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Welt Yang
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Welt Yang
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Known Relatives
  • Caltech Substitute Teacher (Formely)
  • St Freya Academy History Teacher (Formely)
  • Sovereign of Anti-Entropy
  • Animation storyboards artist (APHO)
  • Sovereign (by Void archives)
  • Joachim Nokianvirtanen (real name)
Voice Actors
Adult: 細谷 佳正[1] (Yoshimasa Hosoya)
Young: 伊瀬 茉莉也[2] (Mariya Ise)

Welt Yang, or Joachim Nokianvirtanen[3], is the current Sovereign of Anti-Entropy. He was the 2nd Herrscher of Reason, passing on the mantle to Bronya Zaychik after the events in the Sea of Quanta.

Welt Yang is the current Sovereign of Anti-Entropy. It was revealed in the manga that he inherited the name "Welt" and the 1st Herrscher's core from Welt Joyce before the latter died from an injury in 1955.

His first in-game appearance is in Chapter 9-EX2, although he has been featured in the supplementary comics.


Anti-Entropy Visual Novel[]

Because of his father's relationship, he knew Welt Joyce when he was a teenager, and he greatly admired Welt Joyce, the 1st Herrscher man who guarded the world from the Schicksal and Honkai.

Later, Anti-Entropy and Schicksal officially split out and a battle broke out. Joyce was seriously injured due to the fight against Schicksal. Despite the rescue treatment, his injuries were still extremely serious. Knowing that his life isn't long, Joyce chose to entrust his core of Herrscher together with the name of "Welt" and the responsibility of guarding the world to Yang. From this, Yang won the name of Welt and became the second generation 1st Herrscher, the successor of the Anti-Entropy Sovereign.


Anti-Entropy Invasion[]

After Theresa established the St. Freya Academy in the Far East, Welt Yang lurked in the academy as a history teacher, however, neither his name nor the appearance has any disguise. He once declared Kiana 0 points in history. Although Theresa and Yang met during the second Honkai, Otto used the power of Phoenix Down to rewrite Theresa’s memory afterwards, and deliberately erased the Anti-Entropy in all literature records, so Theresa doesn't know Yang's true identity.

In "Anti-Entropy Invasion", Yang was accidentally hit by Welt Joyce's Copy ① while he was thinking about his life in the grove of the academy, and Yang quickly killed him. However, after killing Welt, Yang appeared to vomit blood, implying that he was running out of time in his conversation with Einstein.

A Post-Honkai Odyssey[]

Yang retired and served as president of E.T Studio. During this period, Cocolia created a Welt Yang clone, and it was named as the family name of Joffrey family: Joffrey Welt Joyce. Eight years later, he took Joffrey to St. Fontaine for work reasons, but he suffered a change and his whereabouts are unknown.


  • He is the second person to possess the 1st Herrscher's power, after his predecessor Joyce, and before his successor, Bronya in the game's Chapter XII.
  • His Herrscher core houses over three hundred thousand souls, including Welt Joyce himself. Welt notes how it makes it impossible for him to even sleep, but he doesn't regret it, seeing how he got to experience the beauties of humanity.
  • He has been using the 9th God Key's ability through the 1st Herrscher's power after it was damaged in battle in 1995.
  • Using the 1st Herrscher's power has various physical consequences for his body, and using another Herrscher power does so further. As such, he is the only Herrscher that couldn't reach his max potential due to not being as destructive as an normal Herrscher.
  • In the Second Eruption comic, it was revealed that Welt is/was likely close with Tesla


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