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Welcome to v3.4: [Edict of Twilight]!

Battleship upgrades have been completed! Thank you for your patience! Captains of Lv.15 or higher will instantly receive a gift of 360 Crystals by logging in! Log in 7 days to receive [Ai-Chest] x4 & [Phase Shifter] x30! (Open Ai-Chest to receive 1M coins.)

Update Content[]


⯁ New Story Chapter XII: Plain of Vigrid

As Bronya ventures deeper into the Sea of Quanta, the Gray Serpent has finally emerged from the shadows. Seele, engulfed in the Serpent's shadow, finds herself in a strange bubble universe...

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Game Adjustments & Optimizations[]


Stats below are max level figures:

◆ Goushinnso Memento

1. Basic ATK [Kansakura]

Increased Interrupt Resist and attack range of the 5th sequence.

- The 5th sequence is adjusted to dealing Ice DMG of 250% ATK.

Tap and hold the [ATK] button after the 5th sequence to perform a Combo ATK.

The next ATK sequence can be chained in a short time after evading.

Kinetic Energy restored on hit increased from 40 to 60.

Skill [Ice Spirit]: Skill effect adjusted to “Every basic ATK deals bonus Ice DMG on hit.”

- Skill [Ice Spirit]: New skill effect: “The ATK speed of the first four Basic ATK sequences is increased by 30% and the 5th sequence boosts Total DMG by 30% for 8s.”

2. Special ATK [Combo: Instant Draw]

Combo ATK now initates fastly and has a larger range.

Tap and hold the [ATK] button after evasion to perform a Combo ATK.

Tap and hold the [ATK] button after an Ult or QTE to perform a Combo ATK.

Tap and hold the [ATK] button after the 2nd sequence of [Frozen Naraka]'s active to perform a Combo ATK.

Skill [Warrior's Pride]: Skill effect adjusted to “Increases Interrupt Resist during Basic ATK and Combo ATK, reduces Total DMG taken. Zankeki ULTRA restores SP on use.”

3. Ultimate [Frigid Rave]

New skill effect: “Restores 30 Kinetic Energy every 0.25s for 10s.”

Skill [Iceborn]: Kinetic Energy restored increased from 200 to 600.

Skill [Transcendence]: Duration extended from 7s to 12s.

4. Evasion [Clone Step]

Fixed an issue where Combo ATK could not be chained after evading.

- Skill [Freezing Image]: Increased the probability of freezing enemies affected by White Shadow explosion from 30% to 100%.

5. Leader Skill [Sakura Dance]

New skill effect: “Increases the Elemental DMG of MECH battlesuits”.

6. Skill [Mercy]

New skill effect: “Restores 30 Kinetic Energy every 0.25s for 10s after unleashing Ult.”

7. The 5th Basic ATK sequence, Ult and Ultimate Evasion mark enemies on hit and the DMG buff of skill [Onimusha] is applied to marked enemies.

◆Herrscher of Reason

1. Skill [Emergency Damper]: Fixed an issue where extra HP was restored without triggering Ultimate Evasion [Instant Freeze].

2. When [Book of Fuxi] is equipped, its active skill can now be used.

3. During co-op mode, using QTE no longer ends burst mode.

4. Fixed an issue where HoR could not leave after unleashing Ult.

5. When out of combat in Open World, HoR will now switch to bike mode only after moving for a period of time. Also, she will return to normal mode if she remains idle in bike mode for a period of time.

6. Fixed an issue where HoR might be discovered when performing stealth kills in Open World.

7. Added stealth kill and jumping animations of non-bike-mode HoR in Open World.

8. Fixed an issue where model clipping persisted on stairs.

9. Fixed an issue where model clipping was possible when teleporting in Dirac Sea.

10. Optimized the controls of Basic ATK. Moving after ATK now feels smoother.

11. Fixed an issue where camera was facing the wrong direction when HoR was fishing in Open World.


◆ Phoenix

1. The effect of tapping the [Ult] button after Ultimate Evasion is adjusted to unleashing Shuttle Attack of Sen-Ki Dashing Tern. Tapping the [Ult] button during or within 1s after the Shuttle Attack can trigger another Shuttle Attack once.

2. Skill [Sen-Ki Dashing Tern]: Slightly increased the vertical hitbox of Shuttle Attack.

3. Skill [Sen-Ki Dashing Tern]:  You can now dash to the back of targets after using skills.

◆ Violet Executer

Increased base ATK.

◆ Argent Knight: Artemis

Skill [Lunar Burst]: Fixed an issue where the actual DMG multiplier did not work as described.

◆ Molotov Cherry & Blueberry Blitz

Fixed an issue where target locks might fail when equipped with weapon [Blood Dance].

