed a bug where the twilight blades were not concealed when the character turns around on the bridge and in co-op mode.
  • Optimized the model of Augment Core outfit [Twilight Paladin].

Blood Rose

  • Passive [Purifying Blood]: Fixed a bug where the ignite duration was not extended as described when the character is below 50% HP.

Valkyrie Accipiter

  • Increased the Interrupt of the first 3 sequences of Basic ATK.
  • Optimized the feedback of Basic ATKs.

Flame Sakitama

  • Her Combo ATK can now ignite unignited enemies, dealing 50 Fire DMG every 0.5s for 10s.

All Battlesuits

  • Added independent QTE skill switches. Turn off the switch of a Valkyrie to prevent her from using QTE skills.
  • Adjusted the invincibility duration when hit by Heavy ATKs.
  • Adjusted the Ignore Interrupt of all battlesuits and enemies.
  • Aligned the Time Fracture duration triggered by every character.

Specific Battlesuits

  • Added a unique Heavy ATK effect to the skills of certain battlesuits. These skills hit harder and break shields easier. The HP bar of enemies is highlighted when they are hit by Heavy ATKs.
White Comet Ultimate [Valkyrie Impact], the 4th sequence in Burst mode.
Divine Prayer The 4th sequence in Burst mode, the last sequence of Combo ATK.
Battle Storm Switch ATK [Splitting Cleave], the 2nd sequence of 2nd Charge, the 1st and 2nd sequence of 3rd Charge, Ultimate [Tornado Storm], Sprint ATK.
Valkyrie Triumph Sprint ATK, the 2nd sequence of 3rd Charge
Scarlet Fusion QTE skills, Sprint ATK, the 3rd sequence and Sprinting Zornhut in Burst mode after using Ultimate.
Vermilion Knight Ultimate [Annihilating Flames], QTE skill [Solar Impact].
Blood Rose Switch ATK [Slash Dance], QTE skill [Burning Windmills], the last sequence of Basic ATK, the last sequence in Blood Wrath state, Sprint ATK.
Arctic Kriegsmesser Switch ATK [Ice Breaker], QTE skill [Avalanche], the 3rd sequence of Basic ATK, the jumping cleave of Ultimate, Sprint ATK.
Valkyrie Chariot Switch ATK [Gravity Shatter], QTE skill [Super Gravity].
Wolf's Dawn Ultimate [Explosion Shock], QTE skill [Dilated Momentum].
Dimension Breaker The ATK when activating Ultimate [Project Bunny].
Black Nucleus QTE skill [Field Suppression].
Herrscher of Reason QTE skill [Data Storm], the ATK when activating Ultimate [Cyberangel], Charged ATK in bike mode.
Yamabuki Armor The last sequence in Burst mode.
Night Squire Switch ATK [Seven Deaths], QTE skill [Emperor's Ax], Ri-Ki Darting Kite in Burst mode.
Valkyrie Accipiter Ki Avalanche, Ki Impact, Switch ATK [Raging Scale], QTE skill [Gray Dragon].
Hawk of the Fog (Augment Core activated) Kei: Blasting Palm, Kei: Tunneling Blossom, Ultimate [Raging Tiamat], Switch ATK [Rending Dive], QTE skills.
Shadow Knight The ATK when activating Ultimate.
Luna Kindred Switch ATK [Entomb], QTE skill [Blood Moon Kiss], Charged ATK [Axe of the Fallen], the 2nd sequence of Ultimate.
Violet Executer Combo hits in Burst mode.
Blueberry Blitz Ultimate [DEF Retaliation], Charged ATK [Sturmovik].
Molotov Cherry QTE skill [KATYUSHA HAMMA!].
Swallowtail Phantasm The last sequence of Ultimate.
Striker Fulminata (Augment Core activated) The last sequence of Ultimate.
Umbral Rose The last sequence of Ultimate.
  • Extended the invincibility duration of all Fu Hua battlesuits when hit by Heavy ATKs.
  • Bronya, Himeko, Theresa, Rozaliya, Liliya can use evasion skills earlier when hit by Heavy ATKs.
  • Increased the base ATK of Swallowtail Phantasm and Valkyrie Accipiter.
  • Updated the recommended equipment of some Valkyries.
  • Added bridge interactions of [Stygian Nymph].
  • Updated dual bridge interactions between Swallowtail Phantasm and Herrscher of Reason.

Stigmata Refinement
Added stigma affixes that increase the ATK of Quantum-type Valkyries (rerolls have the same probability of creating ATK affixes before the new affixes are added).

The following data are at max skill level:

Stigma set [Dirac]

  • Dirac (T) skill adjusted to: Increase Crit Rate by 10%. After entry or using weapon skills, increase Crit Rate by another 10% for 9s. Will not be triggered again during the duration.
  • Optimized the skill description of Dirac (M) to match the in-game effect.

Stigma set [Nobel]

  • Nobel (T) skill adjusted to: Increase Physical DMG by 25%. For every Combo Hit Count, Charged ATKs gain 1% Physical DMG. Max 20 stacks.
  • Nobel (B) skill adjusted from "Absorbed State ends when the host fails to hit an enemy using Combo/Charged ATK within 2s" to "Absorbed State ends when the host fails to hit an enemy using Combo/Charged ATK within 4s."
  • Full set skill [Igniter]: added the effect of "Increase the explosive DMG of Dynamite to 200% ATK of Physical DMG".
  • The upgrade material of Event weapon [Azure Soaker] has been changed to common material.


  • Optimized the procedure of crafting equipment that is flagged as "Equipped" or "Locked."
  • Added an equipment crafting portal on the weapon/stigma selection screen.
  • PRI-ARMs [11th Leitourgia] and [Positron Blasters] can now be crafted.
  • Optimized the UI and interface interaction during PRI-ARM crafting.
  • Adjusted the procedure of unlocking PRI-ARM crafting.
  • Emilione stigmata set [Marco Polo] can now be crafted.

Special Status Weakness

  • Enemies which had "Status Immunity" are adjusted to having "Special Status Weakness."
  • Enemies with Special Status Weaknesses have their Trauma gauge filled when taking hits. At max Trauma, effects that weaken enemies are applied to them.


  • Dual-wielding Zombies: Aligned their Ignore Interrupt when they are defending.
  • Dead Silence Zombies (Helscape, Wasteland, Deathly Doom): Removed the slowing debuff from their ATKs.
  • Dead Silence Zombies (Helscape, Wasteland, Deathly Doom): Gain Special Status Weaknesses after entering Ghost mode. To cancel Ghost mode, players must fill up their Trauma gauge by using Heavy ATKs. At max Trauma, they cannot re-enter Ghost mode for 10s and cannot perform consecutive evasions.
  • Summoner Zombies: Reduced their ATK, DEF and HP.

Honkai Beasts

  • Knight: Their ATKs no longer hit multiple times.
  • Konungr: Reduced their Ignore Interrupt when they are releasing earth spikes and decelerated the appearance of earth spikes.

Mecha Enemies

  • Reduced the turning speed of Padrino MFG.
  • Optimized the hitbox of Lightning's missiles. Valkyries will not be hit by missiles in a short period after evading or taking a missile ATK.

Ice Enemies

  • Weakened the slowing debuff from their ATKs (including Frost Guisarmier, Frost Ranger, Frost Lich, Frost Knight, Frost Emperor, Wasteland, Frozen Cruiser, Frost Rattler, Shrapnel Rattler, Storm Rattler and PSY: Meduzoa).

Argent Knight: Artemis

  • Adjusted the duration of Hypothermia Field and the recovering speed of Hypothermia inside/outside Hypothermia Field.
  • Fixed a bug where she can be stunlocked to death.
  • Optimized the visual effects of her being knocked airborne as a BOSS.

Memorial Arena: Exalted Boss - Argent Knight: Artemis

  • Added a special status weakness: Ignition Trauma. Use skills that apply Ignite to build up her Trauma gauge. Her Glacial Armor shatters when the gauge is maxed and she becomes Ignited to take bonus Fire DMG.
  • Reduced the DMG Reduction of Argent Knight: Artemis' Glacial Armor.

Optimized Heimdall's shield and gave it a special status weakness. Build up its Trauma gauge by using Heavy ATKs. The shield breaks when the gauge is maxed.

MHT-3 Pax
Adjusted how core weakness DMG is calculated, enabling [Increased DMG taken] and [DMG Reduction] effects to work on core weaknesses as intended.

Optimized the visual effects of enemies being frozen and in Frozen Naraka's Field.

Adjusted the enemy lineup in all weathers.

Story Stages
All Story stages that drop [Valkyrie Accipiter] fragments have doubled attempts in v3.5.

  • The LTO event of Story Chapter XII has ended. Captains can now collect more [Echo of Steel] and [Echo of Warriors] in Story Chapter XII stages.

Memorial Arena
Added a new emblem reward for Captains ranking in Tier 1 in Exalted (the original [Samsara Hunter] emblem is now rewarded to Captains ranking in Tier 2).

Due to the Dorm system overhaul, old Dailies including Coins Collection and Base Adventure have been replaced by new Dailies.

Battle Pass
[ARC Epode], the new season of Battle Pass, will be available on NOV 18.

[Elite Works] Updates
Added the options to purchase the following items in Elite Works:

  • [Weapon] Energy Leapers (v3.5 only), 11th Sacred Relic, Mjolnir, Flint Sanada
  • [Stigma] Celestial Hymn set: Kallen: Hymn (T, M, B)
  • [Material] The purchasable amount of Einstein's Torus has been refreshed
  • Captains can still purchase last version's equipment in Elite Works.

BP Rewards
Added a new outfit [Victoria] for [Umbral Rose] (Claimable after reaching BP level 20)

  • Optimized how the progression of BP missions is displayed.


  • Battle Arsenal
  • Added the option to purchase [Valkyrie Accipiter] fragments.
  • Purchasable battlesuit fragments have been replaced by that of [Valkyrie Accipiter]. Mini Wafer Blackbox is also available for purchase.

War Treasury

  • Added the option to purchase a limited amount of [Lucion] with [Memory Crystal Core].
  • Starting from v3.6, [Memory Crystal Core] and related weapons will no longer be purchasable in War Treasury. [Memory Crystal Core] will return the amount of [Ancient Willpower] that can be purchased by the total purchase price of expired [Memory Crystal Core].

Witch's Corridor

  • Added the option to purchase A-rank battlesuit [Blueberry Blitz] fragments.
  • Purchasable S-rank battlesuit fragments have been replaced by that of [Lightning Empress], [Celestial Hymn] and [Sixth Serenade] (purchased with [Pure Witch Orb]).

Logistics Terminal
Logistics Terminal has a chance to sell SS Imaginon and Phase Shifter. Their prices have also been lowered.

Other Shops

  • In Mithril, Asterite and Coin Shops, certain items have increased purchase limits.
  • Removed the option to purchase Phase Shifter for a permanently limited number in Co-op Shop.

Valkyrie Star-UP Mechanics Optimized
Captains can now Star-UP Valkyries in phases. Collect a number of fragments or souls to enhance some of Valkyries' base stats (the number of fragments or souls required to unlock new skills remains unchanged).

Valkyrie & Equipment Filtering Optimized
Added the option to filter Valkyrie and equipment based on elemental properties such as Physical, Fire and Ice.

Materials & Fragments Optimized

  • Optimized how materials and fragments are classified in the inventory. Their classification is far more detailed.
  • Added portals to salvage weapons and stigmata on the weapon and stigma screen in the inventory.
  • Optimized the redirection of "Item Drop Info" of Weapon Resonance. Captains can now redirect to the weapon conversion screen via material info.

Increased the cap of friend list. Now every Captain can add up to 98 friends.


  • The Base system has been overhauled. The original Base, Dorm and Divine Key systems have now merged into the new [Dorm] system. [Dorm Squad] and [Dorm Shop] have also been added (Collect Work Points Card in Dorm Squad to exchange for materials including Lucion in Dorm Shop).
  • Upon entering the Dorm screen, the resources spent on upgrading Base facilities are returned.
  • Optimized the "Quick Dispatch" function in Expedition. Quick Dispatch now auto selects the team whose headcount and power level meet the minimum requirements.
  • Construction Speed Orders can no longer be collected in Dorm Squad. (Construction Speed Order will return what it is sold for after the v3.6 update)
  • The Move In Procedures of Character [Stygian Nymph] and stigma [Ogier] are now available. Their interactions and events have also been added.
  • Valkyrie Gift Boxes can no longer be collected when triggering interactive events in Dorm. (Valkyrie Gift Box will return what it is sold for after the v3.6 update)


  • Armada Member Cap Increased
  • Every Communication Hub now holds up to 10 Captains.
  • Adjusted how the member capacity of Armada is calculated. The maximum member capacity of Armada is now the sum of base members (30) and the maximum member capacity of Communication Hubs (the number of Communication Hubs x the member capacity of a Communication Hub).
    • The maximum member capacity of Armada of different levels is increased to 70, 90, 120, 150, and 180 respectively.
  • Optimized how rewards are calculated when completing Armada Commissions to prevent rewards from being distributed to one member in extreme cases.
  • Adjusted how Armada's boss rewards are distributed. Increased the Ranger Creds rewards in phase 3 and reduced Ranger Creds gained from defeating bosses.
  • Communication Hubs no longer shows the nickname of members to outsiders.

Armada Joining Procedures Optimized

  • Added the Quick Join function. Free Captains can join the automatically recommended Armada by tapping a single button. Captains who have never joined an Armada before are rewarded with 60 Crystals upon their first joining! (60 Crystals will be delivered to in-game mailboxes)
  • Optimized the precision and display of Armada list.
  • Optimized the display of Armada members.

Supply Friendship Supply Adjustments

  • Friendship Supply is closed after the v3.5 update. Captains can purchase item bundle [Friendship Crate] in Coins Shop. Each [Friendship Crate] is sold for 100 Friendship Points and can be purchased in batches.
    • [Friendship Crate] retains the price of contents of the original Friendship Supply.
  • 50% OFF Friendship Crate Bundle is available in v3.* Each is sold for 500 Friendship Points. 100 purchases only.
  • The cap of Friendship Points is increased to 120k.
  • New [Dorm Supply] available! In Dorm Supply, for every 3 consecutive S-rank battlesuit drops, one of them is guaranteed to be New.


  • "Starter's Login" event and starter's level rewards have been replaced by the new starter's bonus event.
  • Valkyrie Muster is available as starter's event after the v3.5 update. Captains of Lv.15~60 can play the event from the mission screen for awesoeme rewards!

Bug Fixes & Optimization[]

  • Fixed a bug where the model of [Valkyrie Ranger] is displayed incorrectly on the stigma screen when in [Void Drifter] outfit.
  • Fixed a bug where the number of materials selected for consumption in the Foundry may be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where the icon of loot drops on the Prep screen of certain stages may be displayed incorrectly.

September 26, 2019 - Ver. 3.4.0[]

New Content[]

Augment Core: Twilight Paladin

Story Chapter XII: Plain of Vigrid

  • Story Chapter XII: [Plain of Vigrid] released! Play LTO challenge events to win 4★ stigma, Crystals, Honkai Shard, and more!

St. Freya Fiesta - Grand Celebration Coming Soon

  • Participate to win Valkyrie Pledge's school outfit, an anniversary exclusive stigma, loads of Crystals and awesome merch!

PRI Breakthrough

  • PRI-ARM MAG-Typhoon & Frozen Naraka are unsheathed for ultimate power!
  • Level cap increased to 85! Level up to win Honkai Cube and PRI-ARM upgrade materials!

Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal

※ To ensure that the game can be updated to v3.4 on Android devices, the Android version needs to be 5.0 or higher. Remember to update your Android devices as well!

Game Changes & Improvements[]

Stats below are max level figures:

Goushinnso Memento

  • Basic ATK [Kansakura]
    • Increased Interrupt Resist and attack range of the 5th sequence.
    • The 5th sequence is adjusted to dealing Ice DMG of 250% ATK.
    • Tap and hold the [ATK] button after the 5th sequence to perform a Combo ATK.
    • The next ATK sequence can be chained in a short time after evading.
    • Kinetic Energy restored on hit increased from 40 to 60.
    • Skill [Ice Spirit]: Skill effect adjusted to “Every basic ATK deals bonus Ice DMG on hit.”
    • Skill [Ice Spirit]: New skill effect: “The ATK speed of the first four Basic ATK sequences is increased by 30% and the 5th sequence boosts Total DMG by 30% for 8s.”
  • Special ATK [Combo: Instant Draw]
    • Combo ATK now initates fastly and has a larger range.
    • Tap and hold the [ATK] button after evasion to perform a Combo ATK.
    • Tap and hold the [ATK] button after an Ult or QTE to perform a Combo ATK.
    • Tap and hold the [ATK] button after the 2nd sequence of [Frozen Naraka]'s active to perform a Combo ATK.
    • Skill [Warrior's Pride]: Skill effect adjusted to “Increases Interrupt Resist during Basic ATK and Combo ATK, reduces Total DMG taken. Zankeki ULTRA restores SP on use.”
  • Ultimate [Frigid Rave]
    • New skill effect: “Restores 30 Kinetic Energy every 0.25s for 10s.”
    • Skill [Iceborn]: Kinetic Energy restored increased from 200 to 600.
    • Skill [Transcendence]: Duration extended from 7s to 12s.
  • Evasion [Clone Step]
    • Fixed an issue where Combo ATK could not be chained after evading.
    • Skill [Freezing Image]: Increased the probability of freezing enemies affected by White Shadow explosion from 30% to 100%.
  • Leader Skill [Sakura Dance]
    • New skill effect: “Increases the Elemental DMG of MECH battlesuits”.
  • Skill [Mercy]
    • New skill effect: “Restores 30 Kinetic Energy every 0.25s for 10s after unleashing Ult.”
  • The 5th Basic ATK sequence, Ult and Ultimate Evasion mark enemies on hit and the DMG buff of skill [Onimusha] is applied to marked enemies.

Herrscher of Reason

  • Skill [Emergency Damper]: Fixed an issue where extra HP was restored without triggering Ultimate Evasion [Instant Freeze].
  • When Book of Fuxi is equipped, its active skill can now be used.
  • During co-op mode, using QTE no longer ends burst mode.
  • Fixed an issue where HoR could not leave after unleashing Ult.
  • When out of combat in Open World, HoR will now switch to bike mode only after moving for a period of time. Also, she will return to normal mode if she remains idle in bike mode for a period of time.
  • Fixed an issue where HoR might be discovered when performing stealth kills in Open World.
  • Added stealth kill and jumping animations of non-bike-mode HoR in Open World.
  • Fixed an issue where model clipping persisted on stairs.
  • Fixed an issue where model clipping was possible when teleporting in Dirac Sea.
  • Optimized the controls of Basic ATK. Moving after ATK now feels smoother.
  • Fixed an issue where camera was facing the wrong direction when HoR was fishing in Open World.


