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Origin: Valkyrie Chariot Battlesuit
Valkyrie Chariot Chibi.png
Background Information
Date of Birth Aug 18       Height 147cm (w/o Project Bunny 19C)
Gender Female       Weight 40kg (w/o Project Bunny 19C)
Organization Schicksal       Birthplace Siberia
Battlesuit Details
Valkyrie Chariot is Bronya's special Schicksal Far East Branch Valkyrie Uniform.
Given Bronya's unique attributes, her uniform has special mechanical features that differ from Kiana and Mei's designs.
Battlesuit Details
Having been affected by the X-10 Project, Bronya could no longer use her legs and can only walk with the help of prosthetics. After enrolling in St. Freya, Schicksal modified Bronya's prosthetics to better fit them to her Valkyrie battlesuit.
Bronya enjoys levitating in the air, but the mods actually allow her to walk normally.
Battlesuit Details
People said that Bronya wrote: "No special requests" for the Battlesuit Customization Request Form, so Principal Theresa took the liberty of adding special requests (based on her own preferences) for Bronya. Theresa welcomes the girl from the Anti-Entropy and hopes she'll have fulfilling academic career at St. Freya.
Truth to be known, Theresa's design seem perfect for Bronya. After all, the girl prodigy and the Principal share similar stature.