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Version 3.0 (Banner).png

Welcome to v3.0: [Deep Enigma]!

Dive down into The Deep to reveal the truth of this underwater city from the Previous Era. Explore the Sea of Quanta to see the Equipment: Living Form (ELF): [Jingwei's Wings] and [Blood Embrace].

The path to the future lies before you. Press onwards, Maiden of Lightning. [Valkyrie Bladestrike]: Augment Core ON!

Update Content[]


⯁ New Story Chapter IX-EX 2: Dark Serpent

The path ahead is shadowed by the serpent.

⯁ New Story Chapter X: Under the Deep

The Valkyries will have to cope with an underwater environment, a Schicksal army in pursuit, and unknown enemies in the depths...

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New Systems[]


Deep Enigma Version Update (ELF).png

  • ELF: Jingwei's Wings & ELF: Blood Embrace: living form of the Valkyrie weapons. ELFs come with independent skill systems and autonomous combat styles. They are the powerful combat pals you've always wanted. * In the new version, Captains can participate in various activities and events to get [ELF: Jingwei's Wings] and 100+ Blood Embrace Parts
  • The ELF system is unlocked at Captain Lv.50. Captains of Lv.61 or higher can bring ELF: Blood Embrace into battle.

New Team Raid: [Eye of the Deep][]

Deep Enigma Version Update (Team Raid).png

  • New large-scale co-op mode: [Eye of the Deep]! Dangers lurk in the depths. Fight alongside fellow Captains and coordinate your moves to defeat the ancient darkness.
  • [Eye of the Deep] Team Raid is a large-scale co-op mode where up to 12 Captains work together to complete various challenges. Captains can claim rewards both after clearing each stage and finishing the Team Raid.
  • Captains of Lv.55 or higher can experience Team Raid.

Path of Apotheosis[]

  • New challenge stages: [Path of Apotheosis]. Each battlesuit can only be deployed for limited times, and Captains are advised to make deployment plans according to stage effects.
  • [Path of Apotheosis] finalizes weekly, and the Finalization Rewards include Crystals, [Fulminare Core] and [Smelted Core] (can be used to upgrade [Valkyrie Bladestrike]'s Augment Core).

New Raid Stages: [Operation: Striker][]

Cleaver of Shamash (4) (Icon).png
Frame (4,5 Stars) (NoText).png
  • New Divine Key Raid Stages [Operation: Striker] are now available!
  • [Operation: Striker] is set in Arc City, where the deal went south for Theresa and her Valkyries, forcing them to retreat with the Ningyo. However, an unexpected force came into play and further compromised Theresa and her Valkyries.
  • [Operation: Striker] only has Hard and Supreme difficulties. Captains please choose difficulty wisely.
  • Compared to other Raid stages, [Operation: Striker] is more challenging but also comes with higher drop rates.

New Level Cap[]

Deep Enigma Version Update (Level Cap).png

  • New Level Cap: After the APR 18 update, Captain level cap will be raised to 82. Meanwhile, there will be an EXP boost event for all Captains to level up at rocket speed.
  • New Level Exclusives: After reaching Lv.81, Stamina cap and Expedition Stamina limit will increase, and exclusive contents including new adventure tasks, Path of Apotheosis tiers as well as Divine Key levels and skills will also be available.

Game Adjustments & Optimizations[]


Changes to Open World Materials & Shops[]

  • New common materials: Mithril and [Asterite]. The two new materials, along with Ancient Willpower, will become the three common exchange materials in the game which can be traded for most items in the Shops. [Exchange Shop] and [Memory Shop] will be replaced by Mithril Shop and Asterite Shop respectively.
    • Open World Materials streamlining: Ancient Carvings and other Open World materials will convert into common exchange materials by certain proportions.
    • Changes to Open World rewards: Collectible materials from Gathering, Mecha Defense and Matz Gatherer will be changed to common exchange materials.
    • Weekly purchase limits increased: Weekly purchase limits for battlesuit fragments and souls in Shop/War Treasury will be increased.
    • In the new version, Captains can buy 200 Asterite at the price of ONE Coin every day.

Special Notes[]

  • After the APR 18 update, all of the original Open World materials will convert into common materials proportionally, and the original Open World Shop will close permanently.
  • For more details, please check the announcement on the changes to Open World materials and Shops.


