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Yae Sakura
Birthday: July 22nd
Height: 194 cm (ears included)
Weight: 56 kg
Chinese VA: Mingyao Du
Japanese VA: Ayane Sakura
Katanas (Type).png Katanas

Yae Sakura (Chinese: 八重樱; Japanese: 八重桜) is a playable character in Honkai Impact 3rd. She used to be the shrine maiden of Yae Village. Despite her devotion, hard work, and wishes for the village's well-being, her ill sister was ultimately sacrificed and used in a barbaric ritual to try and bring rain and quell the Honkai. The ritual worked for rain, but the Honkai Beast attacks continued and despite sister’s last wish to not let fate burden her, Sakura gradually began to feel hatred towards the village.


Yae Sakura Battlesuits
Gyakushinn Miko (Icon).png
Gyakushinn Miko
Flame Sakitama (Icon).png
Flame Sakitama
Goushinnso Memento (Icon).png
Goushinnso Memento
Darkbolt Jonin (Icon).png
Darkbolt Jonin


Gyakushinn Miko Flame Sakitama Goushinnso Memento Darkbolt Jonin All Yae Sakura (except FS & DJ)
Frozen Sakura (Item).png
Frozen Sakura
Midnight Marigold (Item).png
Midnight Marigold
Sublime Lotus (Item).png
Sublime Lotus
Summer Sakura (Item).png
Summer Sakura
Dream Raiment (Item).png
Dream Raiment
Mauve Cascade (Item).png
Mauve Cascade
Blanc X - Ichijin (Item).png
Blanc X - Ichijin
Blooming Maiko (Item).png
Blooming Maiko
Hyoukai Sonata (Item).png
Hyoukai Sonata
Neon Shade (Item).png
Neon Shade
Peach Sanctuary (Item).png
Peach Sanctuary
Shiden Kasumi (Item).png
Shiden Kasumi
Summer Dream (Item).png
Summer Dream




  • Her old profile listed her age as Unknown and her "three sizes" as Unknown.


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