  • The effect of tapping the [Ult] button after Ultimate Evasion is adjusted to unleashing Shuttle Attack of Sen-Ki Dashing Tern. Tapping the [Ult] button during or within 1s after the Shuttle Attack can trigger another Shuttle Attack once.
  • Skill [Sen-Ki Dashing Tern]: Slightly increased the vertical hitbox of Shuttle Attack.
  • Skill [Sen-Ki Dashing Tern]: You can now dash to the back of targets after using skills.

Violet Executer

  • Increased base ATK.

Argent Knight: Artemis

  • Skill [Lunar Burst]: Fixed an issue where the actual DMG multiplier did not work as described.

Molotov Cherry & Blueberry Blitz

  • Fixed an issue where target locks might fail when equipped with weapon [Blood Dance].

Vermilion Knight: Eclipse

  • Leader Skill [Vermilion Mark]: New skill effect: “Fire DMG is increased by 33% when team members are of 3 different types.”
  • Fixed an issue where her greatsword left afterimages when Eclipse was fighting as the Team Leader.

All battlesuits of Fu Hua

  • Added the option to “hide fists” in the equipment screen. Captains can now choose freely.


  • Fixed the overly intense and frequent screen shake effect and frame rate stuttering when using most battlesuits.
  • Optimized the skill descriptions of some battlesuits for accuracy. The battlesuits are Snowy Sniper, Herrscher of Reason and Phoenix.

Stats below are max level figures:

Weapon Ice Epiphyllum

  • Skill [Snow Dance]: Reduced SP cost from 20 to 5.

Stigmata Robert Peary

  • 2-pc bonus: New skill effect: “The first hit after character entry grants 20 Combo Hit Count.”
  • 3-pc bonus: Adjusted skill effect to “Increases ATK Speed by 20% and Total DMG by 25%. Grants a charge every 15s to ignore combo hit interruption once (2 charges max).”

Stigma Yae Sakura

  • [Yae Sakura (M)]: Adjusted skill effect to “Basic ATKs (including Combo and Charged) deal bonus Physical DMG of 50% ATK against enemies with Sakura Brand with 1s cooldown. Basic ATKs have a 20% chance to deal equal Physical DMG to surrounding enemies. One Slash DMG is increased by 10%.”
  • 2-pc bonus: Skill effect “Increases Lightning DMG by 50% against enemies with Sakura Brand” adjusted to “Increases Physical DMG by 50% against enemies with Sakura Brand.”

Stigma Nohime (B)

  • Adjusted special effects of the skill.

Stigmata set Darwin

  • Fixed an issue where Origin of Shields disappeared after taking one hit.
  • Fixed an issue where “Increases Lightning DMG by 20%” was not working as intended.

Stigmata set Dirac

  • Increased the skill Impair effect from 40% to 50%.

Stigmata set Monet

  • Corrected the description of slow effect to match the actual effect.

New equipment added to the Foundry

  • Antarctic Martyr set [Scott (T, M, B)] is added to the Foundry after the v3.4 update.
  • Last Mystic set [Rasputin (T, M, B)] is added to the Foundry after the v3.4 update. Get these sweet stigmata today!


  • Reduced the DMG multiplier of the last combo punch sequence.

PRI-ARM system is introduced after the v3.4 update.

  • The first PRI-ARMs to join the Arsenal are MAG-Typhoon and Frozen Naraka.
  • Ascended PRI-ARM gains an extra weapon skill and brand-new special effects.
  • PRI-ARM also has unique actives and a massive ATK boost!
  • For more PRI-ARM intel, please follow our PRI-ARM announcements!

LTO Abyss Event

  • LTO Abyss event lasts from SEP 30 to OCT 20 and only Q-Singularis is available during the event period.
  • During the event period, Q-Singularis is divided into Q-Gateway and Q-Singularis.
  • Q-Gateway is a single-player challenge mode without competition. Captains earn points by clearing challenges to exchange for rewards. The highest tier reward is 260 Crystals!
  • Captains may access Q-Singularis after earning 12k points in Q-Gateway. There are only three groups in Q-Singularis, namely Agony, Redlotus, and Myriad. For details, please check upcoming announcements!

Battle Pass
New BP season “Anniversary Melody” arrives on SEP 30!

  • You can now win Einstein's Torus in BP. The details are as follows:
    • Vanguard BP: Reach Lv.44 to claim Einstein's Torus x40. (The orginal Lv.44 rewards of HOMI Chest x1 is moved to Lv.49, i.e. you can now claim HOMI Chest x3 at BP Lv.49.)
    • Knight BP: Reach Lv.37 to claim Einstein's Torus x40. (The orginal Lv.37 rewards of Phase Shifter x5 is moved to Lv.43, i.e. you can now claim Phase Shifter x10 at BP Lv.43.)

[Elite Works] Store Update

Captains can also purchase last season's equipment in Elite Works, but summer exclusive weapon Oath of Judah is no longer purchasable.

[BP Store] Update

  • PRI-ARM material [SC Metal-H2] and Twilight Core are now available in BP.

Level Cap Increased
The level cap of Captains has been increased to 85 in version 3.4.

  • Captains of Lv.82 or higher can gain EXP by clearing daily missions. Level up occurs when EXP reaches the cap.

Level Cap Adjustments

  • The max Stamina upon reaching Lv.85 is increased to 165.
  • The max Expedition Stamina upon reaching Lv.85 is increased to 160.
  • Only Captains of Lv.81 or higher are eligible for the newly added Exalted group in Memorial Arena.
  • In version 3.4, Captains of Lv.30 or higher receives 30% bonus EXP for speed leveling.

Game Modes

Memorial Arena

  • Memorial Arena's Exalted group will be available on OCT 1. Captains of Lv.81 or higher can play to win even more Crystals, Ancient Willpower and Gold Pin!
  • Attempt rewards of the Exalted group now include PRI-ARM materials.
  • Captains who perform extraordinarily well in the Exalted group will receive exclusive and advanced frame rewards.


  • Adjusted the Shield HP, Shield DMG reduction and Shield cooldown of some enemies. The enemies are Wendy, Ganesha, Dark Jixuanyuan, Herrscher Kiana, Jizo Mitama, Assaka, and Hellmaru.
  • The bonus DMG of the Q-Singularis buff can only be triggered by the Valkyrie currently deployed in version 3.4.

Dirac Sea

  • Adjusted the Shield HP, Shield DMG reduction and Shield cooldown of some enemies.
  • The enemies are Ganesha, Wendy, Dark Jixuanyuan, and Herrscher of the Void.

Open World Tasks

  • The odds of finding tasks which reward AE Imaginon have approximately doubled. The odds of finding tasks which reward stigmata EXP and battlesuit EXP materials have also been adjusted.
  • Tasks ranked S+ and above may reward Twilight Core from now on.

Bounty Mark

  • [MagStorm] can now be crafted. S/A/B-rank Bounty Mark has a chance to reward the Spirit, Shade and Ghost of MagStorm.
  • Starting from SEP 30, Captains cannot purchase Time Swirl Pass with Honkai Piece or Glowing Jade in Task Shop.
  • Starting from SEP 30, the option to “purchase Time Swirl Pass x50 with Asterite x1” will be changed to “purchase Time Swirl Pass x90 with Asterite x1.” Please take note of the change!

Story Stages & Expedition

  • VR's Augment Core upgrade material [Epiphanion] is now obtainable in Story stages and Expedition.

Raid Stages

  • [Operation Flashpoint] and [Snowwolf's Hell] stages are available after the v3.4 update.
  • Captains of Lv.81 or higher may obtain PRI-ARM materials [Einstein's Torus] and [SC Metal-H2] after clearing [Operation Flashpoint] and [Snowwolf's Hell] stages.
  • The drops in [Ashura's Throne] have been replaced with PRI-ARM upgrade materials after the v3.4 update.
  • The opening times of certain Raid stages have been adjusted as follows:
    • [Ashura's Throne]: 10:00, SEP 30 ~ 04:00, OCT 7
    • [Operation Flashpoint]: 10:00, SEP 30 ~ 04:00, OCT 21 & 10:00, NOV 4 ~ 04:00, NOV 18
    • [Snowwolf's Hell]: 10:00, OCT 21 ~ 04:00 AM, NOV 4

Time Works

  • Time Works stages have been adjusted to drop mainly Gold Pin after the v3.4 update.
  • The weekly attempts of Time Works stages are limited to 20 and the stages cost Stamina to play.

Weekday Event Stages

  • Added a new Weekday Event stage that rewards PRI-ARM upgrade material Nanoceramic.

Deep Archives & Character Trials

  • All existing Deep Archives & Character Trials stages no longer have a daily attempt limit after the v3.4 update.

Bundle Mall
Captains can now buy in bulk in Bundle Mall and Elite Works. Purchase everything you want in one go!

War Treasury

Event Shop

  • The option to “purchase SC Metal-H2 with Phase Shifter” is only available during v3.4.
  • The option to purchase Weapon Resonance is available for a limited time in v3.4. Captains can purchase Einstein's Torus x50 with Weapon Resonance x500 for 12 times at most in v3.4.
    • Reminder: Captains can still purchase Weapon Resonance with Honkai Cube in v3.4. The event duration of purchasing [Weapon Resonance] x1000 with Honkai Cube x1 has been extended to v3.5. Captains can make 8 purchases at most from v3.3 to v3.5.

Witch's Corridor

Exchange House

Coins Shop

  • Added the option to purchase Twin Soul materials and Ether Crystal.

Asterite Shop:

  • Added the option to purchase [Blood Embrace Part].
  • [Reroll Device: ATK] is now purchased with Rare Crystal Core.
  • Added the option to purchase PRI-ARM upgrade materials.
  • [Reson-Converts] can only be purchased 4 times per month starting from OCT 1.

Battle Arsenal

  • Added the option to purchase PRI-ARM upgrade materials.

Co-op Shop

  • The option to purchase Phase Shifter with no limit is scheduled to be taken off the shelf in v3.5. Remember to make timely purchases!

Materials Streamlining and Price Reduction

  • The original 3★ common upgrade materials are all replaced by Microreactor.
    • The original 4★ common upgrade materials are all replaced by Phase Shifter.
    • The original 4★ Weekday upgrade materials are all replaced by Twin Sakura Will.
  • After 4★ common upgrade materials are replaced, the purchasing price has been lowered from 1k Asterite to 600 Asterite. The selling price has also been lowered accordingly.

Selune's Elegy

  • New skill effect: “The last sequence of Ult inflicts Freeze on enemies for 3s.”

[ELF Works] Stage Adjustments

  • [ELF Works] stages will be temporarily inaccessible starting from SEP 30. Meanwhile, former Weekday Event stage [Drift World] will become accessible again.

Sensei/Cadet Requirement Adjustments

  • The levels required to become Sensei or Cadet are adjusted after the v3.4 update as follows:
    • You can now become a Sensei by meeting ANY of the following requirements: 1. Level equals or is higher than 76; 2. Has graduated; 3. Is already a Sensei.
    • You can now become a Cadet by meeting ALL of the following requirements: 1. Level equals or is lower than 75; 2. Has not graduated; 3. Is not a Sensei.

[Master's Shop] Update

Mission Adjustments

  • [Examination Trial] missions now include two new Examination Stages: “55~60” & “60~70”. Captains now receive far more generous Sensei/Cadet rewards for completing trial missions.
  • Reduced the number and increased the reward of daily Sensei missions.
  • Cadets may be rewarded with special item [Assignment] for clearing Examination Trial stages after the v3.4 update. Sensei is rewarded with tons of School Inspector Emblems and Cadet is rewarded with AE Imaginon for completing tasks as a team.
  • Graduated Cadets will automatically accept newly added [Special Bond]. Completing the mission grants Sensei tons of School Inspector Emblems and Cadet Honkai Shard.

Sensei System Optimized

  • The switch of “Looking for Sensei/Cadet” is added to the Sensei screen after the v3.4 update.
  • Your speech bubble in chat will be automatically tagged as “Looking for Sensei/Cadet” when the switch is on.


  • Move-In Procedure now available for stigma Lier Scarlet. Corresponding interactions and events are also added.
  • Added campus themed furniture that can be unlocked with Honkai Blocks. The rest that belongs to the same set is obtainable in the 2nd anniversary events.

Wishing Well

  • Reduced the requirements for Wishing Well as follows:
    • Captains possessing any two UP stigmata can make a wish.
    • Example: To obtain Schrodinger (T) x1 by making a wish, Captains only need to have Schrodinger (M) x1 and Schrodinger (B) x1 or Schrodinger (B) x2 in your inventory.

Item Name Changes

  • In v3.4, “Honkai Crystal” is changed to “Honkai Cube” and “Trinity Crystal Shard” is changed to “Honkai Shard”.

Bugfixes and Adjustments[]

  • Fixed an issue where some decorative textures of [Shadow Knight] were corrupted.
  • Optimized the display of obtainable materials on the BP Reward Preview screen.
  • Optimized the Chibi models of some characters in Dorm.


Captains of Lv.15 or higher will instantly receive a gift of 360 Crystals by logging in! Log in 7 days to receive Ai-Chest x4 & Phase Shifter x30! (Open Ai-Chest to receive 1M coins)

August 15, 2019 - Ver. 3.3.0[]

New Content[]

1. New Battlesuit: Herrscher of Reason

  • Dimension Breaker's S-rank Awakened battlesuit Herrscher of Reason: brand-new combat style.
    • In Ultimate, the bunny turns into an armed motorcycle and sweeps the battlefield with devastation
    • 3 unique skill effects in motor mode for an even more exhilarating combat experience!
  • Captains can unlock the new battlesuits in the following ways:
    • HoR & Valkyrie Ranger will be featured in Expansion Supply from 12:00, AUG 16 ~ 12:00, SEP 06; Meanwhile, Expansion Equipment Supply for HoR's recommended gear will also be available.
    • Note: Awakened battlesuits are NOT included in the Standard Supply pool.

2. Valkyrie Ranger's Augment Core: Void Drifter

  • Rising up from the ashes - Valkyrie Ranger's Augment Core activated! More flexible and powerful shooting; Ultimate unleashes Herrscher power to deal insane Physical DMG.
  • Special events offering Epiphanion, the essential material for Valkyrie Ranger's Augment Core, will be available in v3.3.

3. Summer Event: Odd Drifter

  • Summer is the season of adventure, and Odd Drifter is full of awesome adventures. Prehistoric ruins, enigmatic writings... There is definitely more about this island than meets the eye.
  • Play the event to get summer outfits for HoV, Swallowtail Phantasm & Stalker: Phantom Iron

4. Story Chapter XI EX: Void Heavens & Diane's Sojourn

  • To curb the Herrscher power inside, Kiana has embarked on a solo journey of self-exile.
  • At 10:00, AUG 29, Story Chapter XI EX will be updated to bring back the lost Kiana!
    • Clear Story stages and event missions to unlock outfit Prodigal Girl (featured in the Reburn animation) for White Comet.

5. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal

Game Changes & Improvements[]

Battlesuits Stats below are max level figures:

Swallowtail Phantasm

  • Fixed an issue where Ultimate effects were abnormal when skill Oneiric Shade was not yet unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue where SP was not immediately restored when using the team skill, and Phase Warp was not triggered after casting team QTE.
  • Body movements adjusted for the co-op preparation screen.

Molotov Cherry & Blueberry Blitz

  • Casting weapon skills or switch skills now connects better with Basic ATK.
  • Molotov Cherry: It's now more fluent to connect Basic ATK with Charged ATK.


  • Description of skill Herald of Dawn adjusted to match actual effects.
  • Sen-Ki Dashing Tern now has a longer window to be triggered after an Ultimate Evasion.

Luna Kindred

  • Skill Tainted Blades: SP regen heightened.

Basic ATK boosted for some battlesuits
Battlesuits affected:

  • Sündenjäger
  • Gyakushinn Miko
  • Molotov Cherry
  • Shadow Knight
  • Argent Knight: Artemis
  • Umbral Rose
  • Valkyrie Ranger
  • Luna Kindred

Weapon Adjustments

  • Blood Embrace
    • Skill Slice and Dice: SP cost reduced to 12.
  • Silver Reaper
    • Skill Severing Slash: SP cost reduced to 15. Skill effect adjusted from "each hit dealing 317 Physical DMG" to "each hit dealing 900 Physical DMG".
  • Dragon Spine
    • Skill Draconic Vortex: CD reduced from 25s to 15s. SP cost reduced from 25 to 6. DMG multiplier amplified from 250% to 600%.
  • Onyx Iron
    • Skill Protective Field: SP cost reduced from 15 to 5. When the shield exists, wielder deals 10% bonus Physical DMG.
    • Skill Vitality Drive: new effect: gain 0.5% Physical DMG per 10% HP.
  • Markov Type A
    • Skill Cannon: new effect: "Increases Physical QTE DMG by 25%"
  • Water Spirit Type-II
    • Skill Frost Shock: SP cost reduced to 2. New effect: "Dealing 500% ATK of Ice DMG to enemies ahead in a cone area".
  • Thermal Cutter
    • Skill Molten Blade: SP cost reduced from 14 to 2. Skill effect adjusted: from "148 Fire DMG every 0.5s" to "600 Fire DMG every 0.5s ".
  • Pulse Katana Type-17
    • Skill Frost Blade: SP cost reduced from 14 to 3. Skill effect adjusted: from "each blade dealing 488 Ice DMG" to "each blade dealing 980 Ice DMG".
  • CAS-II Namiko
    • Skill Wander: SP cost reduced from 10 to 3.
    • New passive Tidal: Gain 15% bonus Physical DMG.
  • CAS-X Saints
    • New passive Sacred Flame: Gain 15% bonus Fire DMG.
  • Obsidian Reaper
    • Skill Volcanic Glass: SP cost reduced from 10 to 3.
  • The Dark Crusher
    • Skill Pulverize: SP cost reduced from 18 to 3. Skill effect adjusted: from "each slam dealing 1085 Fire DMG" to "each slam dealing 2500 Fire DMG".
  • Vanguard
    • Skill Valkyrie Impact: SP cost reduced from 15 to 3.
  • Lightning Soul
    • New passive Spirit of Lightning: Gain 15% bonus Lightning DMG.
  • Jingwei's Wings
    • Skill Sealing Feather: SP cost reduced to 18.
  • Nuada's Grief
    • Skill Airgetlám: Effect range expanded. When casting this skill, the wielder will charge toward the target.
  • Rosefinch
    • Skill Sinfire: new effect description: Max charge: 2.

