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A Valkyrie (Japanese: 戦乙女) is powerful female warrior that is infused with Honkai Energy by the Schicksal organization. Because Honkai Energy is extremely volatile, many valkyries are at risk of losing their lives not only in battle but within themselves as well. If a valkyrie succumbs to Honkai Energy, they will become zombies like those seen on the battlefield and will mindlessly seek to destroy humanity. Please offer these girls your full support, Captain!

For clarification, Valkyries each have multiple Battlesuits but are often referenced as Valkyries as well. For example, Kiana's battlesuits are White Comet, Valkyrie Ranger, Divine Prayer, Knight Moonbeam, Herrscher of the Void and Herrscher of Flamescion.

Want to upgrade your Valkyrie Battlesuits? Check out the handy Evolution and Fragment Farming Guide!

Available Battlesuits[]

Kiana Kaslana

Kiana Kaslana Battlesuits
White Comet (Icon).png
White Comet
Valkyrie Ranger (Icon).png
Valkyrie Ranger
Void Drifter (Icon).png
Void Drifter
Divine Prayer (Icon).png
Divine Prayer
Knight Moonbeam (Icon).png
Knight Moonbeam
Herrscher of the Void (Icon).png
Herrscher of the Void
Herrscher of Flamescion (Icon).png
Herrscher of Flamescion

Raiden Mei

Raiden Mei Battlesuits
Crimson Impulse (Icon).png
Crimson Impulse
Valkyrie Bladestrike (Icon).png
Valkyrie Bladestrike
Striker Fulminata (Icon).png
Striker Fulminata
Shadow Dash (Icon).png
Shadow Dash
Danzai Spectramancer (Icon).png
Danzai Spectramancer
Lightning Empress (Icon).png
Lightning Empress
Herrscher of Thunder (Icon).png
Herrscher of Thunder

Bronya Zaychik

Bronya Zaychik Battlesuits
Valkyrie Chariot (Icon).png
Valkyrie Chariot
Snowy Sniper (Icon).png
Snowy Sniper
Yamabuki Armor (Icon).png
Yamabuki Armor
Drive Kometa (Icon).png
Drive Kometa
Dimension Breaker (Icon).png
Dimension Breaker
Wolf's Dawn (Icon).png
Wolf's Dawn
Black Nucleus (Icon).png
Black Nucleus
Herrscher of Reason (Icon).png
Herrscher of Reason
Haxxor Bunny (Icon).png
Haxxor Bunny

Murata Himeko

Murata Himeko Battlesuits
Battle Storm (Icon).png
Battle Storm
Valkyrie Triumph (Icon).png
Valkyrie Triumph
Scarlet Fusion (Icon).png
Scarlet Fusion
Blood Rose (Icon).png
Blood Rose
Kriegsmesser (Icon).png
Vermilion Knight - Eclipse (Icon).png
Vermilion Knight: Eclipse

Yae Sakura

Yae Sakura Battlesuits
Gyakushinn Miko (Icon).png
Gyakushinn Miko
Flame Sakitama (Icon).png
Flame Sakitama
Goushinnso Memento (Icon).png
Goushinnso Memento
Darkbolt Jonin (Icon).png
Darkbolt Jonin

Theresa Apocalypse

Theresa Apocalypse Battlesuits
Valkyrie Pledge (Icon).png
Valkyrie Pledge
Sakuno Rondo (Icon).png
Sakuno Rondo
Luna Kindred (Icon).png
Luna Kindred
Violet Executer (Icon).png
Violet Executer
Twilight Paladin (Icon).png
Twilight Paladin
Celestial Hymn (Icon).png
Celestial Hymn
Starlit Astrologos (Icon).png
Starlit Astrologos

Fu Hua

Fu Hua Battlesuits
Valkyrie Accipiter (Icon).png
Valkyrie Accipiter
Hawk of the Fog (Icon).png
Hawk of the Fog
Phoenix (Icon).png
Night Squire (Icon).png
Night Squire
Shadow Knight (Icon).png
Shadow Knight
Azure Empyrea (Icon).png
Azure Empyrea
Herrscher of Sentience (Icon).png
Herrscher of Sentience

Kallen Kaslana

Kallen Kaslana Battlesuits
Ritual Imayoh (Icon).png
Imayoh Ritual
Sundenjager (Icon).png
Sixth Serenade (Icon).png
Sixth Serenade

Rita Rossweisse

Rita Rossweisse Battlesuits
Umbral Rose (Icon).png
Umbral Rose
Phantom Iron (Icon).png
Phantom Iron
Argent Knight - Artemis (Icon).png
Argent Knight: Artemis
Fallen Rosemary (Icon).png
Fallen Rosemary

Liliya Olenyeva

Liliya Olenyeva Battlesuits
Blueberry Blitz (Icon).png
Blueberry Blitz

Rozaliya Olenyeva

Rozaliya Olenyeva Battlesuits
Molotov Cherry (Icon).png
Molotov Cherry
Fervent Tempo Δ (Icon).png
Fervent Tempo Δ

Seele Vollerei

Seele Vollerei Battlesuits
Swallowtail Phantasm (Icon).png
Swallowtail Phantasm
Stygian Nymph (Icon).png
Stygian Nymph
Starchasm Nyx (Icon).png
Starchasm Nyx


Durandal Battlesuits
Valkyrie Gloria (Icon).png
Valkyrie Gloria
Bright Knight - Excelsis (Icon).png
Bright Knight: Excelsis
Dea Anchora (Icon).png
Dea Anchora


Asuka Battlesuits
Blazing Hope (Icon).png
Blazing Hope


Fischl Battlesuits
Prinzessin der Verurteilung! (Icon).png
Prinzessin der Verurteilung!


Elysia Battlesuits
Miss Pink Elf♪ (Icon).png
Miss Pink Elf♪