  • New [Foundry] system: Except for [War Treasury], all equipment sold in shops will be moved into [Foundry], which can be accessed via [Supply] - [Foundry].
  • Affected shops: Exchange Shop, Memory Shop, Armada Terminal, Co-op Shop and War Treasury.
  • Apart from equipment sold in shops, the following equipment has also become available in Foundry: weapon X-01 Azure Eye and stigmata sets Elizabeth Bathory, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Wang Zhaojun, Mary Shelley and Fu Hua Musician.
  • In Foundry, the purchase limit for 3★ stigmata has been changed to No more purchases when owning 2 or more. The change does not involve stigmata sets Rowland, Theresa: Origins, Naoe Kanetsugu and Edison.
  • One-purchase-only weapons cannot be forged in [Foundry] if already owned.

Exchange House[]

Witch's Corridor[]

War Treasury[]

  • New S-rank battlesuit Blood Rose fragments available at the price of Ancient Willpower x14.

Event Shop[]

  • Buying an item now only requires one 2nd confirmation, making it easier to buy items in large numbers.
  • Dorm Shop: Closed.
    • Home Materials and Honkai Blocks will only be available for purchase with Mithril in Mithril Shop.
    • Delicate Desserts will only be available for purchase with Asterite in Asterite Shop.
    • Furni-Bitz and Dorm Permission will be moved into [Logistics Terminal].
  • New ELF Shop is available for purchasing ELF materials.
  • Shops with no purchase options left will not be displayed.

Top Up[]

  • B-Chips can now be used to buy bundles.
    • Captains can tap the + icon on the top right of the Bundle screen to buy B-Chips, which offer the same top-up tiers as Crystals.
    • B-Chips can be used to buy previously cash-only bundles and outfits. (Note that B-Chips can be used to buy Bundles containing Crystals, but cannot be exchanged directly into Crystals.)
    • Money spent on B-Chips will count towards the Top-up Total.
  • B-Chip Coupons now available
    • When buying bundles with B-Chips, Captains can use B-Chip Coupons to get a discount.
    • B-Chip Coupons can only be used on certain bundles and within certain time. For detailed conditions of use and expiration date, please check the info below each coupon.
    • In the conditions of use for B-Chip Coupons, the X in Used for purchases over X B-Chips refers to the current actual price of the bundle.
  • [ADV Outfit Coupon] will expire and convert into [Special Outfit Coupon] x1 each.
    • [Special Outfit Coupon] can be used to exchange for certain outfits previously only available with bundles and certain event reward outfits. It may become temporarily available in every future version.
    • Outfits sold with non-cash bundles such as [Frigid Empress], [Candy Demon] and [Winter Princess] can no longer be bought with [Special Outfit Coupons].

Story, Daily & Weekly Missions[]

Story Missions[]

  • Story Missions have been updated. Enter the [Story Missions] page to access the new interface.
  • Story Missions now has new missions and matching rewards. If you have already met the completion conditions for the newly added missions, you can directly claim the rewards after the update.
  • Completion conditions and rewards have changed for some existing Story Missions. Some Story Missions and their rewards have been moved into Achievements with their progress retained.

Daily missions[]

  • Daily missions no longer include bounty missions. (Ongoing bounty missions can still be finished, but there won't be any new ones.)
  • Abyss / Open World / Memorial Arena missions will rotate in Daily, and some related missions have been added.
  • The amounts of EXP and Duty Points obtained from Daily missions have been adjusted.
  • The original reward for reaching 150 Duty Points have been changed from [Intermediate Toolbox] x2 to [Mithril] x1,200.

Weekly missions[]

  • A new Weekly missions panel has been added to show completed missions and their rewards in the current weekly cycle. Weekly Activeness can be gained by completing Weekly missions, and Captains who have reached Lv.81 or higher can reap better rewards!
  • The original weekly missions in Daily have been moved into Weeklies, and conditions and rewards have changed for some missions.


Story stages[]

  • Possible drops of Story stages now include [Fulminare Core] (material to enhance [Valkyrie Bladestrike]'s Augment Core).
  • In the new version, daily attempts for the Story stages which drop [Valkyrie Bladestrike] fragments will be doubled.
  • The 1st clearance EXP of Story Chapter 1 ~ 6 stages has increased.