Stigmata Adjustments

  • Ogier
    • Ogier (T): Skill adjusted to "When on standby, teammates gain 7% bonus Elemental DMG. When deployed, Basic ATK gains 20% bonus Physical DMG (Combo and Charged ATK included)."
    • Ogier (M): Skill adjusted to "When on standby, teammates take 10% less Physical DMG from direct hits. When deployed, Physical DMG taken is reduced by 25%."
    • Ogier (B): Skill adjusted to "When on standby, teammates deal 5% bonus physical DMG. When deployed, Movement Speed is increased by 25%."
    • 2-pc Bonus: adjusted to "When there are no more than 2 enemies on the battlefield, teammates take 10% less indirect DMG."
    • 3-pc Bonus: adjusted to "After exit, next Valkyrie gains 20% bonus DEF for 10s."
  • Wang Zhaojun
    • Wang Zhaojun (T): skill adjusted to "Increases fire DMG by 15%".
    • Wang Zhaojun(M): skill adjusted to "Increases fire DMG by 10%. Recharges every 10s, and increases total DMG by 10% in 5s."
    • Wang Zhaojun (B): skill is adjusted to "Increases total DMG by 5%. During battle, each enemy on the battlefield increases Fire DMG by 5.0%. 4 stacks max."
    • 2-pc Bonus: adjusted to "Increases Fire DMG by 15%. Attacks deal 300% ATK of Fire DMG to enemies nearby. CD: 15s.
    • 3-pc Bonus: adjusted to "When in battle, increases Max HP by 20% and total DMG by 10%."
  • Elizabeth Bathory
    • Elizabeth Bathory (T): skill adjusted to "Increases Crit Rate by 5%. When HP is above 80%, increases DEF by 31% in battle."
    • Elizabeth Bathory (M): skill adjusted to "Increases Physical DMG by 10.0%. When HP is above 80%, increases Physical DMG by 10% in battle.
    • 2-pc Bonus: adjusted to "Increases Physical DMG by 20%. BIO-type battlesuit equip bonus: Gain 10% Max SP in battle."
    • 3-pc Bonus: adjusted to "Increases Attack Speed by 15%. Hits have a 10% chance to heal 3% HP. CD: 2s".
  • Edison
    • Edison (T): skill adjusted to "Increases Lightning DMG by 15%. Charges once every 6s, and the next Basic ATK (including Combo and Charged ATK) deals 120% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG".
    • Edison (M): skill adjusted to "Increases Lightning DMG by 10%. Generates a shield every 6s, reducing Physical DMG taken from the next incoming attack by 105."
    • Edison (B): skill adjusted to "Increases total DMG dealt by summoned units by 30%. Charges once every 6s, and the next Basic ATK (including Combo and Charged ATK) slows enemies by 30% for 4s".
    • 2-pc Bonus: adjusted to "Charges once every 12s, and the next Basic ATK (including Combo and Charged ATK) deals 50% bonus total DMG and increases total DMG by 15% for 6s."
    • 3-pc Bonus: adjusted to "Increases Lightning DMG by 25%."
  • Darwin
    • 3-pc Bonus: adjusted to "Increases Lightning DMG by 20% and Movement Speed by 20%. The Origin of Shields breaks after taking 2 hits."
  • Vacation Queen
    • New multi-pc bonuses.

Battle Pass
New Battle Pass system. Clear daily missions to claim rewards in the BP system. The more you play, the better the rewards. Additionally, Captains can spend B-Chips to upgrade BP for better and exclusive rewards.

  • BP Season
    • The BP system runs on a seasonal basis. The new season will begin 04:00, AUG 19.
  • BP Types & Rewards
    • There are different types of BP and each unlocks different rewards.
  • Vanguard BP
    • From 04:00, AUG 19, Captains of Lv.20 or higher can log in to receive Vanguard BP and unlock the BP system.
    • Clear daily missions to level up Vanguard BP and claim awesome rewards including Lucion & Honor Chip!
    • Lucion: used to exchange for top tier weapons & stigmata in Elite Works. In addition, a total of 2 Lucions can be claimed from the Odd Drifter event in v3.3.
    • Honor Chip: used to exchange for Focused Supply Card, Ancient Willpower, SS Imaginon and more in BP Stores.
  • Knight BP
    • Captains can spend 600 B-Chips to upgrade Vanguard BP into Knight BP and receive all rewards from Vanguard BP as well as a huge BP level boost, including Lucion & Rare Outfit Option (grants one of the following by choice: outfits Dark Devourer, Helena's Wings, Azure or 8k Asterite).
  • Paladin BP
    • Paladin BP can be obtained in 2 ways:
    • Unlock Paladin BP directly with 20% off (was 1600 B-Chips; now 1280 B-Chips).
    • Or spend 1k B-Chips to upgrade Knight BP into Paladin BP.
    • Unlocking Paladin BP comes with a sweet BP level boost. Apart from all the rewards of Vanguard/Knight BP, there will be an exclusive frame to mark your pioneer status.
  • Note: Knight BP & Paladin BP will be available for purchase from 11:00, AUG 19.
  • Weekly missions updated
    • Weekly missions replaced by the new BP system. Clear battle missions to boost Battle Points and BP Level to reap better rewards than before.


  • Selune's Elegy
    • ATK boosted.
    • Hair now feels more silky.
  • ELF ADV Talents
    • New ADV Talent slots in the Talent Bank. Unlocking ADV Talents powers up ELFs to the next level!
    • Unlocking ADV Talents requires Talengem-X, a new ELF material in v3.3 which can be obtained from new event stages for ELF material.
  • ELF Works
    • ELF Works stages will be available from 10:00, AUG 19 to 04:00, SEP 23. Meanwhile, Drift World weekday event stages will be temporarily closed.
    • ELF Works stages refresh every Monday. Tackle stage challenges for Gold Pin, Basic/GP Talengem, Mind Stone, etc.
    • In a ELF Works stage, Captains can bring up to 3 ELFs to the battle.
  • Ashura's Throne stages
    • Ashura's Throne stages will be available from 10:00, AUG 19 to 04:00, SEP 23.
    • Captains of Lv.80 or higher can spend Ashura's Throne Pass to challenge the stages and claim Basic/GP Talengem, Mind Stone, Quanta Bytz, etc.

Game Modes

  • Base DMG of the Evadion buff boosted. The buff no longer benefits from battlesuit skills or equipment bonuses.
  • Evadion now auto regenerates in Novice and Elites groups.
  • Fixed an issue where Shadow Dash's shadow would trigger evasion skill.
  • Fixed an issue where Shadow Dash's shadow would generate extra shock waves during Quantum Vibration.
  • After clearing a floor, battlesuit evasion skills, Ultimates & weapon skills will now have their CD reset.
  • Conditions for successfully evading Quantum Vibration improved.
  • The Novice & Elites groups can now challenge up to 15 floors.
  • The scores needed for Novice & Elites groups to claim Score Rewards are lowered.

Memorial Arena

  • New Bosses: MHT-3 Pax & MR-06X Hephaestus.
  • Score Rewards replaced by Challenge Rewards, which are granted after challenging certain times.
  • Captains now can only see the rankings of the current group.
  • New season info and Boss list.

New Story Chapter XI

  • After the v3.3 update, level-up rewards will be removed from Story Chapter XI, but the challenge stages and Manifest will remain, and so will acquired event-only Valkyries & gear.
  • Normal stages now drop more Echo of Warriors/Steel.
  • Stage challenge rewards boosted.

Story Stages

  • In v3.3, daily attempts for the Story stages which drop Valkyrie Ranger fragments will be doubled.
  • Swallowtail Phantasm fragments can now be obtained from Story Chapter stages & Expedition.

Time Works

  • New Time Works event stages.
  • Tackle stage challenges to claim 4★ common upgrade materials, SS Imaginon, EXP materials, ELF materials & Gold Pin.
  • Unlocking the stages requires Factory Pass, which can be obtained from daily missions or bought with Asterite in Event Shop.
    • From 04:00, AUG 16 to 04:00, SEP 26, Captains can buy Factory Pass x5 with 300 Asterite in Event Shop.

Open World: Schicksal HQ

  • "Spend 2 Task Orders" Commission removed.

Material prices adjusted

  • After the v3.3 update, some materials will be sold at lower prices in Asterite Shop. Details:
    • Basic Talengem: 40% off (was 500 Asterite; now 300 Asterite).
    • GP Talengem: 20% off (was 1500 Asterite; now 1200 Asterite).
    • SS Imaginon: was 270 Asterite; now 200 Asterite.
  • The sellback prices of the materials above have been lowered accordingly.

Exchange House

  • New 4★ weapons for exchange. Captains can consume the new Reson-Converts to turn unneeded 4★ weapons into Weapon Resonance. Exchange Weapon Resonance for weapons in Exchange House.
  • Refresh price adjusted to 1k Asterite per time.

Battle Arsenal

  • SS/AE Imaginon, 4★ common upgrade materials, ELF materials available for exchange.

Witch's Corridor

  • New S-rank fragments for exchange (will replace previous ones): Dimension Breaker, Shadow Knight and Phoenix fragments (exchanged with Pure Witch Orb).


  • Owning limit eased for some equipment. Captains can now have 3 copies of the same equipment for different battlesuits.
  • Forge formulas adjusted for Fu Hua Musician (T, M, B).
  • New stigmata available for Forge: Ogier (T, M, B).

Task Shop

  • New material Shade Shard, used to exchange for Crystal Core.

Event Shop

  • New Weapon Resonance for exchange. From 04:00, AUG 16 to 04:00, NOV 14, Captains can exchange 1 Honkai Cube for 1k Weapon Resonance.


  • In v3.3, Fuel Consumption x3 will be active for Matrix. During Fuel Consumption x3, the Matrix game mode will consume 3 Armada Fuel while granting 3 times the drops!
  • Moon Will removed from Recovery Task.


  • Level-up time shortened for all Base facilities.


  • Move-In Procedure available for Herrscher of Reason, Cleopatra & Zhuge Kongming. Corresponding interactions and events have also been added.

Valkyrie Muster

  • New Valkyrie Muster event for fresh Captains. Event Path to Greatness temporarily closed.
  • Open to Captains of Lv.65 or lower and expected to last throughout v3.3 & v3.4.
  • Through the event, Captains can obtain Umbral Rose Arsenal Chest (grants Umbral Rose battlesuit card & gear), Valkyrie Call and Gear Call.

Valkyrie Call

  • Used in Event Shop to exchange for Flame Sakitama Arsenal Chest (grants Flame Sakitama battlesuit card & gear), Stalker: Phantom Iron battlesuit card, A-rank Valkyrie Ovyom plus other useful stuff .

Gear Call

  • Used in Event Shop to exchange for Upgrade Material Option, Moon Will, AE/SS Imaginon, etc.

Gear Muster co-op stages

  • 2 new co-op event stages.
  • Captains of Lv.65 or lower can spend Stamina to play the stages and claim Valkyrie Call, Gear Call, Honkai Piece, etc.


  • Icons improved for Epiphanion, Kometa Core & Fulminata Core.
  • Database: recommended gear & lineup adjusted for some battlesuits.
  • The option to exchange Crystals for Coins has been replaced by exchanging Mithril for Coins. 1k Mithril = 14k Coins.
  • EXP bonus boosted for Captains of Lv.60~69.

Customized avatar

  • Captains can now unlock matching avatars after acquiring new battlesuits or outfits.
  • Avatar setting no long linked to support battlesuit. Changing your avatar will not affect how you support fellow Captains.


  • Fixed a bug where errors might occur when viewing an item.
  • Fixed a bug where in some Story Chapter stages, players could move beyond the map.
  • Fixed a bug where on the Secret Info pages in Dorm, using the snapshot feature might cause errors.
  • Fixed a bug where on the ELF screen, buying materials directly from the shop caused the material number needed to be wrong.
  • Fixed a bug where some mobile models might experience screen flickering or blurring.

July 4, 2019 - Ver. 3.2.0[]

New Content[]

1. New battlesuit: Swallowtail Phantasm

  • Seele Vollerei's A-rank battlesuit Swallowtail Phantasm: Quantum-type and capable of unique Shuttle Attack. Her Ultimate grants her the extraordinary power of Shadow Avatar to decimate enemies effortlessly.
  • Captains can unlock the new battlesuit in the following ways:
    • Swallowtail Phantasm & Molotov Cherry will be featured in Expansion Supply from 12:00, JUL 5 to 12:00, JUL 12
  • Swallowtail Phantasm's recommended equipment will also be featured in Expansion Equipment Supply from 12:00, JUL 5 to 12:00, JUL 19.
  • Weapon Undine's Tale and stigmata set Dirac will be featured in Focused Supply A from 12:00, JUL 5 to 12:00, JUL 12.
  • In v.3.2, Captains can take part in Story Chapter XI events to receive Swallowtail Phantasm fragments.
  • Note: Swallowtail Phantasm will enter the Standard Supply pool shortly after the Expansion Supply event ends.

2. New Story Chapter: Deep End of the Sea Opening schedule:
To retrieve the lost Gem of Desire, Bronya threw herself headfirst into the unpredictable Sea of Quanta. In this bizarre realm beyond human comprehension, a most unexpected figure showed up before her...

  • New Story Chapter: Deep End of the Sea Opening schedule:
Stage 11-1~11-6 Unlocked after the v.3.2 update.
Stage 11-7~11-10 Unlocked at 04:00, JUL 11.
Stage 11-11~11-18 Unlocked at 04:00, JUL 18.
  • Limited-time challenge event for Story Chapter XI.

3. New ELF: Selune's Elegy

  • S-rank ELF Selune's Elegy: Wields a scythe and her Ult unlocks Death's Aura to deal tons of AOE Ice DMG.
  • ELF: Selune's Elegy will be featured in ELF Supply from 12:00, JUL 5. The Supply drops cost ELF Supply Cards and ELF: Selune's Elegy is guaranteed within every 100 drops.

4. New challenge mode: Q-Singularis
Unknown dangers and hidden hopes are calling upon those who dare from the dreadful abyss. New adventures await!

Q-Singularis will be available from 10:00 AM, JUL 15. Q-Singularis offers Captains an open map to hunt down enemies and compete with teammates for generous rewards.

5. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal

  • New weapon: Undine's Tale
  • New stigmata sets: Dirac and Schrodinger: Tour.

Some of the new equipment can be exchanged for, while some can be obtained through Supply events.

Game Adjustments and Improvements[]

Stats below are max level figures:

  • Molotov Cherry
    • During VODKA TWINS!, Molotov Cherry can now unleash Ult or be swapped to Blueberry Blitz.
    • Skill TYPHOON! YAY!: Can now be cast by holding the ATK button after Evasion or Basic ATK.
    • Skill TYPHOON! YAY!: Now takes effect where it should.
    • Skill TYPHOON! YAY!: Fixed an issue where weapons skills could not be cast correctly during the Charged ATK.
    • Skill CAN'T TOUCH ME!: Ultimate Evasion now triggers Time Fracture.
    • Skill I KAN'T STOP!: Bonus Physical DMG now apply to all attacks instead of TYPHOON CHOP only.
    • Skill I KAN'T STOP!: The bonus effect loses one stack per 0.1s after TYPHOON CHOP ends instead of ending immediately.
    • Skill YOU'RE TRAPPED!: Now immobilizes enemies in a larger range.
  • Molotov Cherry and Blueberry Blitz B2
    • Special effects improved for certain skills.
    • Connecting certain moves now feels more fluent.
    • Releasing the joystick during Charged ATK now stops the Valkyrie from moving immediately.
  • Gyakushinn Miko
    • Fixed an issue where models of certain weapons clashed with the character model during her Ult.
  • All Rita battlesuits
    • All battlesuit and outfit models improved.
  • All Fu Hua battlesuits
    • All battelsuit and outfit models improved.
    • The capes of Fire and Sword and Sword and Fire are now concealed on the Valkyrie screen.

New Quantum-type with Swallowtail Phantasm being the 1st of the type.

  • Type counters
    • QUA-type counters none of the PSY, MECH, or BIO types.
    • QUA-type battlesuits deal exactly the same DMG on enemies of the 3 existing types.
    • However, it's self countering, meaning QUA-type battlesuits deal more DMG to same-type enemies.
  • In v.3.2, when leveling up QUA-type battlesuits with EXP chips of other types (including Advanced & Super Chips), a bonus of 25% extra EXP will apply.

Stats below are max level figures:

  • Nobel: The AOE DMG from the 2-pc bonus now shares the same range with Molotov Cherry's Charged ATK.
  • Nuada's Grief: Skill Airgetlám's SP cost lowered to 4.
  • One Salty Tuna: Now costs common upgrade materials to upgrade.
    • The previously required Fine Salt will expire on JUL 4.
  • The Load Capacity attribute has been removed. Captains can now equip battlesuits with more freedom.
  • Stigma affixes with QUA-type attack bonuses are not yet available in v.3.2.


  • Boss Kallen
    • Fixed an issue where Kiana's VO was played during certain attacks.
    • Fixed an issue where she might stand still during special attacks.


  • ELF Talents now boost ELFs' ATK & skill DMG more.
  • ELFs now break down into S/A/B ranks.
    • ELF: Selune's Elegy is S-rank, while ELF: Blood Embrace & Jingwei's Wings are A-rank.
    • S-rank ELFs are born with 2 Talent slots and can unlock up to 5 slots.

Game Modes
Bounty Mark

  • Intro
    • Bounty Mark stages break down into S/A/B ranks.
    • Captains of Lv.40 or higher can create a room and directly invite other Captains in chat to engage a Bounty Mark. You can also opt to Quick Join a team on the Team List to assist in a Bounty Mark.
    • Engaging a Bounty Mark costs a Bounty File of the matching rank, which can be bought with Time Swirl Passes or obtained through events.
  • Achievement & shop changes
    • After the v.3.2 update, unlocking the Bounty Mark mode will be an Achievement that rewards 500 Time Swirl Passes!
    • Additionally, Captains can buy 50 Time Swirl Passes with 1 Asterite in Task Shop every week (refreshes on Monday).
  • Rewards
    • Captains who have fulfilled a Bounty Mark as the room owner will be rewarded Ether Fuel, random Ghosts/Shades/Spirits and more.
    • Assisting Captains will receive assist rewards. Assists are limited to certain times per week.
B-rank 5
A-rank 5
S-rank 2
  • UP drop target choice
    • Each cycle of Bounty Mark offers an UP drop target choice.
    • The chosen UP drop target has HIGHER drop rates! Tap the equipment icon on the top right of the Bounty Mark screen to choose or change your UP drop target.
  • Crafting changes
    • Weapon crafting in Bounty Mark is now more flexible:
      • Crafting a Shade now requires 3 target Ghosts and 3 Ghosts of any sort (before: 6 target Ghosts).
      • Crafting a Spirit now requires 2 target Shades and 2 Shades of any sort (before: 4 target Ghosts).
    • Crafting limit eased: You can now craft equipment which you have less than 3 of.
    • Demonblade - Florid Sakura & Lier Scarlet can now be crafted.
  • Time Swirl & Bounty Mark changes
    • From 10:00, JUL 3, Time Swirl stages will be temporarily unavailable, while BEFALL: Blade/Pistols/2-Handed stages will be moved to Weekday Events.
    • More event missions for Bounty Mark will be available from JUL 4 to JUL 18 for Captains to pick up more sweet bounties~

New challenge mode: Q-Singularis Captains can challenge enemies on an open map to rack up the score, and compete with Captains from the same group for ranking rewards.