◆ Vermilion Knight: Eclipse

1. Leader Skill [Vermilion Mark]: New skill effect: “Fire DMG is increased by 33% when team members are of 3 different types.”

2. Fixed an issue where her greatsword left afterimages when Eclipse was fighting as the Team Leader.

◆ All battlesuits of Fu Hua

Added the option to “hide fists” in the equipment screen. Captains can now choose freely.

◆ Battlesuits

1. Fixed the overly intense and frequent screen shake effect and frame rate stuttering when using most battlesuits.

2. Optimized the skill descriptions of some battlesuits for accuracy. The battlesuits are Snowy Sniper, Herrscher of Reason and Phoenix.


Stats below are max level figures:

◆ Weapon [Ice Epiphyllum]

Skill [Snow Dance]: Reduced SP cost from 20 to 5.

◆ Stigmata [Robert Peary]

1. 2-pc bonus: New skill effect: “The first hit after character entry grants 20 Combo Hit Count.”

2. 3-pc bonus: Adjusted skill effect to “Increases ATK Speed by 20% and Total DMG by 25%. Grants a charge every 15s to ignore combo hit interruption once (2 charges max).”

◆ Stigma [Yae Sakura]

1. [Yae Sakura (M)]: Adjusted skill effect to “Basic ATKs (including Combo and Charged) deal bonus Physical DMG of 50% ATK against enemies with Sakura Brand with 1s cooldown. Basic ATKs have a 20% chance to deal equal Physical DMG to surrounding enemies. One Slash DMG is increased by 10%.”

2. 2-pc bonus: Skill effect “Increases Lightning DMG by 50% against enemies with Sakura Brand” adjusted to “Increases Physical DMG by 50% against enemies with Sakura Brand.”

◆ Stigma [Nohime (B)]

Adjusted special effects of the skill.

◆ Stigmata set [Darwin]

1. Fixed an issue where Origin of Shields disappeared after taking one hit.

2. Fixed an issue where “Increases Lightning DMG by 20%” was not working as intended.

◆ Stigmata set [Dirac]

Increased the skill Impair effect from 40% to 50%.

◆ Stigmata set [Monet]

Corrected the description of slow effect to match the actual effect.

◆ New equipment added to the Foundry

1. Antarctic Martyr set [Scott (T, M, B)] is added to the Foundry after the v3.4 update.

2. Last Mystic set [Rasputin (T, M, B)] is added to the Foundry after the v3.4 update. Get these sweet stigmata today!


◆ Assaka

Reduced the DMG multiplier of the last combo punch sequence.


PRI-ARM system is introduced after the v3.4 update.

The first PRI-ARMs to join the Arsenal are [MAG-Typhoon] and [Frozen Naraka].

Ascended PRI-ARM gains an extra weapon skill and brand-new special effects.

PRI-ARM also has unique actives and a massive ATK boost!

For more PRI-ARM intel, please follow our PRI-ARM announcements!

※※※※※LTO Abyss Event※※※※※

LTO Abyss event lasts from SEP 30 to OCT 20 and only Q-Singularis is available during the event period.

During the event period, Q-Singularis is divided into Q-Gateway and Q-Singularis.

Q-Gateway is a single-player challenge mode without competition. Captains earn points by clearing challenges to exchange for rewards. The highest tier reward is 260 Crystals!

Captains may access Q-Singularis after earning 12k points in Q-Gateway. There are only three groups in Q-Singularis, namely Agony, Redlotus, and Myriad. For details, please check upcoming announcements!

※※※※※Battle Pass※※※※※

New BP season “Anniversary Melody” arrives on SEP 30!

You can now win [Einstein's Torus] in BP. The details are as follows:

1. Vanguard BP: Reach Lv.44 to claim Einstein's Torus x40. (The orginal Lv.44 rewards of HOMI Chest x1 is moved to Lv.49, i.e. you can now claim HOMI Chest x3 at BP Lv.49.)

2. Knight BP: Reach Lv.37 to claim Einstein's Torus x40. (The orginal Lv.37 rewards of Phase Shifter x5 is moved to Lv.43, i.e. you can now claim Phase Shifter x10 at BP Lv.43.)

◆[Elite Works] Store Update

The following equipment and materials are now available in Elite Works:

[Weapons] Ice Epiphyllum, Blood Embrace, Hrungnir

[Stigmata] Anti-Entropy Band set: Tesla Band (T, M, B)

[PRI-ARM Material] Einstein's Torus

Captains can also purchase last season's equipment in Elite Works, but summer exclusive weapon [Oath of Judah] is no longer purchasable.

[BP Store] Update

PRI-ARM material [SC Metal-H2] and Twilight Core are now available in BP.

