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Hello, Captains.

We're still in the process of making fundamental changes to the battlesuits' skills template. However, all skill text should be displayed normally now, with only the associated icons missing.

We'll solve it shortly. Thank you for your patience.


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Hi. I'm an admin for the Honkai Impact 3rd Wiki since 09.09.2021.
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Hi, I'm a wiki representative with Fandom and I have some tickets here saying you're having some trouble with mobile CSS. I'll take a closer look at how the wiki is working on mobile later, but for now I've copied mobile.css into fandommobile.css per your request.

It looks like your old representative quit not too long before your first ticket, and as you noticed a new one hasn't been reassigned. I'll put in a note that this wiki has been in need of one and should be kept in the program.

You're also correct that there was a bug up until recently where mobile.css was loading when it shouldn't have been. There's not currently any sort of official process for just importing mobile.css into fandommobile.css directly, sorry, but I could try asking around and seeing what some of the other staff think. Currently it's supposed to go through wiki reps or other staff. I know how problematic this is for wikis with content displays of any sort of complexity.

If you have any further questions or information about the situation, please feel free to reach out to me.

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Hello there. First of all, thank you! I had a few pages open on my mobile phone and all looks great from what I can see after refreshing. Like the pink/blue/orange background images for battlesuits (placed "behind" the icons) would be floating at the top of char pages like Kiana Kaslana because the code wasn't aligning them properly anymore, but that's fixed now.

There used to be 2 other admins in here but they left sometime early last year. Whoever remained wasn't maintaining site CSS all the way until I joined the wiki team. I had a look at it piece by piece and pcj left before I really started working on mobile combability and stuff like that, so we didn't really know where to get help from. The bug was actually quite helpful since we got to confirm if everything looks like we want it to. We're currently still switching templates around, like going from Template:Stigmata Page to Template:Stigmata Entry and any pages using the former look kind of ugly, but that's the template's fault.

The only big issue we have "right now" would be that people go to another wiki called houkai3rd (it was more of someone's personal project but got big since no other wiki was collecting lore back then from what I read) and complain that it's not updated when it can't be edited. They got merged with this wiki way before I even started playing the game it's for. Another wiki (usually called archives) just for lore was made but even then were people just getting defaulted to houkai by google and other search engines. And now that we want to include lore as well, got some help from a few editors of the archives wiki, SEO doesn't like us either. Not even after we took whatever content from houkai we didn't have and thought we needed. That I also had a ticket for and I recently got an update that it's being looked into so hopefully that'll get resolved in this quarter of the year. It's not related to mobile issues we had at all tho, I just felt the need to talk about it to someone.

So yeah, all looks like it did before and everything's great. I'd be pretty neat if there was a way on Fandom to get changes to mobile.css approved in some sort of maybe-semi-automated way so that wikis would be slightly more unique and different from each other. Could be cool. Either way, thanks again.

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Could implement a mobile.css approval process similar to the js approval system. Where we can make changes then they need to be approved by a staff member before being implemented.

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Hello. I've noticed that you are replacing stigmata template on some pages to the newer one.

Honestly, I think that the old one was much better since it presents all useful information in the minimalistic and compact way that fits the screen and easy to read. New one has empty spaces, harder to read(5* stats are described mid text), contains a low priority information("Added in"/"Found in") on the visible spot and most importantly, it only shows one stigmata at a time, so whenever I compare bonuses of different gear configurations, I have to constantly switch between pieces which is obnoxious and tedious.

Is there a reason behind this changes? I would really like if it was possible to either keep/improve old template, or solve the issues of the new one.

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The old stigmata template required 3 pages to be made. One page for lower rarity, one page for max rarity, and one to display both of them. This was very editor unfriendly and made the process unnecessarily long. It didn't store all information, like stat and skill values at base levels, midway into reaching the max level, or really anything regarding the small upgrades between the actual rarity-other than the upgrade materials needed (which were moved to Stigmata since they're all the same now) so it was overly complex for little reason.

Making a new template gave us a possibility to re-consider which information is important and which can be left out. Upgrade materials, as I mentioned before, were moved away. Non-max stats aren't stored anymore either. The request to keep a bit more detailed skill info was made and that came with its own issues. Tabber doesn't work on mobile, some other things don't as well but that's nor here nor now, which meant that the information could be either stacked on top of each other (full skill description at low rarity first followed by full skill description at max rarity second) or the text would be just combined. Some stigma pieces have just one value, some have few but only one change with rarity, etc. so keeping two full descriptions was deemed excessive.

The obtain-information has to be within the template one way or another to be bot-friendly. It was discussed that since a noticeable amount of people interact with the wiki via bots on the official server, it'd be useful to have some sort of obtain-information presentable. The idea is that the template contains simple yes/no-s while another section on the wiki, which the bot would ignore, would go into detail, like listing event names and requirements to get the piece. Something like this is kinda already in the works for some outfits like Time Runner.

The old template will not return, I hope that one thing is clear enough.

The majority of our views come from mobile, so (while our mobile CSS is currently broken which is making the experience worse,-) the template was mainly designed with the mobile view in mind and being as bot-compatible as it gets.

There was an attempt made to make the information of different pieces be placed like they're on mobile and have tabber only switch the images, but there... were some technical issues and difficulties. I'm not a coder or programmer, all I know is self-learned from the internet and would need more time to try again and do it properly. Our priority right now, however, is rolling out the new template everywhere as soon as possible, so we can finally delete all these subpages created through the years that inflate the number of pages we need to patrol and keep up to date.

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I'm not saying the new template is perfect and will never change. While I do accept any suggestions, I also do have to ask for some extra patience, simply because we're short-staffed.

If you want to get updates on this faster, I recommend joining our discord server. I keep accepted but non-completed proposals pinned in the #wiki-feedback channel over there.

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(Edited both messages cuz of bad grammar. Morning editing just be like that sometimes.)

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I see, thanks for extensive response!

Personally I would like it to look the same way as the old one, when all three stigmatas are shown and rarity is controlled via tabs (I'm pretty sure that this can be done without duplicating whole description, but I'm not very familiar with wiki markdown either). It's also possible to show different versions to users on different platforms, but that a little bit more advanced and may screw up some bots.

If I manage to find free time, I'll join the discord and help with JS/CSS related stuff or at least with replacing old template. Thank you for your work!

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Template:FillVars/sandbox was created before by Aasim and that was the closest we got to having variants of a single description. You're free to edit that sandbox page if it's close to what you had in mind, or just make a new page to store your ideas.

Fandom wikis use wikitext. If you already know html then it should be easy to understand.


Having completely different templates for mobile and desktop is considered bad practice. Parts of the template still have to load since it's the CSS that hides it as Fandom doesn't have a built-in option to make a completely independent of each other versions for desktop/mobile (at least as far as I know).

Hiding specific elements that just look bad or are unimportant is as far as anyone should go and that's still discouraged pretty much everywhere. We're given some leeway since we used to be GP wiki and don't even have "template types" Fandom wikis have.

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