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Welcome to v4.7: [Hacked]!

World's Best Hacker [Haxxor Bunny] Bronie is here! SP battlesuit [Haxxor Bunny] debuts!

Featured event [Arc: Light Bound] available! Participate to purchase [Haxxor Bunny Fragment] x60, new outfit [Verdant Sky], and Crystals at the event shop!

Update Content[]


⯁ New Story Chapter XXIII: The Solo Stage

After resolving the Herrscher of Sentience incident, momentary peace returned to Hyperion. Yet the rampaging mechas and missing people foreshadow a new crisis...

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Game Adjustments & Optimizations[]


The following data are at max skill level:

◆ Herrscher of Sentience

Fixed an issue where casting her sword Combo ATK in some stages sometimes resulted in camera glitching.

◆ Dea Anchora

Fixed an issue where her Ultimate [Seirios Ballista] did not receive the Burst mode DMG boost.

◆ Herrscher of Thunder

Fixed an issue where her gauntlet sometimes disappeared on the bridge screen.

◆ Danzai Spectramancer

Fixed an issue where her Combo ATK sometimes could not hit large enemies.

◆ Argent Knight: Artemis

Fixed an issue where switching to the outfit screen from the weapon screen when she was in outfit [Maid of Celestia] sometimes resulted in graphics glitching.

◆ Hawk of the Fog

Heightened the hitbox of her Ultimate [Raging Tiamat].

◆ Sakuno Rondo

1. Enabled Ultimate canceling. After casting her Ultimate, you can tap [ULT] again to cancel it.

2. Increased the Ignore Interrupt of the 1st, 2nd, 5th sequences of her Basic ATK [Fox Blade].

3. Effect added to her passive skill [Ember]: At max level, every hit of her Basic ATK and Ultimate deal 28% bonus Fire DMG.

4. Effect added to her Ultimate [Hijoyo Frenzy]: The initial triple slashes can ignite enemies. Ignited enemies take 200 Fire DMG every 0.5s for 10s.

◆ Knight Moonbeam

Fixed an issue where her standby animations sometimes glitched on the bridge screen.

◆ Flame Sakitama

Fixed an issue where tapping [Evade] during her Ultimate [Yae's Inferno]'s backswing would cancel the skill early.

◆ Ritual Imayoh

Fixed an issue where her finalization animation sometimes glitched.

◆ All Fu Hua Battlesuits

Fixed an issue where equipping [Fenghuang Down] on the battlesuit screen sometimes resulted in graphics glitching.

◆ Others

Fixed an issue where stuttering sometimes occurred when Invincible or Iron Body characters were hit.


◆ [Shattered Swords] Set

Effect added to 3-pc bonus [Blade Sanction]: Increases Crit Rate by 10% for all team members.


◆ Jingwei's Wings

Fixed an issue where its active sometimes could not build up the Trauma of Herrscher of the Rimestar's Rime Lantern.


◆ Superstring Dimension

1. Decreased the number of Rime Lantern summoned by [Herrscher of the Rimestar] from 3 to 1 in [Inferno: Perilous].

2. Decreased enemy [Bright Knight: Excelsis]'s HP in [Purgatory: Perilous].

3. Adjusted [Sahā: Assaka]'s shield mechanic in [Bloodbane: Perilous].

4. Extended the warning time of lightning strikes from 1s to 3s in [Bloodbane: Intensive].

5. Adjusted enemy set-up in [Bloodlust: Intensive].

6. Added [Nemesis: Perilous]: The enemy is [Herrscher of Sentience]. Type countering effects are 20% stronger.

7. Added [Headhunt: Intensive]: The enemies are BIO-type. Enemies take 50% bonus ranged DMG and 50% less melee DMG.

8. Added [Headhunt: Perilous]: The main enemy is [Sahā: Assaka]. Enemies take 50% bonus ranged DMG and 50% less melee DMG.

9. Fixed an issue where [Herrscher of the Rimestar]'s skill [Astra] was occasionally skipped.

10. Fixed an issue where enemy models sometimes glitched in [Frosthelm: Perilous].

11. Fixed an issue where HOLAs defeated by ELFs did not drop items when fighting against [HOMU Magician] in [Bloodlust: Perilous].

12. Fixed an issue where casting Herrscher of Sentience's Ultimate made Mini HOMU appear early when fighting against [HOMU Magician] in [Bloodlust: Perilous].

