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Will of Honkai
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  • Leader of Honkai
  • Gestalt of Honkai
  • Honkai
  • Honkai God
  • God

The Will of Honkai is a mysterious entity and is the creator and leader of all Honkai.


The Will of Honkai usually appears as a white, or colorless, featureless humanoid in the shape of the person that is currently speaking with it.


More than 50,000 years ago, Dr. MEI from the Fire Moth once theorized that it is the great gestalt will of the Honkai and appropriately named it the "Will of Honkai" but never confirmed if it was a material force, sentient force of nature or even a God. Once a civilization is advanced enough, the Will starts sending its heralds, the Herrschers, to destroy humanity.

Manga Story[]

Second Eruption[]

The Will of Honkai is a mysterious entity that Sirin, the Herrscher of the Void, meets in 2000 in the destroyed ruins on the dark side of the moon and grants her four additional Herrscher gems, as well as the knowledge of the Previous Era, to empower her and send her on a mission to eradicate mankind. Otto Apocalypse also managed to communicate with it, asking how he could be reunited with his love Kallen Kaslana. The Will gave him an answer: death, as shown when they assumed the form of Otto and committed suicide, something Otto at that point could not understand.

Game Story[]

In 2017, the Will awakened three Herrschers in the same day: the Herrscher of Ice, Herrscher of Stars, and Herrscher of Sentience. It was the Will's answer to the human resistance and the betrayals of several Herrschers, as in the Current Era, the world has come to a better appreciation of what it means to be a human. Emotions and instincts is what now define humanity, in opposition to the rationalism of the Previous Era. However, all three Herrschers were soon defeated, further resisting the Will's plans.


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