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Wendy was the 4th Herrscher of the Current Era, the Herrscher of Wind. She was originally an A-rank Valkyrie but retired when the Gem of Desire implanted in her legs paralyzed her.




Not much is known about Wendy's history, only that she was a Valkyrie in New Zealand in the Oceania Schicksal branch and at some point before she got transferred there she studied under Theresa Apocalypse. Theresa was also the one who had recommended Wendy for the Gem of Desire transplant experiment. Wendy was very strong, with Theresa describing her as her best student, and because of her excellent abilities she had the potential to become another S-rank Valkyrie. However, after having the Gem of Desire implanted in her, she became paralyzed and bound to a wheelchair. Schicksal's scientists treated her only as a vessel for the Gem, leaving Wendy hateful towards Schicksal and distrustful to other people.

Game Story[]

A Valkyrie squad arrived in New Zealand in 2016 to extract the Gem of Desire. On the way to Hyperion, Bronya sympathized with Wendy and her fate. However, Wendy became unstable due to her hatred towards Schicksal and transformed into the 4th Herrscher, the Herrscher of the Wind. After the Valkyries and Wendy fought, Bronya almost managed to gain her trust again if not for the interference of Cocolia and Anti-Entropy. Cocolia activated the chip in Bronya's brain, making her attack Wendy. Wendy became disappointed that no one in this world can be trusted, after which she tried to run away. However, she was defeated by Anti-Entropy and brought with them to their base.

Later, when Theresa and other Valkyries tried to rescue Wendy from Anti-Entropy, Wendy contacted them, apologizing for everything and saying that she realized Bronya had attacked her only because she was being controlled and also thanking Theresa for her guidance. After that, Cocolia removed the Gem from Wendy, and revealed that Wendy eventually died as a result. The Gem was implanted into Wotan, a massive mecha. The Valkyries managed to defeat it but failed to retrieve the Gem or Wendy's body.