13. Adjusted the values of some enemy mechanics and stage effects.

14. Optimized the Disturbance formula of Agony and Sinful tiers so Captains in lower tiers can experience the right degree of Disturbance.

◆ Memorial Arena

Fixed an issue where [Parvati] sometimes took multiple hits incorrectly.

◆ Bounty Marks

1. Added the materials to forge [Planck (T, M, B)] to possible drops.

2. Event Bounty Tasks that reward Bounty Silvers are prolonged to the end of v4.7. Bounty Silvers are used for purchasing Ghosts in Bounty Shop.

◆ Others

1. Blockade: Added [Taixuan Ruins] theme stage.

2. Tactical Training: added daily rotation stages.

3. Open World: Added [Haxxor Bunny Fragments] to adventure task rewards.


1. PRI-ARM [Salvation of Sakura] can now be forged.

2. [Planck (T, M, B)] can now be forged.


◆ Witch's Corridor

1. Replaced the purchasable S-rank battlesuit fragments with those of [Celestial Hymn], [Lightning Empress], and [Molotov Cherry]. They are purchased with [Pure Witch Orbs].

2. Replaced the purchasable S-rank ELF parts with those of [Selune's Elegy] and [Tesla]. They are purchased with [Pure ELF Orbs].

◆ Asterite Shop & Battle Arsenal

[Haxxor Bunny Fragments] will be listed after 04:00, APR 26. They are purchased with Asterite and Gold Pins.

◆ Supply Shop

Updated item types and purchase limits:

1. The purchasable Rank-up Stamps are [Vermilion Knight: Eclipse Rank-up Stamps] and [Knight Moonbeam Rank-up Stamps].

2. The purchasable ELF Parts are [Book of Fuxi Parts].

◆ Growth Fund Adjustment

[Growth Fund] will be delisted in v4.7.

※※※※※Battle Pass※※※※※

◆ [Elite Works] Update

Listed the following items:

[Weapon] Pledge of Sakura

[Stigma] Jin Shengtan (T, M, B)

◆ BP Adjustments

1. Shortened the duration of this BP season from 6 weeks to 5 weeks. This BP season lasts from 04:00, APR 26 to 04:00, MAY 31, but you can only purchase BP Level between 04:00, APR 26 and 04:00, MAY 24.

2. Increased the number of Battle Points given by every BP Chest to match the total number of Battle Points given by BP Chests in a six-week season.

◆ [Elite Works Vintage] will remain open during the event and close at 04:00, MAY 27.


◆ Battlesuit Trial

The [Challenges] stages in [Herrscher of Sentience]'s event [Nightmare Begins] have been moved to [Battlesuit Trials] permanently. This change does not affect their availability and your progress. You can still play them in [Battlesuit Trials] for rewards if you have not completed them in v4.6.


◆ Level System

Level cap increased to Lv. 88.

Added new level-up bundles. You can claim them after reaching the level milestones~

Lv. 80 Rewards: Honkai Cube x1, 4000 Asterite (must unlock level cap first)

Lv. 86 Rewards: Ancient Legacy x80, Ancient Willpower x80

Lv. 87 Rewards: SC Metal-H2 x100, Wafer Stabilizer x100

Lv. 88 Rewards: Einstein's Torus x50, Wafer Stabilizer x200

◆ Rank-Up System

Added [Celestial Hymn], [Herrscher of Reason], [Bright Knight: Excelsis] to the new rank-up system.

◆ Others

1. Updated the download screen by adding a download progress indicator.

2. Adjusted the reward conditions of certain missions in Starter's Event.


◆ [Haxxor Bunny] can move into the Dorm. Added her interactions and events.

※※※※※BUG Fixes & Optimizations※※※※※

1. Fixed an issue where the [Mall - HOT] screen sometimes displayed the items in [Elite Works].

2. Fixed an issue where task chests in [APHO] were occasionally not concealed.

3. Fixed an issue where the Augment Core portal visuals on the battlesuit screen sometimes glitched.

4. Fixed an issue where Story stage 22-5's opening cutscene was sometimes missing.

5. Fixed an issue where Story stage 11-6's tutorial image sometimes glitched.

6. Fixed an issue where black borders sometimes appeared after entering portrait mode by tapping the speech bubble on the bridge.

7. Fixed an issue where Story stage 22-6's cutscene sometimes glitched.

8. Fixed an issue where FPS flux sometimes affected DMG and animation length.