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Zofia is an A-Rank Valkyrie of Schicksal and a member of the Phosdjinns Squad.


Zofia has light green hair and yellow eyes. She wears a headdress on her head and a green pendant, along with a black and blue dress with a white shirt inside.


Zofia has a caring personality. She calmed down Susannah when she was frightened, and said she will prevent Matilla from dying. Even if she couldn't, she said she would pray for her. Zofia is dedicated to the promise she made with the former captain of the squad.


Not much is known about Zofia's past, but it is shown that the former captain of the Phosdjinns had begged her to take care of Matilla and the rest of the Phosdjinns before she died.

Manga Story[]

London Holiday[]

The Phosdjinns Squad depart to Dubai due to a Honkai outbreak spotted in that location. Susannah shows some fear, but Matilla and Zofia attempt to calm her down. Zofia gives her a talisman to cheer her up. As the Phosdjinns get ready to drop, they find an Emperor Class Honkai Beast called "Padishah". Matilla is ready to rush into the field, but Zofia tells her to slow down: that they need a plan. Of course, Matilla has none of it and gets ready to drop down from the helicopter. Zofia remembers her promise to the former squad captain, and prays they can make it out alive.

Suddenly, Durandal appears and kills the Honkai Beast in a single punch. Dumbfounded, the squad leaves since the mission was done for them.

Later on, Zofia informs Matilla that the Phosdjinns had received a mission from Schicksal. As Matilla excitedly calls for Susannah, Zofia reads the mission closer and tells her that the mission is only for Susannah. This leaves the squad confused.