  • Rules
    • Q-singularis will be available from JUL 15 to JUL 21. In the 1st cycle, Captains will be placed into groups of 20: Forbidden, Sinful, Agony, and Red Lotus.
    • After JUL 22, Captains of Lv.25~69 can continue playing Q-Singularis, while for Captains of Lv.70~82, Q-Singularis & Dirac Sea will be alternating every week.
    • Dirac Sea will no longer have Warriors and Elites groups. Each Abyss mode will be finalized independently.
  • Special Notes:
    • The 1st cycle of Q-Singularis will not have a Myriad group. If you are placed at Myriad when Dirac Sea finalizes at JUL 14, you will start Q-Singularis the next week at Red Lotus.
    • For Captains who reach Lv.70 after JUL 14: if you have played Dirac Sea before, you will be grouped based on your performance in the last cycle when entering the next.
      • If you haven't played Dirac Sea before, you will be grouped at Forbidden in Masters.
  • Dirac Sea Changes
    • Score Rewards adjusted:
      • Warriors: Witness of Darkmoon replaced by Coins and Abyss Basic Box replaced by Mithril.
      • Elites: Witness of Darkmoon replaced by Coins and Abyss Modest Box replaced by Mithril.
    • New progress score:
      • Captains who fail to finish the battle will gain progress score based on clearing progress. Progress score takes only into account the highest score possible from all unfinished battles and does not add up to the total score.
      • Of the same total score, Captains with the higher progress score will rank higher. Of the same progress score, Captains who have reached the progress score earlier will rank higher.


  • Story stages:
  • Drift World
    • Captains of Lv.80 or higher can now buy attempts with Mithril to play the Drift World Weekday Event stage.
    • Stage rewards now include Gold Pin, Basic Talengem, GP Talengem, and Mind Stone.
  • Open World: Sakura Samsara
    • Drop rates are now higher for Gyakushinn Miko souls & Honkai Pieces in D~A-rank adventure tasks.

Armada Terminal

  • Shop items now auto-refresh every week instead of costing Crystals to refresh.
  • Permanent items: Standard Supply Card & Armada Fuel Chest.
  • Random items: ADV Skill Material, 4★ common upgrade materials, Time Seal Box, HOMU Treasures, Mind Stone, etc.

Logistics Terminal

  • The fragments of one (before: 1~3 randomly) B-rank battlesuit is now available to buy with Coins every day.
  • Low-star upgrade materials moved to Coin Shop.

ELF Shop

  • ELF Shop will be closed temporarily after the v.3.2 update.
  • Mind Stone, Basic Talengem, GP Talengem will be moved to Asterite Shop with adjusted purchase limits.
  • Quanta Bytz will be moved to Mithril Shop.

Witch's Corridor

  • Now available: A-rank battlesuit: Stalker: Phantom Iron fragments.
  • Now available: S-rank battlesuit Lightning Empress, Celestial Hymn, and Goushinnso Memento fragments (will replace previous ones and exchanged with Pure Witch Orb).

Exchange House

  • Now available: stigmata set Monet.

Battle Arsenal

  • New shop where Gold Pin can be exchanged for Basic Talengem, Mind Stone, and more.
  • Gold Pin can be obtained from Team Raid: Eye of the Deep, Weekday Event stage Drift World, Path of Apotheosis, etc.


  • Blueberry Blitz can now be obtained through Expedition (once you have met corresponding level requirements and unlocked corresponding Story Chapter stages).

Bundle Mall

  • When checking out, the coupon which gives you the largest discount will be applied by default.
  • New B-Chip top-up tiers: 990 B-Chips and 1,980 B-Chips.

Bridge Interactions

  • Rozaliya & Liliya interaction animations and VO are added. Two Valkyries on bridge duty for the 1st time ever!


  • Move-in Procedure now available for Seele Vollerei and Rowland with newly added interaction and events.
  • The rewards for Move-in Missions will now be auto-delivered to your inventory.

Battlesuit upgrade changes
Leveling up battlesuit skills no longer requires Skill Points. Skill-related achievements and missions have been changed accordingly.

  • Technique Training Machine now grants Coins.
  • The achievement reward for obtaining a new battlesuit is now 50k Coins (before: 100 Skill Points).
  • In Base - Hub, the Skill Point modules have been replaced by friend limit ones.
  • For Captains of Lv.25 or higher, every 100 Skill Points will return one HOMI Chest (50k Coins).
    • This compensation will be delivered within 3 working days after the v.3.2 update.

Collection improved

  • New Collection Evaluation: Emperyus. Unlocked at 12k Collection Rating and rewards Crystals, AE Imaginon, and AiPhone keychain Empress Rita.

Chat & teaming up improved

  • Captains can now invite strangers into their teams in chat.

Offline Friendship Pts pop-up improved

  • The offline Friendship Pts prompt now shows in chat instead of popping up on the bridge.


  • Team Raid, Path of Apotheosis, and Team Raid removed from Weeklies.
  • Fulfilling Daily Duty now grants 100 Weekly Activeness.

Required level for Supply

  • Focused/Expansion/Equipment Expansion/Friendship Supply are now unlocked at Lv.15.

Path to Greatness

  • In v.3.2, Path to Greatness will be reset, and Supply Cards obtained in v3.1 will expire.


Below are the bugfixes for the latest version:

  • Fixed an issue where the challenge mode progress icon in Dreams of Gemina didn't show correctly when tapped.
  • Fixed an issue where Boss Kallen's VO was played incorrectly in Memorial Arena.
  • Fixed an issue where stigmata might be misplaced when viewing the Dirac Sea lineup of another Captain through Personal Info - Performance.
  • Fixed an issue where the drop lists of "Stage Select" and "Level Select" were blocked by the "Team Description" text box.
  • Fixed an issue where in Dirac Sea, deploying Argent Knight: Artemis in Maid of Celestia could cause Captain's avatar to show incompletely in the rankings."

May 23, 2019 - Ver. 3.1.0[]

New Content[]

1. New battlesuits - Molotov Cherry & Blueberry Blitz

  • S-rank battlesuit [Molotov Cherry] of Rozaliya: PSY-type. Specializes in dealing sustained Physical DMG at close-to-mid range. Powerful buffs and joint attacks will be unlocked when [Blueberry Blitz] is also on the team.
  • A-rank battlesuit [Blueberry Blitz] of Liliya: MECH-type. Proficient in counter-attacking and empowering teammates.
  • Captains can unlock the new battlesuits in the following ways:
    • [Blueberry Blitz] Fragments can be obtained by clearing the new Chronicles Chapter and taking part in certain events.
    • [Molotov Cherry] Fragments can be bought at [War Treasury] and [Witch's Corridor].
    • [Molotov Cherry] & [Blueberry Blitz] will be featured in Expansion Supply starting from 12:00, MAY 24. Please refer to relevant announcements for more details.
  • Note: [Molotov Cherry] & [Blueberry Blitz] will be added into the Standard Supply pool shortly after the Expansion Supply event ends.

2. New Chronicles Chapter – Dreams of Gemina

  • The Honkai Impact 3rd Lead Valkyrie Election coming soon! The born-to-be-idol Olenyeya twins have also joined the competition for HI3 Lead Valkyrie. Take a seat and enjoy their debut!

3. New spring event: Honkai Kingdoms

  • 3 rival kingdoms have started a never-ending war over the legendary treasure... As a traveler summoned from another world, you will fight for your kingdom and sway the tide of battle for glory and victory!

4. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal

Game Adjustments and Improvements:[]

Stats below are max level figures:

  • Black Nucleus
    • New effect of skill [Thermal Activation]: Boosts Crit Damage by 10~30%.
  • Dimension Breaker
    • During Ultimate [Project Bunny], the defense skill icon is replaced by the evasion skill icon.
  • Wolf's Dawn
    • Visual effects improved for her Ultimate [GROM Slam].
  • Yamabuki Armor
    • With Augment Core activated:
      • Fixed a bug where shockwaves from [Space Warp] would proc off battle in Open World.
      • Special effects improved for the shield when she is dressed in [Candy Demon] or [Helena's Wings].
      • During Ultimate [Obliterate Mode], the defense skill icon is replaced by the evasion skill icon.
  • Valkyrie Bladestrike
    • Her Ultimate can now be unleashed anytime during the last sequence of combo attacks (with or without Augment Core activated).
    • With Augment Core activated:
      • The Ultimate attacks have been improved and will no longer knock down airborne enemies.
      • Particle effects trailing her body when she has EM Reserve have been improved.
      • Fixed a bug where the bonus Crit damage from skill [Blade Flurry] did not take effect.
  • Vermilion Knight: Eclipse
    • Fixed a bug where in certain scenarios, the 2nd sequence of [Annihilating Flames] couldn't be cast after the 1st.
  • All Kiana, Mei, Bronya and Himeko battlesuits
    • Part of the bridge interaction VO has been improved.
  • All battlesuits
    • Sound effects have been improved, and Time Fracture sound effects will no longer play randomly when Valkyries are in action.
    • In v3.1, the SP cost to level up skills has been halved (and rounded down when necessary).

Skill effects improved for the weapon skills of Core Evoker Delta and Briareus PRI.


  • Aesir Heimdall
    • The conditions to break its energy shield have changed to:
      • During Heimdall's defense mode, its shield can be shattered by heavy hits from multiple attacks.
      • During Heimdall's defense mode, Ignite, Bleed and other debuffs will no longer trigger its counterattack.
  • Assaka:
    • Camera jitter improved during battle.
    • Fixed a bug where the special effects for the 7-hit ground slam were misplaced.
    • Fixed a bug where the special effects for the ground slam using its club were rendered incorrectly.
  • The way Valkyries' DEF mitigates damage from high-rank enemies has changed. High-rank enemies now deal less damage to Valkyries.


  • Expedition
    • The required numbers of battlesuits for Expeditions have dropped. Expedition stages recommended for Captains under Lv.30/under Lv.60/Lv.60 or higher now require 1/2/3 battlesuits respectively.
    • Mithril, Evolve Core and Jingwei's Wings Parts can now be obtained through Expedition (once you have met corresponding level requirements and unlocked corresponding Story Chapter stages).
    • On the Expedition screen, the background colors of Expedition materials now match their star levels.
  • Form Team
    • Now available for Team Raid [Eye of the Deep]. Captains can now quickly create teams via Team List, and challenge [Eye of the Deep] together with Armada buddies.
  • Team Raid: [Eye of the Deep]
    • The level requirements for the raid have changed. Captains of Lv.55~74 are eligible for [Normal Mode: Basic] (team of 6); Captains of Lv.75~82 are eligible for [Normal Mode: ADV] (team of 12).
    • The opening hours for the raid have changed. Monday to Friday: 18:00 ~ 24:00; Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 ~ 04:00 the next day.
    • New Eye of the Deep [Challenge Mode] for Captains of Lv.80 or higher.
    • Team Pack changed for Normal Mode: Basic (Lv.55~74): [GP Talengem] replaced by [SS Imaginon] & [AE Imaginon]; Team Pack for Normal Mode: ADV (Lv.75~82): [GP Talengem] replaced **an equal number of Options (offering one the following by choice: GP Talengem x1, Super Alloy Shield x2, Phase Shifter x2 or Tesla Turbine x2).
    • Personal Pack changed: Seasonal Score Rewards for 2600 points changed to AE Imaginon x5. Requirements lowered for Lv.55~74 Personal Pack.
    • [Challenge Mode] rewards will be finalized at the end of the season, and Captains can claim Asterite x1,500 and [AE Imaginon] x15.
    • Tutorial button improved. After clearing the tutorial, the entry button will be concealed.
    • The Personal Pack section has been improved, and Captains can now view their current progress clearly.
  • Path of Apotheosis
    • Battlesuit gear swap improved. Captains can now swap gear for battlesuits directly on the Path of Apotheosis screen.
    • Battlesuit attempts for Difficulty 1 and 2 have increased, while stage difficulty has dropped.
  • Memorial Arena: Camera movements in some scenes have been improved.
  • Chronicles Chapters
    • The conditions to complete the last Challenge Mode missions have changed. Details:
      • Everlasting Memory - Perfect Memory (IX): Clear Challenge Mode stages 20 times.
      • Chapter Xuanyuan - Perfect Memory (IX): Clear Challenge Mode stages 20 times.
      • Chapter Chiyou - Perfect Memory (V): Clear Challenge Mode stages 20 times.
      • Dilemma Dreamland - Perfect Memory (X): Earn a total of 20,000 points in Challenge Mode.
      • Kallen Fantasy VII - Perfect Memory (VI): Earn a total of 20,000 points in Challenge Mode.
      • The Forgotten - Perfect Memory (VIII): Earn a total of 20,000 points in Challenge Mode.
    • Captains who have completed these missions before the version update will be compensated accordingly:
      • Everlasting Memory, Chapter Xuanyuan and Chapter Chiyou: Stamina Potion x1 will be compensated for every 5 clearings above 20 (with decimals rounded up).
      • Dilemma Dreamland, Kallen Fantasy VII and The Forgotten: Stamina Potion x1 will be compensated for every 3,750 points above 20,000 (with decimals rounded up).
  • Story Missions: Coin rewards increased.
  • Character Trials: New stages for [Blueberry Blitz], [Molotov Cherry] and [Yamabuki Armor].


  • Skill Adjustments
    • Fixed a bug where Talent [Meditate] did not work as described.
    • Talent [Fast Reflex] moved from Talent Bank [Might] to [Essence].
    • Talent [Veteran] moved from Talent Bank [Essence] to [Might].
    • ELF attack timing adjusted. When the camera focuses on a Boss, ELFs will no longer auto-attack.
    • ELF combat performance tweaked. ELFs will disappear when Valkyries enter a vehicle, and reappear when they exit (Co-op stages unaffected for now).
  • Interface Adjustments
    • The ELFs' hair and outfits now feel softer on the ELF screen.
    • On the screen to deploy ELFs, the Menu button has been concealed to avoid fat-finger errors.
    • Added clarity for the ELF skill page. Only skills that can be leveled up are now highlighted.
    • The interface and skill order of Talent Bank have been improved.
    • ELF entrance VO will play when entering the ELF screen.
  • VO Adjustments
    • ELFs will speak less often during battle.
    • VO improved. ELFs' standby VO will no longer play during storyline dialogs.
    • New setting to tune up or down the volume of ELF VO independently.
  • Bugfix
    • Fixed a bug where some Captains could deploy ELFs before reaching Lv.50 in certain situations.


  • New A-rank battlesuits fragments available in the Armada Warehouse.
  • In v3.1, Fuel Consumption x3 will be active for Matrix. During Fuel Consumption x3, the Matrix game mode will consume 3 Armada Fuel while granting 3 times the drops!


  • New Bundle Mart
    • New [Bundle Mart] available. Captains can now view and pick Bundles more easily.
    • Outfit Shop items moved to [Bundle Mart] - Outfits.
    • Crystal Top-up, B-Chip Top-up and Top-up Rewards moved to [Bundle Mart] - Top-up.
    • [Special Bundles] screen removed.
  • Materials simplified & adjusted:
    • Original 1/2★ Weekday upgrade materials replaced by Moon Shard and Twin Moon Shard respectively; Original 3★ Weekday upgrade materials and Unreal Soda replaced by Moon Will.
    • Original 1/2★ common upgrade materials replaced by Greatsword Bladepiece and Titanium Barrel.
    • Open World food ingredients replaced by Vegetables.
    • All Valkyrie Dorm gifts replaced by Valkyrie Gift Box, with conditions to complete Dorm gift missions adjusted accordingly.
  • Low star-level equipment shards have expired:
    • 2★ weapon/stigma shards have expired and converted to 0.1 of the corresponding weapon/stigma each (decimals are rounded up).
    • [Elizabeth Bathory (B)] has converted to 1.2 [Honkai Piece] each (decimals are rounded up).
    • Story stages that drop weapon/stigma fragments: The first clearing is sure to grant weapon/stigma shards, while further clearings may or may not grant these shards.
  • Witch's Corridor
    • Now available: A-rank battlesuit [Sündenjäger] fragments.
    • S-rank battlesuit fragments replaced by that of [Knight Moonbeam], [Black Nucleus] and [Sixth Serenade] (exchangeable with [Pure Witch Orb]).
    • ELF parts can now be salvaged for Witch Orb.
    • [Molotov Cherry] fragments available throughout v3.1. Price: Witch Orb x1200. Weekly purchase limit: 5.
  • War Treasury
    • Now available: [Molotov Cherry] fragments. Weekly purchase limit: 9 (v3.2 or later: 6).
  • LTO Exchange
  • Time Swirl Pass Chest removed (Armada Fuel Chest still available in v3.1)
  • Land of Wishes
    • Round 2 available. Captain level required: 15.
    • Round 1 is still available and Round 2 can only be unlocked with Round 1 fulfilled.
    • Land of Wishes Round 2 caps at 80 prayers, which means it takes no more than 80 prayers to obtain the Valkyrie Ovyom [S] for Round 2.
    • When opened, the Ovyom grants one of the following battlesuits by choice: [Blood Rose], [Phoenix] or [Goushinnso Memento].


  • Commander Training Room is now easier to unlock. Captains can now boost combat stats of Himeko battlesuits before unlocking any of them.


  • Move In Procedure now available for Molotov Cherry and Blueberry Blitz. Corresponding interactions and events also added.


  • New Novice Co-op event for Captains of Lv.60 or lower to obtain fragments of one of the following battlesuits by choice: [Ritual Imayoh], [Shadow Dash] or [Valkyrie Pledge].
  • Captains of Lv.15~60 can clear Novice Co-op event stages to claim Event Supply Coupon, which grants A-rank battlesuit card, Standard Supply Card x4, stigmata [Ryunosuke Akutagawa] and other rewards.
  • Level requirements changed for certain systems and modes.
  • Valkyrie Training removed.
  • Frenzy Mode now only available to Captains of Lv.70 or higher.


  • Affix identification
    • Affix identification simplified. Newly acquired stigmata are now identified already and no longer require manual swiping.
  • Mail view interface improved.
    • When checking mails, the attachments will be directly shown in the mail.
  • Collection - Outfits: ACRs added to the album.


  • Fixed a bug where certain scenes in certain Chronicles stages might black out.
  • Fixed a bug where errors might occur when entering certain stage with an ELF.
  • Fixed a bug where Dirac Sea stats were shown incorrectly in Captain Info - Battle Stats.
  • Fixed a bug where errors might occur when viewing Valkyrie profiles on the Newbie Bonus page.
  • Fixed a bug where on the Time Swirl - Blueprint Recycling confirmation screen, Time Swirl Pass was shown incorrectly as resulting materials.
  • Fixed a bug where in some Story Chapters, NPC Rita's model were rendered incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where in Co-op stages, teammate damage did not show after tapping the left-side button.


300 crystals and Blueberry Blitz Fragments, 120 Crystals and 3★ stigma Olenyevas: Plum Rain B upon log-in.

