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This article is about the lore behind professional anti-Honkai warriors working under Schicksal. For the list of playable in-game characters, see Battlesuits.
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Valkyries (Japanese: 戦乙女 Sen'otome; Chinese: 女武神 Nǚwǔshén) are powerful female warriors of Schicksal who have high Honkai resistance and who either have natural or artificial stigmata. Due to the constant exposure to the volatile Honkai energy and Honkai Beasts, many Valkyries are at risk of losing their lives not only in battle but due to the possible Honkai cascade as well, which is a phenomenon when a human with mild adaptability is corrupted by the Honkai and turns into a zombie, mindlessly seeking to destroy humanity.[1][2]

St. Freya High is a school for Valkyries founded by a former Valkyrie Theresa Apocalypse who was originally its principal. The Valkyries are ordered into ranks: S, A, B, C and D, with S being assigned only to the most powerful Valkyries, Valkyries with rank B and higher being deployed to frontlines[3] and D being used for Valkyries who stay in the HQ and do chores, support and logistic duties far from real fighting.[4] The Paladin rank, the Overseer's chosen, also exists as the personal guard of the Schicksal Overseer, currently Otto Apocalypse.[5] Valkyries are also grouped in squads for missions.

Although Honkai adaptability is uncommon in men, it can happen in rare cases and these men can become the Knights of Schicksal.



Name Squad / Role Status
Bianka Ataegina (Durandal) Immortal Blades (Captain) Active
Li Sushang Active
Rita Rossweisse Immortal Blades (Adjutant) Active
Cecilia Schariac Squad Snowwolf Deceased
Reanna Brigantia Deceased
Theresa Apocalypse Former


Name Squad / Role Status
Matilla Squad Phosdjinns Active
Zofia Squad Phosdjinns Active
Wraith Intel Department Active
Ana Schariac Snow Lotus Squad (Captain) Deceased
Cheng Lixue Deceased
Lin Deceased
Murata Himeko Valkyrie Assault Squad (Former)

Squad V

Patricia Highsmith Squad Snowwolf (Former)
Intel Department
Ragna Lothbrok Valkyrie Assault Squad Deceased
Salome Jokanaan Squad Snowwolf Deceased
Shub-Niggurath Squad Snowwolf Deceased
Wendy Deceased
Shigure Kira Squad Snowwolf Unknown
Fu Hua Squad V Former


Name Squad / Role Status
Carole Pepper Squad 3 Active (APHO)
Lewis Active

Former (APHO)

Susannah Manatt Squad Phosdjinns Active
Bronya Zaychik Squad V Former
Kiana Kaslana Squad V Former
Raiden Mei Squad V Former


Name Squad / Role Status
Main Character (APHO) Squad 3 Active (APHO)
Lyle Collodi Squad 2 Active (APHO)
Francis Kaslana Deceased
Siegfried Kaslana Squad Snowwolf Former

Unknown rank / Other ranks[]

Name Squad / Role Status
Alvitr Immortal Blades Active
Timido Cute Squad 2 Active (APHO)
Delvina Kaslana Twilight Valkyrie Squad Unknown
Vayjen Twilight Valkyrie Squad (Captain) Unknown
Zaria Twilight Valkyrie Squad Unknown
Kallen Kaslana Captain of Valkyries Deceased


  • In the game, the term Valkyrie/Valkyrja also applies to battlesuits of characters that do not belong to Schicksal, such as Seele Vollerei or Elysia.


  1. Chapter IV: Betrayal Has a Silvery Smile
    Theresa: Schicksal transformed girls into Valkyries to fight the Honkai, but the girls would suffer Honkai corruption.
    Theresa: Valkyries with poor adaptability will die young.
  2. Chapter XI: Diane's Sojourn
    Himeko: Valkyries are always at risk of the Honkai cascade. We know that Honkai powers our abilities and battlesuits.
    Himeko: But it can overwhelm us and turn is into mindless monsters.
    Himeko: The cascade is irreversible. More will die if you hesitate.
  3. Chapter II: Voice in the Dreams
    Mei: Only B-rank and better Valkyries get to fight in the frontlines.
  4. Chapter II: Voice in the Dreams
    Mei: If you get demoted to D-rank, you’ll be given support and logistics duties far from the real fighting.
    Kiana: Logistics? Like the Exchange and Snack Bar? No way!
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