Open World[]

  • Possible rewards for Schicksal HQ Exorcism tasks now include Sündenjäger souls.
  • The weather in [Schicksal HQ] Mecha Defense now have true effects.
  • For Captains of Lv.60 or higher, possible Exorcism rewards now include Mysterion.
  • Captains over Lv.80 now have a chance to take Lv.80+ exclusive Exorcism tasks which reward ELF parts.
  • In the new version, the old Open World shops (Fusion Recipes, Forge Recipes, and Schicksal Shop) will close permanently. Exchangeable items in these shops are now available in Mithril Shop, Asterite Shop or War Treasury.
  • Open World materials such as Soulium Ore, Silver and Ancient Carving will expire and convert into common materials in the new version.
  • Open World materials such as Sakura Resonance, Precision Logic Unit and Box of Parts can now be sold for Mithril.

Weekday Events[]

  • Daily attempts for Weekday Event material stages will be reduced to 1, and the stages now offer better rewards with a higher Stamina cost of 34.
  • New ELF material stages available for Captains over Lv.80. Eligible Captains can get ELF materials from these stages to help your ELFs grow.


  • Possible drops of Everlasting Memory stages (Story Mode) now include 1★ weapons.

Time Swirl[]

  • Materials obtained from salvaging Ghost / Shade / Spirit have been changed from Time Swirl Pass to Ether Fuel x8 / Shade Shard x10 / Shade Shard x45 respectively.
  • The stages now each costs 15 Stamina (was 10) and 25 Time Swirl Passes (was 15) to enter, and the rewards will be better.
  • Time Swirl will enter Phase II at 04:00, APR 19. Stage clearance status will be reset in Phase II, and Captains need to clear the trial stage again to unlock official stages. Clearing the trial stage after the reset will grant 1st clearance rewards again.
  • Time Swirl stages now may drop Fuxi and Quantum Destroyer Type-II Ghosts (to replace Jixuanyuan and Briareus PRI Ghosts in Phase I).
    • Note: [Jixuanyuan] and [Briareus PRI] can still be crafted in Phase II.
  • The clearing time limits for B rating and below have been extended, making it easier to achieve such ratings.
  • Captains can now use enhanced or upgraded equipment with higher level or star level for crafting. Equipment in protection, use or training cannot be used for crafting.
  • If the star level of the equipment used for crafting is too high, all upgrade materials used for its upgrades will be returned (including Honkai Crystals but excluding equipment EXP materials and Coins). If the level of the equipment used for crafting is too high, equipment EXP materials used for its enhancement will NOT be returned.

New Infinity Abyss mode: [Dirac Sea][]

  • New checkpoint system: After entering battle, your progress will be automatically saved at the nearest check point. When reentering the floor, you will start at the saved checkpoint.
  • The bug where multiple battlesuits can be deployed to fight enemies from different areas has been fixed.
  • The bug where AOE skills may cause enemies from other areas to engage in the current battle has been fixed.
  • The bug where Valkyries do not enter battle when Stigma skills have dealt DMG to enemies has been fixed.
  • The bug where Valkyrie's SP may increase with enemies before the battle starts has been fixed. ** After challenging enemies (whether with victory or defeat), your progress will be recorded based on enemies' HP loss, and the total progress on the floor equals the average progress of all areas on this floor.
    • When reentering a floor, Captains can see their total progress on this floor.
  • The intro of enemies in an area now includes enemy difficulty and current progress.
  • 4 existing weather effects have been adjusted, and 4 new ones have been added.
  • Possible lags have been reduced.
  • Camera movements of some scenes have been improved.
  • The performance of the Bleeding icon has been improved.

Memorial Arena: New BOSS - [Heimdall][]

Story, event and Co-op stages[]

  • Objectives of some stages have been adjusted so that Captains can achieve them easier.

Affix Reroll[]

[Reroll Device] and Oriented Reroll[]

  • New material: [Reroll Device]. [Reroll Device] can be used for the [Oriented Reroll] of 4★ stigmata with 2 Wafer Affix slots so that Captains can refine stigma affixes to their preference.
  • In [Oriented Reroll], by consuming required [Reroll Device] and [Rare Crystal Core] at the same time, two 3★ (or higher) Wafer Affixes are sure to be generated.
  • [Reroll Device] can be exchanged with Asterite in Limited-time Exchange Shop. Please note that different Reroll Devices have different pools of reroll outcomes. For example, when [Reroll Device: ATK] is consumed, only attack-related affixes can be rerolled.