April 18, 2019 - Ver. 3.0.0[]

New Content[]

Part 1. New Battlesuits

  • Rita's S-rank battlesuit Argent Knight: Artemis: BIO-type; deals tons of ice DMG; has unique summoning skills and can apply Hypothermia and Ice Cell debuffs to enemies.
  • Rita's A-rank battlesuit Stalker: Phantom Iron: MECH-type; uses charged attacks to become Supercharged where her basic attacks deal lightning DMG. Unleashes the Ultimate to summon autonomous tracking weapon Stalker Carbon, which utilizes a set of skills to apply debuffs and deal damage to enemies.
  • Augment Core of A-rank battlesuit [Valkyrie Bladestrike]: New battlesuit enhancement system [Augment Core] is online. When activated, it enables [Valkyrie Bladestrike] to use a new skillset including Current Converter, Avatar of Blades and Dancing Flames, creating more possibilities in the battle.
  • Captains can unlock the new battlesuits in the following ways:
    • From 12:00, APR 19 ~ 12:00, MAY 3, [Argent Knight: Artemis] and [Stalker: Phantom Iron] will be included in Expansion Supply. Please check relevant announcements for details.
    • Note: [Argent Knight: Artemis] and [Stalker: Phantom Iron] will enter the Standard Supply pool shortly after the end of the Expansion Supply.
    • [Stalker: Phantom Iron] fragments can be obtained by clearing certain Story Chapter stages or completing certain event missions.
  • In the new version, daily attempts for the 4 Story stages that provide Valkyrie Bladestrike Fragment will be doubled.

Part 2. New Story Chapters

  • Chapter IX-EX 2: Dark Serpent will be available after the APR 18 update.
  • Story Chapter X: Under the Deep will become available from MAY 2.

Part 3. New Systems

  • ELF: Jingwei's Wings & ELF: Blood Embrace: living form of the Valkyrie weapons. ELFs come with independent skill systems and autonomous combat styles. They are the powerful combat pals you've always wanted.
  • In the new version, Captains can participate in various activities and events to get [ELF: Jingwei's Wings] and 100+ Blood Embrace Parts
  • The ELF system is unlocked at Captain Lv.50. Captains of Lv.61 or higher can bring ELF: Blood Embrace into battle.

New Team Raid: [Eye of the Deep]

  • New large-scale co-op mode: [Eye of the Deep]! Dangers lurk in the depths. Fight alongside fellow Captains and coordinate your moves to defeat the ancient darkness.
  • [Eye of the Deep] Team Raid is a large-scale co-op mode where up to 12 Captains work together to complete various challenges. Captains can claim rewards both after clearing each stage and finishing the Team Raid.
  • Captains of Lv.55 or higher can experience Team Raid.

Path of Apotheosis

  • New challenge stages: [Path of Apotheosis]. Each battlesuit can only be deployed for limited times, and Captains are advised to make deployment plans according to stage effects.
  • [Path of Apotheosis] finalizes weekly, and the Finalization Rewards include Crystals, [Fulminare Core] and [Smelted Core] (can be used to upgrade [Valkyrie Bladestrike]'s Augment Core).

New Raid Stages: [Operation: Striker]

  • New Divine Key Raid Stages [Operation: Striker] are now available!
  • [Operation: Striker] is set in Arc City, where the deal went south for Theresa and her Valkyries, forcing them to retreat with the Ningyo. However, an unexpected force came into play and further compromised Theresa and her Valkyries.
  • [Operation: Striker] only has Hard and Supreme difficulties. Captains please choose difficulty wisely.
  • Compared to other Raid stages, [Operation: Striker] is more challenging but also comes with higher drop rates.

Part 4. New Level Cap

  • New Level Cap: After the APR 18 update, Captain level cap will be raised to 82. Meanwhile, there will be an EXP boost event for all Captains to level up at rocket speed.
  • New Level Exclusives: After reaching Lv.81, Stamina cap and Expedition Stamina limit will increase, and exclusive contents including new adventure tasks, Path of Apotheosis tiers as well as Divine Key levels and skills will also be available.

Part 5. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal

Game Adjustments[]

Changes to Open World Materials & Shops:

  • New common materials: Mithril and [Asterite]. The two new materials, along with Ancient Willpower, will become the three common exchange materials in the game which can be traded for most items in the Shops. [Exchange Shop] and [Memory Shop] will be replaced by Mithril Shop and Asterite Shop respectively.
    • Open World Materials streamlining: Ancient Carvings and other Open World materials will convert into common exchange materials by certain proportions.
    • Changes to Open World rewards: Collectible materials from Gathering, Mecha Defense and Matz Gatherer will be changed to common exchange materials.
    • Weekly purchase limits increased: Weekly purchase limits for battlesuit fragments and souls in War Treasury will be increased.
    • In the new version, Captains can buy 200 Asterite at the price of ONE Coin every day.
  • Special Notes:
  • After the APR 18 update, all of the original Open World materials will convert into common materials proportionally, and the original Open World Shop will close permanently.
  • For more details, please check the announcement on the changes to Open World materials and Shops.
  • Foundry:
    • New [Foundry] system: Except for [War Treasury], all equipment sold in shops will be moved into [Foundry], which can be accessed via [Supply] - [Foundry].
    • Affected shops: Exchange Shop, Memory Shop, Armada Terminal, Co-op Shop and War Treasury.
    • Apart from equipment sold in shops, the following equipment has also become available in Foundry: weapon X-01 Azure Eye and stigmata sets Elizabeth Bathory, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Wang Zhaojun, Mary Shelley and Fu Hua Musician.
    • In Foundry, the purchase limit for 3★ stigmata has been changed to ""No more purchases when owning 2 or more"". The change does not involve stigmata sets Rowland, Theresa: Origins, Naoe Kanetsugu and Edison.
    • One-purchase-only weapons cannot be forged in [Foundry] if already owned.
  • Exchange House:
  • Shop/Witch's Corridor:
  • War Treasury:
    • New S-rank battlesuit Blood Rose fragments available at the price of Ancient Willpower x14.
  • Event Shop:
    • Buying an item now only requires one 2nd confirmation, making it easier to buy items in large numbers.
  • Dorm Shop: Closed.
    • Home Materials and Honkai Blocks will only be available for purchase with Mithril in Mithril Shop.
    • Delicate Desserts will only be available for purchase with Asterite in Asterite Shop.
    • Furni-Bitz and Dorm Permission will be moved into [Logistics Terminal].
  • New ELF Shop is available for purchasing ELF materials.
  • Shops with no purchase options left will not be displayed.

Top Up

  • B-Chips can now be used to buy bundles.
    • Captains can tap the ""+"" icon on the top right of the Bundle screen to buy B-Chips, which offer the same top-up tiers as Crystals.
    • B-Chips can be used to buy previously cash-only bundles and outfits. (Note that B-Chips can be used to buy Bundles containing Crystals, but cannot be exchanged directly into Crystals.)
    • Money spent on B-Chips will count towards the Top-up Total.
  • B-Chip Coupons now available
    • When buying bundles with B-Chips, Captains can use B-Chip Coupons to get a discount.
    • B-Chip Coupons can only be used on certain bundles and within certain time. For detailed conditions of use and expiration date, please check the info below each coupon.
    • In the conditions of use for B-Chip Coupons, the ""X"" in ""Used for purchases over X B-Chips"" refers to the current actual price of the bundle.
  • [ADV Outfit Coupon] will expire and convert into [Special Outfit Coupon] x1 each.
    • [Special Outfit Coupon] can be used to exchange for certain outfits previously only available with bundles and certain event reward outfits. It may become temporarily available in every future version.
    • Outfits sold with non-cash bundles such as [Frigid Empress], [Candy Demon] and [Winter Princess] can no longer be bought with [Special Outfit Coupons].

Story, Daily & Weekly Missions

  • Story Missions:
    • Story Missions have been updated. Enter the [Story Missions] page to access the new interface.
    • Story Missions now has new missions and matching rewards. If you have already met the completion conditions for the newly added missions, you can directly claim the rewards after the update.
    • Completion conditions and rewards have changed for some existing Story Missions. Some Story Missions and their rewards have been moved into Achievements with their progress retained.
  • Daily missions:
    • Daily missions no longer include bounty missions. (Ongoing bounty missions can still be finished, but there won't be any new ones.)
    • Abyss / Open World / Memorial Arena missions will rotate in Daily, and some related missions have been added.
    • The amounts of EXP and Duty Points obtained from Daily missions have been adjusted.
  • The original reward for reaching 150 Duty Points have been changed from [Intermediate Toolbox] x2 to [Mithril] x1,200.
  • Weekly missions:
    • A new Weekly missions panel has been added to show completed missions and their rewards in the current weekly cycle. Weekly Activeness can be gained by completing Weekly missions, and Captains who have reached Lv.81 or higher can reap better rewards!
    • The original weekly missions in Daily have been moved into Weeklies, and conditions and rewards have changed for some missions.


  • Story stages:
    • Possible drops of Story stages now include [Fulminare Core] (material to enhance [Valkyrie Bladestrike]'s Augment Core).
    • In the new version, daily attempts for the Story stages which drop [Valkyrie Bladestrike] fragments will be doubled.
    • The 1st clearance EXP of Story Chapter 1 ~ 6 stages has increased.
  • Open World:
    • Possible rewards for Schicksal HQ Exorcism tasks now include Sündenjäger souls.
    • The weather in [Schicksal HQ] Mecha Defense now have true effects.
    • For Captains of Lv.60 or higher, possible Exorcism rewards now include Mysterion.
    • Captains over Lv.80 now have a chance to take Lv.80+ exclusive Exorcism tasks which reward ELF parts.
    • In the new version, the old Open World shops (Fusion Recipes, Forge Recipes, and Schicksal Shop) will close permanently. Exchangeable items in these shops are now available in Mithril Shop, Asterite Shop or War Treasury.
    • Open World materials such as Soulium Ore, Silver and Ancient Carving will expire and convert into common materials in the new version.
    • Open World materials such as Sakura Resonance, Precision Logic Unit and Box of Parts can now be sold for Mithril.
  • Weekday Events:
    • Daily attempts for Weekday Event material stages will be reduced to 1, and the stages now offer better rewards with a higher Stamina cost of 34.
    • New ELF material stages available for Captains over Lv.80. Eligible Captains can get ELF materials from these stages to help your ELFs grow.
  • Chronicles:
    • Possible drops of Everlasting Memory stages (Story Mode) now include 1★ weapons.
  • Time Swirl:
    • Materials obtained from salvaging Ghost / Shade / Spirit have been changed from Time Swirl Pass to Ether Fuel x8 / Shade Shard x10 / Shade Shard x45 respectively.
    • The stages now each costs 15 Stamina (was 10) and 25 Time Swirl Passes (was 15) to enter, and the rewards will be better.
    • Time Swirl will enter Phase II at 04:00, APR 19. Stage clearance status will be reset in Phase II, and Captains need to clear the trial stage again to unlock official stages. Clearing the trial stage after the reset will grant 1st clearance rewards again.
    • Time Swirl stages now may drop Fuxi and Quantum Destroyer Type-II Ghosts (to replace Jixuanyuan and Briareus PRI Ghosts in Phase I).
    • Note: [Jixuanyuan] and [Briareus PRI] can still be crafted in Phase II.
    • The clearing time limits for B rating and below have been extended, making it easier to achieve such ratings.
    • Captains can now use enhanced or upgraded equipment with higher level or star level for crafting. Equipment in protection, use or training cannot be used for crafting.
    • If the star level of the equipment used for crafting is too high, all upgrade materials used for its upgrades will be returned (including Honkai Crystals but excluding equipment EXP materials and Coins). If the level of the equipment used for crafting is too high, equipment EXP materials used for its enhancement will NOT be returned.
  • New Infinity Abyss mode: [Dirac Sea]
    • New checkpoint system: After entering battle, your progress will be automatically saved at the nearest check point. When reentering the floor, you will start at the saved checkpoint.
    • The bug where multiple battlesuits can be deployed to fight enemies from different areas has been fixed.
    • The bug where AOE skills may cause enemies from other areas to engage in the current battle has been fixed.
    • The bug where Valkyries do not enter battle when Stigma skills have dealt DMG to enemies has been fixed.
    • The bug where Valkyrie's SP may increase with enemies before the battle starts has been fixed.
    • After challenging enemies (whether with victory or defeat), your progress will be recorded based on enemies' HP loss, and the total progress on the floor equals the average progress of all areas on this floor. When reentering a floor, Captains can see their total progress on this floor.
    • The intro of enemies in an area now includes enemy difficulty and current progress.
    • 4 existing weather effects have been adjusted, and 4 new ones have been added.
    • Possible lags have been reduced.
    • Camera movements of some scenes have been improved.
    • The performance of the Bleeding icon has been improved.
  • Memorial Arena: New BOSS - [Heimdall]
  • Story, event and Co-op stages:
    • Objectives of some stages have been adjusted so that Captains can achieve them easier.

Affix Reroll

  • [Reroll Device] and Oriented Reroll
    • New material: [Reroll Device]. [Reroll Device] can be used for the [Oriented Reroll] of 4★ stigmata with 2 Wafer Affix slots so that Captains can refine stigma affixes to their preference.
    • In [Oriented Reroll], by consuming required [Reroll Device] and [Rare Crystal Core] at the same time, two 3★ (or higher) Wafer Affixes are sure to be generated.
    • [Reroll Device] can be exchanged with Asterite in Limited-time Exchange Shop. Please note that different Reroll Devices have different pools of reroll outcomes. For example, when [Reroll Device: ATK] is consumed, only attack-related affixes can be rerolled.
  • Weapon-based affixes streamlining
    • Weapon-based affixes have been merged into the following categories for simplicity: Pistols; 2-Handed & Fists; Heavy & Scythe; Blade & Cross.
    • If your stigmata have these types of affixes, they will be updated accordingly in the new version. For example, if the existing affix is ""20 Bonus ATK when equipped on a 2-Handed battlesuit"", it will be changed to ""20 Bonus ATK when equipped on a 2-Handed or Fists battlesuit"".

Friends & Chat & Display

  • New function: Groups. Capacity of each Group: 30 Captains. Captains can create Groups, invite others to join a Group, edit or check Group info, or invite Group members to activities such as Team Raids.
  • Captain Info now shows information about Captain's ELFs and performance in Dirac Sea, Path of Apotheosis and Team Raids.


  • After the APR 18 update ~ 04:00, MAY 23, Extration will be available for a 4★ weapon (excluding certain limited weapons and Divine Keys; one chance only).


  • Vermilion Knight: Eclipse
    • Camera movements during Combo attacks have been improved.
    • The timing requirement of unleashing Ultimate has been optimized. It is now easier to cast Ultimate continuously.
  • Blood Rose
    • New skill [Undying Rage]: Recovers HP based on the HP cost of the Ultimate when ending the Ultimate.
  • Herrscher of the Void:
    • Some of the skill descriptions have been modified for accuracy.
    • The bug where the wings and lances of Herrscher of the Void had not been displayed correctly on the result screen in Co-op mode has been fixed.
    • The visual effects of [Keys of the Void] and [Celine: Ascendant] set equipped by [Herrscher of the Void] wearing [Frigid Empress] has been improved.
  • Celestial Hymn:
    • New effect for skill [Crossing Harmony]: QTE skill deals more DMG against shields.
  • Wolf's Dawn:
    • Camera movements during the Ultimate have been improved.
  • Valkyrie Bladestrike:
    • Moving animations has been improved.
    • Model clipping bugs in some scenes have been fixed.
    • Fixed a bug where QTE skills that had not been unlocked could still be used in co-op mode.
    • The pace of Basic Attacks has been optimized. It now takes less time to connect Basic Attacks, making for smoother handling.
    • The sprint distances of [Aerial Slash] and [Blade Flurry] have been extended.
    • It now feels smoother to initiate Combo Attacks.
    • Visual performance of standby animations has been improved.
  • Shadow Dash:
    • Moving animations has been improved.
    • Model clipping bugs in some scenes have been fixed.
  • All battlesuits of Fu Hua:
    • Some abnormal animations has been fixed.
  • All battlesuits of Rita:
  • Moving animations has been improved.
  • All battlesuits of Bronya:
    • Casting Ultimate and weapon skills with laser-type weapons now feels smoother.
  • Visual effects of some Co-op team skills in Team Raid have been modified.

Stats below are all Max Level figures:

  • Thales: The duration of Blazer Mode of the 2-piece set bonus [Scorching Rhythm] has been extended from 5s to 6s.
  • Higokumaru: Fixed a bug where the 3-piece set bonus [Fox Shadow] could still be triggered when Combo Hit exceeded 50.
  • Fixed a bug where some stigmata set bonus "if the DMG taken from enemy attacks is less than a certain number multiplies the battlesuit level, the Valkyrie will not be interrupted (but takes DMG still)" did not work on Elemental DMG.
    • This adjustment will affect the following stigmata: Jin Shengtan's 3-piece set bonus [Cathartic Aura] and Planck's 2-piece set bonus [Planck Constant].
  • Monet: The visual effects of the lightning shield from its 2-piece set bonus [Nymphéas] have been improved.
  • Xuanyuan Sword: The Total DMG Multiplier of the Charged ATK from its skill [Sword Defense] has been increased from 20% to 25%.
  • White Star Banishers: The visual effects of its active skill [Spiral Jet] have been improved.

Divine Key
The level cap of Divine Key has been raised. Captains over Lv.80 can now upgrade Divine Key to Lv.9~10 and unlock new skills.


  • Jizo Mitama
    • Fixed a bug where Jizo Mitama kept turning after changing its form (in Memorial Arena).
  • The artistic effects of some Memorial Arena scenes have been modified.
  • As long as a Valkyrie is not directly hit or she is invincible, she will no longer lose SP when attacked by enemies with Corruption effect.

Sensei-Cadet System

  • Rewards for Trial Missions have been adjusted: SS Imaginon and AE Imaginon are replaced by Asterite.
  • Benefit loss due to exceeding recommended levels for the Trial Missions will no longer change with Captain level.
  • New exchangeable items available in Master's Shop.

Rest EXP

  • After the APR 18 update, Captains of Lv.50 or higher will obtain Rest EXP during offline time. After logging in, no Rest EXP will be granted. After clearing stages, your Rest EXP will convert into up to 100% bonus Captain EXP.
  • For example, if you consume 10 Stamina to clear a stage which normally grants 10 EXP, you can receive extra 10 EXP (20 EXP in total) with sufficient Rest EXP.
  • Special Notes:
    • Rest EXP caps at a certain amount. Try to make good use of it.
    • After reaching Captain Lv.82, Rest EXP is still granted but no longer converts into bonus EXP.


