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  • A-Rank Valkyrie

Wraith is a secondary character of Moon Shadow. She is an A-Rank Valkyrie Operative of Schicksal's HQ Intel Department.


Wraith is a girl with long brown hair and blue eyes. When she disguises herself as a man, she has a body that is more masculine along with shorter hair. Wraith often wears a gray bartender coat with a white shirt, a red tie, black pants and black shoes.


Wraith tends to have a joking personality, using her disguising skills and acting abilities a lot for fun purposes, while also sometimes being goofy. Despite this, Wraith is able to deal with situations in which she makes mistakes and is experienced in infiltrating enemy bases.

Manga Story[]

As Fu Hua enters a bar in Singapore, Wraith is first introduced as an unknown bartender acting ordinary in front of Fu Hua who asks her a glass of water and intel. As Wraith continues her acting, Fu Hua slightly wounds her face with a coin. After Fu Hua told her to stop "joking around", Wraith takes off her mask and reveals herself, telling Fu Hua that her personality is the reason she is "boring" and is surprised that she discovered her identity, despite masking her scent with Cologne.

While she gives a glass of water to Fu Hua, she is slightly angered that Fu Hua messed up her face, claiming that she is mean. As she fixes her face, Wraith disguises herself as Himeko and acts like her, while also giving Fu Hua's requested intel about the Singaporean Government severing contacts with Schicksal after the explosion and Fu Hua being an official criminal. Then, when Fu Hua asks about the Overseer, Wraith changes her disguise to Otto, claiming that he sent her a message.

She further precises the message as she changes her disguise to Theresa, telling Fu Hua that things will get more "fun" if she ever fails. As Wraith is told to tell the Overseer that she never fails, Wraith is annoyed that Fu Hua didn't notice her disguising skills, until she accidentally grew boobs in her Theresa disguise and boasted about it.

Soon after Fu Hua asks for intel about Kiana and the Gem, Wraith changes her disguise to Kiana, flirting with her in the disguise and telling that she's surprised to see that Fu Hua cares for her, which turned out to be quite a success due to Fu Hua blushing and hiding her feelings by explaining that it's only about responsibility.

After finishing sharing the intel, Wraith brings back her original look and suggests Fu Hua to change her clothes, explaining her that she could be arrested for indecent exposure. After giving her a new outfit and suggesting her another piece of intel, Wraith is stopped by Fu Hua, claiming that an enemy has been spotted in the bar, who managed to infiltrate the base without supposedly activating the alarm, which left Wraith surprised.

Afterwards, Wraith is seen reassured that a fight hasn't broken into her bar, claiming that it would end up as rubble if the fight did ever happen inside. The enemy who infiltrated the base turned out to be Siegfried Kaslana, an ex-Schicksal Knight, who thanked her for giving him a drink while asking for two more, and had come in order to explain to Fu Hua about Cocolia's true plan with the Gem and giving her a soulium box to store it.

As Fu Hua comes back in the bar, Wraith is further reassured to see Fu Hua alive and is told to follow her due to her skills being needed in that mission in order to save Kiana and retrieve the Gem.

Later after following Fu Hua to the enemy base, Wraith sees Kiana carrying a wounded Dr. Magi through a corridor in the building which stores the Gem with a camera, while noticing that none of them carry the Gem. As Wraith gets ready to infiltrate the building by disguising herself as the Welt Joyce clone, she asks more to Fu Hua about his personality in order to be able to imitate him even more, but is left freaked out when she learned about the clone's questionable actions on Fu Hua.

During the infiltration of the building, Wraith, disguised as the Welt clone, acts like she captured Fu Hua and tells the guards to step out of her way so she can "re-educate" Fu Hua. A guard asks her how she is outside the building, in which Wraith, in disguise, explains that she can fly, and then when she got reminded that she (as the Welt clone) was in the building, ordering the guards to watch the exits, Wraith replies that she went down just because she saw Fu Hua.

As soon as the guard notices that the clone disguise had a tongue which was supposed to be cut, Wraith notices that she made a mistake in her disguise in which she forgot to hide her tongue and wear a fake digital larynx, which leaves her no other choice but to scare the guard by licking his face, explaining that the tongue had grown back and further provoking the other guards in order to compensate for her mistake and not fail the infiltration. As the infiltration succeeds, Wraith assigns the rest of the mission to Fu Hua and leaves the building.


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