Weapon-based affixes streamlining[]

  • Weapon-based affixes have been merged into the following categories for simplicity: Pistols; 2-Handed & Fists; Heavy & Scythe; Blade & Cross.
  • If your stigmata have these types of affixes, they will be updated accordingly in the new version. For example, if the existing affix is 20 Bonus ATK when equipped on a 2-Handed battlesuit, it will be changed to 20 Bonus ATK when equipped on a 2-Handed or Fists battlesuit.

Friends & Chat & Display[]

  • New function: Groups. Capacity of each Group: 30 Captains. Captains can create Groups, invite others to join a Group, edit or check Group info, or invite Group members to activities such as Team Raids.
  • Captain Info now shows information about Captain's ELFs and performance in Dirac Sea, Path of Apotheosis and Team Raids.


  • After the APR 18 update ~ 04:00, MAY 23, Extration will be available for a 4★ weapon (excluding certain limited weapons and Divine Keys; one chance only).


Vermilion Knight: Eclipse[]

  • Camera movements during Combo attacks have been improved.
  • The timing requirement of unleashing Ultimate has been optimized. It is now easier to cast Ultimate continuously.

Blood Rose[]

  • New skill [Undying Rage]: Recovers HP based on the HP cost of the Ultimate when ending the Ultimate.

Herrscher of the Void[]

  • Some of the skill descriptions have been modified for accuracy.
  • The bug where the wings and lances of Herrscher of the Void had not been displayed correctly on the result screen in Co-op mode has been fixed.
  • The visual effects of [Keys of the Void] and [Celine: Ascendant] set equipped by [Herrscher of the Void] wearing [Frigid Empress] has been improved.

Celestial Hymn[]

  • New effect for skill [Crossing Harmony]: QTE skill deals more DMG against shields.

Wolf's Dawn[]

  • Camera movements during the Ultimate have been improved.

Valkyrie Bladestrike[]

  • Moving animations has been improved.
  • Model clipping bugs in some scenes have been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where QTE skills that had not been unlocked could still be used in co-op mode.
  • The pace of Basic Attacks has been optimized. It now takes less time to connect Basic Attacks, making for smoother handling.
  • The sprint distances of [Aerial Slash] and [Blade Flurry] have been extended.
  • It now feels smoother to initiate Combo Attacks.
  • Visual performance of standby animations has been improved.

Shadow Dash[]

  • Moving animations has been improved.
  • Model clipping bugs in some scenes have been fixed.

All battlesuits of Fu Hua[]

  • Some abnormal animations has been fixed.

All battlesuits of Rita[]

  • Moving animations has been improved.

All battlesuits of Bronya[]

  • Casting Ultimate and weapon skills with laser-type weapons now feels smoother.

Visual effects of some Co-op team skills in Team Raid have been modified.[]


Stats below are all Max Level figures:

  • Thales: The duration of Blazer Mode of the 2-piece set bonus [Scorching Rhythm] has been extended from 5s to 6s.
  • Higokumaru: Fixed a bug where the 3-piece set bonus [Fox Shadow] could still be triggered when Combo Hit exceeded 50.
  • Fixed a bug where some stigmata set bonus "if the DMG taken from enemy attacks is less than a certain number multiplies the battlesuit level, the Valkyrie will not be interrupted (but takes DMG still)" did not work on Elemental DMG.
    • This adjustment will affect the following stigmata: Jin Shengtan's 3-piece set bonus [Cathartic Aura] and Planck's 2-piece set bonus [Planck Constant].
  • Monet: The visual effects of the lightning shield from its 2-piece set bonus [Nymphéas] have been improved.
  • Xuanyuan Sword: The Total DMG Multiplier of the Charged ATK from its skill [Sword Defense] has been increased from 20% to 25%.* White Star Banishers: The visual effects of its active skill [Spiral Jet] have been improved.

Divine Key[]

The level cap of Divine Key has been raised. Captains over Lv.80 can now upgrade Divine Key to Lv.9~10 and unlock new skills.