  • [Valkyrie Option Egg: S] from Land of Wishes and [Valkyrie Option Egg: A] from Top-up Bonuses will be adjusted as follows:
    • [Valkyrie Option Egg: S]: Choose a battlesuit from the following: Knight Moonbeam, Lightning Empress or Dimension Breaker and get 30 extra fragments of the chosen battlesuit.
    • [Valkyrie Option Egg: A]: Choose a battlesuit from the following: Ritual Imayoh, Flame Sakitama or Wolf's Dawn and get extra 30 souls of the chosen battlesuit.
    • A battlesuit card of an owned battlesuit will convert into 30 fragments/souls.
    • The dev team will reference server data and compensate 30 fragments/souls of the particular battlesuit to Captains who have opened Option Eggs before the APR 18 update. For more details please refer to further notice.
  • Quick equipment swap:
    • New [Gearing Plan] system, where you can save multiple weapon + stigmata Gearing Plans for each battlesuit and swap between them easily before battle. Captains can access the system via the [Gearing Plan] icon on the right side of the battlesuit roster screen.
    • Each battlesuit can have up to 4 Gearing Plans. Tap [Copy This] on the [Gearing Plan] page to easily save the current gear loadout as a Gearing Plan.
    • Tap [Use Plan] after saving a Gearing Plan to swap to the saved gear loadout.
  • If equipment in a Gearing Plan is locked for Memorial Arena or Path of Apotheosis, the plan cannot be swapped on.
  • New "Bond Valkyrie" event for rookie Captains: Qualified Captains of Lv.30 or higher can choose one from [Night Squire], [Shadow Dash] and [Umbral Rose] and try out the battlesuit for 20 days. By using the chosen battlesuit to complete battle missions, you can obtain the battlesuit, matching equipment plus other rewards.
  • Gameplay guidance and Returnee Bonuses have been improved for returnees. After the APR 18 update, returnees of Lv.50 or higher can spend Mithril and Asterite to buy Resource Recovery chests and catch up on rewards of unfinished or missed activities. These activities include: Open World, Infinity Abyss / Dirac Sea and Memorial Arena.
  • 7 day login rewards for new Captains adjusted:
  • Better Skill Descriptions
    • New Nutshell function on the Skill Description page. Turn it on for simpler skill descriptions.
    • Descriptions for skill level-up have been improved to better reflect changes to skill effects.
  • Keychains:

New [Starlet Memorial] keychains, featuring Bronya, Fu Hua, Himeko, Kallen, Kiana, Mei, Yae Sakura and Theresa. For more details please check further notices.

  • Dorm:
  • Material Expeditions: Captains of Lv.60 or higher will be able to obtain [SS Imaginon], [AE Imaginon] and [Fulminare Core] through expeditions.
  • Inventory:
    • The main screen to sell inventory materials has been improved. You can now filter materials based on the types of currency they are sold for and sell them in batches.
    • You can now sort stigmata in the inventory by sets.
    • When a type of material has exceeded its storage limit, a window will pop up for you to sell the excessive directly.


300 crystals and 520 Crystals and stigma ELF: Blood Embrace (B) upon log-in.

March 6th, 2019 - Ver. 2.8.0[]

New Content[]

Part 1. New Battlesuit
There she stood in the eye of the storm, swinging her blazing sword to smother everything in a sea of fire. New flaming battlesuit: Himeko Murata's S-rank Vermilion Knight: Eclipse has emerged from the flames of war.
These dark purple blossoms hide lethal intent. All-new character: Rita Rossweisse's A-rank battlesuit: Umbral Rose

Part 2. New Chapter: Journey for Tomorrow
Greatsword clashed with dreadful lance. Fire blazed and shadows danced. Past allies are forced to turn against each other. There is one shadowy figure hellbent on pursuing an impossible dream. The awakened Herrscher is but the eye of the storm that this monster had created.
The final battle will be fought in the Twilight of the Gods. She raised her sword in defiant outcry: "Our journey does not end here!"

Part 3. Anniversary Parade
St. Freya High School parade is on! The HOMU World, a grand ball, and a play directed by Principal Theresa?!
Receive rewards from HQ and best wishes from Valkyries, and look back to the past year--
"Let's keep fighting for all that is beautiful in the world!"

Part 4. Fairytale Rhapsody
Fairytale bells chime and sing. What secrets could we find in this snowy evening?
"Bunny with katanas and Cheshire Kitty playing the rogue..." This outworldly invitation sounds like a song.
The outworldly adventure from square one shall begin this very night!

Part 5. 1st Top Up Bonus Reset. Awesome Giveaways for Top Up

  • The [1st Top Up Bonus] will be reset after the March 6th version update.
  • After the reset, Captains can enjoy 1st Top Up Bonus (double crystals) of all top up tiers (excluding Monthly Card, Bundles, and Growth Fund)!
  • After the March 6th Update though April 6th 04:00, get Expansion Supply Card x1 for free upon any top-up!
  • Get Celestial Hymn's outfit Starry Night and Valkyrie Ranger's 4★ outfit Honkai World Diva for free when total top-up reaches certain amounts!

Part 6. New Endless Game Mode: Dirac Sea
No one has seen the true form of the mysterious Dirac Sea.
The turbulent waves and currents hide the trails of the conquered.
Brace yourself for this all new Infinity Abyss feature! The darkness is filled with terror and dangers. Are you ready for these challenges, Captain?

Part 7. Schicksal HQ Honkai Energy System Labs: Helheim
New areas of Schicksal HQ Open World: [Helheim] is open for a limited time. What terrible experiments are being performed there?
All new game mode [Helheim Hunt] is all set! Leave no stone unturned, Captain. We must uncover the truth this time!

Part 8. All-new Ultra-hard Challenge: Aesir Files
The Aesir Files and Herrscher Archives will pose more than a challenge to the toughest Captains. Ready your Valkyries. Keep an eye on new stage mechanics. They will be the key to victory.

Part 9. Hyperion Arsenal Updates
New weapons such as Godslayer: Surtr and Aphrodite, as well as new stigmata Thales and Wilde will be added to the Arsenal.

Game Adjustments[]

Stats below are max level figures:

  • Blood Rose:
    • Ultimate [Blood Wrath]: fire DMG of the downward cleave of the 4th sequence is increased to 180% from 140%.
    • Skill [Burning Blood]: fire DMG multiplier is increased to 160% from 140%.
    • Skill [Burning Passion]: fire DMG multiplier is increased to 100% from 80%.
  • Battle Storm:
    • 2nd charged sequence: Now deals 700%+900% ATK of Physical DMG (was 580%+730%).
    • Ultimate [Tornado Storm]: Now deals 7x120% ATK of Physical DMG (was 7x80%) to nearby enemies.
  • Valkyrie Triumph:
    • 1st charged sequence: Now deals 200%+300% ATK of Physical DMG (was 160%+275%).
    • 2nd charged sequence: Now deals 250%+400% ATK of Physical DMG (was 200%+325%).
    • 3rd charged sequence: Now deals 320%+440% ATK of Physical DMG (was 280%+440%).
  • Herrscher of the Void:
    • Possible lags during Ultimate are reduced.
    • Fixed: in Story Chapter 2, Stage 13, using evasion skills consecutively will cause stage challenges to suspend.
    • Fixed: pausing the game during Ultimate will cause the dress to disappear after a while.
    • Fixed: basic attacks immediately following [Alberich's Bows] and other weapon skills will cause the weapon not to disappear correctly.
  • Phoenix:
    • Fixed: Prajna and Firebrand DMG tiers are mismatched.
  • Some Theresa battlesuits:
    • Fixed: in animations of some Theresa battlesuits, the cross is misplaced.
  • Celestial Hymn and Sakuno Rondo:
    • Fixed: the “charged” skill tag is misplaced (it originally marks basic attack, and now marks special attack).
    • New effect of [Engraved Mark]: after reaching 30 hits, Total DMG Multiplier is increased by 20%.
  • Luna Kindred:
    • New effect of [Soul Drinker]: when Sanguine Mark is below 50, enemies not bleeding will also trigger the skill.
  • Violet Executor:
    • New effect of [Execute Mode]: immunity to common debuffs when the skill is active.
  • All Theresa, Fu Hua, Bronya battlesuits and Herrscher of the Void:
    • Fixed: position issues when changing dresses in the locker room.
  • Valkyrie Chariot:
    • Fixed: [Quantum Lock] description does not match its actual effects.
  • Wolf's Dawn:
    • New effect of [EM Counter]: each ground slam deals 8000 fixed DMG to enemy shields.
    • Connections of evasion skills, Ultimates and other animations are optimized to be more fluent.
    • Camera movements and special effects during Ultimate are optimized.
  • All Yae Sakura battlesuits:
    • Evasion skills are optimized for better cohesion and fluency, enabling faster stage 2 evasion and Ultimate after stage 1 evasion.
  • Flame Sakitama:
    • Fixed: lags during Combo Follow-up Attacks and Equipment Vulnerability effects in some cases.
  • Gyakushinn Miko:
    • New effect of [San-Ge Brand]: Total DMG Multiplier of 5-hit basic attacks is increased by 20%.
  • For some battlesuits, using evasion skills during Ultimate will cancel Ultimate and cause unexpected lags.

Stats below are max level figures:

  • Changes to Zorro 2-pic set [Destreza] effect:
    • Gain 1 charge for every 10s in deployment. With enemies nearby, randomly deals 100% ATK of lightning DMG to them and stun them for 0.5s. Meanwhile, the Valkyrie enters Destreza status and any evasion triggers Ultimate Evasion effects (Destreza ends upon Ultimate Evasion). Immediately unleashes a Lightning Shockwave when deployed for the first time.
    • After Ultimate Evasion, Combo/Charged attacks gain 20% Total DMG Multiplier for 5s. Triggering this effect again resets the duration.
  • Cecilia: Formals (T): Stigmata Skill [Dark Purple Sword] is changed to “basic attacks (including combo and charged attacks) deal 20% more physical DMG; at Dance Level 1 or higher, Crit DMG is increased by 20%”.
  • Higokumaru: Formals (M): Stigmata Skill [Crimson Flame] is changed to “Fire, Lightning, Ice DMG are increased by 20%; at Dance Level 1 or higher, indirect physical DMG taken is lowered by 20%”.
  • Reburn Party Set: 2-pic Set Bonus [Flower Dance] is changed to “for every 5s (previously 8s) the battlesuit is deployed, Dance Level goes up by 1”.
  • Kukuria: 2-pic Set Bonus [Charging Shield] description is changed to match actual effects. Updated description: grants a shield when player-summoned units are under attack.
  • Nagamitsu: force field effects are optimized for better clarity on the map.


  • Fixed: in Memorial Arena, some death lightnings from Boss [Assaka]’s skill [Lightning's Calling] deal no DMG.
  • Fixed: in Memorial Arena, Boss [Fu Hua] may disappear during battle.


  • Memorial Arena:
    • “Restart” option added to the pause screen.
    • Challenge lineups of other Captains can now be viewed at Boss Challenge Rankings.
    • Skill descriptions of Boss Kallen and Benares are optimized for better accuracy.
  • Open World: Schicksal HQ:
    • Description of Mecha Defense reward preview are optimized to display rewards for different difficulties. (Difficulty of Mecha Defense stages increases as Tech Level goes up, and with higher difficulty comes better rewards)
    • Player guide at the entrance of Mecha Defense and weekend challenge notifications are added.
  • Reminders for some activities (such as Infinity Abyss, Exorcism in Open World, Memorial Arena) are added. While the activity is available, Captains can find relevant tips on the main screen.

Note: Captains can turn on or off this feature at Setting - Push Messages - Activate Cycle Activity Reminders.

  • Co-op Raids:
    • Single stage matching mechanism in Raids is improved. Matching is now fast, unified and based on Captain and team progression.
    • Conditions for Time Sync rewards are changed to “clearing the Raid” from “accomplishing a certain number of challenge targets”.
    • [Time Base] challenges are available again. Meanwhile, challenging [Time Base] will consume [Stamina] instead of [Time Structures]. [Time Base] stages will rotate every day through the week, with a daily challenge quota.
    • Team List is added. Captains can create or join a team through the list and find ideal teammates with better speed and accuracy.
    • “Matchmaking complete” message is added. Captains can turn on or off this feature in Settings - Others.
  • Daily Co-op Stages:
    • All Squad Training stages, including Coin, Battlesuit, and Equipment Trainings are respectively integrated into a single stage. Stage difficulty and drops change dynamically with Captain’s level. Drop Reward Details:
    • Coin Training:
      • [Lv.1 to 45] Possible drops are the same with the original beginner stage after clearing the corresponding stage.
      • [Lv.46 to 80] Possible drops are the same with the original master stage after clearing the corresponding stage.
    • Battlesuit Training:
      • [Lv.1 to 45] Possible drops are the same with the original beginner stage after clearing the corresponding stage.
      • [Lv.46 to 69] Possible drops are the same with the original master stage after clearing the corresponding stage.
      • [Lv.70 to 80] Possible drops are changed to Battlesuit Super Chip x4 and United Tokens x50 after clearing the stage.
    • Equipment Training:
      • [Lv.1 to 45] Possible drops stay the same with the original beginner stage after clearing the corresponding stage.
      • [Lv.46 to 69] Possible drops stay the same with the original master stage after clearing the corresponding stage.
      • [Lv.70 to 80] Possible drops changed to Twin Soul Crystal x6, Ether Crystal x6 and United Tokens x50 after clearing the stage.
  • Time Swirl:
    • New stage [Forest of Rain] is added.
    • Crafting of Weapon [Pledge of Rain] and Stigmata [Ekaterina] are now available.
  • Chronicles: Chronicles rewards display is optimized.


  • Armada contribution display is optimized for better Contribution Rankings clarity.




  • Standard Supplies: reminder of remaining count towards “guaranteed S-rank battlesuit within the first 33 Standard Supplies”.
  • Display of Standard Supplies - Supply Details information is optimized.


  • Chat Rooms:
    • Emojis are now available.
    • The display of Chat window in main screen is optimized.
    • The functions and presentation of Private Channels are optimized. Captains can add friends or recent teammates directly to the chat list for private chat through the “Add” button at the bottom left corner of the window.
  • Captain Profile screen:
    • Click the nickname of the message sender in the message board to view his/her Captain Profile.
    • After the MAR 6 version update, Captain Profile will include battle stats (including Infinity Abyss and Memorial Arena) and collection display.
    • Captains can customize display settings of battle stats/collections/message board through “Display Settings” at the bottom right corner of the profile screen. “Display Preview” can be used to preview the updated Captain Profile screen.
    • Presentation of avatars in some interfaces is optimized to adopt the round and rimmed shape as in Chat Channels.
  • Updated battlesuits screen:
    • Awakened characters and original characters are now displayed separately. Captains can click the avatar next to the outfit button to switch between the two.
    • “Pinned to Top” function is added. Captains can pin their favorite battlesuit to the leftmost of the list.
    • Category filters are added. Captains can view battlesuits under the same type, character name, etc.
    • “Stats” is added to the battlesuit attribute panel. Click to view bonus stats from Base and Emblems.
  • Collection/Achievements systems:
    • The presentation of Collection/Achievements is optimized to support display by category.
    • Captains can now easily switch to different pieces of the same Stigmata set in the Stigmata screen.
    • Collector Rewards are added. Captains can claim rewards when collection rating reaches certain standards.
    • Official rules of collection rating are updated. Captains can click the exclamation mark next to [Collection Overview] (at the top right corner) for details.
    • Fixed: for some Captains who have obtained new battesuits, corresponding achievements are not updated correctly.
      • Note: in the original Collection system, different statuses of the same Weapon (original, upgraded and fully upgraded) will all be shown in the album. In the new system, an individual Weapon takes only one slot
  • Ai-chan:
    • Collection, Achievements and Mailbox entrances are added; unread mail notifications are added to the cellphone icon in the main screen.
      • Note: after the MAR 6 version update, the “Settings” button in the main screen will disappear. Captains can click the tiny gear at the bottom of Ai-chan to access settings.
  • The Quick Claim function in the mailbox is optimized. After the update, if a Captain’s Planeroid Tokens have reached the limit, clicking “Quick Claim” will claim other items that are within limits.

(Storage limit of Valkyrie Skill Points is increased. ( max at 3000 points)

  • Expedition Battle and Base Adventure rewards can now be quick claimed.
  • The left-side menu in the main screen is optimized.
  • Control optimizations for special cellphone models are added to bring the Skill buttons closer to the screen borders. Captains can turn on or off this setting (only visible to Captains playing on certain cellphone models) in Settings - Others.
  • Outfit Sublime Lotus: floating effects will appear less frequently.
  • Outfit Dream Raiment: weather effects during Ultimate are enriched with better residual particles.
  • Outfit Holy Rose: performance is improved.

Bridge Interactions

  • Fu Hua, Luna Kindred and Arctic Kriegsmesser interaction animations and Chinese VO are added.
  • Rita and Kallen battlesuits interaction animations and Chinese VO are added.
  • ”Photo Mode” is added. Captains can click the bridge interaction bubble - [Camera] to access.

Reporting Illegal Plug-ins

  • “Cheating” option is added in Reporting page - Reasons. Reportable scenes include: Memorial Arena, Infinity Abyss, Co-op Battle, Dirac Sea, Speedrun Challenge and other activities.
  • “Report” button is added at the bottom right corner of “View Lineup” page in Memorial Arena and Infinity Abyss.
    • ※You can only report a Captain once every 30 mins.
  • Anti-cheat detection mechanism is updated.


300 crystals and 1000 crystals and 40 Sundenjager Souls upon log-in

January 23rd, 2019 - Ver. 2.7.0[]

New Content[]

Part 1. New Battlesuit
The Herrscher's powers have been unleashed, transforming a Valkyrie into a powerful new form. Manifest the might of Honkai into impaling spears and brush all opposition aside. Herrscher of the Void - Kiana's S-rank awakened battlesuit is ready to strike!
The fiery temptress had her innocent moments. The frost and cold have whittled away her years, but her indomitable will stand firm. Arctic Kriegsmesser - Himeko's A-rank awakened battlesuit is ready to strike!

Part 2. Valkyries' Sweet Memories

  • Check out this all-new game mode and get free 4★outfits!~
  • Create sweet memories with your Valkyries on the street, in the alley, at the Amusement Park, or even in the miHoYo Building!

Part 3. New Year Event

  • Set off firecrackers, make Chinese dumplings, eat glue puddings, fight the Monster Nian, beat up Ai-chan...Huh? Something seems wrong here...
  • So at the most important festival of Shenzhou, here in Hyperion, we have tons of New Year gifts for Captains~
  • Now it's Red Envelope time!

Part 4. New 4★Outfits

Part 5. Hyperion Arsenal Updates

  • Keys of the Void: penultimate dual pistols that fire "absolute commandments" designed to rip apart the spacetime fabric itself.
  • Celine - Ascendant: the mighty stigmata have resurfaced with the powers of fires and storms. All these will help us in the Honkai War, Captain!
  • Hrungnir: the fearsome frost giant of the Nordic myths. This greatsword smites evil where it exists.

Thank you for your understanding and continuous support, Captain! Lots of love from Ai-chan~ =w=


300 crystals and Sweet Giveaways Login Bonus upon log-in

December 12th, 2018[]

New Content[]

1. New battlesuits: Shadow Knight, Luna Kindred

  • Fu Hua's S-Rank battlesuit Shadow Knight: Mecha Type Melee battlesuit. Combines physical and lightning DMG, and boasts incredible burst DMG.
  • Theresa's A-Rank soul-awakening battlesuit Luna Kindred: Creature Type battlesuit, specializes in physical melee attack. Charged attack is strongly suppressive, and can bleeds enemies. Normal attack against bleeding enemies restores HP.
  • Captains can use the following means to acquire and unlock the new Valkyries:
    • During December 12, 12:00 ~ December 26, 12:00, [Shadow Knight] and [Luna Kindred] will be available in Expansion Supply.
    • Luna Kindred Soul can be acquired by participating in game activities or game modes.