※※※※※Level Cap Increased※※※※※

The level cap of Captains has been increased to 85 in version 3.4.

Captains of Lv.82 or higher can gain EXP by clearing daily missions. Level up occurs when EXP reaches the cap.

◆ Level Cap Adjustments

1. The max Stamina upon reaching Lv.85 is increased to 165.

2. The max Expedition Stamina upon reaching Lv.85 is increased to 160.

3. Only Captains of Lv.81 or higher are eligible for the newly added Exalted group in Memorial Arena.

4. In version 3.4, Captains of Lv.30 or higher receives 30% bonus EXP for speed leveling.

※※※※※Game Modes※※※※※

◆ Memorial Arena

1. Memorial Arena's Exalted group will be available on OCT 1. Captains of Lv.81 or higher can play to win even more Crystals, Ancient Willpower and Gold Pin!

2. Attempt rewards of the Exalted group now include PRI-ARM materials.

3. Captains who perform extraordinarily well in the Exalted group will receive exclusive and advanced frame rewards.

◆ Q-Singularis

1. Adjusted the Shield HP, Shield DMG reduction and Shield cooldown of some enemies. The enemies are Wendy, Ganesha, Dark Jixuanyuan, Herrscher Kiana, Jizo Mitama, Assaka, and Hellmaru.

2. The bonus DMG of the Q-Singularis buff can only be triggered by the Valkyrie currently deployed in version 3.4.

◆ Dirac Sea

Adjusted the Shield HP, Shield DMG reduction and Shield cooldown of some enemies.

The enemies are Ganesha, Wendy, Dark Jixuanyuan, and Herrscher of the Void.

◆ Open World Tasks

1. The odds of finding tasks which reward [AE Imaginon] have approximately doubled. The odds of finding tasks which reward stigmata EXP and battlesuit EXP materials have also been adjusted.

2. Tasks ranked S+ and above may reward [Twilight Core] from now on.

◆ Bounty Mark

1. [MagStorm] can now be crafted. S/A/B-rank Bounty Mark has a chance to reward the Spirit, Shade and Ghost of MagStorm.

2. Starting from SEP 30, Captains cannot purchase Time Swirl Pass with Honkai Piece or Glowing Jade in Task Shop.

3. Starting from SEP 30, the option to “purchase Time Swirl Pass x50 with Asterite x1” will be changed to “purchase Time Swirl Pass x90 with Asterite x1.” Please take note of the change!

◆ Story Stages & Expedition

VR's Augment Core upgrade material [Epiphanion] is now obtainable in Story stages and Expedition.


◆ Raid Stages

1. [Operation Flashpoint] and [Snowwolf's Hell] stages are available after the v3.4 update.

2. Captains of Lv.81 or higher may obtain PRI-ARM materials [Einstein's Torus] and [SC Metal-H2] after clearing [Operation Flashpoint] and [Snowwolf's Hell] stages.

3. The drops in [Ashura's Throne] have been replaced with PRI-ARM upgrade materials after the v3.4 update.

4. The opening times of certain Raid stages have been adjusted as follows:

[Ashura's Throne]: 10:00, SEP 30 ~ 04:00, OCT 7

[Operation Flashpoint]: 10:00, SEP 30 ~ 04:00, OCT 21 & 10:00, NOV 4 ~ 04:00, NOV 18

[Snowwolf's Hell]: 10:00, OCT 21 ~ 04:00 AM, NOV 4

◆ Time Works

1. Time Works stages have been adjusted to drop mainly Gold Pin after the v3.4 update.

2. The weekly attempts of Time Works stages are limited to 20 and the stages cost Stamina to play.

◆ Weekday Event Stages

Added a new Weekday Event stage that rewards PRI-ARM upgrade material [Nanoceramic].

◆ Deep Archives & Character Trials

All existing Deep Archives & Character Trials stages no longer have a daily attempt limit after the v3.4 update.

※※※※※Bundle Mall※※※※※

Captains can now buy in bulk in Bundle Mall and Elite Works. Purchase everything you want in one go!


◆ War Treasury

1. Added the options to purchase Violet Executer fragments, Dimension Breaker and Goushinnso Memento souls.

2. The purchase limit of Violet Executer fragments is doubled in v3.4 and Violet Executer fragment x12 can be obtained per week at most.

3. Removed the option to purchase Yae Sakura Sealed Jar.

◆ Event Shop

1. The option to “purchase SC Metal-H2 with Phase Shifter” is only available during v3.4.

2. The option to purchase Weapon Resonance is available for a limited time in v3.4. Captains can purchase Einstein's Torus x50 with Weapon Resonance x500 for 12 times at most in v3.4.

