Yamabuki Armor Chibi

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Origin: Yamabuki Armor Battlesuit
Yamabuki Armor Chibi.png
Background Info
Date of Birth Aug 18       Height 147cm (w/o Project Bunny 19C)
Gender Female       Weight 40kg (w/o Project Bunny 19C)
Organization Schicksal       Place of Birth Siberia
Valkyrie Armor Story 1
3rd generation Valkyrie battlesuit and part of the "Ranged Support Specialist Battlesuit".
Although it stands out from combat-themed battlesuit, Bronya still pinned a HOMU badge at the collar.
Valkyrie Armor Story 2
Yamabuki Armor is a ranged-support battlesuit that features Honkai-powered protective shielding. The shielding is centered around the wearer and is capable of defeating most solid projectiles or particle beam weapon attacks.
The shield can still be overwhelmed by extremely powerful attacks such as powerful blows from melee Honkai Beasts.
Valkyrie Armor Story 3
Yamabuki Armor wearers are expected to be familiar with shield activation and deactivation protocols. The shield must be momentarily switched off to launch precision ranged attacks against the target.
But Bronya doesn't exactly wield a weapon herself. In fact, all combat is handled by Project Bunny 19C. She can simply stay within the shield to provide support. This makes her the ideal wearer of the Yamabuki Armor.