*Reminder: Please note that awakened character [Luna Kindred] will NOT appear in Standard Supply.

2. [HONKAI Reburn]: Chapter 1 & 2 Overhaul
Chapter 1 and 2 have been completely redone. Start your Honkai War campaign and burn the dreaded corruption once more!
Let us join our hands together and fight for all that is beautiful in the world, now and forever more!

3. Vacation Time Jingle Bells,jingle bells,jingle all the way~~
Hyperion is in Christmas vibe! HQ has prepared mysterious gifts and Bingo event for Captains!
Spend a fantastic holiday with Valkyries~

4. Brand New Open World: Schicksal HQ

  • Brand new Open World: Schicksal HQ is unlocked. Explore the new world and complete adventure tasks to get awesome rewards~
  • After the December 12 version update, Captains who have reached Lv.50 and cleared the Third Samsara of Sakura Samsara can explore Schicksal HQ.
  • In Schicksal Shop, which is in Schicksal HQ, Captains can exchange for the following new items: Phoenix fragment, Luna Kindred soul, weapon Selune's Elegy and stigmata Edwin Hubble.

5. The Brand New Activity: Time Swirl

  • The Imaginary Space is a vast virtual world beyond reality that harbors hidden treasures - the brand new activity Time Swirl rears its mysterious head.
  • Time Swirl will be unlocked after the December 12 update. Captains who have reached Lv.60 can challenge Time Swirl stages to possibly get equipment drawings. Collect all the materials as described in the drawings to craft rare equipment.
  • After the BEFALL Stages are closed, you may continue collecting boss weapons via the Time Swirl Advent Valley.
  • Path to access Time Swirl: Bridge -> Attack -> Challenge -> Time Swirl

6. Chronicles Update

  • The Chronicles will allow Captains to re-experience extra stages for various characters. Chronicles released for this round include: Bronya: Dilemma Dreamland, Kallen's Fantasy and Phoenix's Extra: The Forgotten, all are divided into Story Mode and Challenge Mode.

You can get Valkyrie fragments, Crystals, Coins, Imaginary Cores, and 4-star Equipment in Chronicles.

  • Path to access Chronicles: Bridge -> Attack -> Attack -> Chronicles

7. Divine Key: Bronya's Weapon Star of Eden

  • Bronya's Divine Key Stage HOMU Fantasy is available now! Clear the stage to get Divine Key weapon: Star of Eden Cannon.
  • HOMU Fantasy be available at December 14, 4:00, and it will alternate with Squad Snowwolf every two weeks.

8. New Outfits

  • Flame Sakitama's Bride outfits Dream Raiment available.
  • Valkyrie Triumph Christmas outfits Holy Rose available.

9. Updated weapons and stigmatas in Hyperion's Arsenal!

Some new equipment can be obtained through exchange, while other new equipment will be obtained in Supply crates and events.

Game Adjustments[]


  • Equipment Supply has been added to Standard Supply. Refer to Supply screen for supply details.
  • Expansion Equipment Supply has been added to Expansion Supply.
    • The featured items in each round of Expansion Equipment Supply will be 1 weapon and 3 stigmata which are recommended for the featured Valkyries in Expansion Supply for that period. Each Supply Crate costs 280 Crystals or Expansion Supply Card x1.
    • In Expansion Equipment Supply, Captains are guaranteed to get the UP equipment featured for the Expansion Supply period that they have yet to receive within 50 consecutive drops.

In other words, for the Expansion Equipment Supply, Captains are guaranteed to get all featured UP equipment (1 weapon and 3 stigmata) within 200 supply drops.

  • Captains can enjoy this guarantee only once during each period of Expansion Equipment Supply.
  • Captains can check UP equipment they have currently received in the Expansion Equipment Supply screen. (Received equipment will be marked as “√”)
    • This function is only available in Expansion Equipment Supply.
  • After the version update, the Expansion Equipment Supply and the Expansion Supply for Shadow Knight will be simultaneously available. The UP items in Expansion Equipment Supply drop rates will be different from those of Regular Focused Supply.
  • Focused Supply has been divided into A & B pool. Drop rates will remain the same.
    • The Focused Supply Crates you have opened will be counted as crates of Focused Supply A, and the number of crates you have opened in Focused Supply B will be reset.
    • The number of crates you have opened in the 2 pools are counted separately. For example, the crates you have opened in Focused A will be counted in Focused A. The rules of calculation and guaranteed drop of every 10 crates will remain the same. All calculation regarding Focused A will not influence your Focused B drops.
    • The Wishing Well will open every time a stigmata set is UP in Focused Supply A or B. The Wishing Well is now permanently opened.

Monthly Card

  • Optimized the way to claim Monthly Card benefits. A new screen to claim Monthly Card benefits has been added.
  • Captains who have purchased a Monthly Card can directly claim Crystal rewards for the day from the Monthly Card Bonus page after logging in to the game. Crystal rewards will no longer be issued by mail.
  • Each Monthly Card is effective for 30 days.Captains can get an extra 500 Crystals each time when you've claimed Monthly Card Crystals for a total of 15 days.
    • Note: The requirement to claim a total of 15 daily bonuses refers to total number of days, regardless of time span.

Growth Fund

  • Captains who have reached Captain Lv.6 can purchase Growth Fund. You'll receive Crystals and Coins when you reach Captain Level 15, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70. You'll receive a total of 4500 Crystals and 2800k Coins.
    • (The exact available period will be announced in later in-game announcements. Please be patient, Captains.)


  • Chapters 1/2 on Normal difficulty
    • Overhauled storyline, CG anime and valkyrie voice. Optimized chat mode in Story.
    • Reduced the number of stages in Chapter 1 and 2 on Normal difficulty (number of Hard and Supreme stages remains the same).
  • You'll get the same first completion EXP from Chapter 1 and 2 Normal as in former versions.
  • Considering the decrease of stages, we'll make compensation for the following rewards that you may miss. Compensations will be sent to Captains through mail.
    • Unclaimed Objective Rewards in deleted Chapter 1 and 2 stages (on Normal) before the update;
    • Unclaimed chests for completing star challenges in deleted Chapter 1 and 2 stages (on Normal) before the update;
    • Captains who have not completed Chapter 1 on Normal will receive Crimson Impulse Fragment x10 and Valkyrie Chariot Fragment x10 as compensation.
  • Please claim the compensation above in time. Compensation will expire 90 days after the update.
    • Note: After the update, Objective Rewards and Star Chests progress of undeleted stages will not be reset.


300 crystals and Himeko and Xmas Gift Log-In Campaign upon log-in

November 7th, 2018[]

New Content[]

1. New characters ready for battle: Night Squire and Sixth Serenade

  • Fu Hua's A-rank battlesuit Night Squire: Creature Type melee character. Specially designed for melee battles, it can launch dazzling combo attacks once its full potential is tapped.
  • Kallen's S-rank battlesuit [Sixth Serenade]: The soul-awakened battlesuit of Divine Prayer. Psychic-type melee character. Able to apply Mark of the Raven to the enemies, which deals Ice DMG.
  • Captains can acquire and unlock the new Valkyries in the following methods:
    • [Sixth Serenade] and [Night Squire] will be available in Battle of Schicksal Expansion Supply from November 7, 12:00 to November 21, 12:00.
      Once the Expansion Supply ends after November 21, 12:00, [Night Squire] will be available in Standard Supply. The awakened character [Sixth Serenade] will NOT appear in Standard Supply.
    • [Sixth Serenade] souls can be exchanged in the Shrine at Open World.
    • [Sixth Serenade] souls can be exchanged in Witch's Corridor, which is open during this version.
    • Starting after the November 7 version update: Spend a total of 30,000 Crystals to claim 100 [Sixth Serenade] Souls. The event is available until the end of the next version.
    • [Night Squire] fragment drops in Story Chapter stages.
  • Reminder: Please take note of the event time. During the Expansion Supply, using Standard Supply will not drop [Night Squire] Character Card or fragments.

2. Story Chapter 8: Will of the Herrscher
Kiana has been taken prisoner. Theresa forged an alliance with Anti-Entropy and readied her forces to assault Schicksal HQ to rescue the young Valkyrie. Will the plan to rescue Kiana succeed?
Chapter 8 has 2 Acts and 3 Difficulties:

  • All Difficulties of ACT 1: Already unlocked
  • All Difficulties of ACT 2: unlocked after November 14, 4:00 AM

3. Honkai Chronicles - Past Extra Chapters Now Available

  • Enter the Sealed Realms to uncover the legend behind the Xuanyuan Sword. Explore the everlasting memories of the clone bound to her pledge.
  • Past battles etched within the memories of the Valkyries and Valkyrie Chronicles are available for extended periods of time!
  • The Chronicles will allow Captains to experience a lite version of Extra stages for various characters. Chronicles released for this round include: Theresa's Everlasting Memory, Chapter Xuanyuan and Chapter Chiyou. These Chronicle stages are divided into Story Mode and Challenge Mode.
  • Clearing the Honkai Chronicles Story Mode provides a reward of one 3-star stigmata set: Ryunosuke Akutagawa in addition to other rewards that include Valkyrie fragments, Crystals, Coins, Imaginary Cores, and 4-star Equipment.
  • Path to access Honkai Chronicles: Bridge -> Attack -> -> Extra -> Honkai Chronicles

4. Total Onslaught

  • The fight against Schicksal is on! The Alliance has initiated a full-scale attack against every area of the target battlefield.
  • Total Onslaught will be launched for the duration of this version. The Game Mode refreshes every Thursday at 04:00.
  • In Total Onslaught, Captains need to deploy a number of teams to challenge every enemy and earn scores to claim Honkai Pieces, Imaginary Cores, Coins and Crystals.
  • Path to access Total Onslaught: Bridge -> Attack -> World Map (bottom right) -> Extra -> Total Onslaught.

5. Updated weapons and stigmatas in Hyperion's Arsenal!

Some new equipment can be obtained through exchange, while other new equipment will be obtained in Supply crates and events.

6. Sensei-Cadet System

  • Captain of Lv.61 or higher can become a Sensei, who will recruit a new Captain (Lv.6 ~ Lv.60) as a Cadet and offers his/her guidance. Sensei can only have up to two Cadets at a time.
  • Both the Sensei and the Cadet will be rewarded! Increase Sensei's Reputation to get emblems, chat avatar frame and Honkai Crystals, among others.
  • Tap the [Friend] icon at the Bridge to check Sensei-Cadet system.

7. Wishing Well
[Wishing Well] will be available since November 9, 12:00.

  • All stigmatas can be wished upon in Wishing Well when they're featured for the first time! After that, the stigmatas exchangeable in Exchange House can't be wished upon. The stigmatas that can't be exchanged in Exchange House will be available in Wishing Well when they're featured in Focused Supply.
  • In Wishing Well, Captains can consume redundant stigmatas featured for that period and Stigmata Resonance to collect a full set of the featured stigmatas. Captains can refer to the [Wishing Well] system in Focused Supply for more details.
  • Path to access Wishing Well system: [Supply] >>> [Focused Supply] >>> [Wishing Well] (at the bottom right corner)

8. Witch's Corridor
The new fragment recycling system [Witch's Corridor] will be available after the November 7 version update. After the battlesuit reaches SSS, the redundant fragments/souls can be turned into special currency. Captains can exchange the special currency for various items in Witch's Corridor.

  • Captains can turn the redundant fragments/souls into special currency in [Equipment] >>> [Fragment].
  • Path to access Witch's Corridor: [Supply] >>> [Shop] >>> [Witch's Corridor].

9. Other Updates

  • Featured Missions: The Featured Missions interface in this Version has been updated. Click the Tesla icon in the bottom right corner of Bridge to access Featured Missions. Complete corresponding missions to get rewards.
  • Land of Wishes: The new system Land of Wishes will be available after the November 7 version update. Please refer to the event announcements for details.
  • Black Ops: This new game mode will be released at 04:00, November 14. Only the specified character can participate in the Special Ops. The deployed Valkyries will share a common HP pool. Please refer to the event announcements for details.
  • Herrscher Files: The new game mode Boss Event will be released at 04:00, November 21. This is a super challenging stage. Refer to event announcements for more details.

Game Adjustments[]


  • Expansion Supply now includes a progress bar for the 100-Supply Drop Guarantee for S-rank Valkyries.

In Expansion Supply, Captains will receive the featured S-rank Valkyrie after making 100 Supply Drops. Captains can check the Expansion Supply screen to check the remaining number of drops for the S-rank Valkyrie guarantee to trigger.
When the featured S-rank Valkyrie of the Expansion Supply is received through the supply drop, the drop counter is reset (to 100).

  • In the v2.3 Expansion Supply, changes to the Expansion Supply pool will not reset the guarantee progress counter.

Unlike the A-rank or higher Valkyrie drop guarantee for the 10x Expansion Supply, progress for the 100 drop Expansion Supply guarantee for S-rank Valkyries will be passed on to the next round of Expansion Supply, and will not be affected by the closing or starting of each round of Expansion Supply (the guaranteed drop will be the S-rank Valkyrie for the given round of Expansion Supply). The counter for the 10x Expansion Supply guarantee for A-rank or higher Valkyrie will be determined independently for each round of supplies.
In other words, if a Captain's Expansion Supply screen showed "Guaranteed S-rank Valkyrie within 20 drops" in the previous round of Expansion Supply, when this round of Expansion Supply starts, said Captain can still get the S-rank Valkyrie featured for this round of Expansion Supply within 20 drops.


  • Added function where game can be paused to check combo move lists. Simply pause the combat to check the list.
  • Optimized the Technique Rating combat scoring system.
  • Fixed damage number toggle display issue.

Language Support

  • German and French are now supported. Captains can now change the game language in [Settings] >>> [Others].
  • Optimized English texts. Further optimizations will come in future versions.

See details here:


  • Optimized the main screen of the Base. Added a new sub-tab "Base" to the original "Base" screen.
  • Added the Quick Dispatch function to Base Adventure. Captains can simply tap this button once to dispatch Valkyries who meet the adventure requirements.
  • Added the Story Expedition Battle: Captains can now dispatch Valkyries to story stages that drop Valkyrie fragments for easy farming. Expedition will use up Stamina and stage attempts. There is a daily limit to the amount of Stamina used for expeditions.
  • Coins can now be directly acquired from the Base screen. There is no need to enter the Base to claim them.
  • Dorm Directory can now be directly opened from the Base screen.
  • Raised the level limit of the Honkai Powercore at the Base.


  • Added equipment completion notices to the dorm and a Red Stamina Can icon when there are available Stamina to claim.
  • Resident limit is set to 10 in the beginning. Unlocking the second bedroom will add another 5 to resident limit.
  • New residency applications added: Higokumaru, Kepler, Nagamitsu, and Lucia.
  • The number of Honkai Blocks rewarded from triggering random events in the Dorm has been raised to 3 (originally 2). There's also a 30% chance for dropping 1 Home Material.


  • Captains can now check on the statuses of other team mates in the Prepare screen.
  • If the Team Leader fails to start the game within 30s after all members are prepared, the system will transfer the leadership to another player.
  • A countdown (CD) timer will start after the battle ends. Finalization will be automatically completed when the CD ends.
  • Players can check co-op combat records after clearing the stage.

Raid Stage

  • Increased the amount of Glowing Jade drops for repeated clearance of any Raid stage (except for the Snow Wolf nightmare raid).
  • Glowing Jade drops for repeatedly clearing Normal Matrix Raid stages and Normal Celestial Castle stages have been raised to at least 3.
  • Glowing Jade star-level rewards for Normal Matrix Raid stages and Normal Celestial Castle stages have been raised to 8, 12, and 17 (originally at 5, 9, and 13).

Memorial Arena

  • Added the Boss Dark Jixuanyuan to the Memorial Arena.
  • At the Memorial Arena screen, current score is now displayed next to the Score Reward.
  • Added a Confirm button at the Stage Finalization and Cycle Finalization.
  • Captains can now attempt the Memorial Arena at any time while it is open.
  • Memorial Arena Benares:
    • Updated the background music (BGM). The BGM will switch when Benares transforms.
    • Updated the transform mechanism: Transforming will take place immediately when Benares's HP changes. A cue will happen before transformation. HP will slightly decrease in the Magical Dragon form.
  • Memorial Arena Himeko: Optimized overall display of Himeko.
  • Memorial Arena Assaka: C-rank Assaka will no longer use its lightning abilities. Improved skill descriptions of this boss.
  • Memorial Arena Jizo Mitama: Reduced the ATK and DEF of S-rank and SS-rank Jizo Mitama.
  • Reduced the ATK and DEF of all C-rank and B-rank bosses at the low level tier.

Open World

  • Removed the screen shake effect caused by Higokumaru's skills.
  • Open World collection materials now respawn 1 time per week (down from 3 times). Total quantity of materials remains unchanged.

Open World update compensation will be issued after the November 7 version update. Compensation mail will be sent to captains who have reached Lv.30 before the November 7 version update, so be sure to pick them up!


  • White Comet
    • QTE starting DMG: 375%+168→375%+450. Figures at maxed levels are not changed.
  • Crimson Impulse
    • QTE starting DMG: 225%+200%→225%+275%. Figures at maxed levels are not changed.
  • Shadow Dash
    • Reduced the Valkyrie rank requirement for unlocking Crescent Spin.
  • Phoenix
    • Triggering Phoenix's combo skills becomes easier.
    • Immortal Form - Time Swift is instantly effective after an Ultimate Evasion.
  • Valkyrie Ranger
    • Fixed the error in DMG multiplier against frozen enemies in the Critical Mastery skill description.
  • Imayoh Ritual
    • Reduced the frequency of action-triggered lines spoken by the Valkyrie.
  • Wolf's Dawn
    • Adjusted the dodge skill so that dodge CD only begins after triggering Time Fracture.
  • Fu Hua
    • Adjusted the Attack Speed system of all Fu Hua characters to make Attack Speed buffs more pronounced.
  • Yamabuki Armor
    • Fixed the Crit Rate reduction glitch of Yamabuki Armor's Energy Overload skill. Skill is changed to: Final Crit Rate of all attacks by the character is reduced to 50% of current levels (max at 50%).
  • All Characters
    • Valkyrie voice when unleashing QTE in solo stages has been added.


  • Einstein (stigmata): Revised a number of skills of Einstein (stigmata).
  • Yae Sakura (Stigmata): Added Blade Reversal bonuses.
  • Jingwei (stigmata): Added stigmata skills. Jingwei (M): Added Fire DMG bonuses to the combo and charged attacks. Jingwei (B): Added healing buffs when character is undeployed. Added Fire Mark criteria for the 2-pc set.
  • Mary Shelley (stigmata): Raised team healing abilities of Frankenstein Mode to 2% per second (originally: 1% per second).
  • Dracula (stigmata) 2-pc set effect: Criteria for summoning the kindred is now changed to "when landing a crit hit" (originally: when killing an enemy). Kindred now lasts 10s (originally: 60s).
  • Changed text descriptions of all stigmata. Introduced abbreviations for readability and game terms to better reflect what the stigmata actually do.
  • 2nd Sacred Relic: Added a new buff: gain Crit DMG for every 25 SP currently owned.