Jizo Mitama[]

  • Fixed a bug where Jizo Mitama kept turning after changing its form (in Memorial Arena).
  • The artistic effects of some Memorial Arena scenes have been modified.
  • As long as a Valkyrie is not directly hit or she is invincible, she will no longer lose SP when attacked by enemies with Corruption effect.

Sensei-Cadet System[]

  • Rewards for Trial Missions have been adjusted: SS Imaginon and AE Imaginon are replaced by Asterite.
  • Benefit loss due to exceeding recommended levels for the Trial Missions will no longer change with Captain level.
  • New exchangeable items available in Master's Shop.

Rest EXP[]

  • After the APR 18 update, Captains of Lv.50 or higher will obtain Rest EXP during offline time. After logging in, no Rest EXP will be granted. After clearing stages, your Rest EXP will convert into up to 100% bonus Captain EXP.
  • For example, if you consume 10 Stamina to clear a stage which normally grants 10 EXP, you can receive extra 10 EXP (20 EXP in total) with sufficient Rest EXP.

Special Notes[]

  • Rest EXP caps at a certain amount. Try to make good use of it.
  • After reaching Captain Lv.82, Rest EXP is still granted but no longer converts into bonus EXP.


  • [Valkyrie Option Egg: S] from Land of Wishes and [Valkyrie Option Egg: A] from Top-up Bonuses will be adjusted as follows:
    • [Valkyrie Option Egg: S]: Choose a battlesuit from the following: Knight Moonbeam, Lightning Empress or Dimension Breaker and get 30 extra fragments of the chosen battlesuit.
    • [Valkyrie Option Egg: A]: Choose a battlesuit from the following: Ritual Imayoh, Flame Sakitama or Wolf's Dawn and get extra 30 souls of the chosen battlesuit.
    • A battlesuit card of an owned battlesuit will convert into 30 fragments/souls.
    • The dev team will reference server data and compensate 30 fragments/souls of the particular battlesuit to Captains who have opened Option Eggs before the APR 18 update. For more details please refer to further notice.
  • Quick equipment swap:
    • New [Gearing Plan] system, where you can save multiple weapon + stigmata Gearing Plans for each battlesuit and swap between them easily before battle. Captains can access the system via the [Gearing Plan] icon on the right side of the battlesuit roster screen.
    • Each battlesuit can have up to 4 Gearing Plans. Tap [Copy This] on the [Gearing Plan] page to easily save the current gear loadout as a Gearing Plan.
    • Tap [Use Plan] after saving a Gearing Plan to swap to the saved gear loadout.
  • If equipment in a Gearing Plan is locked for Memorial Arena or Path of Apotheosis, the plan cannot be swapped on.
  • New "Bond Valkyrie" event for rookie Captains: Qualified Captains of Lv.30 or higher can choose one from [Night Squire], [Shadow Dash] and [Umbral Rose] and try out the battlesuit for 20 days. By using the chosen battlesuit to complete battle missions, you can obtain the battlesuit, matching equipment plus other rewards.
  • Gameplay guidance and Returnee Bonuses have been improved for returnees. After the APR 18 update, returnees of Lv.50 or higher can spend Mithril and Asterite to buy Resource Recovery chests and catch up on rewards of unfinished or missed activities. These activities include: Open World, Infinity Abyss / Dirac Sea and Memorial Arena.
  • 7 day login rewards for new Captains adjusted:
    • Day 1: Victoria (T)
    • Day 2: Muramasa Bloodlust
    • Day 3: Ritual Imayoh Trial Card (3-Day)
    • Day 4: Water Spirit Type-II
    • Day 5: Victoria (B)
    • Day 6: Victoria (M)
    • Day 7: Imayoh Ritual Battlesuit Card* Better Skill Descriptions
    • New Nutshell function on the Skill Description page. Turn it on for simpler skill descriptions.
    • Descriptions for skill level-up have been improved to better reflect changes to skill effects.
  • Keychains:
    • New [Starlet Memorial] keychains, featuring Bronya, Fu Hua, Himeko, Kallen, Kiana, Mei, Yae Sakura and Theresa. For more details please check further notices.
  • Dorm:
  • Inventory:
    • The main screen to sell inventory materials has been improved. You can now filter materials based on the types of currency they are sold for and sell them in batches.** You can now sort stigmata in the inventory by sets.
    • When a type of material has exceeded its storage limit, a window will pop up for you to sell the excessive directly.