  • Reminder: Captains can still purchase Weapon Resonance with Honkai Cube in v3.4. The event duration of purchasing [Weapon Resonance] x1000 with Honkai Cube x1 has been extended to v3.5. Captains can make 8 purchases at most from v3.3 to v3.5.

◆ Witch's Corridor

S-rank battlesuit fragments are replaced by that of [Knight Moonbeam], [Goushinnso Memento] and [Argent Knight: Artemis] (purchasable with [Pure Witch Orb]).

◆ Exchange House

Added the option to purchase stigmata set [Jin Shengtan].

◆ Coins Shop

Added the option to purchase Twin Soul materials and Ether Crystal.

◆ Asterite Shop:

1. Added the option to purchase [Blood Embrace Part].

2. [Reroll Device: ATK] is now purchased with Rare Crystal Core.

3. Added the option to purchase PRI-ARM upgrade materials.

4. [Reson-Converts] can only be purchased 4 times per month starting from OCT 1.

◆ Battle Arsenal

Added the option to purchase PRI-ARM upgrade materials.

◆ Co-op Shop

The option to purchase [Phase Shifter] with no limit is scheduled to be taken off the shelf in v3.5. Remember to make timely purchases!


◆ Materials Streamlining and Price Reduction

1. The original 3★ common upgrade materials are all replaced by Microreactor.

The original 4★ common upgrade materials are all replaced by Phase Shifter.

The original 4★ Weekday upgrade materials are all replaced by Twin Sakura Will.

2. After 4★ common upgrade materials are replaced, the purchasing price has been lowered from 1k Asterite to 600 Asterite. The selling price has also been lowered accordingly.


◆ Selune's Elegy

New skill effect: “The last sequence of Ult inflicts Freeze on enemies for 3s.”

◆ [ELF Works] Stage Adjustments

[ELF Works] stages will be temporarily inaccessible starting from SEP 30. Meanwhile, former Weekday Event stage [Drift World] will become accessible again.


◆ Sensei/Cadet Requirement Adjustments

The levels required to become Sensei or Cadet are adjusted after the v3.4 update as follows:

You can now become a Sensei by meeting ANY of the following requirements: 1. Level equals or is higher than 76; 2. Has graduated; 3. Is already a Sensei.

You can now become a Cadet by meeting ALL of the following requirements: 1. Level equals or is lower than 75; 2. Has not graduated; 3. Is not a Sensei.

◆ [Master's Shop] Update

1. Added the options to purchase Phase Shifter, AE Imaginon, Time Swirl Pass, SC Metal-H2, Valkyrie Fragvyom, and more.

  • Valkyrie Fragvyom: Open to choose from fragments of either [Swallowtail Phantasm], [Blueberry Blitz] or [Stalker: Phantom Iron].

2. The cap of obtaining School Inspector Emblem is increased to 6k per month.

◆ Mission Adjustments

1. [Examination Trial] missions now include two new Examination Stages: “55~60” & “60~70”. Captains now receive far more generous Sensei/Cadet rewards for completing trial missions.

2. Reduced the number and increased the reward of daily Sensei missions.

3. Cadets may be rewarded with special item [Assignment] for clearing Examination Trial stages after the v3.4 update. Sensei is rewarded with tons of School Inspector Emblems and Cadet is rewarded with AE Imaginon for completing tasks as a team.

4. Graduated Cadets will automatically accept newly added [Special Bond]. Completing the mission grants Sensei tons of School Inspector Emblems and Cadet Honkai Shard.

◆ Sensei System Optimized

1. The switch of “Looking for Sensei/Cadet” is added to the Sensei screen after the v3.4 update.

2. Your speech bubble in chat will be automatically tagged as “Looking for Sensei/Cadet” when the switch is on.


1. Move-In Procedure now available for stigma [Lier Scarlet]. Corresponding interactions and events are also added.

2. Added campus themed furniture that can be unlocked with Honkai Blocks. The rest that belongs to the same set is obtainable in the 2nd anniversary events.


◆ Wishing Well

Reduced the requirements for Wishing Well as follows:

Captains possessing any two UP stigmata can make a wish.

Example: To obtain Schrodinger (T) x1 by making a wish, Captains only need to have Schrodinger (M) x1 and Schrodinger (B) x1 or Schrodinger (B) x2 in your inventory.

◆ Item Name Changes

In v3.4, “Honkai Crystal” is changed to “Honkai Cube” and “Trinity Crystal Shard” is changed to “Honkai Shard”.

※※※※※Bugfixes and Adjustments※※※※※

◆ Fixed an issue where some decorative textures of [Shadow Knight] were corrupted.

◆ Optimized the display of obtainable materials on the BP Reward Preview screen.

◆ Optimized the Chibi models of some characters in Dorm.