  • New Schicksal Boss in Story Chapter 8: Dark Valkyrie Knight Moonbeam.
  • Changed the Spirit-type monsters. Breaking the shield will dispel invisibility. Unable to enter invisibility while shield is down.


  • Optimized total top-up bonuses. Captains who have reached corresponding total top-up tiers can acquire total top-up bonuses from every tier again.
  • Added quick leveling of Valkyrie skills.
  • Added batch-use of items.
  • Added pop-up reminders when adjusting graphic quality at the Settings screen.
  • The [Feedback] button has been moved to Settings screen.
  • Adjusted stamina rewards when Captains gain a level. The Honkai devs will also be giving away compensation rewards: Stamina Potion x10 for Lv.30-55 Captains; Stamina Potion x20 for Lv.56-69 Captains; and Stamina Potion x30 for Lv.70-80 Captains.
  • Increased the amount of upgrade materials that can be acquired by salvaging stigmata of lower star levels.
  • Removed the Decoration Material Box drops for the elite floors and boss floors of the Matrix. The adjusted rewards now provide more 4-star equipment EXP materials and Imaginary Cores.
  • New Stigmatas in Exchange House: Sin Mal and Otto, and more.
  • Changed the prices of EXP materials and other items in the Shop.
  • Rewards for Story Chapter 1-2 (Supreme) now includes 3 or 5 Honkai Pieces.
  • Lowered the unlocking level requirement for a number of Story stages.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed the cat nest bug in the Dorm.
  • Fixed the system mail display bug on some devices.
  • Removed the redundant "button" in the game screen.
  • Fixed the bug where the Valkyrie will be stuck between two lamp posts in Yae Village.
  • Modified the descriptions of Technique Rating.


120 crystals and Prelude to War Log-In Campaign upon log-in

October 18th, 2018[]

New Content[]

Part 1. New Character Deployed

  • A-Rank Valkyrie Ritual Imayoh: Soul-awakened melee character of White Comet. After storing kinetic energy, she can unleash a massive attack corresponding to the power stored.
  • [Ritual Imayoh] will be available in Expansion Supply from October 19, 12:00 to November 2, 12:00. Please refer to corresponding announcement for details.
  • Reminder: Character Card or Soul for awakened Valkyrie won't show up in Standard Supply.

Part 2. New Extra Chapter - Kallen's Fantasy

  • Developed with the funding of Schicksal's Bishop Otto!
  • For the first time ever, the legendary RPG will be unveiled for the public to play!
  • Transfer student Kallen has just arrived at St. Freya High School and is determined to become the queen bee. What challenges will she be facing?

Part 3. Halloween Ball
Riding a broom and wearing a magic hat, the witch knocks open the door, climbs up the vine-covered spiral stair to the center of the ballroom and whispers: Shall we dance?
Flaunt your foxtrot in the Halloween Ball to capture the Witch's heart and the following rewards: 4-star cross Jack'o Lantern and 3-star stigmata - Bronya: Magic (T, M, B)!


120 crystals and Starry Ritual Long-In Campaign upon log-in

October 13th, 2018[]

New Content[]

September 28th, 2018[]

New Content[]

Part 1. Protector of Ancient China,Fu Hua Deployed!
[Jingwei Awakened] Psychic-type hybrid melee character. Offers a variety of combo attacks and super cool ultimates. Her attacks also deal bonus fire damage to enemies hit.
Everything shall be consumed by the divine flames.
Fu Hua's S-rank battlesuit Phoenix has awakened from the eternal slumber. Witness the power which safeguards Ancient China for thousands of years!

  • [Phoenix] shards can be acquired via Fu Hua trial stages, missions, and other missions.

[Accipiter Spreads Her Wings] As years fly by, her memories have faded away, but her wings always yearn for the sky.
The new era has come, she will spread her wings again and stun the world with mighty ancient power!
The mysterious and reliable class monitor from St. Freya High School, the elegant warrior: Fu Hua's A-rank battlesuit Valkyrie Accipiter deployed!
“Let me fulfill the wishes of the deceased.”

Part 2. Chapter 7: Lift the Sword of Rebellion
After fighting her way out in the Siberian tundra, Kiana is brought to the Schicksal HQ by Fu Hua. Schicksal’s S-Rank Valkyrie Durandal, Anti-Entropy’s scientists Einstein and Tesla will make their appearance. The intertwined destinies have blurred the lines between friends and foes. What choices will Theresa and her fellows make before the domineering Bishop?

  • Complete missions to win Crystals and Valkyrie Accipiter fragments!

Part 3. Fu Hua's Extra: [The Forgotten]
Personal encounters and long-lost friends... what other secrets are hidden within memories from thousands of years ago?
The Extra includes Story Mode (available at Lv.20 or higher) and Challenge Mode (available at Lv.30 or higher). The Challenge Mode is divided into 3 difficulty levels.
Participate to win the ★4 stigma: Jingwei (T).

Part 4. Matrix Space Raid
Recently, Battleship Hyperion detected an unidentified distress signal in the mysterious Matrix Space. Captains, please hurry to the Matrix Space and check things out in squads! Captains please note: This is an extremely classified operation. After completing a Black Ops mission, Valkyries and their equipment will enter a cooldown phase and can't be deployed in the Matrix Space battle for a short time.
HQ will reward you the ★4 Divine Key Weapon: Grips of Tai Xuan for your effort~ Good luck, Captains! =w=

Part 5. Fight Against Schicksal
Captains, Principal Theresa has decided to ally with Anti-Entropy in a surprise attack against Schicksal HQ to rescue Kiana, who has been kidnapped by Bishop Otto. We are counting on you, Captains! Make or break! Captains with great performance can win the ★4 outfit: Magic Girl TeRiRi and Trinity Crystal Shard!

Part 6. New Themed Abyss: Burning Heart Abyss
New Themed Abyss: Burning Heart Abyss opens. Together with Infinity Abyss, Pride Abyss and Gluttony Abyss, they will open on a rotating basis.

Ai-chan will continue to strive towards perfection and provide Captains with the optimal gaming experience! ~ ~~(つ・`ω´・)つ


120 crystals and Honkai Pieces upon log-in

September 5th, 2018[]

New Content[]

Part 1. Hymns and Flames
In her dreams, the miko priestess woke as a dual-wielding samurai warrior dancing in the rhythm of fire. The Will of the Apostles has never wavered for centuries. Their spirit has been transformed into a gown of pure love.

"Protect this world, and her as well!"

Part 2. Chapter 6: Babylon's Prisoner
The story continues to unfold as we venture deeper into the Babylon Labs in Siberia...
Truth and warmth, illusion and escape. What lies imprisoned in this place? A restless mind or an abandoned, isolated heart?
[Ich liebe dich]
Can this magical incantation found in the diary bring the girl's desires to reality?

Part 3. Soul Throne Raid
The cube with the sealed powers of Higokumaru has transformed into the katana: Jizo Mitama. A strange rogue has appeared and stole it away. The battle for the Soul Throne is inevitable. Captains! Please lead the Valkyries and overcome the 6 Ways of the Soul Throne and recover Jizo Mitama!

  • Clear the Raid on Normal difficulty for the 1st time to get: Divine Key: Jizo Mitama.

Part 4. Squad Snowwolf Raid
The last battle of those Valkyries was recorded in the Schicksal database, forever covered in dust. The records also included the final logs of Kiana's mother, the renowned S-rank Valkyrie Cecilia Schariac. As the Honkai corruption continues to growth, HQ has taken these records to create a simulation of Cecilia's battles in Siberia. Captain, these simulations will help improve your field leadership and command. Log number: N-876. Location: Babylon Labs. Time: 2000 CE, February 7, 1445 hours. Squad Snowwolf deployed!

Part 5. Divine Keys Pavilion

  • The shrine to display the Divine Keys has opened! Captains can enter the shrine by tapping [Base] - [Divine Keys] (Unlocked for Captains Lv.50 and above).
  • The limits for these weapons of great power can be removed via 'Harmony', which transforms the weapon into the powerful Divine Key.
  • Clear stages to collect the specified materials and gradually open the seal on the Divine Keys and level the weapons up.
  • Each time a Divine Key is leveled up, it will unlock a permanent passive skill or a non-permanent special skill. (special skills require using the same Harmonic Chord to unlock [Gene Limit] before they can take effect).

Part 6. Memorial Arena
The Memorial Arena is a battlefield simulation system designed and built by Schicksal for training Valkyries. Actual data is used to simulate the most powerful enemies encountered in the Honkai Universe in the Memorial Arena. Valkyries would attempt these challenging boss fights to improve their combat skills. Do you wish to put your skills to the test? The Memorial Arena is the perfect place to do so!

Part 7. St. Freya's Homecoming Fair
School has started! Kiana, Mei, and Bronya have reported back to St. Freya High to continue their Valkyrie training after the summer Vacation. The World's #1 Cutie Principal Theresa and Major Himeko will be there to welcome them to celebrate the annual St. Freya's Homecoming Fair! ><
Join the St. Freya's Homecoming Fair with your Valkyries for a chance to win the ★4 outfit: Aeterna Purum (for Valkyrie Bladestrike)!


300 crystals upon log-in
Homecoming Fair Log-in Rewards

August 8th, 2018[]

New Content[]

Part 1: Soul-Awakening - Bronya

  • A-rank Soul-Awakened Valkyrie Wolf's Dawn
    • Yamabuki Armor's Soul-Awakened form, Psychic Type ranged ranged character, with Project Bunny fighting along Bronya's side autonomously.
  • A 7-day login Wolf's Dawn battlesuit fragments giveaway will start after the update! For more info, make sure to check the following announcements.
  • S-rank Soul-Awakened Valkyrie Black Nucleus
    • Snowy Sniper's Soul-Awakened form. Black Nucleus is a Creature Type ranged character with stealth capabilities for assassination protocols.
  • Refer to subsequent event announcements for more info on how to get this.

Part 2: Dorm Life Expansion - Cuteness Evolved

  • Build the perfect dorm for your Valkyries and play around with different furnishing!
  • St. Freya Realtors proudly present: Valkyrie Dorms!
  • Choose from tons of furnishing styles. Move in and start living!

Part 3: New Extra Story - Dilemma Dreamland

  • There are 4 Chapters in total for this new Extra Story. Bronya has entered a dreamland full of unimaginable fantasies.
  • Captains, join Bronya on her quest and embark on a grand adventure to escape the Dreamland!

Part 4: Shamash Unsheathed

  • The human war against the Honkai has entered a critical phase. We are in desperate need of solid firepower. HQ has therefore provided every branch with a brand new Valkyrie simulated training program: Shamash Unsheathed.
  • Participate in the event for a chance to get the Divine Key - Judgment of Shamash!

Part 5: Exchange House

  • The Exchange House will be introduced in this version update! Ai-chan trusts that every Captain has figured out that salvaging some rare stigmata may yield Stigmata Resonators. *Once you have enough Stigmata Resonators, you can trade them with other items for the stigmata you want!

Aren’t you looking forward to this update already? ~~(つ・`ω´・)つ

July 31, 2018[]

New Content[]

May 20, 2018[]

New Content[]

Part 1: New Extra Story - Theresa's Everlasting Memory

  • An extra story with 4 chapters will be available
    • Birth of Hatsume
    • Regretless Guardianship
    • Rebellious Lamentations
    • Intel Entry

Part 2: World's Cuest Valkyrie - Theresa, Attack!

  • A rank Valkyrie Valkyrie Pledge
    • Psychic type, middle ranged Theresa character that has the power to immobilize enemies.
  • S-rank Valkyrie Violet Executer
    • Mecha type, middle ranged Theresa character that tears enemies up, causing them to bleed.

Part 3: Summertime Battle
In the heat of summer, principal Theresa has decided to take the Valkyries of St. Freya High School to the southern seas for a little vacation, but who knows what could happen...

  • All new Faction Battle game mode
    • Select your faction and battle together for treasure and win swimsuit costume rewards
    • Kiana's Sunny Beach, Himeko's Black Mamba, and Yae Sakura's Summer Dream costumes are waiting

Part 4: Equipment Update

Part 5: Themed Abyss

  • The Gluttony themed Abyss has been added and will be rotated with the Infinity Abyss.

Part 6: Other Content

  • Server time has been added to the Captain's info menu.
  • The friend invitation system is now online. Captains can invite new friends to play the game from the Friends menu.
    • There will be rewards available for recruiting new friends.
  • Standard Supply Optimization: After the update, all Captains are guaranteed to receive an S-rank Valkyrie within the first 33 Standard Supply Crates opened.
    • This feature is not related to the Standard Supply's over all 1.5% S-rank character droprate.
  • All new character interaction system is here. Captains can initially choose Chinese and interact with Kiana via text bubble.
    • In following optimizations after the update, the Japanese voiceovers will also be added.
    • Captains will be interact with more characters later.
  • Other game improvements and optimization.
    • The challenge missions to equip the Desert Eagle and Hannah stigma have been changed to equipping weapons and stigmata of any rarity.
    • The challenge missions to upgrade the Desert Eagle and Hannah stigma can be still collected now even when the items are upgraded past the mission objective requirements.
    • Fixed an issue in Sakura Samsara where the bonus damage dealt from a stealth attack would alert surrounding enemies.
    • Fixed an issue where incorrect materials would be gained from salvaging Warning stage weapons.

Part 7: Game Improvements

  • Special Effects
    • Some in-battle special effects have been adjusted. Settings for these new effects as well as the option for turning off the damage numbers display can be changed under "Settings"--"Other."
  • Shop Upgrades
    • Character fragments will now enter the discount pool in the Logistics Terminal, and will be also added to the basic materials purchase area.
    • Various purchase limits in the shop have been uniformly increased.
    • Common EXP materials and 1-star upgrade materials can now be purchased with coins.
    • The option for quick select has been added for Armada Commissions, Base construction, and equipment upgrades. If you don't have sufficient materials, there will be an option to jump to the corresponding shop and the item needed will be automatically selected.
  • Mission Upgrades
    • Added daily login mission.
    • Stage completion missions added for Captains Lv.15 and below.
    • Stamina missions have been adjusted to activate at Lv.10 rather than Lv.20.
    • The level limits for 100 and 150 duty accumulation have been removed.
    • A second round of missions will be added every week and the rewards will be increased.
    • Captains Lv.20 and below now have Armada Commission, item purchase, and coin exchange missions. There are more available daily missions, making it easier to reach and complete the daily duty rewards.
  • Battle Upgrades
    • Valkyries dispatched for Base Adventures can now be used in battle and are no longer restricted from entering battle stages.
    • There is no longer a Frenzy Chip restriction for being above the recommended level.
    • The amount of EXP Captains Lv.30 and below receive for clearing a stage has been increased by 100%.
  • Armada Updates
    • Dark Xuanyuan has been removed from the Armada bosses.
    • Armada Matrix Exploration level has been adjusted to Lv.22.
    • Challenge entries has been reduced from 5 to 3. Boss HP amounts have been reduced by 60%.
    • Armada bosses were originally available from 18:00 ~ 24:00 and have been adjusted to 19:00 ~ 21:00.
      • This is a typo in the official patch notes. Armada bosses were originally from 19:00 ~ 21:00 but are now from 18:00 ~ 24:00.
  • New Player Experience
    • Droprates of common upgrade materials have been increased.
    • Speed-up cards will now be given to lower level players.
    • Added a new notification to use EXP cards for lower level Captains.
  • Storyline Updates
    • Increased the droprates of Schicksal and Anti-Entropy Imaginary Cores.
    • On hard difficulty, the droprate for Honkai Pieces has been increased.
    • Droprates of A-rank and B-rank character fragments have been increased. Clearing a Hard stage 3 times is guaranteed to drop 1 A-rank character fragment, and clearing a Supreme stage 2 times guarantees a A-rank character fragment.

Part 8: Bug Fixes

  • Valkyries
    • Bronya: fixed an issue where Valkyrie Chariot and Snowy Sniper's weapons would not display properly upon entering battle.
    • Gyakushinn Miko: fixed an issue that could cause problems with her Balde Reversal skill.
    • Knight Moonbeam: fixed an issue where Moonbeam's leader skill icon would be different in the preparation screen compared to the one shown in battle.
    • Yamabuki Armor: casting Yamabuki's ultimate skill will cancel her current attack (including cannons and lasers; if she is charging an attack with a cannon or missile launcher, the weapon will fire at its current charge state).
    • Changes were made to Valkyrie Ranger & Knight Moonbeam, all Yae Sakura and Himeko attack range, they now can properly hit monsters laying on the ground.
  • Equipment
    • All equipment and all character skills that reduce damage taken passively now share a limit up to a maximum of 85%. The immunity chance from DEF is not affected by damage reduction.
    • All laser weapons are now classified as rapid-fire weapons and characters with skills that affect lasers will also now affect rapid-fire weapons. (The actual effect doesn't change, it's just a change in name)
    • Sakura Blossom: increased the weapon's stats.
      • Active Skill: Changed from adding a stack of Sakura Count to adding Sakura Brand, but can no longer be charged 2 times.
      • Passive Skill: When the returning blade hits an enemy, the blade wave's cooldown will be immediately reset. Blade wave no longer requires Sakura Count or Sakura Brand to deal extra damage.
    • The Stigma Nuwa (T) now has the following stat added: "When attacking an ignited target, all damage increased by 20%".
    • 7th Sacred Relic Buffs: active skill doesn't consume SP anymore. Maxed level passive skill Sacred Rule cooldown has been reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds, passive skill now has an increase crit rate effect.
    • Fixed an issue with Rinaldo (T) & Rinaldo (M) actual radius was 2.5 meters, but only 2 meters was shown.
    • Improved some weapon models, skill icons, as well as weapon names and descriptions.
  • Monster Balance Changes
    • Changed the location of waves created by Titan enemies' smash,
    • Sickle Zombies behavior improved, they will no longer perform a strange backstep and hit nothing.
    • Supreme Modules hit by interruptible combos will not consistently fall back anymore.
    • Fixed an issue where Valkyries would be drawn towards Titan enemies' front side after they have used a charged smash attack.
    • Fixed Hasty Honkai Beasts' hitbox, they can now be attacked normally during some of their attack animation.


300 crystals upon log-in
Summer Festival Log-in Bonus

May 9, 2018[]

New Content[]

Part 1: Soul Awakening - - Yae Sakura

  • A-rank Soul Awakened Valkyrie Gyakushinn Miko
    • Crimson Impulse Soul Awakening, Creature-type melee character, uses Sakura Brand to mark enemies to deal damage.
  • S-rank Soul Awakened Valkyrie Goushinnso Memento
    • Shadow Dash Soul Awakening, Mecha-type melee character, manipulates Kinetic Energy to perform middle ranged AOE attacks.

Part 2: Sakura Samsara

  • Adventure tasks: You can accept Adventure tasks, and get rewards for completing them!
  • It is said that once you have completed a Samsara, you can unlock a cute Open World exclusive pet!

Part 3


300 crystals upon log-in
Sakura Samsara Log-in Bonus